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"Green leaves are green, white clouds are white, why are my turtles so cuuuuute?"

Selphie, also known as hyper rubber-ball, yellow monster of sugar or simply Queen of Fate, sat in her room, singing her absolutely ingenious, newly made up song while she worked on her banner.

The turtle banner.

Even though she hadn't found the remaining two turtles to complete her gang, Sora-turtle, Riku-turtle and Kairi-turtle were good enough for a start. She would find a Tidus-turtle and Wakka-turtle soon enough.

"Boxes have no legs, fish have no branches, I have a banner and it's G-R-E-A-T!" she happily sang as she finished the drawing. There were five turtles. They all had special characteristics. The one in the middle had silver hair, probably supposed to be Riku. The smallest had adorable blue eyes and blonde hair – Tidus.

Selphie giggled slightly at her Tidus-turtle. Actually Tidus wasn't that small, he was taller than Selphie and Kairi, but out of the boys he was the smallest. And the youngest.

That's what made him so cute, Selphie thought. Tidus was a crybaby but he had a good heart and was very sweet to people he liked.

Selphie was glad Tidus liked her. He was the best friend one could have, correction, best boyfriend one could have. But somehow things weren't exactly the way she had always imagined them to be. Weren't you supposed to be lovey-dovey and totally enamored with your significant other?

"In all the romance novels I read, the couple does romantic things. Like…going to the seaside together or watching the sunrise or kissing in the rain…. They all do romantic stuff…" she thoughtfully murmured as she rolled up her banner. She got up, turned and walked towards her bed, where her three baby turtles were sitting.

She considered putting them outside so they could play but eventually settled for sitting beside them, since it was still cold and damp from the rain. Sora-turtle and Riku-turtle were on either side of her.

Even though she could distinguish her turtles perfectly, she still thought about giving them nametags so others would recognize them too, before throwing them against a wall or something. Poor Kairi-turtle, Selphie thought, thinking of how Riku had thrown her into the room without a care.

"Bad Fluffy," she mumbled, petting Kairi's head.

The turtle was next to Sora and it almost looked as though they were cuddling.

Selphie frowned.

Were Sora and Kairi going to fall in love and have babies…?

"That would be so great! More baby turtles!" she squealed, beaming at the new thought. She would make her own army of turtles and be the Princess of Turtles. She couldn't be their queen since she was already the Queen of Fate!

But then she stopped.

"…wouldn't Riku-turtle be jealous…?" she mused, putting a finger to her chin in wonder. Riku was possessive, wasn't he? And Sora and Riku belonged together, even as turtles! Kairi couldn't come between them…

Her thoughts wandered again and somewhere between chocolate chips and iron bars, she came to think of Tidus again.

They weren't acting like a couple at all. They rarely saw each other and when they did, they were never alone. But Selphie was a busy girl, right? She had a lot to do! Like, helping Sora and Riku to get back together… Oh! Weren't they together yet? She never found out what happened after she left with her injured Kairi-turtle, telling Riku to do some striptease for Sora to seduce him. He had better followed her advice and gotten Sora back that way!

But thinking about it for a while, Selphie realized that she had been completely caught up in the love-life of other people that she had totally forgotten about her own.

Maybe she should go and visit Tidus?

They could do romantic stuff like…

Wouldn't Headboard Squirrels be the perfect name for a band?!

"Ooooh! My turtles can make a band and call themselves Headboard Squirrels!"

Thoughts about being romantic vanished and were replaced by squirrels, crayons and a huge bowl of punch.

Don't ask.


Kairi was still in Riku's house. She still hadn't started her quest of stopping the Queerness of Doom, even though it was already late afternoon, hitting early evening now. But she would eventually.

Right now, though, she was busy looking through Riku's stuff. After a lot of contemplating she reached the conclusion that she still hated Riku for stealing her Sora but at the same time there was still something very attracting about this boy.

"Stupid Riku…" she muttered, trying to get him out of her head. Little did she know that saying his name over and over would never help to make him leave her mind.

Somehow, she had always liked him but she had never thought it would turn out this bad. She supposed she had a slight crush on Riku, but Sora was the one going to win her heart.

Well, she supposed wrong, obviously. But back into the past… Kairi heaved a sigh, drifting off into her own fantasy world as she opened another drawer of Riku's dresser.

