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The Sound of Heartbeats

When Rose found the TARDIS

The usual nausea came after the view came clear. Rose took couple deep breaths and looked around. She was in London, so one part was right. There weren't zeppelins in the sky, people didn't have big wild cats as their pets, cars didn't fly, shoes didn't have tiny wheeles under them, there weren't a big, colorful screens on the walls of the bildings showing ongoing news. But that didn't actually mean anything, she had entered hundreds of normallooking universes. She walked to the nearest bin to find a newspaper. 11.10.2005, she rised an eyebrow. Rightlooking London and less than two years too early? She hadn't been this close the right timeperiod before. Now she needed to find out what was going on in this universe to know if it was the right one. She turned around and her eyes met a notification in the nearest streetlamp.

'Have you seen Rose?'

She swallowed. Well then, it was the right universe. And a really, really bad timing. Because in 11th of Octobre in 2005 she had still been a missing person. And if she would be seen now, all the timelines would change, and that was a bad, bad thing. She needed to go back right now. She needed to make a few changes into the timelines of the dimension cannoon and try again. She needed to...

And that's when she saw it. Right in front of her. The Tardis. She stared at it, hoping she could see inside it. How was she supposed to know which time period this Tardis was from? Which Doctor was driving it? Was it one of hers? Someone much earlier years? Someone from the future? She knew she wouldn't be there because they had avoided coming into the 2005 London knowing she was a missing person there. So what harm would it do if she did knock? If it was a wrong Doctor she could just say... she could hide her face and tell what the problem was and then leave. The most important thing was, after all, that the Doctor would know. She took a deep breath and knocked three times.

Knock knock knock.

She waited. Nothing. How long would it take from the Doctor to climb up from his librarypool, dry himself, get dressed and come to the door? She took the key and played with it. It could be that he was somewhere else and the Tardis was empty. Then what would happen? And what would happen if he was there, or there was some other him? She shook her head and before she could find any other reasons not to do it she put the key in the hole and opened the lock.

The door opened.

She stepped in and smiled. At least it was familiar Tardis so it was propably either of her Doctors. She walked slowly up the ramp. She felt the TARDIS in her head more powerfully than ever. Normally it was just a light consiousness, now it felt like pressure. She frowned.

"Hello old girl", she said. "Something wrong?"

She laid her hand gently on the coral. And that was when the collisterbell started to rang. She looked around in worry.

"What is it? Is it the Doctor?"

How she wished the TARDIS could speak! She turned around and went to the door to get outside just in case. When she laid her hand on the doorhandle she heard the lock click.

"Good evening", said a voice and Rose spun around. There was a young, blonde man standing in front of her, smiling weirdly.

"Where's the Doctor?" Rose asked, automatically.

"I'm the Doctor", the man said.

"No", Rose answered immidiately, without any hesitation.

"Well I regenerated", the man snapped and waved his hand, like regenerating would be just something he did every other day. Rose stepped a bit closer to look at him. Last time it had took her some time to see that behind those new brown eyes looked the same person as behind the blue ones. Last time it had took some time to realize that the cool hand was different yet exactly the same. Last time she had fought against it but still realized that the man wearing pinstriped suit and really great hair was the same one with big ears and leatherjacket. She shook her head.

"You're not the Doctor. Where is he? Who are you? Why do you have his Tardis?"

"I am the Doctor", the man said again, not so calmly anymore.

"No", Rose said firmly. "I know the Doctor. I know the man behind the face and you're not him."

The blonde man frowned and smiled then, a manic smile, but not manic the way the Doctor used to smile. This smile creeped Rose out but she forced herself to stay put and look him in the eye.

"Okay then, let's play smart. I'm not the Doctor. I'm not some kind of gobbly, sugary man hopping around with his limps and hair and teeth. I'm much more than that. I am the Master."

Rose blinked. She had heard about the Master. The Doctor had told her about one of his nemesis. A time lord who had gone insane. A man who had tried to kill the Doctor more than once. The memory of those stories didn't calm her down at all.

"The Master", she repeated, and although she tired really hard she couldn't keep all the fear away from her voice.


"What did you do to the Doctor?" Rose asked, fearing the worst.

"Oh, that's not fair. I should get a question as well! It's my turn! I told you who I am. So, who are you? I've met several of Doctor's 'companions' as he likes to call you lot. All those earthgirls during those years. You're not one of them, that I can tell. So, you must be someone quite new. But! as you're not with him in the end of the universe he must've dumped you earlier. That's so him, abandone girls when he gets bored with them. So, who are you?"

Rose felt goosebumbs run up her spine. The way this man spoke... and the end of the universe? That sounded bad. But now wasn't the time think about that. Now was the time to get out from the TARDIS so she could go back to the parallel universe and try again.

"What do you care? I'm not with the Doctor anymore. What does it matter who I am?"

"Oh, he cares them all. I've always wondered that love of his to you humans. He and his precious Earth! So if I know who you are I can tell him that you're all safe with me."

She forced herself to smile.

"Yeah? Well, in that case... I'm definitely not going to tell you who I am. Find out yourself. And if you ever do find out who I am, well, it just might be he isn't gonna believe you. Anyway, I better go now."

She took a step closer to the door.

"Is that so?" the Mater asked, reaching quickly to take a hold of her wrist and pullin her closer. Rose kept herself still and look at him.

"And why is that, exactly? Oooh, you should be dead, right?."

Rose remind silent.

"I don't like this game", the Master said, turning his back at her and walking to the controls. He seemed to search for something.

"So, you're have the Tardis and the Doctor is... where was it? In the end of the universe? So, what is your plan now?" Rose asked. If she had learnt something from the Doctor, it was to keep people talking.

"Like I'd tell you."

"I happen to know that bad guys just love to share their evil plans with someone. I could be that someone. I've been that someone several times. Once there was a werewolf telling me how he was about to rule Great Britan!"

While talking, she looked around to find a way to escape. She send a silent wish to the TARDIS but had nothing back. She was likely forced under the Master's command.

"Oh, am I the bad guy? That is so much fun!" the Master looked up behind the control and closed his mouth for a while, he seemed to enjoy the thought. "Bad guy with an evil plan. You're right. I do have an evil plan. I'm going to rule the Universe, starting from Earth."

"Right", Rose said. "So you're planning an invasion. Very original. Mind you, you're alone. Pretty hard task. You step out of those doors and there's the Torchwood pointing a gun at you."


Oops. Rose snapped her mouth shut.

"What's Torchwood?" the Master asked, stepping a few threatning steps closer. She raised her chin to show that she wasn't scared. And she really wasn't. The Doctor was coming, she knew he was. Maybe not right now, it would take him some time to find a way to get back from the end of the Universe, but he was coming. And as the Master stopped right in front of her she reminded silent.

"You know I could drag that information out of you? Dig your brain until you wish you wre dead? Didn't need even that. A quick visit would do..."

He raised his hands towards her face. She spat on him. That stopped him. Slowly he wiped his face and glared at Rose. His grip was thight. It hurt and Rose winched of pain.

"Listen to me, blondie", he hissed throw his teeth. "You do that again and I take care that you will suffer and die before the Doctor can save you. You hear me?"

Slowly, without any other way out from his grip, Rose nodded. The Master smiled and patted her head.

"Good girl. Now I'll take you to your prison. You can wait there until the time is right. And before it is, we are going to have so much fun."

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