For once, Master was home, and Gir didn't feel like playing.

He always wanted to play with master. When he was gone, Gir would wander around and mess with things, and explore. He liked to play with things all around the house. He liked how pushin buttons could change things on screens, and how animals acted kinda like shy people, and how chemicals changed color and smell and got hot and cold and made bubbles.

Sometimes he'd find something really really amazing. Like there was a button on the keyboard that can make all your letters big for as long as you want, until you hit it again. And if you pour the clear bottle into the blue bottle, it turns pink. And if you pour the pink bottle on the keyboard, the keyboard disappears and turns to smoke like a magic trick. The big-letters button didn't work anymore after that. Gir couldn't make it reappear.

Master didn't like that though. No touching allowed. He yell at you. You so stupid stupid, mess things up. Gir was sorry. He didn't know what chemicals could make the keyboard come back again, so master had to fix it, make a new one. There was a new big letters button, but Gir didn't touch it no more.

Sometimes he asked master questions. Like, how come sometimes magnets try to stay away from each other?

Master usually told him, but Gir didn't always get it. Only opposite ends of a magnet can like each other. Huh? Why don't the whole magnet like the other magnet, why can't they just be friends and love everything about each other, huh? Why they gotta love part of their friend and hate the other part?

Gir stuck a letter magnet to his face. He was allowed to play with those. It stuck, and the was a "W" between his eyes. He giggled and pushed it up towards his forehead. "I love you too," he said.

He pulled it off and stared at it. He turned it upside-down and slapped it back on. It still stuck.

This magnet loved him no matter how he turned it. "Aw!" He said. He gave it a kiss. He tossed it in the air and caught it a few times. He put it in his mouth. He spat it out and began scraping it along the floor like a racecar, making a trail of spit as he pushed it into the kitchen.

Giggling, he grabbed a "Y" magnet from the fridge and stuck it to his head. He grabbed an "L" and a "T" too, and they all stuck, and they all loved him, and Gir cooed, because he liked their tiny hugs. He didn't always get hugs back.

Gir gave all the magnets kisses. He rescued the ones that were stuck under the fridge, and checked under all the cabinets. He found almost the whole alphabet, except the "R" was broken, and the "S" was still missing. He gathered them up into a colorful plastic pile, snuggling with them like a mommy chicken. Humming, he fiddled with the broken "R."

The plastic was cracked and the little black magnet bit was loose. Gir pulled it out, rubbed away glue, and looked at how tiny it was.

"You stick to me too," Gir said. He put it to his head. It pushed against him.

Oh no! It didn't like him after he took of the letter! Gir hurled the magnet across the room in fright, gathering up the other letters and huddling by the fridge. "Sorry, sorry!" He shouted back at the magnet. "Didn't mean it, sorry!"

It made a loud noise as it landed, and Gir saw that it was clinging to the dishwasher.

Did it love the dishwasher more than Gir?

Hesitantly, he crawled over, pushing his pile of letters in front of him. He pulled the magnet off and put it back on, and yep, it definitely loved that dishwasher. More than it loved Gir. Did the other letters love the dishwasher too?

He put the other letters on the dishwasher, and they stuck. Gir began to cry.