The Shape of Things to come.

So yeah, things are coming to a head in my life with those that know the situation. So I figure, not sure if I ever get back to this so this story is now officially open for adoption.

The following is plotline I had WANTED for this story if I had continue writing this:

So yeah, I wanted to do something with this plot line but shit about to hit the fan and I don't think I can ever get back to it and dedicate enough of my time in doing so. So here the plot point on what people might want to know how things play out.

1. Major plot point that would be revealed later on when Javik awake is that he recognize the humans as Kobolians.

2. Javik tells Shepard, they learned about the Kobolian from the Innusannon.

3. Major revelation, the Kobolians were the protheans of the Innusanon. They lost against the reapers however they went into hiding 140,000 years ago, the place they landed on was Earth. They reappear during the Prothean culling and gave them advance tech to help combat the reapers, almost as if they wanted the Prothean to test out if it would work against the reapers.

4. The quote from the Scrolls of Pythia "All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again." Refer to the Reaper Cycle.

5. "Life here began out there," refer to Human extra terrestrial origins.

6. The Kobolians removed all tech from Earth and designated it a fallback planet after the Prothean fall. They found the planet Kobol and began to research ways of fighting indoctrination. They achieved Synthesis with their AI in digital form but felt it was imperfect to combat the reapers. Their children rejects that notion and left to wander the stars.

The Cyclon- Humans cycles beings with the Kobolians nudging Colonials into make cylons to see what each iteration brings. Regardless of who win and lose, the Cylons are always lure to another planet also called Earth, in homage to the real one.

7. The ghost that Baltar and Six sees in the BSG canon are Kobolians holograms. They also influence Earth humans to make sure the two race always speak the same language. To Earth humans they pose as gods via their hologram avatar.

This would explain why when the System Alliance met the Colonials, one side spoke English, the other Caprican. Which is the same language.

8. A way to fight indoctrination is found, the human type Cylons are unaffected by Indoctrination and cannot be turn into husk.

9. The Kobolians stops interfering and let the System Alliance do their own thing, while the Colonials would have to learn to get over their slaughter, as they had bigger cuttlefish to fry.

10. After the slaughter of the Colonials, the Cylons felt guilty and left them alone. The vote to slaughter the humans was only passed by a very slim margin. The humanoid models try to imitate Colonial life as it was, out of respect or guilt. It varies. Many Cylons Centurions also try to mimic what they were before but the whole scene is very morbid.

11. News of Earth reaches the Cylon and they are stunned. Cavil- Prime want to finish the job, the Four's side with him but the rest do not. Instead they adopt a wait and see attitude. Earth humans stupidly (in the Cylon opinion) released their cultural database and intrigues the Cylon. How they overcome their bigotry. How they dream of making robots even before the technology was possible. How they view A.I both as something amazing and to be respect while at the same time horror if the A.I should ever turn on them. The most glaring of all is the many iteration of the "one true god" the humans worship along with the Colonial ones.

12. Infiltration of System Alliance begins to get a feel of the Earth humans.

13. System Alliance humans spends a lot of money overhauling their entire defensive network. However, they have a lot more galactic credit in from their grandfathered deals and is able to keep up the work load. Battlestars are built along side system Alliance Cruisers and frigate.

14. Reservation from Colonials at first about their Earth brother not worshiping the same gods anymore, but they worked through it. After all the Cylons were still out there and the Citadel are trying to take advantage of their naive cousin. They view themselves as the Earth human elder sibling. They are happy that they get to settle on Elysium, as it was very fitting to them.

14. The first twelve battle stars are made after the Earth protoype prove to be successful. They name the Battlestars after the Warstars. William Adama commands the Galactica, the flag ship of the Colonials and the Colonial Fleet is pressed into the System Alliance military.

15. Humanity launch jump beacons sensors so they can get accurate jump coordinates off the beaten tracks of Mass Relays. It's a smaller scale project as most of their resources and main power are going into making ships and overhauling their entire defensive fleet. They also discover their asteroid belt is rich with Tylium.

16. Earth ignore their Colonial cousin advice on expanding slowly and choose to grab as much as they can, eager to explore and prove themselves to the Galactic community. The humans born Asari enthusiastically welcome the new humans onto the scene. The Batarian do not, and attempt to pick on the humans. The Colonial and Council opinion change when the System Alliance launched their offensive on Torfan not letting a single Batarian live.

The Council see the darkness that was once the Colonials, the Colonials approves of the heavy handed method and respect their younger sibling that much more for their resolve.

17. The Quarian Federation does not realized that a sizable amount of their Galactic income were from Colonials holdings. The suddenly lost threw them in a tizzy. Earth wanting to make friends still share some of the profit with the Federation but would eventually ween them off.

18. Shirts with the print of "Humanity Fuck yeah" are made when old footage of the Colonial war games are shown. The majority of the Earth humans view the Colonial as something akin to wonder.

19. Attempted dialogues with the Cylons are made despite both Council and Colonial warnings. To the shock of all, they were merely escorted out of the Colonial territory by the Cylons Basestars.

is alarm to see humans again when he woke up and try to get the Cylon to side with him. He is concern to find out the skinjobs cannot be indoctrinated. The Cylons are seen living on the twelve Colonies world that are rebuild along side Geth's platform.

21. Nazara make his offer and like canon ME storyline some of the Geth agree. The Cylons have a vote which fail but the One's , Four's and Five agree to join without the rest of the Cylons consent, thus making this the rogue Geth faction from the game.

However the difference here is Cavil-Prime really want humans dead.

