(Meanwhile, at Helga's house...)

Helga: What was that stuff? It's all that stupid Rick's fault.

(Helga nearly walks into a wall but phases through it.)

Helga: What was that? (Helga nearly punches the wall but her hand phases through the wall.

Helga: ARNOLD!

(Meanwhile, at Pheobe's house...)

Pheobe: What was that weird glowing yellow stuff?

(Pheobe's eyes suddenly turn white.)

(The sky suddenly becomes sunny and then stormy after a minute.)


(Meanwhile, at Sid's house...)

Sid: Was that stuff SGFOS?

(Sid suddenly is in the living room.)

Sid: I'm in the living room! How did I end up here?

(Sid suddenly starts glowing.)

Sid: What the...

(Sid suddenly disappears in a flash of light and is sent outside.)


(Meanwhile, at Eugene's house...)

Eugene: What was that crap?

(Eugene's hands suddenly turn yellow and hurt.)

Eugene: My hands!

(Eugene's hands suddenly shoot x-lasers and shoot at a bookshelf. A book falls down.)

Eugene: What. The. Hell. I GOTTA GET EVERYONE!

(Meanwhile, at Rhonda's house...)

Rhonda: What was that crap? I mean, how does that happen?

(Rhonda's hands suddenly feel heavier.)

Rhonda: Why do I feel weaker? (Rhonda's entire body suddenly becomes a steel substance to form a body. Her body then turns back to flesh.)

Rhonda: Holy Crap! GOTTA GET THE OTHERS!