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Chapter 4

It was nice and quiet in the museum's library as Jackie flipped through the pages of the old books and took detailed notes on the Old Irish culture and history. He already went through quite a number of dusty old books and worn out scrolls. As he was studying the old text, he would twirl the pen in his hand around to get his brain working. The archeologist really liked silent environments like the library when he was researching. Loud noises and chatters were too distracting.

Yet, for some reason, the long silence was starting to bother him. Jackie started to feel a strange sense of ominousness as if something wasn't right. He looked up from his papers and noticed the headphones and the video game console on the table in front of him, but the owner was nowhere in sight.

"Strange," Jackie wondered out loud. "She should have been back by now."

The restroom wasn't that far from the library. Remembering the mapping of the museum, it should not have taken this long unless she was having a stomach problem. Maybe she got lost on the way? The museum was big and it can look different in the dark. Or maybe she decided to go exploring. He wouldn't put it passed her to go off and explore the museum. Especially, at this time when the place was closed and nobody was around.

"I guess I should go look for her." He stood up and went to go search for his missing niece. He hoped the little troublemaker didn't touch anything or went looking for trouble again. But knowing his luck and Jade's strange knack for trouble, he should prepare himself mentally at least.

As he was strolling down the dark halls, he began to call out to his niece, "Jade?… Jade, where are you?"

No sign so far. Where could that little girl be?


What was that?! Where did that came from?

More noises echoed down the hall and Jackie immediately dashed towards the source. He could hear voices as well.

Definitely more than one person. Burglars? Jackie ran as fast as he could through the museum until he located where the source of the chaos was coming from.

It was the Irish exhibit!

"Hey! Huntsjerk! Why don't you mess with someone your own size!"

"I'll make sure to skin your hide and have it hung over my wall as my trophy"

He immediately slid to a stop right in front of the large doorway and the scene before him made his eyes grew wide with shock.

"WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE!?" He shouted in confusion.

The first thing he saw was the condition of the room. It looked like a hurricane had hit the place. It was a complete mess! Shard of glass and broken pedestals were scattered all over the place, but what horrified him more was seeing the artifacts lying on the ground. Some of the pottery and glass objects were shattered or cracked. A few of the tapestries were burnt and damaged. Papers and scrolls were scattered everywhere. This was an archaeologist's nightmare!

The second thing he noticed were two figures facing each other. One was a man dressed in strange clothing with a bizarre skull-like helmet and aiming his staff towards the other figure, who seemed to be a large red dragon.

"WHAT THE… A DRAGON!? B-BUT HOW?!" shouted Jackie, not sure what to make of this.

"Jackie?" Jake exclaimed in confusion and shock. What was their tour guide doing here?

Of course, Jackie didn't hear the dragon calling his name since his eyes finally landed on the unconscious form of his niece on the cold marble floor.

"JADE!" Jackie cried out loudly in horror.

All he could think of was that his niece was lying vulnerable on the floor, unconscious. His protective instinct kicked in and his thought was to get to her as soon as possible. He didn't know who did it, but they were not going to get away with it.

Out of reflex, he grabbed the closest thing he could grab and it happened to be a shield from a suit of armor. He flung that thing like a frisbee and it went spinning through the air towards the skull-headed man and the large red reptile.

Fortunately for Jackie, both the man and the dragon dodged out of the way. At the same time, away from the girl.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Jake, as he flew into the air.

The archeologist quickly took this chance and dashed towards the girl. He kneeled down and quickly scooped her into his arm protectively.

"Jade! Jade!…" Jackie called out with concern. He lightly shook her to wake her up, but to no avail.

"How dare you interfere with our battle!" The Huntsman yelled angrily and fired at the uncle and niece.

The two beams of light came flashing at them, but Jackie was able to quickly jump out of the way in time with Jade still in his arms.

"What the..!?" gasped the archeologist, staring at the skull-headed man and his laser shooting staff.

"Hey!" Jake quickly called out and dived towards his adversary. "Forgot your fight is with me?" Then he whipped his tail at the man right in his mid section, sending the guy flying to the side.

