Chapter 14: Of Past Memories and Dreams

One year before the final battle: (Two Months into Training)

"Do you regret coming here Miko?"

Panting she glared, eyes filled with loathing at the Daiyoukai in front of her.

"No," she gasped out.

Precariously balanced on a pointed spike, the sun burned through the many layers she was forced to wear. Two long sleeved shirts that were once snug and comfortable were now loose fitting and torn in various places, the bandages that bond her breasts were showing through some of the holes and soaked through with her sweat. The Chinese fighting hakamas that she was forced to wear, were also torn and the only thing that was saving her dignity at the moment were the leggings she had learned to wear at all times, when confronting her sensei.

"Posture Miko," he growled out before an acid whip cracked near her ear. "Why are you here Miko?"

Straightening her already rigid posture, her weight pressed down harder on the pike. The other leg was crossed, while her hands were in prayer form in front of her. She ignored his words, focusing instead on not crying at the pain of having to stand barefoot on the spiked training post.

Three hours had come and gone, three hours of immobility and a blazing sun her only reward.

It was unbearable!

"It seems then that This One will have to work that much harder. There has been no improvement and This Sesshomaru wastes time that could be put to better use."

Fury swept through her.

What the fuck?

Had she not obeyed his every demand. Had she not abandoned her family and friends. Had she not left her poor kit alone and crying-begging, pleading her- to not leave him.

Two months of training-torture more like- left a toll on her body, scars that would never fade littered her arms from sword fighting, but her soul was suffering the pain of the separation between her and that of her pack. It was something that the Lord, her sensei, seemed to look down on her for.

Jumping down from her previous place, she landed on her wounded heel on the wooden tatami that lined the entire floor of their fighting arena. The sudden weight on her numb leg made her stumble for a second before she regained her stance.

"Miko." His voice was so cold she was surprised that the room continued to be so hot. "This One did not give you permission to abandon your post."

"I really," she panted out. "Don't care. If you want to make me leave, it won't happen. I have been here for two months and I will not leave until I feel that I have accomplished what I came here to do. I have suffered more at your hands than I have ever suffered in any other youkai's but if it means that I will be able to protect my kit from harm in the future I will put up with you being an asshole."

The air turned artic before she was slammed into the floor, Sesshomaru staring down at her, golden eyes cold and unmoved.

"What was the first lesson I thought you miko."

Closing her eyes, she tried to remember. There had been too many -pain-filled! - lessons he had felt that she needed to learn.

But the only one that he seemed to always drum into her head was-

She gasped out, "never let your emotions get the best of you."

"What was the mistake you made just now."

"I let my emotions overrule my common sense."

A clawed hand gripped her ankle in a restraining hold, turning her upside down.

"Since you seem to feel that standing on the training posts are too much for you; you will stand on your hands for an hour."


"Were your words just now meaningless?"


The blood rushing to her head made the room spin, forcing her to have to close her eyes once more. Soft, silent measured steps made them open only to see black boots fill her vision, the hand on her ankle became her focal point.

"Never pay attention to the taunts of your enemy Miko," Sesshomaru's voice sounded so far away, so focused on the sensation of his calloused hands made her aware that he for all his iciness and perfection, he still held imperfections. The callouses on his hands testified that his superior abilities came from training himself until he became his name- The Killing Perfection.

"So it was a lie?"


"Sesshomaru, was it a lie that you were going to be training me harder?"


Letting go of my ankle he continued to stare at me before seating himself against the wall across from me.

If all the blood in my body was rushing to my head and distorting my vision, I could have almost sworn that Sesshomaru had smiled.

Even still goosebumps made their way on to my arms and made my mouth stay shut.

No need to prod at a sleeping dog.

Six Months into Training

"Kagome-sama!" The blue eyed beauty turned, anchoring herself before a small body crashed in to hers.

"Rin-chan," her arms came around the small girl before she picked her up. "Running away from Jaken again, hm?"

Wide doe eyes stared at her in awe, "How did you know Kagome-sama?"

She leaned in conspiratorially, Rin closed the space between them, hoping to hear the secret of her 'knowing,' "I would do the same thing Rin-chan."

