This is a cross between HP and the Guild Hunter series. Basically a series where angels make vampires. It's highly addicting and I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to read a romance novel where the mushy stuff is in the background WHERE IT FREAKING BELONGS and where there's an actual PLOT.

Persephone Potter often wondered what it would be like to be an angel. To fly freely with only your wings and the wind to dictate where you might land.

She hated being earth bound, and if she had her way she'd fly everywhere and never come down.

Then the Toad clipped her wings, so to speak. Now she couldn't even briefly taste the freedom of the sky. So she made do with the next best thing.

A violin she had found in the Room of Requirement, along with books for those just learning how to play. So every day after class, she would ditch her 'friends', grab her personal bag, and then head to the room and locked it.

And inch by painstaking inch, she learned to play.

Then the Toad found out and confiscated her violin and books with that smug grin on her face.

Persephone couldn't stand it. She was sick and tired of this damn school and it's headmaster. And sitting on the parapet of the Astronomy Tower after bribing Peeves to chase everyone away, she simply looked up and gazed at the stars.

She was so caught up in her stargazing she almost didn't feel the push. And by the time she did, it was far too late.

She saw the smug expression on the Toad...and strangely only felt peace.

Then she heard a shriek in her mind, clear as day. A voice she felt would be Hedwig's if she had one to speak with.

Are you going to fall or are you going to fly? Her imperious and sometimes bossy owl demanded.

I have no broom.

Does that really matter? That stick only taught you how to read the currents. It had nothing to do with your skill. Now fly!

Persephone never realized it until suddenly she was soaring, high above the Astronomy tower and the enraged Toad.

And then her mind filled with a clarity she had only dreamed of.

Instead of returning to the castle, she went higher. Higher than she had ever dared with a broom. So high she broke through the clouds.

Without warning, a white shadow broke through with her. Hedwig.

"Am I dead?" she asked.

No, but that spell on your wings finally broke. This place is no longer safe for you, my nestling, said Hedwig.

"How can I hear you?"

That is your power...well that and the fact that our familiar bond is so close. Now are you going to stretch those wings or are you going to wait for that foul creature who almost killed you to catch you?

That spurred her into action.

She was halfway to London before she realized something.

She was free. Free for the first time in her life. She spent half the night chasing Hedwig and flying like she had always dreamed about.

In between the loops and the light of the full moon, Persephone got a good long look at her wings.

They were beautiful. Red with all the colors of a fiery dawn, they matched her hair almost perfectly. It was like her whole back was ablaze with flame the way the dewdrops caught on her feathers.

She loved it.

But like all good things, it had to end. She began to tire, and started looking for a place to land. Spotting a cave that was likely inhabited by some wild animal, she managed to avoid crashing.

Once inside, she came face to face with a pack of wolves.

They stared at her. She stared right back.

What is a winged one doing in our den? The Alpha asked. He started to growl at her.

Watch it bub, or I'll set your tail on fire. And I happen to like wolves better than I do cats.

The wolves stared at her. There were no growls, but...there was a tentative 'speech' of sorts.

I believe it is because I like animals far more than I will like those that walk on two legs and believe themselves wise. Two-leggers, whether they are vampire, human or angel, think too much. At least I understand that the Pack is to be protected.

The Alpha blinked, before a grin full of sharp fangs slowly formed.

For a two-legger, you think like a wolf.

If it helps, my sire's blood brother is a dog, and my uncle is a werewolf.

The Alpha cocked his head.

I am Brokefang. This is my pack.

I am Seph. This is my partner, she replied nodding to Hedwig.

Seph was short for 'Seraph', which was her Marauder name because she loved to fly so much. Her fascination with angels was so strong that Remus decided to honor it. Unlike Sirius, Remus was familiar with Christian/Catholic dogma and he chose the first name he could think of that was connected to angels.

Even though everyone knew when it came to power, arch angels reigned supreme.

You are not here to harm my pack.