The Huntsman struggled to get up and glared daggers at his sworn enemy. "Oh, I haven't forgotten about you, American Dragon!" Once again, the Huntsman jumped back into the fight and fired unrelentlessly at the mythical creature. "Huntsgirl!"

"On it, Master," The female Huntsclan quickly jumped in and joined her mentor.

Both the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl sent rain of green plasma shots at the dragon, but Jake dodge every shot with ease. He flew back in an arc and tried to send a good hard kick at the man, but was quickly blocked by his staff. Not letting his enemy find an opening, the dragon sent more kicks and punches while dodging attacks from the girl as well. He hoped that as long as he was fighting them, it would be enough to keep the Huntsman distracted and forget about his former tour guide and the girl.

Back at Jackie's side, he was still staring in shock as he watched the fight between the man and the dragon raged on before him. What was going on here?! Why was there a suspicious man and a real live dragon in the museum?

"Ugh… my head…"

There came a painful moan and Jackie felt movement in his arms. He immediately looked down to find Jade slowly waking up and staring at him with a dazed confusion.

"Jade!" Jackie called out in relief. "Are you alright? What is going on here? Why is there a dragon here?" he demanded.

"D-dragon?…" Jade groaned, still a little dazed. Suddenly, she remembered what was going on and quickly told her uncle. "Jackie! They're after the sword!"

"Sword?" Jackie stared at her, confused.

"Yeah! The sword of truth or something!" confirmed Jade, looking around hastily.

"You mean the Eye of Truth?" corrected Jackie.

"There!" Jade pointed towards the sword that was lying forgotten on the floor.

Jackie turned and saw the blade immediately. So the intruders were after the sword, but why? It was just an old sword.

"Jade, go and hide. I'll go get the sword," ordered Jackie as he put Jade down and went after the sword.

"But Jackie!" Jade whined in annoyance.

As Jackie was heading towards the sword, the Huntsman noticed the Asian man's movement and figured what he was up to. The skull-helmet man quickly fired at him, but Jackie immediately jumped, causing the green laser to miss its target, and dived towards the sword. His hand was able to grab onto the hilt as he went rolling onto the floor and then onto his feet smoothly.

"No! That sword belongs to the Huntsclan!" yelled the Huntsman. Then he pointed his staff threateningly at the martial artist.

"Hey! Haven't you heard of not turning your back at your enemy?" called Jake, sending a flying kick at the man.

"Master!" The Huntsgirl quickly intervened and blocked the attack with her arms.

"Good work," complimented her mentor. "Keep the dragon busy. I'll go after the sword."

"Yes, Master," she complied.

With the confirmation from his subordinate, he went after his new opponent with ease. "Return that sword, you thief! Unless you want to make an enemy of the Huntsclan."

"No, this sword belongs to the museum," Jackie argued back, raising the blade in a Chinese Wudang sword stance.

Just as he said that, the other two Hunstclan members joined their leader after they finally regained their consciousness. One stood on the left while the other on the right of the martial artist. The situation didn't look good for the Asian man.

Seeing that his numbers was at his advantage, the Huntsman felt his confidence rising. "Then die for your hindrance."

The martial artist did a black flip to dodge just as all three men fired their plasmas at Jackie from all three sides. When the lasers came flying at him again, he used the shield he spotted nearby to protect himself. Fortunately, for an ancient artifact, it was strong enough to deflect the the green plasma rays.

"Keep firing!" ordered the Huntsman.

While the plasma rays kept coming, Jackie had the shield in front of him before he ran towards his opponents. Once he was close enough, he quickly threw the shield like a frisbee and it went flying into one of the Huntsclan's head before bouncing off and hitting the other Huntsclan as well. The Huntsman was almost stunned to see both his two subordinates down in mere seconds. Useless bunch! It seems he'll need to get some new subordinates that weren't this incompetent after this.

In a flash, Jackie appeared in front of the leader and thrusting his sword forward. The Huntsman swung his staff at the blade to block the oncoming attack just in time. The sword wielding martial artist didn't let his guard down and continued to swing and jab his sword at the other man.

Behind them, the other two Huntsclan members slowly got up and was about to join their leader again, but found the young girl from before was blocking their path.