Before she had gotten together with Sora, he and Riku had been competing over her nonstop. Riku would always flirt with her and who could resist him? No, really, Riku was simply irresistible when it came to this. Kairi wondered if Sora still loved her and only got together with Riku because the silver haired boy had used his irresistibleness and charm to confuse poor Sora. Some part of her still believed this, hoping it would make her mission a little easier. If Sora was just confused, then she only had to bring him to his senses.

But anyway…Riku…was irresistible. Flirtatious, sexy and terribly charming. Why wouldn't he leave her mind already?! Kairi sighed.

She had still liked Sora better at that time because she thought he was her one true love. She knew she was destined to marry him and have five kids and a dog, living in a house with a garden.

…All right, that wasn't exactly what she thought. But close enough.

Still, Kairi remembered that she had once considered asking Riku out. But being the shy girl she was, she never got the courage and eventually decided that it was the boy's job to make the first move. Strangely, it never happened. Well, now it didn't seem so strange anymore, now that it was clear that he was gay.

Gods, Riku was gay. It made Kairi shudder to think that she liked him. And the worst thing of all? Somehow he had managed to infect everyone with this disgusting disease!

"I must act now!" Kairi suddenly exclaimed, jumping up from where she was crouching, as she had been rummaging through the bottom drawer. She nodded to herself, ready and set to finally start her mission, when suddenly something caught her eye.

Peering at the open drawer, she wrinkled her nose, tilting her head to the side.

What the hell?

"Why…why is there…a skirt…?" she stammered, feeling a familiar sickness coming over her. She had had it when she first saw Sora and Riku together.

Could it be that Riku was not only gay but also…a cross-dresser?!

She felt slightly faint.

Examining the skirt carefully, she saw that there was a card attached to it. Curiously, she looked at it.

She blinked.

"Happy 14th Birthday, Kairi," she read, frowning as her brain repeated it again and again until the meaning of the words sunk in.

14th Birthday?

As if on cue, she felt a memory coming back. Drifting into the wonderful fantasy land of the past, Kairi remembered.

It was her birthday, yes, she was about to turn 14 now. Riku and Sora both asked her to meet them. Of course, they both wanted to see her at the same time, making her have to choose.

She had a hard time deciding then, wondering whom she liked more and whom she should disappoint. She couldn't be in two places at one time, after all. After a while of thinking, Kairi found out that she'd rather meet Sora than Riku. Even though the silver haired boy had asked her first, and was always flirting with her when Sora was a little clumsy and clueless, she still felt like going to Sora.

And so, Riku was alone on that particular day and Kairi realized how horrible and guilty she felt for doing this to him. Being confused, she began to avoid him a little, getting distant.

Back in the present, Kairi shook her head. That had probably caused Riku to stop being so flirty. He was still competing with Sora but it seemed to be just to beat him. He seemed so much more interested in Sora than in her.

"Arghhh he's swinging that way! Of course he likes Sora…." She shook her head to clear her thoughts. As it didn't work, she began to tear on her hair, trying to let the pain take over. It didn't work either.

"RIKU!" she exclaimed in frustration, getting up to kick at the drawer. Hitting her foot, she finally hurt enough to forget about her current thoughts and eventually turned to stumble out of the room. She had to act now, she couldn't sit here and do nothing since she had already wasted most of the day. Tidus and Wakka needed to be together so Selphie would be alone! So, as much as it disgusted her to have two boys being together, she had to let those two become a couple. She even had to help them. But this was all for a good cause, so it was all right.

When she stood in the doorway, ready to exit the room, she suddenly turned around and walked straight back to the drawer.

Crouching down, she brushed some of her hair back and smiled. Upon opening the drawer, she took the skirt into her hands and tore off the card.

"I can't believe this pretty thing has been kept for almost a year now…That's just wrong."

And being the self-proclaimed heroine of justice (when did she do that?!), Kairi had to right this wrong by putting it on.

"Looks awesome!" she giggled, before skipping off to Selphie's house. First, she would tell Selphie about the thing between Tidus and Wakka to sow doubt. Then she would bring the boys together to completely destroy Selphie's heart.

Perfect plan.

It was showtime.

On her way, she passed Sora's house. The light was on, as it had turned dark already since the heavy rain clouds blocked the sun completely.

Kairi stopped somewhere near the window, looking through it in mild curiosity.

