The Scions of Kobols

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It begins.

The day humanity found the Prothean cache near their worlds was the day everything changed both culturally and technologically. Technologically they were able to improve by leaps and bound but it was culturally that had the most impact. For once, they had proof that there were alien life out there but their mentally shifted from one of isolation to paranoid. The population, and by extension their government, began to believe that hostile alien lifeforms were waiting in the dark for them and so began their militarization to unheard of level since they first began space travels.

After ten years, their paranoid was founded when they met the first alien life form who launched an unprovoked assault on one of their worlds. However humanity, after years of preparation, launched a vicious counter offensive and thus began the First Contact War. The war itself lasted for ten years with humanity slowly yet surely winning bloody battle after bloody battle. Thanks to the war humans technology further improved by leaps and bound when they reverse engineered captured aliens craft and interrogated their prisoners of war.

Now, humanity stood on the cusp of victory as had pushed the aliens back to inside the alien home system, already their massive fleets were engaging the alien fleet directly above their homeworld.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" a large mean looking man in painted black and red armor bellowed as he paced back and forth in the troop transport. To either side of him were soldiers also in similar colored armor.

"The Fleet have broken through the bastards defensive lines which mean it's our turn now!"

"Sir yes sir!" the soldiers to either side of him shouted in enthusiastic acknowledgment.

"We are going in with the first waves! That's fine by me, means more for us to kill! You clear the entire area and kill anything that has more than two eyes, YOU GET ME?!"

There was a slight lurch letting the soldiers know their dropship was being deployed to the alien surface.


"Hold tight folks, we're entering the atmosphere now!" the pilot of the transport said in a singsong voice as the transport began to shake.

Most of the soldiers look out front toward the window and saw hundreds of similar drop ship in front of them most avoiding anti-air flak. In the distance mushroom clouds could be seen, signs that the nuclear bombardment of the aliens capital cities were successful.

Suddenly the transport shuddered a bit letting the soldiers know that the dropship was slowing down.

"Alright kiddies, this is it!" the sergeant bellow even as the soldiers began to ready their weapons and crowd at the dropship opening. "Let's show these four eye bastards that they should have never frack with humanity! So say we all!"

Almost as if on cue, the drop ship hatch open to show the sea of humanity setting foot on alien soil.

"SO SAY WE ALL!" the soldiers replied back loudly as they jumped out and began the invasion of Khar'shan.

The beginning.

AN: Thanks to those that help contribute to you know what, if you guys follow this fandom. I appreciate it! Still not out of the hole but it helped a lot! Notice the short length of this chapter? This is a teaser of a beginning of a big epic I have in mind that I was able to pound out thanks to no work on Thanksgiving day! This chapter also help me work out any kinks I might have before I could go back to my main stories.

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