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The boy slowly opened his eyes as he heard noise closing in on his chamber. This place was his home, the only place he knows of. As of right now he's unclear to whether it is even night or day. The boy tried to weakly move away from the approaching sounds, but found that it was far too exhausting. Not that he was surprised; as long as he remained in this room, movement was always a daunting task for him.

The door to his room opened and two guards wearing hazmat suits entered. The boy managed to muster the most intimidating glare he could in his current state. The two staff members paid no attention as they unchained the boy from his restraints, only to slap on a pair of handcuffs. Then they led him out of the small room.

The boy was slightly blinded by the sudden increase of light assaulting his eyes. Out here in the light, people could see that he was a boy of about 15 years old, decent height, matted black hair, large eyes with yellow sclera and pale skin. His build learned towards the skinnier side with his tattered striped prisoner uniform barely hanging onto his body, but that didn't come as a surprise considering where he is. If not for the terrible conditions he's been through, one could say that he could be a bit good looking.

As the guards led him down the corridor, a growing sense of dread was developing within the boy; he was all too familiar with this procedure. Whenever he was not locked in his cell, people would take him to another place, one that foretold pain and torture. The boy goes through this hell at least once a week, and today it has come again. Another door opened and the boy's fear was confirmed as his eyes fell on the leather chair that by now he knew more than his own parents. He weakly struggled in the grip of the guards, but as usual to no avail.

The guards then forced the boy into the chair, using multiple straps to tie his body down. They then undid the handcuffs and strapped his arms as well. The boy's eyes shone with fear as a third figure joined the guards. This man was wearing a white coat with the words "GAS" on either side of it. His face was covered in make up along with what appears to be 2 horns on top of his head, sticking over his spikey hair. As he moved, what seemed to be wisps of smoke was streaming from his body. The man's face was adorned with a wide grin, one that promised only pain and suffering. In his hand there was a syringe which made the boy shake with fear as he saw it; it was something that had been used on him time and time again. The man then plunged the syringe into the boy's arm and injected some kind of gel into him. The second he did, the boy's body seized up, and his body convulsed as it was subjected to the most unimaginable pain he's ever experienced.

As the boy thrashed and screamed in the chair, the man in the white coat looked on with sadistic delight. For this man was not any normal person; he is one of the head scientists in this facility. His name is Caesar Clown, and his current test subject had been one that gave him such insight to the properties of H2S. Caesar began jotting down notes as he noticed the boy's skin begin to rend his tissue, only for his body to heal up the next as the process repeated itself in endless agony.

"Shulolololo, you truly are remarkable!" the sadistic scientist cackled "The Goji-Goji no Mi's regenerative properties are fantastic as ever! Being able to regenerate all the damage caused by H2S makes you very valuable to my tests. I hope you are honored by this opportunity, Prisoner 1954!" Yes, Caesar had been doing these tests for quite some time now; something that he is normally unable to do so with any other prisoner on Punk Hazard. "The injection of H2S into the blood stream would normally kill a person within seconds, yet thanks to that devil fruit of yours you are able to heal the damage done just as quickly!" Caesar continued to write his observations down, oblivious to the boy's agonized screams. Being the eater of the Goji-Goji no Mi, one of the rare Kaiju class Zoan fruits, have granted this child phenomenal healing power and he was planning to exploit every aspect of it for his research.

After many agonizing minutes, the boy's screams finally died down as he broke down into a fit of sobs. Caesar finished writing and watched him with a triumphant smirk. "It seems we are done today, take the subject back to his chambers, we will continue these tests in a few days."

As the boy was dragged from the floor, prisoner 1954 could feel his vision began to deteriorate. Many times he wishes he could just end himself somehow, so that he no longer has to live through this torture. But it was not to be, every test they do to him where he expect to die by the agonizing pain was quickly dismissed by it ending. This was his curse, his ability to heal himself from any external and internal damage. As the boy's vision faded to black, he cursed the mad scientist, this facility, and his fate; something he does all too many times these days.

Prisoner 1954 woke up to the sound of shouting outside his chamber, and fear began to creep into his heart once again. It must be Caesar coming to use him for another of his sadistic experiments again. As much as he wishes to retaliate he never could, he was a prisoner here, and he had no existence. The boy closed his eyes, not wishing to see what awaited him.

The door never opened.

Prisoner 1954 waited a few more seconds for the door to open, but still it remained shut. He cracked open an eyelid and peeked at it. The door still did not open.