Her heart thumped in her chest when she saw Riku standing at the edge of the bed, stretching lazily and flexing his muscles. He had no shirt on.

Tearing her eyes off of Riku, she saw that Sora was lying on the bed, arms spread to the sides.

Why did it make her feel so weird to see them together? They weren't even doing anything, just being in the same room. But that was disturbing enough. There used to be a time when they were a trio. Two straight boys and one girl.

She was more than set to get this back. With the help of Selphie, for the girl always had the craziest ideas that miraculously worked out splendid, they would be able to right the wrong.

She twitched. Riku just climbed back on the bed, half sitting on Sora. Sora sat up, arms still spread, and welcomed his friend in a warm embrace.

All right, that's enough. She really didn't need to see what they were going to do now.

…even though a tiny, tiny part of her was a bit curious and told her to keep watching.

"I'm not insane," she scoffed at herself, quickly turning away, thus successfully ignoring her curiosity.


Sora sighed contently as he hugged Riku.

"Even though I just slept a bit, I'm still kind of tired…" he mumbled, pouting cutely as he exhaled audibly.

Riku laughed, pulling away slightly to pat his friend on the head.

"You're always tired, you lazy bum. Remember how you used to doze off on the beach?" He shook his head in mock disapproval.

Sora pulled away completely to scowl at Riku. If one could call it a scowl, that is.

It still looked like has was pouting.

"I'm not a lazy bum at all! If someone's lazy here, it's you!" he seriously declared as he pointed an accusing finger at his counterpart.

Riku merely smirked. "Oh yeah? I challenge you to a race, right now. See how long you'll last."

He sounded extremely confident just as though he knew exactly that Sora was going to lose. He always did.

"Oh yeah?! I accept the challenge! And after I beat you, I'll challenge you to a duel and kick your sorry excuse of an ass!" Sora wasn't about to back down from any challenge. He was confident too. And he would do anything to win against Riku.

If anything, Riku smirked even more. "I thought you liked my ass," he smugly retorted, grinning as Sora suddenly began to blush.

"The…the challenge!" Sora quickly stammered to remind them of what they were talking about.

Riku shrugged. "Fine."

"Fine! So let's go!" Sora replied, crossing his arms childishly over his chest.

Silence followed. Neither one said anything, nor did they move.

Then, suddenly, both opened their mouths and spoke.

"Let's postpone it to tomorrow," they simultaneously mumbled, first looking defeated, then looking at each other with wide eyes.

"You gave up!" they exclaimed, again, at the same time.

Sora stuck out his tongue.

Riku glared.

"You gave up first!" they said in unison.

Riku rolled his eyes. "You began to speak a second before me," he pointed out, making it sound totally logical and true. It was almost as though he could use some hypnotizing technique on Sora.

But Sora regained his senses and shook his head, claiming it was the other way round.

"No, you."

"No, you."

"No, it was you!"

"No! It was you!"

They glared at each other until Sora lost his patience and let himself fall backwards to lie down, staring at the ceiling.

"…don't think you've won," he mumbled, spreading his arms to the sides again.

Riku hummed and moved to hover right above his friend's face, gently taking his hands to pin them above his head.

"Riku.." Sora breathed, staring up at the older teen in slight wonder.

Riku held his wrists with one hand and slipped the other hand down, far down.

Sora squeaked. Then he blushed. "W-what…? Now…? B-but…" he stammered, but was silenced by loving lips, moving softly against his own while a hand began to tease the underside of his thigh, stroking sensually through the clothes.

"Mmmm…" the younger boy purred, closing his eyes slowly.

Riku smirked at the response and leaned down to claim his ear. "You like that a lot, don't you?" Licked his ear. Nibbled on it. Kissed it softly.

Sora only sighed in reply, wriggling under the older boy to get his arms free.

"Let…go…" he muttered, pulling his hands out of Riku's grip.

The silver haired boy stopped his ministrations, looking slightly baffled. Had Sora just pulled his wrists out of his grip? With no effort at all? Either Sora had gotten stronger or Riku hadn't been holding him properly.

"Wait," Riku murmured, grabbing Sora's wrists with full force.

The younger boy winced and scowled, trying to pull away again. "What's your problem?" he pouted, pulling harder. Riku had a concentrated look on his face, watching Sora's wrists trying to slip through his hand. And then, it happened.