The soft giggles of the small girl in her arms made a smile appear on her face.


Both dark-haired females turned to look at the Lord, who was making his way towards them.

"Do not encourage Rin."

Both looked at him with innocent looks.

"What ever could you mean Sesshomaru-sama," Kagome said curiously. "Rin and I were just commenting how we should take her lessons outside today. I was thinking I could teach her about the herbs Ami-san has been teaching me while I was here."

Golden eyes narrowed at her bald-faced lie. The miko for all the she had been in his household for six moons still insisted on being the cheerful and opinionated girl he had seen with his half-brother.

No matter the lessons he forced upon her, she had not changed. Well emotionally at least.

Physically her body was now that of a warrior. Everything about her now seemed to radiate power, the turbulent and untrained miko powers she housed had calmed and lay just below her skin. She had improved greatly and though he was loath to admit it, he had to say he held a grudging respect towards her. Her determination to correct her wrongs only made her worthy of his time. There were times though that like all humans she would stumble, but it would not last long, and would then throw herself into her training with a ferocity that astounded the Lord of the West.

Emotions for her had become something that made her much stronger than if she walled herself away from them. Something he had learned during one of their more bellicose sparring moments.

"This Sesshomaru will go with you."

Blue eyes blinked in surprise before another wide smile appeared, "Well since we're all going, we should make it an outing and have a picnic."

"Would that really be okay Sesshomaru-sama?" doe eyes sparkled with joy.

The toothy grin and those wide innocent eyes made Kagome hug Rin closer to her, "You're so kawaii Rin-chan!"

Rin giggled joyously, snuggling closer to the young woman who had been turned in to a mother figure.

Sesshomaru stared at both females, the sweet scents of their joy relaxed his usually tense posture, a tiny-invisibly so-smile make its way to his aristocratic face, wiping it clear off when they turned their attention to him.

"So then we are having a family picnic!" Kagome exclaimed, turning to head towards the kitchens. "Meet us by the front entrance Sesshomaru-sama. Rin-chan and I will get all the things we need."

The Killing perfection continued to stare after the miko and his ward, her words running through his head.

Family. When did he agree to that? They were only student and teacher, nothing more, nothing less.

Even with that, the Western Lord, headed towards the entrance of his castle, never knowing that the warmth in his chest was the beginning of something more.

Two Months Before the Final Battle

Silver locks cocooned her from the rest of the world and opened her towards a more vibrant beautiful one. Slender fingers grabbed a lock and twirled it, enjoying the soft silkiness of it. Gold eyes stared in to her, while clawed hands tangled in raven strands. There was nothing but the two of them, making her wish that nothing could tear them away from this moment.

"I wish we could be here like this forever," she whispered leaning in to his warmth and tugging him to her. Falling on top of her, their long locks tangling in to one another, hips pressed so tightly that if not for the barrier of clothing they would have been so close to completing an age old dance.

The heat of his body scorches her. He is her sun, her fire in a cold night.

Pressing in to the soft body beneath him, they both let out a wanton moan making the small woman beneath him throw her head and exposing her slender neck to his hungry eyes.

"I would like nothing more than that," his voice rumbled out making the sound travel through her.

Shivering she tugged him even closer until his lips touched upon her pulse. A clawed hand slithered beneath her shirt causing goosebumps to rise and cover her, the thrumming of her heartbeat was loud, blood rushed, staining her cheeks in a becoming way.

Rage, hate, disgust…were but a distant nightmare, the dream of her was all he needed.

"When will we be free to love one another?"

The hushed desperate tone, made the hand rising to cup her breasts pause. Golden eyes closed in despair as the scent of her tears made its way to his nose.

"One day we will love with no restrictions," he said harshly, fangs grazed her fluttering pulse. "When that day comes I will shout it to the entire world and never let you go."

The world…what need was there but his love?

Crushed in to his unyielding chest she allowed his passionate words to reverberate throughout her. Tears made tracks down her cheeks, and the pain in her chest never diminished. Worst yet, it had grown exponentially.

"Do not cry koi," his distressed tone brought her out of her misery. "It is not the time to cry. Let us enjoy this time together."