"Nah uh! Can't you see their fighting a one on one?" Jade smirked at them arrogantly. "You can't just barge in there. That would be unfair."

The men looked at each other, wondering what they should do with the girl. Then they glared at her and raised their staff when they remembered what she did earlier. They underestimated this little girl once. They were not foolish enough to do it again.

"I see how it is," smiled Jade. "Now you see me..," she said before she quickly grabbed onto another talisman in her pocket. Then suddenly, she vanished into thin air. "… Now you don't."

Both men gaped in astonishment and were looking around wildly, trying to find the girl. One of them felt something hit him right in the stomach and arched forward in pain. "Oof!"

The other Huntsclan was about to help his comrade when he felt something hit both his legs from behind, causing him to tumble backwards. "Argh!"

"Ha! For a bunch of cosplaying robbers, you guys sure suck," mocked Jade, appearing before them.

Now pissed at being demeaned by a girl who wasn't even half their size, they scrambled as quickly as they could and tried to grab her. Unfortunately, they had forgotten that she had the power of speed, so no matter how many times they tried to get her, she would just disappear in a gust of wind.

"Wow, you guys don't just suck, but slow as well," Jade continued to mock them as she ran around them. Using the force of her momentum, she jumped and kicked one of them, sending them crashing into some glass cases. Pieces of glass sprinkled everywhere and the artifacts in the cases were scattered around him.

"One down, one more to go."

Back at Jackie's fight, the martial artist was now on the defense side as his opponent was both swinging his staff around and firing plasma rays at him. Jackie was able to use the sword's blade to deflect the shots. But with every attack, the Asian man was pushed backwards. Finally, he jumped backwards to give them enough space between them so he can scan around for something to help him with. His eyes fell upon a rack of weapons nearby, so he quickly shot towards it and grabbed another sword from the stack. Just in time as the Huntsman was striking down his staff at him, Jackie crossed his sword to form an 'X' to prevent the staff from hitting his head.

"That sword does not belong to you!" grunted the Huntsman.

"No and it doesn't belong to you!" Jackie retorted back. "It belongs to the museum!" The Asian man pushed back and knocked the other man backwards. Then Jackie quickly dashed up to him and swipe the staff right out of his hand. The plasma firing weapon flew off and clanked loudly on the cold marble floor.

There was a short silence before the Huntsman spoke, "You fight well for a normal human, but this isn't your fight."

"I know," admitted Jackie, "But I'm going to end it."

With one quick swing, he threw one of his swords and it went flying into a small red box on the wall. The whole museum was engulfed in an earsplitting screech as the fire alarm went off throughout the whole building. Everyone flinched and covered their ears at the sudden obnoxious sound.

With the alarm going off, it won't take long before the authorities to arrive.

"Fall back!" the Huntsman ordered his subordinates before throwing a small orb onto the ground. A blast of green smoke exploded from the small object and quickly spread throughout the room. Jackie tried to catch the leader, but he had already disappeared among the green mist.

"Jackie!" Jade called out as she coughed from inhaling the smoke.

"Jade! Where are you?" Jackie called back and started to cough as well.

There was a loud crash of glass being broken and pieces of shards begun raining from above. Both looked up in time to see the red dragon flying into the sky through the window with two figures in its arms.

The Chans were left in the trashed room once the green smoke cleared up. How was Jackie going to explain this to the curator now?

Once they were far enough from the museum, Jake landed on top of a building and put down his friends to rest.

"You guys alright?" he asked, making sure his friends didn't get hurt from the Huntsclan.

"I'm okay," replied Trixie as she brushed off some dust and pieces of glass off herself.

"I'm good too," Spud answered next, giving a thumbs up.

"Good," Jake breathed out a relief.

"But what are we going to do now?" asked Trixie. "Not only did we not get the sword, the security is probably gonna go up after this."

"Aw man!" whined Jake. Just imagining how much harder it would be to get the sword gave him a headache.

"Well, at least the Huntsclan would have a hard time getting it too, right?" Spud said optimistically and shrugged his shoulders. "Besides," he punched and kicked the air with excitement. "Jackie sure knows how to kick butt!" Then he lost his balance from trying to kick his imaginary foe and fell backwards onto the hard concrete floor. "Ow…"

"Yeah, I have to admit. Since when do archeologist know how to throw punches like that?" wondered Jake. "And he knew Kung Fu, no less."