Sora jerked his hands back, still pouting adorably even though he was trying to scowl. Just when he was about to open his mouth and complain about Riku being stupid, the silver haired boy began to smile.

A smile, that looked strangely satisfied yet a bit amazed. Sora blinked.

"What…are you smiling about?" he tentatively asked, looking at his friend as he wondered what was going on in that beautiful head of his. Sometimes, no, almost always, Riku was a riddle.

Said boy chuckled and shook his head; then leaned down to capture his love's lips in a sweet kiss. When he pulled away, he sat up completely, slowly crawling off of Sora. Sora sat up, too, leaning against the headboard, crossing his arms.

Silence regarded them for a while and Riku was still smiling. He shook his head sometimes, seemed to be thinking of something.

Sora watched for some time before he decided that it was enough.

"Now what?" he asked, moving forward to peer at Riku.

"You've gotten stronger."

Silver locks fluttered in the air as the teen shook his head again. He seemed somehow incredulous, now that Sora looked closer.

Wait, was it that incredible that Sora had gotten stronger? And who said Sora was weak in the first place?

"Hey!" he exclaimed, pulling on Riku's arm in urgency. "What's that supposed to mean?" he questioned, cocking his head, looking Riku right into the eyes.

Riku smirked and looked back, turning it into a staring contest. Sora, of course, gave up after a while, rolling his eyes and turning away.

"Really…" he mumbled, along with some other things Riku didn't understand.

But before the silver haired boy knew what was happening, Sora had pinned him to the mattress, looking serious yet playful.

"Now that's what I call stronger," he whispered, reaching out a hand to caress Riku's cheek before sliding it down to his neck to brush his fingertips over the flesh in a soft gesture.

For some reason, it didn't bother Riku to be on bottom at the moment. Because everything Sora was doing was pure bliss and he would be damned if he pushed him off now. So instead of fighting, he gave in, letting the younger boy have his fun and think he was superior when, naturally, he was not.

No one could beat Riku, right?

Riku mentally nodded. No one beat him.

"Mmmm... Sora...!" he gasped, feeling the one who would not beat him kiss the spot right beneath his ear. It made him go crazy.

All right, maybe Sora had a slight chance in beating him. He knew his weakness, after all…

Sora kissed the spot repeatedly, keeping his touches light and fleeting. Maddening. Maybe he hadn't been born as the dominating one, but he was learning, and with every practice, he would gain more experience.

And one day, he smiled, he would definitely be on top, be it in competition or in bed.


Kairi reached Selphie's home just before it started to rain again. Having not seen what the supposed to be straight boys were doing after she left, she felt maliciously happy. She knocked a few times, wondering if Selphie was actually at home. Who knew what this girl was doing?

She could be running around chasing raindrops, for all she knew.

"Really…she's a bit scary sometimes…" Kairi muttered, knocking harder in case Selphie was there, just too engrossed in something to hear the noise.

"Selphie! Selphie, are you at home?" Knocking didn't seem to work, so she resorted to calling. Maybe she would hear the voice and answer the door? Or perhaps she wasn't even at home?

Kairi sighed. She turned, and began to walk away. She didn't know where she should go now. Selphie could be anywhere.

After turning her head several times to see if the girl had magically appeared in front of her house, she found herself walking towards Tidus's place. There was a chance that Selphie was there but it would only make the situation worse, for it would be hard to tell Selphie about Tidus liking Wakka when he was actually spending time with her.

As she reached the blond boy's house, she knocked a few times before having the door being opened by Tidus himself.

"Oh, hi, Kairi." He looked at her, then over her shoulder, and back to her. "You alone?"

It was raining and she was standing in front of Tidus's door, wet, probably cold, and alone. Tidus frowned. Something about this was wrong. For one, if someone had to stand like that in front of Tidus's house it should be Selphie.

Two, if Kairi had to stand like that before anyone's house, it should be Wakka's.

Or maybe not. Tidus found himself feeling slightly strange when he thought about Kairi getting all of Wakka's attention. He didn't hate Kairi but he didn't think she would do Wakka any good. Last time she had turned him into a mindless idiot following his mistress, and then she had beaten the crap out of him, which was unbelievable but still logical since Wakka didn't like to hurt girls.

He had probably just let himself getting beaten by the maniac and let her work out her frustration. But still…she shouldn't go near Wakka anymore.