A sob was swallowed down, pushed with all her might, "You're right. Let's enjoy the little time we have together."

A rumbling agreement made a wavering smile appear on her face.

So little time…

Her hands that had been wrapped around him made their way on to his chest pushing him.

Allowing her to do what she wanted, he leaned away from her. Hips rolling, she threw him on his back and climbed on top of him. Raven locks cascaded down, hiding them away from light of the moon shining down on them.

No matter that Tsukuyomi was looking down on them, this moment was theirs.

Arms and legs caging him made the satisfied smirk on her face made an enchanting sight.

An angel having a demon in her sights, with the power to make even the greatest of youkai shiver in dread.

And yet…

The power of their feelings made them unable to ever turn on the other.

Do you have something to protect?

If it was asked of him, if his life was the difference in allowing her to live…

He would give his soul in an instant.

Nothing would be too much in order to have her here in the world where she was brought by the kami to do only good.

A precious angel delivered for his redemption.

"You are mine anata," bending she slowly trailed her lips along his. "I will never let you leave my side."

Her powers rose with every word, emphasizing them.

He was her reward, a gift in the form of power and masculinity all wrapped in one.

She would love him. She could only ever see him. No one else could ever compare.

Slowly the clearing they had been in began to disappear and leaving a black trail.

The signs of their time coming to an end.

"Aishiteru Sesshomaru," she whispered longingly in to his lips.

Golden eyes stared in to hers, turning scarlet.

"You are mine," he growled.

She smiled brightly ignoring the tears that slid down her pale cheeks.

Watashi mo aishiteru Kagome.Never doubt my love for you.

He was never one for words, but his meaning was never lost.

Their love was impossible for many reasons… but there was one that spoke for itself.

The only time she could have with him began when she closed her eyes, and ended when she opened them.

Strength and power were worthless when the only time he could feel alive, was when he buried his conscious. Dreams were all he was allowed… and that would never be enough.

Scarlet eyes opened before they gave way to citrine. No matter how many times he tried to dispel the frivolous dreams that gave way every time he allowed himself to rest, they retuned more viciously than the one before.

Love. Passion. Desire.

They all equaled the same thing.

Suffering. Pain. Weakness.

He lived in darkness, he was a creature that could never touch heaven.

She lived in the light, she was a creature full of life that could never be allowed to fall to the pits of hell.

His existence had never been so bleak.

After the Final Battle

He was never far from her, and she never strayed away from him.

The inutachi were aware that there was something completely different with the young time traveling miko, but it was hard to pinpoint what.

Strength was obvious, as she had grown in to a warrior that gave Sango a run for her money, but there was something that they were missing and none could say what it was. Nonetheless the injuries and the wounds they had received from fighting Naraku and his endless amount of minions pushed the thoughts to the furthest corners of their mind were they would be forgotten.

All but the smallest of their group.

Shippo had known that there was something different with his adoptive mother since they had reunited with her a few weeks prior, but unlike the others in his group he knew what it was.


His mother had fallen in love once more and this time he knew it was something stronger than what she had felt for the puppy eared hanyou.

Her movements were synchronized with those of the great Lord of the West.

Power attracted power. It was the way of the youkai but in that moment his mother could have been an ordinary ningen and he had no doubt that the great Daiyoukai would snatch her up and never let her leave his side.

But from the way they ignored the obvious and the small glimpses they allowed themselves they seemed to be holding back.

From what or who, he had no idea.

The hanyou that had led them before Sesshomaru-sama had become Alpha was completely focused on his own lady love to be putting up a fight on who Kagome would stay with.

It was for that reason, his curiosity as young kits were wont of, that when the offer for him to be with the great daiyoukai came that he accepted.

There nothing that he would not do for his adoptive mother, and if that meant that he would have to live with the most feared demon of the realm, and to remind him of his mother every chance he got, then he would do it.

Because if there was one thing that his mother deserved it was love.

The very same love that could be reflected on the eyes of a certain Lord when he looked at the blue eyed miko when everyone else was focused on their own partners.

With a determined nod, the kit held the tears that wanted to fall when he saw his mother for the last time.

500 years could not come soon enough.

His family was close to completion.

Nothing would take them away, not even time.

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