"We did tell you that he knew Kung Fu, remember?" reminded Trixie.

"You did?" The dragon tried to remember. Finally, a flash of memory from earlier that day when he tried to pull his friends away from their tour guide came back to him.

"So guys, is the tour over?"

"Yeah, about a few minutes ago. Now we're just talking with Jackie and guess what. He knows Kung Fu!"

"Oh yeah…" Jake faced palmed himself. His mind was so occupied by the sword and the Huntsclan that he overlooked the detail. Stealing the sword wasn't as easy as he hoped. From what he saw tonight, that archeologist was no joke if he was able to handle the Huntsman. "Let's get back to the shop and talk about this then. Grandpa and Fu might have an idea on what to do next."

Even though it was already late at night when they flew back to the Electronic shop, the old man and the talking dog was still there, waiting for their return.

"It seems our situation has become more serious than before," stated Lao Shi after he listened to his grandson's report on the night's mission while pouring hot tea from a kettle into a mug for each kid. "Though it was not unexpected."

"Yeah, it was only a matter of time for the Huntsclan to find out about the sword," agreed the large talking dog named Fu. "Fortunately, both you and the Huntsman tried get the sword on the same night, so you were able to stop him from getting his hands on it."

"I would say our tour guide was the one who actually stopped him," corrected Jake, slightly disappointed in himself for failing the mission. He was back in his human form and took a sip of the warm tea to soothe his guilt. "We only managed to delay him until he appeared. He even knew how to use Kung Fu."

"And what about the girl?" reminded Trixie, taking the mug of tea from the old man as he passed it to her. "She was also kicking butt for a good while."

"Oh yeah! She went woosh! And then kapow!" Spud made hand movements and punches to convey the fight dramatically. "And she even disappeared into thin air as if she went invisible or something. It was almost like she was…"

"… Using magic?" Lao Shi exclaimed with surprise while handing the beanie head boy a mug.

"Yeah!" confirmed Spud. Then he took the mug from the old man with a "Thanks" and took a huge gulp. To his regret, he nearly burned his throat and spat back into the mug before he coughed in pain.

Ignoring the boy's usual idiotic behavior, the old man began to ponder about this change of event. "If the girl was using magic, then we have to assume that this Jackie Chan can also use magic or at least can use some type of magical artifact to fight."

"Wait, are you saying that Jackie can be our enemy, gramps?!" Jake cried out in disbelief.

"No no, that was not what I was implying," assured the old man. "I was merely stating a possibility. From what you told me, he is not hostile. Just merely defending himself."

"And protecting the sword," added Jake.

"Don't forget about the girl. No doubt those two have a connection, so Mr. Archeologist probably got pissed when he saw her on the floor and turned Kung Fu warrior on them," Trixie also added her thoughts as well. "Sounds like a good guy if you ask me."

"We still don't really know who or what he is. He could be a bounty hunter for all we know," suggested Jake, trying to be cautious.

"I don't think so, Jakie. If he really was a bounty hunter, he wouldn't have given the sword to the museum and tried to protect it from the Huntsman. He would've sold that thing in the black market," argued Trixie.

"Well, whatever his intentions were before, we have to worry about what he'll do now," stated Jake.

"Jake is correct. With tonight's failed attempt to get the sword, it will be much harder to obtain it now," agreed Lao Shi. "We need to know what the museum is going to do next. Will they add more security or move the sword to another location? Once we know what they plan to do, we can plan our next move before the Huntsclan does."

"So what? We like… sneak in and spy on them?" wondered Spud.

"The museum will definitely closed for a few days after that break in, but they're probably going to be some police over there tomorrow. It won't be easy to get pass them," remarked Trixie, imagining all the police cars and officers surrounding the building. "Besides, what if that girl is there and she remembers me and Spud? She did kinda see us."