HOW ME 1 Story would have played out!

Nihilus and Tela are evaluating Shepard or Shepards siblings for Spectre candidacy. On the new Mercury-Class Battlestar Normandy. Thanks to the Quarian Federation, they were able to seamlessly integrate Mass Effect tech with Tylium run Jump Engines.

Close to 76 Battles stars ranging from 1.5k to 1.8km are made. In return they have a smaller cruiser and frigate fleet. They simply do not not have enough man power to run such a large fleet.

Eden Prime happen only this time there are two Basestar attacking the Colony. The Normandy pulls in and attack both even as Shepard and marine squads fly down on Raptors to reinforced Eden Prime.

Nihilus dies(or not), Tela takes over after seeing what Saren did. Shepard get caught in the beacon. Soverign tries to go up, just in time to see a Basestar get heavily damaged by the Battlestar. Battlestar see's Sovereign and fires upon it while taking a red beam hit from them cutting into their outer hull.

However, in return, the Normandy takes off one of Sovereign tentacles.

The pursuit for Saren begins.

The Normandy X.O name is Cavil Pressly, that's right, a Cylon. As the adventures continues they learn more about the Cylons.

After Vimire, where Shepard see a Cavil look a like. He confront Pressly about it, and Pressly attack Shepard after luring him out to talk. In the battle, Shepard shoots Cavil Pressly who actually wanted to get killed on purpose. He then tell Shepard about the humanoids Cylon.

Shepard would then ask why Pressly did not betray the Normandy after all this time. Pressly would say, because they were his family and he would never harm his family. He dies in Shepard arms. Cylon model ones are made known throughout the System Alliance. Some were marines, some were fighters, some held civil government job. They all surrender without a fight but expect to be killed.

This cause a conundrum for the SA officials, who Colonial allies calls for executions.

When ask if any vital information was given out, all of the Cavil's reply that they did not. That they enjoyed being among the humans. That it was their fault for killing the Colonials the way they did and does not hold any grudge if they are to be executed.

Meanwhile with Saren, we would learn that Cavil-Prime is pissed and have been angry that none of his saboteur did any of their jobs and agreed with Nazara to call the Reaper to end the whole damn species. (This Cavil is canon and found out his efforts to infiltrate often lead to turn coats)

Citadel battle happen where Cavil Prime is unrepentant and Shepard kills him, then final battle has the Galactica riding in from Acturus with Hacket SA Dreadnaught to kill Sovereign. The Battlestars are the one that could take the most hits from Sovereign even as it hit Sovereign back.

Normandy battle the Basestars.

Shepard wins.

ME 2and 3 would be kind of a mix.

1. Miranda would actually be a six.

2. EDI would be the first Earth made A.I. The previous Luna base A.I in the system Alliance was made with old Cylon coding and yes it wanted to kill everyone.

3. EDI quirk is a result of her being made by Earth hence again highlighting the difference.

4. Normandy would be attack by a fleet of Collector ships resulting in a heavily damage Normandy with Shepard injured in a coma instead.

5. Battlestar Normandy is retired with full honors and mothballed. Cerberus elements obtain the rights to the gutted ship and reconstruction begins with EDI installation.

6. Shepard wakes up from his coma only to realize the Galaxy have moved on without him and the Quarians are making Vaklyrie class Battlestars. The latest rage would be how strong a Battlestar is as the Turian is also rushing to make one of their own while the Asari will be making quite a few more Destiny Ascension.

7. Skin job paranoid is also at an all time high. Cerberus might be run by Gaius Baltar and Jack Harper.

8. Recruitment into Cerberus happens with the remade Normandy as the System Alliance is now gearing up for war. If there is a second shepard here, that Shepard would be jane and would be the top dog and go to troubleshooter of the System Alliance now.

9. Some scenes I might want is how Miranda keep on trying to make small chat with EDI and EDI just look at her. Like on some level EDI doesn't trust Miranda enough to make small talk.

Yes, Miranda Six would still be talking with her aussie accent even if she look like Tracie with dyed black hair.

10. Eventually they will make a blind jump because of a massive Collector attack, or what they thought was a blind jump only to end up over Caprica.

Revelation is revealed as Miranda revealed her true self.

Joker line of course after seeing the Six models. "I for one welcome our new robot overlords." And EDI in a fit of jealously spin his chair around until he get sick.

Other Joker moment is asking when EDI gonna get her flesh upgrade and tell her he prefer number six but eights and threes are nice too.

Geth reveal would happen here and a key to the mu relay could be found but they need to find Kobol. Kobol is found, Sythesis Kobolian tells them the truth about the history of humanity. Say they will not stay and fight, but upgrades the Normandy with…

Original Series Battlestar weapons for their ships. The tech is also installed for the SA to have and share if they want too. So they will no longer fire ME slugs but Direct Energy Weapons with real shielding.

Collector base happens.

ME 3

Colonial have made a weapon to destroy all A.I during the Colonial Migrant days. They are the destroy opinion. Cylon Skin job want to integrate non-intrusively with humans, they are the Synthesis option but not the way the reapers wants.

TIM and Gaius Baltar figure a way to gain control of reapers. They are the control option.

Earth would put up a better fight thanks to the Battlestars, and those that are could be upgraded in the intervening six month. Human is schedule for complete extermination after evading the Reapers for three cycles.

What happen next? Well. That is up to whoever wanna take over.

This is the rough draft, of course you got the final five and all that good stuff, but that was the original outline.

Them there be the outline. Naturally like all outline there are some holes here and there. It'll be up to the next writer to shore it up.