Don't play with the Toaster

Chapter Five- The hamster story.. Part two

A/m: There is a plot.I have just yet to figure out what it is!

Aragorn looked at the paper he had grabbed off the table, trying to find Pig Road. He looked up at the street sign that him and Legolas were standing under. Then back down at the paper. Then up again. Legolas looked a little confused at him, and still hummed a lament for his hamster friend, and eating a candy bar from Kazuko oh-so-not-secret-stash. "This way." He grabbed the elf by his wrist, and began to drag him across the crosswalk.

Cars slammed to a halt, and Aragorn smiled, "You know what, Legolas, the future isn't that bad."

Legolas nodded as some drivers began to scream at them. "How much farther?"

"Let's see...about..20 more blocks."



Merry nodded, "It's been nice talking to you, Tim." He turned to Pippin, who was sitting in front of the couch, legs far apart. He hung up the phone, throwing it across the table. "So.when do you think that package will get here?"

Pippin shrugged, and went back to eating his ice cream, which he had found in the Fridge.

The funny thing about this ice cream, is that it was Rei's secret stash from when Kazuko comes over. She would come out eating a bowl, then saying how sorry she was for eating it. She made sure to do it every time, just so she could watch the attempt of Kazuko's for 'the sweet booty of ice cream' as Kazuko would say. Kazuko would never find any, so it was interesting that Pippin of all people, had found some. The brains that Pippin had, over rode Kazuko's power of food senses that she seemed to create in her own wake.

And no, I don't want it to make any sense to you.

Now, weren't or not Kazuko was smarter or stupider than Pippin, has noting to do with the plot, but the writer of this tale is high off of soda, and will now skip to Sam and Frodo, without doing an tense changes or anything. Please make sure to hang on.

Frodo looked over at Sam, "This is booring with out Lin."

Sam nodded, "I agree Mister Frodo."

"Sam, will you please stop calling me that? It makes you sound gay."

Gandalf, who was engrossed in what the further called Talk shows, a horror to mankind, was blow way by this comment, and that the child called Rawanda was not this man named Halo's Kid. " are not gay?" Gandalf called from Lin's over comfortable chair. This Chair caused wars, for the second you hit it, you would travel to a land where the sun is always shining, and the air smells like warm root beer. (Okay, no more weird Al for me..Erm, were was I?)

"Of course not! I got married! And HAD KIDS!

Frodo paused, "So? You could still be gay."

Sam's mouth dropped. "You live with me! You know how much I love Rose!"

"You could be faking." Gandalf pointed out.

Sam sighed, "Why would I fake that?"

"I unno," Said Frodo, "It just always seemed you ever gay."

"MY MAN AIN'T YOUR BABY'S DADDY!" A voice called out, which echoed off the walls the apartment. Gandalf looked out the window, were what he was just watching, seemed to have grown to something outside for him. He grinned.


"Let me get this right," The pet storeowner, said, looking at the dead hamster in front of him. "You want me, to give you one just like this one?" He said, holding up Nibbles by the foot. Aragorn and Legolas nodded for him to continue. "Do you realize that the only other one we have has," The owner paused, realizing that he didn't have a choice in the matter. "The only one I can give you is that one." He said, pointing to a cage in the corner.

Legolas pushed down on the Candy Bar, for it was sticky and a lot stronger than the last one he had had. Aragorn and him walked toward a cage with the hamster in it. Aragorn gasped, a little surprised at the side of the hamster. Yes, the side of the hamster. "That can't be a hamster!" Aragorn said, pointing to it. "There is no way that anything could be that big!"

"That it or leave it." The Owner said, "It's your choice. Do you want your roommate to kill you or not."

Aragorn, who was the only sane mind on the trip, looked at the hamster. He knew that Legolas would go on with anything he said, and that the hamster was need. He knew what he had to do, but dear god, that hamster was huge. And at the rate they were going, they would never get back in time to get to Kazoo's. "Okay," He sighed, claiming defeat. "We will take him." He said, throwing his cash on the table, trading it for a cardboard box that was duly hand over.

"Aragorn, what time does Kazoo get home?" Legolas asked, looking at a clock.

"Five, why?" He said, after all, Kazuko had said it six times.

"Then we are so screwed."

A/M: And that is the end of that chapter!

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