By now he could barely make out the increasing volume of two men arguing. One person he recognized as Caesar "I'd remember that bastard's voice from anywhere…" he thought bitterly. The other person however was foreign to him, he couldn't place it at all.

The two voices continued to increase, from what he's hearing prisoner 1954 detected obvious outrage from either side. Caesar's voice seemed rather despondent, while the other seemed laced with disgust and horror. Then one voice, Caesars, said something loudly and disappeared.

"What was that all about?" The boy wondered, then figured that it doesn't concern him. It never does anyway. He slowly drifted off to sleep, unaware that at that moment his life was about to take another twist in its long road.

1954 was suddenly jolted from slumber as the door to his cell opened and 3 people stepped in. Before he could let out a shocked scream, a bag was placed over his body. He could feel his restraints being broken as the 3 figures lifted him up and carried him out, ignoring his futile struggles. Before long he felt the bag lifted from his head as he fell onto some kind of wooden platform. Fear laced his eyes as he looked around and saw a bunch of men wearing white uniforms and an old man wearing a white lab coat looking down on him. For the first time in his life, he noticed the stars in the sky; it was nighttime. The boy shrank away from the men as his heart felt as if it was about to rip out of his chest.

"He's terrified Doctor, he's traumatized. Considering where he's been held for Kami knows how long…" one of the marines told the old man.

"Caesar… that bastard…" The old man cursed with gritted teeth. He then looked at the boy with a kinder smile. "Don't be afraid child, you will not be harmed anymore."

"Please… Stay away from me… Don't give me any chemicals again!" the boy sobbed.

"There are no chemicals here, you have my word." The kind scientist whispered. Inwards he was cursing his colleague Caesar Clown for hiding this fact from the rest of the community. Unlike his psychotic colleague, Dr. Vegapunk was someone that obeyed the morals of science in his experiments. His inventions were to be used to benefit people worldwide. While he respected his colleague's genius, there was absolutely no way that he will condone such behavior, on a young CHILD at that! Dr. Vegapunk done a fair share of covering up for his gaseous co-worker, but this is where he draws the line. And so tonight he decided to take matters into his own hands.

"Do not worry child, these marines will take you to their base and then they will arrange to find you a home". 1954 looked around and saw many more soldiers look at him with remorseful smiles, and slowly understood the situation. "I still can't believe that Caesar would go to such lengths to do something like this, even if you've eaten the Goji-Goji no Mi…"

"It hurts…" 1954 whispered, remembering all the torment he went at the hands of the sadistic scientist.

"I've no doubt it did, but leave that all behind! From now on your life will begin anew!" the good doctor reassured him. "Now, do you have a name, child? I would like to know who I rescued today!"

1954 thought deeply at this; from as far as he knew he had only been referred to as prisoner 1954. Then he found another word, deep within the reaches of his mind. He never heard it before, but here it was.

"G-Gian…" the boy whispered. Yes, that must be his name!

"Well Gian, my name is Dr. Vegapunk, and I sincerely apologize for all that you suffered at the hands of my colleague. Know that you possess a powerful devil fruit, and even though you are too young to use it effectively now, it would surely bloom in the future. I am a person that is highly interested in those fruits, and I am working on a way to separate those powers from a person. If you ever find those powers troublesome, then find me when you're older, and perhaps I can help you with it. Then again, who knows? You might just use it well!"

A marine gestured to Vegapunk signaling that they do not have time before Caesar will find that his test subject is missing. Vegapunk nodded and tossed a wad of beri at the marine. Before he left, he felt Gian grab onto his hand.

"Thank you doctor! I don't know how I can ever repay you!" The boy choked out with tears of happiness flowing freely.

"That's something you have no need of concerning yourself with, my boy! From now on, your life is your own!" With that Vegapunk stepped off the deck of the small marine boat and the ship set sail, away from Punk Hazard. As he felt the boat rock with the waves, Gian could feel himself doing something he's never done in his life before: smile.

If only fate was not that cruel…

"Lazy brat! Put more back into it!" a voice barked. Gian glowered at the source of the voice but did as he was told and threw a few more bags onto the shore.

It was now about 2 weeks since Gian was liberated from his status as a test subject but he had severely underestimated his former captor's resourcefulness.

The source of the voice was a fat man named Riddo, a pirate. His pug like face sneered at the boy now carrying boxes. He was the captain of a crew of mercenary pirates, loyal only to money, and as of right now, are currently delivering him back to Punk Hazard. The loss of his former test subject was not missed by Caesar Clown, and a loss of such a valuable resource would be hindering to his experiments. To him, having someone like Gian to do research upon would be worth the cash spent.

