Perhaps if he'd just searched a little, Percy would've foreseen his ill-fate in their eyes. But it wasn't everyday that you found out that your godly father is actually one of the strongest Roman gods in existence, and beyond that perhaps the most feared.

Percy couldn't comprehend this. He didn't really except this to happen. Not like this at least. Sure since that shocking day at The Wolf House when he was told about his lineage, Percy had always dreamt of this day. But now, as it was finally here Percy didn't get the joy or the completeness he'd anticipated.

Percy saw above his head, the traces of a disappearing trident symbol. Even as it was vanishing, Percy could still feel the power in his veins.

A loud clank rung in his ears as Reyna's sword slipped through her hands and onto the floor. She hastily picked it back up as she along with the other two rose from the ground, unable to process what had just occurred.

Jason was the first to come back to his senses "You're a son of Neptune."

Percy didn't know if that was a statement or a question.

"W-well t-this is an in-interesting development." The son of Vulcan managed to stammer out.

"I-I am s-sure you w-would be a-able to handle y-yourselves. I-I just re-remembered s-something." He stumbled his way out.

"Hey wait!" Percy called after him.

He stopped right in his tracks. His face turned to them and Percy could see thick beads of sweat trailing down his forehead.


Percy pointed his thumb at the open vault. "You forgot to lock the vault."

For a second, he seemed to forget and looked at the open vault. He moved hesitantly constantly keeping his eyes on Percy as if observing a ticking time bomb. Percy felt someone grab his arm.

"Percy, our work here is done. I think we should go back." Jason said a little unnerved.

Percy nodded numbly, unable to comprehend this sudden change in atmosphere. Jason grabbed the stunned Reyna with his other hand and dragged the two out of the armoury.

A few minutes later they entered the training area, only to find it empty. There was no sign of the son of Victoria anywhere.

"You sure took your sweet time."

The three turned to see Morris at the seating area, where Percy swore he wasn't a second ago.

"I assume you found the crossbow I had stored?" He said moving close to the trio.

Reyna nodded, handing him the bronze crossbow.

"No more delays, now." He said. "I do not have any more time to waste, we are getting started now-"

"Um, Morris?"

"What?" His head swiftly turned to Percy

"You forgot about this." He said, showing the son of Victoria the pen.

Morris arched an eyebrow, unimpressed "And why would I be interested to know that you have a pen in your hand?"

Percy was took a back with the lack of recognition that Morris had for the Celestial Bronze sword. He flicked the cap off it growing it into its full glory.

Morris was a little startled but still- surprisingly- looked rather uninterested. "Oh, that. I guess I did forget about this." He waved it off.

"You can keep it if you like. I do not have any need for it; using a Greek sword is beneath a Roman" His gaze pointed on Percy "I'd rather prefer you not use it unless it is absolutely necessary, is that clear?"

Percy nodded at Morris' hard gaze. Satisfied Morris turned around to finally start training.

"Um Morris?"


"We've got big news."

"And what might that be?" He asked, facing away from them.

Morris got his answer, not from any of the three, but from Percy's agonizing scream. The sword slipped through his hand Percy fell down to his knees cradling his right arm as a burning sensation roared through it.

Percy's eyelids were getting heavier as the pain started to recede. He could feel someone's arms grabbing a hold of him as slipped into the realm of Somnus, exhausted.


Jason moved quickly and caught Percy by his torso just as he was about to fall.

Morris recognised the scenario all too well. The way Percy's arm was all good the last second but now burning out of thin air made it as clear as day.

"He has been claimed" He breathed out.

Morris promptly grabbed Percy's hand to inspect it. His eyes grew as large as plates as he saw the symbol marked on his hand.

A Trident.

He let go of Percy's hand and whirled to the other two.

"When was he claimed?"

"It's barely been a few minutes. He was claimed in the armoury. We hurried here as soon as possible." Reyna replied.

"And why did you not tell me sooner?" He inquired.

Reyna opened her mouth to answer but Morris cut her off.

"Forget it, it doesn't matter. Training has been suspended for now; as unfortunate as it is, Percy is in no state to train."

"Jason" Jason looked up to him "I am sure you can carry your cousin back to your room, he will need rest, it must be a lot to take in."

"My cousin?" Jason asked confused. Morris just gave him a blank stare.


"I'll help you" Reyna said before putting her arm around Percy's other side and helping drag him to the Fifth's barracks.

Morris looked after the trail of the trio before moving to the spot where Percy fell. He picked up the fallen pen.

"A Son of Neptune." He whispered, a hint of a smirk playing on his face before slipping the pen into his pocket.


You know sometimes there's that day that just doesn't seem to end. The one in which it seems that it has been hours but when you turn to look at the clock it'd only been a few minutes.

Yeah well it was exactly that kind of day for Percy. He'd been hoping that once he'd fallen asleep, this day would finally get over, but no.

Percy had no idea where he was. He was surrounded by thick fog. He tried moving around but there seemed to be no end to the mist.

"Son of Neptune"

Percy's head turned to where the voice came from. He still couldn't see anything. Then suddenly the fog started dispersing.

It was flowing right and left in a single area, as if creating a path.

A giant looming figure slowly approached him with heavy footsteps.

"Or should I call you, Son of Poseidon?"

"What are you talking about?"

Percy could hear a small chortle from the figure.

"It doesn't matter, either way, your fate has been written. Rome is destined to fall. But you are not."


Percy could see a hint of a smile on the barely visible face.

"Join us"

Percy shot up from the bed. He was covered in sweat and breathing heavily from the nightmare.

"Hey, are you okay?"

Percy turned to see Jason closing a book and keeping it on the desk.

"I'm fine" Percy breathed out

"Demigod nightmare?" Jason asked getting up. Percy just nodded.

"What happened?" He asked.

"I don't know." Percy said "I don't remember anything."

"Hmm" Jason frowned " I guess it must be something irrelevant. Anyway, we should get going. We're getting late."

"Late for what?" Percy asks as he climbs down the bunk

"It's Dinner Time."

Percy was energized in an instant. "Let's go."

Jason laughed lightly at him as the two started moving to the hall, pleasantly unaware of just what had begun.

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