"Is Selphie with you?" Kairi suddenly asked, snapping Tidus out of his thoughts.

He craned his neck and looked back into the house. Then he turned to face Kairi again.

"Nope. Either she is completely blending into my furniture with her superspecialninjaspyingtechnique, or she isn't here," he replied, shrugging once. Yep, he knew about her superspecialninjaspyingtechnique. She had told him about it with great passion until she got distracted by the curtains blowing in the wind. Which promptly caused her to think of gemstones. Which didn't make any sense at all, but Selphie never made sense.


Kairi nodded once and raised her hand in a small wave before she flipped around to wander away.

Somehow she looked like a ghost. Tidus tilted his head. What was wrong with her, anyway? Kairi used to be a nice girl but now she was just getting strange. She definitely shouldn't go near Wakka again. Maybe he should check on Wakka?

Tidus thought about that for a while. He did feel like visiting Wakka now. So, before he started to think about why he wanted to see Wakka, he grabbed his umbrella and slipped on his shoes, running out into the rain to seek his friend.


Kairi came back to the place where her house had been standing. Now there was nothing. It had burned down. She shook her head, causing drops of water to splash into all directions, mixing with the falling raindrops.


A voice appeared behind her and she quickly spun around to find Selphie standing behind her.

The younger girl luckily had an umbrella and she was holding three turtles in her arms.

"Hey, Selph! I was looking for you!" With a fake smile plastered on her face, Kairi greeted her friend.

Selphie immediately grinned. "Yep? What's up? I was just looking at the remnants of your house…'cause I feel really guilty about it now. I wish I hadn't done that…"

She paused, her grin fading as she lowered her head. Kairi almost thought she was going to be depressed.

However, she quickly smiled again, looking cheerful and lively as always.

"Did you hear about Sora and Riku? Are they together again?"

Even though she knew Kairi would probably feel slightly bothered by the question, she still hoped the girl had finally forgot her grudge against the boys. She was back and all they wanted was to be friends again, right? Even though Sora and Riku belonged with each other, Kairi should still be there, too. Not as someone who separated them but as a friend, like everyone else was.

"I saw them when I passed Sora's house. It did look like they were together again," the auburn haired girl explained and it pained her to say those things.

"Ooooh great! So I can finally concentrate on me and Tidus again!" Selphie exclaimed, jumping up and down; her three turtles looked bemused.

Kairi winced. All right, that was her chance. 'Tell her about this morning. Tell her about Tidus saying he feels weird about Wakka,' she thought, starting to unfold her all too masterfully created plan.

"Selphie, you're still my best friend," she began, stepping closer so she could stand under Selphie's umbrella. "And as you know, I've been living with Riku…" She heaved a sigh, face turning dramatically sad.

"I feel so bad for telling you this but I think that as a true friend, I have to clear things up."

Selphie just blinked, wondering what Kairi could possibly have to tell her.

Noting that it was still pouring, they decided to go home to Selphie where they could discuss the following matter in peace.

Hours passed until Kairi was finished with her story of contagious Riku infecting poor innocent Tidus, thus causing him to feel for Wakka now. She had recounted everything that had happened; the conversation she had heard, the things she thought she was seeing between Wakka and Tidus (of course she hadn't seen anything) and then she added her own opinion.

"Selphie, I know how this feels and I really didn't want you to feel like that. But I think, you gotta talk to Tidus about this. Tell him you know and ask him what he's thinking. He's probably just confused…"

Oh how sweet she sounded. Kairi inwardly smiled. This was perfect.

Selphie had been quiet the whole time, her expression changing from attentive to pensive, then a bit distracted, and again pensive. She wasn't thinking of random things anymore, Kairi could see that.

"Yeah…" the suddenly quiet girl murmured, scratching her head slightly.

"Yeah, I guess I should do that…" she went on, pointedly avoiding eye contact with Kairi. She was looking at everything but Kairi, partially because she couldn't quite believe and trust her, and partially because she felt a little angry about this and didn't want Kairi to see that.

"All right!"

The girls made up a plan as to how Selphie should approach Tidus on this matter, discussing whether she should start subtle or come to the point immediately. Kairi was all for dropping hints and trying to get Tidus admit it first but Selphie thought it would be better to directly ask him, just in case it was all a misunderstanding.

So after a lot of berating and discussing and persuading, Kairi managed to have her way.