Only den for the night, and rest for the flight tomorrow. Two leggers are too nosy for their own good. Always putting their noses in places better left alone and getting their Pack killed, she replied.

Brokefang laughed in the way only a wolf could have. So did most of his pack.

You may den with us for a while, hunter.

I thank you.

If you wish to eat though, you'll have to hunt.

Fair enough. It's been too long since I've hunted properly.

She was a creature of bone and blood, of feather and talon. She might not know what she was, but she did know one thing.

She knew how to hunt. Even if it was with the most basic of weapons...a sharpened rock fashioned into a crude knife by striking another rock against the one she planned to use. She once cut a vampire pretty good with it before a hunter caught him trying to bite into her.

Unfortunately despite the report made to the Guild, no help was forthcoming. She didn't know why, but she now suspected Dumbledore had something to do with it.

Her smile was full of teeth, her scent full of the promise of a hunt. The wolves let out a long, low howl, one meant to signify their intent.

Half the fun of the hunt was the chase.

Persephone found herself lost in the hunt, the rushing flow of blood in her veins, the thrill of knowing that it would end in either kill or be killed.

With her help, the pack took out two large deer. More than enough for her and the wolves.

The older vampire stalked her. She could scent him.

Something in her mind had snapped into place when she hunted with the wolf pack those three days. A sort of feeling that told her when she was being stalked...or when she was doing the stalking where her prey was.

The sort of clarity she had allowed to dull while in that school.

Had anyone seen her eyes behind the sunglasses she wore to disguise her distinctive shade, they would have seen a piercing green the color of the rolling hills of Ireland.

Too noticeable, and she needed to hide. Fortunately whatever force hid her wings from her all her life was easy enough to pull off.

The older vampire was giving her a vibe stating he was there for a reason.

Fortunately, he didn't know she had eyes in the sky. He had dismissed the white-colored owl, not that he would have noticed Hedwig when she didn't want to be seen.

Knowing better than to get caught in a corner, no matter how appealing an alley might be, Persephone chose to stay in the larger crowds, no matter how jarring it was to her hunting senses.

Better a little discomfort now than to be trapped by a vampire later.

Her walk was unhurried, but still with a purpose. None of the cops would notice her, none of the hunters would notice her passing.

Suddenly the vampire vanished. Persephone wasn't fooled.

Hedwig, do you see any danger from above?

If the vampire went missing, either he lost interest...or he had switched off with an angel. The two often went hand in hand.

It was only natural, since angels were the reason vampires existed in the first place.

Don't make any sudden moves. Keep walking like normal. There's an angel on the roof two buildings down watching you.

Persephone could never express how much she loved having a competent partner like Hedwig.

The angel...and now she could spot him above on the roof...watched her like a hawk about to swoop down on it's prey. If it came to it, she would strike the moment he came within her attack radius.

Hedwig was more than capable of handling some overgrown featherbrain if it meant giving her time to retrieve her weapon.

Once again, she had created a knife out of a rock. Crude, but highly effective. And there was no need to worry about replacing it.

On the edge of her senses, the ones she used to 'hear' the voices of animals, she heard a whisper. Like a conversation she could only half-hear, but what it spoke of told her she had better be ready to fly at a moment's notice, preferably to a magical alley.

Part of the agreement after the mess of the Witch Trials was that angels had no more say in magical society. In exchange they would place strict rules on the potions and spells that could leave permanent damage to an immortal like the angels or the vampires. Potions and spells that in the wrong hands could kill them as easily as a knife could kill a mortal. Only the oldest, most well established families still had the recipe, but it was a constant reminder of the rift between them.

As a result of this rare display of separation, magical societies had developed outside the norm. Vampires were tolerated, but not welcomed. And those Made by angels were considered less acceptable than werewolves.

Remus had nothing but good things to say about them though. Apparently he went under Contract for an angel in America by the name Illium for five years before Dumbledore found him. Fortunately the contract had ended by the time the wizard had dragged him back.

