Apologise its been a few months since I posted. Been concentrating on losing weight (2 stone gone bonus!) and I wanted to finish the 2nd in my Hawaii Five 0 "Bad" series.

So here is a soft re-introduction to this story

"McGee, tell me you have it back?" Gibbs was still driving but he could no longer see the van. Each road they passed, they all turned to look to see if it have moved down that one. It was no good, they had lost it.

"No, I think it malfunctioned. The transponder is under the hatch in the back, no way they could have disconnected it while the van was in motioned. I think it stopped working."

"Get Abby back on the phone, we need the cameras to tell us where it went." Gibbs instructed. Ziva dialled the lab, Abbys excited voice boomed over the speaker.

"Do you have him?" She asked.

"No, Abby we lost the van. We need you to tell us where it went." Gibbs said.

"I cant see it." Abby was taping away at her keyboard. "We don't have cameras on every street, if it turned down a quiet road we wont know."

"Keep looking Abby, we need that location."

"What about the person in the van with Tony? Did you get a hit?" Ziva asked.

"No, I searched every record we have. He is not in the system. I checked the cameras at the entrance of the graveyard, about 10 minutes before you arrived the cameras show 2 men walking through. I could not find them on other cameras so they are either still in the cemetery or got into the van away from the camera view." Abby explained.

"Why would they hide in our van?" Ziva said.

"You can ask them when we find them." Gibbs said. "Abby, anything?" He was getting anxious, the van was nowhere in sight and that meant they had lost Tony. Gibbs hated it and the feeling it gave him.

"Tonys phone is still on, its showing he is around Jasper Park." McGee spoke up. The car lurched as Gibbs guided it down a smaller road.

"Why would these 2 men walk through a crime scene, crawling with officers and take Tony." Ziva wondered. "It doesn't make sense"

"They might not have planned it. Tony just got in their way." McGee said.

"As soon as we catch up with them, I will gladly get in their way." Ziva replied, McGee sensed the anger in her voice. Though she would hate to admit it, and she was constantly arguing with Tony, McGee knew Ziva had feelings for him.

"McGee…phone." Gibbs pointed out.

"Its not moved, still says near the park."

"Buckle up.!" Gibbs said, he stepped on the gas and the car sped away.


Tony watched the vans mirror, he had lost sight of the patrol car minutes ago and was desperately hoping it would magically appear behind him. All he could see was normal cars, vans and bikes. He tried not to glance to the man sat in the seat beside him, the gun pointed inches from his ribcage. He hoped he didn't go over any sped bumps, the gun was likely to go off with the shear movement.

"Would you mind telling me where we are going?" Tony asked of the man.

"No, just drive." The man said, he had one eye on his phone in his hands, reading a message. He glanced back at his stricken friend.

"He needs help, you know that." Tony said.

"And you are not in any position to tell me what is needed. Just drive."

"It's a gunshot wound, right?" Ton asked.

"Keep your nose out." He barked back.

"If you don't want him dying in the back of this van, you need to get him some help." Tony tried to reason with the man.

"And I am working on it, so shut up and concentrate on the road." The man replied.

"Nyle" The man in the back said weakly. The man turned and looked at him.

"What is it buddy?" He asked him leaning in closer to him.

"Have you heard from him at all?" he asked.

"Yeah, he has messaged me. We are going to meet up soon. Then we can get you some help."

"I need it soon." He replied.

"I know Jacob man. We will get you sorted and patched up man. This is all my fault and I will sort it, I promise." Nyle looked back to Tony. They were driving past the park, Nyle was looking around him as they drove past. He saw a patrol man walking through the edge of the park. He pressed his gun into Tony's side, fearing he may try and alert the man. As they passed by the park the man looked at Tony.

"Cellphone?" He asked him.

"What?" Tony tried to delay what he knew was coming up. Tony knew Abby was using his phone to track him and he needed to keep hold of it.

"You heard me…cellphone. Where is it?" He asked. The gun dug further into his side, he could almost feel the internal workings of the weapon.

"Side pocket." He caved. Nyle reached in and pulled it out. The screen showed a series of missed calls and a handful of unread messages.

"Looks like someone is trying to get hold of you. Who is Gibbs?"

"My boss."

"Well he will be disappointed." In a shift move he threw the phone from the window. It landed on a soft patch of grass outside the park as they drove past. Tony watched as his one hope of being tracked went flying across the grass.