(Death & Resurrection)

Life and death! I suppose most people who are too wrapped up within their lives barely take notice of the significance between the two; they just take them for granted. I too have often wondered myself what it would be like, dying that is. What happens after death? Do you go to heaven, to hell? Is there somewhere else you go, do you remain on the same plain as a ghost? Or, does it just stop; is there nothing more but oblivion?

See most people who are living and young don't want to have to think about death at all. Sure sometimes those questions do surface but more oft than not, humans have the tendency to quickly change the subject to something else. Then in cartoons you see funny characters mocking death entirely, trying to keep younger kids innocent while the older ones get addicted to video games where killing the most artificial characters on screen is the main objective of everything. And some people…they're just too sheltered themselves to even consider what the meanings of life and death is really about.

I guess I can't really say that I was an acceptation. I was pretty much just as bad as anybody else in the world. Since I'd really grown up as a sheltered kid, I never took into consideration just how real death actually was and just assumed that I was going to keep growing until I was old enough to just die of natural age. I never considered that it could all end just so suddenly, never thought that anyone could kill me and that all of the deaths in the news were too far away to hurt or really affect me. Even the death of my uncle whom I'd rarely ever seen in my life didn't seem real. Boy what an idiot I was because one day I discovered just how real death was how short my life could be.

I'd been hanging with some friends at the mall, a small mall on the north side of Fredericton New Brunswick and we'd been sitting on a bench inside just talking and drinking some smoothies from Tim Hortons. We decided to go to a party that night and so I'd called my parents to see if it was okay. It hadn't been and I'd told my friends I couldn't go. They'd agreed to take me home as soon as we were done shopping. I guess knowing how bad I was with picking my friends, I should've expected that they would've dragged me to the party anyway, not caring what my parents had said.

I spent the majority of the night, not feeling comfortable being around so many drinkers and I was begging Cheryl Winkly not to drink which she'd paid no mind to despite being the designated driver. I'd been fuming near the end and I think someone had spiked my water with something. Despite me only taking one sip, I was still feeling nauseous and dizzy afterwards. I used this as an excuse to get them to pay attention to me. Finally Cheryl had agreed, dubbing me as an official party pooper which I wouldn't have minded if they hadn't taken a picture of me beforehand and posted it online with that caption underneath. I knew I would have to talk to my mom about my so called friends when I got home.

The next thing I knew, Cheryl's boyfriend who was brighter than his girlfriend any day, was begging her not to drive and honestly I was considering trying to get ride from him instead since he was clearly not drunk that night. However, Cheryl got mad at him and dumped him after he tried stealing her keys. Before I could agree with Darren and try calling my parents instead, Alaina pushed me into the back seat of the car as Cheryl got into the front and began to drive us home. I had buckled up and held on for dear life as she started playing the swerving game and it was right there and then that I wished I'd brought my cell phone with me even though it hadn't been fully charged. Then at least I could've charged it up at the party and I could've call MADD for help. I had never been more terrified in my life.

As Cheryl kept playing the swerving game on the empty streets and the other girls were too drunk to care for their lives, I was silently crying in the back wishing I had stayed a complete introvert instead of talking to random strangers in school and assuming they were my real friends. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster as though we were on a scary roller coaster ride going too fast for my tastes. I kept praying and praying that it would end soon; although for me probably not, because Cheryl had decided to drop me off last.

The giant moose came out of nowhere, running across the empty road. Kate was the other one besides me who noticed and pointed it out. It was too late though; as soon as Cheryl saw it she freaked out and tried to get around it, instead managing to roll us in the ditch and crash into a tree. The airbags deployed catching Cheryl and Kate's faces within them and I went unconscious as soon as my forehead hit the seat rest in front of me.