"You go meet him tomorrow afternoon. I can come too, if you want. You know, just in case you need someone on your side…" She really sounded honest and despite her past evil doings, Selphie kind of trusted her. Naïve? Probably.

However, even though Selphie might have been the Queen of Fate and a very clever girl knowing almost everything that happened on this island, she was still a thirteen-year old girl who had been friends with Kairi for quite a time.

"That's all right. I'll go alone, I guess…" The young girl shook her head like puppy and put a smile on her face.

"Thanks, Kairi! I'm sure it will allllllll work out!" Her mind immediately picked up the cheerful mood and she began to think of fun things again.

Kairi was a bit worried about that, but shrugged it off.

So the rest of the evening passed by with the girls chatting about various 'girl stuff' and occasional randomness of Selphie.

Eventually, it became really late and Selphie suggested to let Kairi stay over the night.

"Thanks, really, but I think I should go back to…" she faltered, thinking of Riku and Sora again. No doubt that Riku was busy with Sora now, so she would be alone in his house. But that was actually a good thing because she needed to get ready for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, when she would find Tidus and Wakka, early in the morning, and encourage them to let out their feelings. Tomorrow was a big day, she told herself.

"I'll go back to Riku's place."

With that, she hugged Selphie curtly and walked right out of the door. The younger girl had no chance to ask her anything but decided that it was for the better.

She was busy enough with her turtles and the thing with Tidus was also worrying her a bit. Just today she had begun to think of improving her relationship with Tidus and getting a bit more romantic. And now this? He was going for Wakka now?

"Actually…Tidus and Wakka look cute when they're together," she giggled a little before she skipped off into the bathroom to brush her teeth. While she stood in front of the mirror, she smiled, almost starting to laugh as she pictured to boys in hamster suits.

No. Don't ask.


The next morning came way too fast for Kairi and she lazily dragged herself out of bed. Riku's bed, she reminded herself, blushing slightly at the thought of sleeping in the bed of her crush.

"Ahh, no, no, no! No crush! He's a stupid idiot," she scolded herself, hammering with her hands to get in the fact that he was G-A-Y. So no liking someone like that. Who knew, maybe he would also infect her??

She shuddered.

So after being scared out of her life with the thought of getting this sickness, too, she made her way to Tidus's house. She supposed she would find him there and have a talk with him about the situation. First, she would mention the fact that Sora and Riku were happily together again. Then, she would ask about him and Selphie. Then, she would mention Wakka and see his reaction.

Oh, it was all too perfect.

Perfect, with one exception.

When she knocked on the blond boy's door, no one opened. She knocked again and again, shouting his name in case he was sleeping. She didn't care if she woke him up.

But no one answered. No Tidus.

"What the…" she frowned, totally thrown out of her concept by the fact that she hadn't considered what would happen if she didn't find Tidus. What now? What in the world was she supposed to do now?

Kairi scratched her cheek in irritation. She bit her lip, thinking of what to do. This was a really bad thing.

Unless of course…

A thought entered her mind. What if Tidus already was with Wakka, and spent the night with him? That would be the absolute and best thing ever!

So without further thinking, the devilish girl dashed off into Wakka's direction. Hopefully she would catch them while doing something really bad, so she would have evidence for their wrongness.

She stopped. Did she just think she wanted to catch them doing things? No, she did not want to catch anyone doing anything. At all.

"I'm not insane!" she shouted, hammering on her head again as she picked up her pace.

For someone seeing her like this, however, she did look like a lunatic. Poor Kairi. She was already losing her mind.


Sora awoke with a huge grin on plastered on his face.

"Almost…" he whispered, feeling Riku's silver hair tickle his neck. He had almost won this time… next time he would definitely be on top.

"I'm going to beat you, you just wait."

Riku, in his sleep, snorted.


Ending notes: Kairi is completely homophobic...but we knew that already. What will Selphie do now? Will she actually support TidusxWakka or turn into another Kairi? Oh, the suspense! (not really...)
So yes...Sora is still not giving up on being seme, and he'll practice until he's won, that's for sure. Maybe I'll write a lemon or at least lime telling about this "Almost" Sora's talking about in the last part... would be interesting to see what he'd done to Riku, and how Riku still managed to get on top so that it was only Almost.
All right... stay tuned for the next installment of the never ending soap opera. It will only get more confusing and strange until nothing makes sense anymore.