Of course, Riddo did have the slightest curiosity on why a World Government scientist was willing to shill out 65 million beri worth for a simple child. During all of his time in the New World, he wasn't particularly anyone special. He laid low, performed services in exchange for money, and in turned never crossed any of the major players on the Seas; he knew better than that. Above all, he thought of himself as a survivor, an underdog in an ocean of big fish. So his initial thoughts regarding the task was with a bit of suspicion. Then again, money is the only language people like him speak, and the allure of being 65 million richer for just a simple kid was far too good to pass up.

Gian cursed them under his breath. These men were the lowest of the low! The small ship he'd stowed away in did not have enough back up to defend themselves properly, and these pirates made short work of the few guards posted.

"I should've known that gas bastard would pull something like this! This is almost ironic..." Gian thought, anger slowly rising as he continued his work. He was literally a slave on this god forsaken ship, and soon his freedom would be gone again. It made him feel disgusted. He had many plans of escape over the past 2 weeks, but all had failed and he was punished each time for it.

A sudden shout made Gian shoot his head up to see 3 members of the crew laughing as they surrounded a young couple and their child, the parents holding their child close as it cried and looked fearfully at their captors. Old habits die hard, and it just so happened that this island they were currently resting on had a small village on in; the temptation of pillaging was too much! One of the men smirked evilly as he raised a cutlass. Gian's eyes widened in horror as he realized what was about to happen. Something inside him snapped as he felt himself dropping the boxes and dashed over the 3 pirates.

"STOP IT! THEY'VE DONE NOTHING TO YOU!" Gian shouted as he tried in vain to pull the pirate aside "You're already getting paid to deliver me, they've done nothing!"

"What the hell you little bastard? Get LOST!" the other two snarled and kicked him away. Gian hissed in pain as the boot connected with his rib. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Riddo stagger towards him and delivered another boot to the stomach.

"Insolent Brat! Stay out of our way!" the fat pirate snarled "Caesar Clown said to bring you to him alive, but if you continue to act up i'll leave you just alive enough to feel the blood leach out of your veins!"

Gian glared hatefully at the fat captain, he's been afraid for his life since as long as he remembered, no more. "Let… them go!"

"Or what? You think you order us around?! You forget your place you pitiful wretch!" Riddo spat. He then pulled out a pistol and aimed it at the husband who then fell to his knees and begged in vain for his family's life. "For that performance, you personally will see their execution!"

That was the last straw for Gian as he rose to his feet and stared with a murderous look at the fat captain. With all his strength he threw himself at Riddo, knocking the surprised man off-balance. The pistol went off, the bullet embedding itself into the sand inches away from the terrified man's head.

"THAT'S IT! TIME TO TEACH YOU A LESSON!" Riddo screamed as he delivered a punch to the boy. Gian fell to the sand as the rest of the crew joined in on the assault, each yelling vile curses as the punched and kicked the poor boy. "I can't believe i did that, i'm barely able to stand up for myself, what made me think that I could've saved them?" Gian thought as the blows rained down on him. He was beginning to feel light headed, yet for some reason he was still conscious.

"No…" a voice deep within him sounded. Gian suddenly opened his eyes. He would not die here! He does not deserve death by such fiends of men! "NO!"

With that declaration a burst of energy knocked all the members of the Riddo Pirates back. "What the hell?!" Riddo said in surprise as the whole crew heard an unnatural growl that was increasing in volume from their captive. Looking at Gian Riddo saw in horror that the boy was hunched over. But what was even more terrifying was that black scales started to pop out of his skin, and maple leafed dorsal fins began growing out of his back. Then Gian lifted his head and where his yellow eyes once were, they were now fiery red…

Then another explosion rocked the shore, covering the crew with dust. Coughing in a fit of terror, the fat captain and the crew could just barely make out the silhouette of massive creature within the dust cloud. They could barely comprehend what was going on. "Just what is happening?! Caesar Clown said he was just a brat, he never mentioned anything like this!" Riddo thought in fear as the silhouette moved. And then…


More screams began to sound the air after that crescendo. Riddo looked in horror as he realized his crew was being butchered by an unknown beast. Then the world got darker, and Riddo screamed in horror as a dark shape descended upon him. The last thing he saw was a monstrous foot slowly beginning to crush him. And then he knew no more…

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