"That's true," agreed Jake. "You two might get recognized if she's there, but since she never saw me in my human form, it should be fine. I can probably come up with an excuse if I get caught." Maybe something like Mr. Rotwood made them do an assignment about the field trip today or he lost something at the museum. Either those should work.

"What about the Huntsclan?" wondered Spud. "Won't they try to do something too?"

"No sweat. I have someone on the inside remember?" reminded Jake. "I'll ask her tonight about what the Huntsman is planning to do next."

"Having another 'dream date' right after a fight already, Jakie?" teased Trixie, giving her dragon friend a knowing smirk.

"Yeah yeah whatever, Trixie," Jake blushed, though it didn't stop him from grinning a little.

The discussion went on for another hour or so before it was time to get ready for the night. They pulled out their sleeping bags and went to sleep. Of course, Jake made sure he was wearing a special bracelet when he slipped into his sleeping bag. It had blue and light blue spheric and pyramid shape beads with a triangular charm that gave out a pinkish glow, flowing with magical properties. As Jake's consciousness faded into slumber, the magical item known as the Dream Charm began its work.

There were tall wall-like hedges around a wide large space filled with beautiful bushes of roses and other colorful flowers. There were a few trees and the air around him was calming and refreshing. This whole place was breathtaking beautiful, but what caught his eyes was the fountain at the center of this place. There was a statue of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty, standing elegantly in the center of the said fountain with little Cupid beside her.

And sitting on the edge of it was a long and wavy blond hair girl.

"Rose!" he called out as he ran to her.

The girl turned to his voice and her dazzling blue eyes brighten up upon seeing his arrival. "Jake," she stood up to greet him.

"So how are you? You doing okay after that fight at the museum?" he asked, worry in his voice.

"I'm fine," she assured him. "What about you? I didn't hurt you too badly, did I?"

Rose, also known as the Huntsgirl, was his inside man… or girl. But more importantly, she was his girlfriend. Due to their background and Rose being a Huntsclan, the only way they could really see each other and go on dates without causing suspicion for the Hunstman was through the Dream Charm. The magical item helped them by connecting the wearers in the dream world, where no one can bother them. They can be anywhere they want and do whatever they want.

"Nah, I'm good," he replied cooly. "Oh and thanks for reminding me about the sword's power. I almost touched that thing if you hadn't reminded me."

"No worries. Knowing you, you probably already knew about the sword beforehand, but it slipped your mind during the fight," Rose grinned teasingly at him.

"Yeah…," Jake scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "So you don't happen to know what the Huntsclan are going to plan next, do you?"

"They aren't too sure yet since my Master is still furious with the failed mission tonight," told Rose. "He didn't expect an outsider to interfere, much less level with him in battle."

"You mean, Jackie? Yeah, didn't expect him to fight so well myself," he agreed.

"You know him?" Rose stared at him, a little surprised by this news.

"Yeah, he was our tour guide during the field trip today," Jake explained. "If it wasn't because of your Huntsclan business, you could've joined us. Jackie was pretty cool too. He even got Brad in detention for a month."

"Wow, I got to hear this," Rose put her hands on her hip, impressed.

"Maybe later. We still need to finish the serious stuff," Jake said. "So just to be clear, the Hunstclan don't have a plan to get the sword just yet at this moment, right?"

"As far as I know, not yet," confirmed Rose. "Most likely, my Master might try to come up with something tomorrow, but I don't think he'll try to do anything too noticeable so soon. This break in will most likely be on the news, so the Huntsclan are going to try to make sure nothing about us gets leaked out to the public."

"Alright, so I don't have to worry about bumping into them for awhile then," thought Jake. With this bit of news, at least he didn't have to be too worried at this time while he tries to find out about what the museum was going to do about the sword. Though, he should still have his guard up just in case.

"So are we done with our serious discussion yet?" Rose gave him a soft smile. "I don't want to spend our entire dream date talking about mission and stuff when we could be sailing in Italy."

"Oh! Y-yeah, we're done," Jake grinned. "I'll also tell you about what happened during our field trip today over pasta. Spud knocked over an African jug or something and nearly broke it."

"Nearly?" Rose stared at him, confused.

"Yeah, nearly because Jackie caught it in time"

"Oh, definitely have to hear this."

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