He had given one of the many feathers he had collected while working for the rather amusing angel as a present for her birthday.

Illium was absolutely fascinated by mortals, and Remus knew he would have loved meeting Persephone.

Whatever the vampire wanted, she knew she desired no part of it. She didn't know what Refuge was, but something told her it was something important.

Fortunately, she had already bought a new broom. Money meant little to her, not while her freedom from being caged was at stake.

The angel moved. She didn't need Hedwig's warning, but she appreciated it all the same.

The vampire never expected the round house kick she delivered to his solar plexus, sending him into a lamp pole. The angel never anticipated her to throw a crude dagger at his left wing, which distracted him from the sudden attack by Hedwig while his attention was on her other hand behind her back.

Hedwig scored a few good strikes before breaking off scant seconds before the angel realized she was bringing out a broom. A newer model to the Firebolt to be exact.

When it came to speed, Persephone didn't mind splurging.

She was up and in the air before the angel had his wits about him...and a quick jab sent a first-year's curse aimed at his wings.

It was a leg locker curse, but considering where she aimed she was the only one not shocked when his wings abruptly seized without warning, causing him to crash.

He would live, but she would bet it hurt like a bitch the way he fell. Considering how quickly immortals healed, he'd be up in a few days.

It didn't take much to guess what the humans were thinking. Obviously a vampire had tried to hunt a young witch, and either convinced an angel to help or he had extremely bad timing. The fact the girl was able to escape meant that he had simply chosen a particularly bad target, and would likely pay for it with his Master. Especially since an angel had gotten himself humiliated like that.

Persephone breathed a little once she was well above the cloud line, and far, far from the place where the ambush took off.

You did well. They never suspected you knew they were there until you sent that vampire flying, and it was too late.

I really don't want to stay in Europe anymore, said Persephone tiredly. She was sick of being hunted, of being afraid to be found and dragged back to Hogwarts...or worse.

She wasn't stupid enough to stay nearby a second time. That vampire would definitely be interested in her now, and if he had gotten an angel in on it... she shivered.

She felt her braid that kept her long red locks out of her face slide. Obviously she needed to redo it.

But it did bring to mind an idea.

Perhaps this Illium would be willing to Contract a half-trained witch? He had been nice to Remus after all.


The angel winced. He knew Raphael would be pissed...fortunately he had recognized one of Illium's feathers in the girl's hair. Likely a gift from someone else.

Illium would have definitely reported this girl had it been from him.

"She used magic...but she had an angel's wings. Her glamour wasn't very stable, but it was still better than most. Enough to fool humans at any rate."

"And you're sure she's an angel?"

"No animal that the magicals could replicate with their power have wings as distinctive as hers. Not even if they could turn into a phoenix."

"Describe her," said Raphael.

The angel paused, before he finally said "It was like she had fire running down her back. The wing's primary color were flaming red, but it patterned out into gold and orange. Like her wings were pure flame, and the image was only enhanced by the red hair. She's also young. Fifteen, sixteen at the most. She attacked my partner before we realized she had made us."

And that damn obviously had to be her familiar. There was no other explanation.

Raphael didn't look happy. An angel-child that young shouldn't be out of the Refuge, let alone walking the streets or know how to use human magic... unless she didn't know she was angel.

The only way that could happen was if an angel hid their wings and took a magical lover. Obviously hiding the child of the union would be top priority, unless the magical could live with an angel lover.

Either they hadn't, or there wasn't enough time to break the news.

"Dismissed," said Raphael. The angel left, glad to have gotten off lightly. This particular piece of news was worth a little embarrassment.

Gold could do a lot of expedite a green card for a witch. They didn't need to know outside of her wanting to ditch the English Ministry which had become rife with corruption and mass stupidity.

The first thing she did was look up the name Illium.

He wasn't hard to find. He was quite popular and visible, after all. Unfortunately she couldn't get an appointment. Even if she used Remus' name.

So she decided to simply lay low and wait for him to contact her.