To the tune of "Something's Up With Jack".

"Spooks! Spooks! I did it!"

Spooks sat up from the desk with a snort, startling awake by Jack's excitement. "You huh?" She mumbled, rubbing her eyes.

"I did it! I've got it! Christmas will be ours! I've figured it out! All of it! The formulas, the tests? They're nothing! Christmas is about emotions! I finally have it down!" Jack grabbed Spooks from under her armpits, spinning her around. "You really helped me! I can't thank you enough!"

"T-Thank me by putting me down!" Spooks whined, getting dizzy. Jack did so and she shook her head, trying to make sure the room stopped moving before speaking. "What do you mean by 'ours', Jack?"

"I mean, we're taking Christmas this year! I'm sure Sandy Claws wouldn't mind."

"Taking-Huh? How?"

"Just how I said! I think Sandy Claws would like a vacation! I mean, if he'd like, I wouldn't mind him taking over Halloween next year. Eye for an eye!" Spooks bit her lip. "What's wrong? Aren't you excited?"

"I'm excited for you, but are you sure it's a good idea?"

"Oh, please! It'll be stupendous! It's just what I've been needing!" Spooks could hear the record playing as Jack spun around the now dead Christmas tree. "You see, Spooks-My Dear. There is something you need to hear. Before I found myself, dancing in the snow, I began to wonder if I should go?" He sang.

"But Jack," Spooks began before singing with him. "You surely must see, what I can. You and I, we are like kin. So, know, when I ask "Is all well?" that I only mean the best intentions..."

"Intentions? You never mentioned, your worry for me. Have I really been such a bother for you?"

"Never! No! You misunderstand! I fear for you, Jack!"

"You fear for the Pumpkin King?"

"I do, Skeleton Man. I do...But when I tell you something, I beg of you to listen, for I have only good inten...tion..."

Jack smiled and ruffled Spooks hair as he walked. "Come," He said. Spooks followed without hesitation, ready to help as best as she could. "Look around, Spooks Worth. See how the town gleams in this birth! Everyone is so happy! I can hardly believe my eyes! Everything around us! Can you see how it makes us so-"

"Happy?" Spooks asked. "I do. But know my words are true. I'll always look after you. Even when you burn the bugs a bit too much."

"I've never done that."

"Yes, you have," Spooks laughed with a nod.

"Just as such, you shouldn't worry so. I know you mean well, that's why I ask for your help." Jack smiled as Spooks sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. " me?" He asked, holding out a hand as he bent down to her height. "Please, Spooks. I cannot do this without you."

Spooks sighed, looking into his hollowed eyes. She bit her lip, debating what to do. She looked around. "Everywhere I look, I see smiles everywhere..." She sang softly. "I haven't so many without a single care. These memories, these memories...deep inside my heart. I think I can live without, even should we part..." Spooks looked to Jack. "On one condition!"

"Of course!"

"If even for a second, I tell you I have doubt, I beg of you to stop goofing about. I cannot bear to lose you, my dear brother. For you alone, there is no other. I agree, I agree, I will help you, My Dear Jack. But if even for a single fleeting moment, should I say...please turn back."

Jack smiled and took her hand, shaking it. "Of course. I wouldn't dare worry you anymore."

"Thank you," Spooks sighed before wrapping her arms around his bony neck. "I mean what I say. You are my brother."

"And you are mine," He said, earning a smile from her. "Thank you, Spooks."