After about an hour, I came too slowly. I groaned and slowly sat up, relieved to find I hadn't really damaged anything. I looked around the interior of the car and felt a sharp pain in my throat as a halted yelp of shock almost escaped my lips. Instead it came out like more of a squeak that got cut off. Right beside me, Alaina, who hadn't been wearing her seatbelt right, had all but been half way decapitated by the belt as we'd hit the tree. The seatbelt was now embedded in her throat and I could tell right away without even taking a pulse that she'd already passed away. I felt woozy which was partly because of the concussion I'd received earlier hitting the seat in front of me.

Up front, speaking of which, Kate hadn't been wearing a seatbelt and was now thrown out halfway onto the hood of the car, the airbag in front of her having been popped. I slowly undid my own seatbelt with some difficulty as it had been damaged slightly and moved forward, avoiding the dent in the roof. Kate's arm was slightly back in the car and I reached forward cautiously and felt for a pulse in her wrist. There was none. I then turned to Cheryl, who's face had been caught by her air bag had had her arm twisted into an irregular angle and it had turned very purple. I closed my eyes tightly, trying not to vomit at the sight. Her neck looked like it had snapped and when I felt for a pulse on her, there too fell a non-beating heart. I began crying. Had I really been the only one who'd survived this terrible accident?

I turned to the car door on my side. I was bent in, in fact the entire roof was pretty much caved in. I turned to the back window which was still fairly open and which had had its window completely smashed. I was just small enough, I could fit through. I cautiously began to crawl over the shards of glass, hoping none would go into my knees which in itself was only wishful thinking. I finally managed to get outside, purse and all. Then I began to run. I ran as far away as my shaking jelly legs would carry me. Far away from the dead girls in the car, trying to breath. Despite my vision blurring because of my light headedness, I still ran. Finally I came across a ramshackle shack in the woods realizing I'd run deeper into the forest rather than out of it. The shack looked like it was abandoned and so I ran there for shelter from the rain which was just beginning.

A while later, I was inside. I noticed there was a little bit of furniture laid out along the sides, just some cots and a bed. There was even a little kitchen area. I found a small safe underneath a trap door and noticing it was opened, cracked it open a bit to look inside. Inside there was an assortment of jewels and dollar bills from more than just Canada. I realized too late with feeling of dread where I actually was. The gun sounded behind me and I could feel something pierce my skin and enter my shoulder. That was all it took.

As I whirled around all frightened, I began to hyperventilate not believing nor able to comprehend what the hell was going on. I was scared of the men who'd just entered; I was still shaken from seeing my friends even if they weren't true, die and from the crash. I didn't know what to do as they approached my but my body seemed too.

It seemed as though I hadn't gotten out of the crash without injury after all. No my injuries had been internal. I was bleeding internally I realized as I fell to the ground and began coughing up blood. The men began to speak menacingly to me but I couldn't understand their words as fluid rushed to my head and began coming out of my ears. Then to top it all off because of my hyperventilation, I began to have a heart attack right then and there. The men seemed to be frightened of what was going on. I didn't even know anymore. The only thoughts I had were, I'm going to die, I'm going to die. Finally with one last heave I fell hard to the ground, my vision blurring and going black. I wavered in and out of consciousness a few times. At some point I could feel myself falling, probably down a mine shaft or something where no one would find me for quite some time. There was nothing but a ringing in my ears as I fell and soon I felt as my heart stopped beating all together.

And so my simple high school girl life ended in one night in a long series of events I couldn't even try to comprehend and death had taken me away.

The next thing I remembered was darkness. It was all I could see, all I could feel. Part of me felt paranoia the other just wanted to relax. I couldn't remember exactly how I'd gotten there in the darkness; hell I couldn't even remember my own name. It felt as though I would spent eternity there just floating without a purpose and that was only half okay with me. Then I heard something close by that made me strain to hear and listen.

"Kira, Kira, Kira!" the voices seemed to hiss. Kira! Was that my name? No, I didn't think my name started with a K anyway. However, the name did sound familiar. Did I know someone named Kira, was this Kira family to me? I couldn't place where I'd heard it before and it really began to irritate me. Then the voices began to say something else. In fact they sounded like they were chanting some kind of poetic magic.

"Kira's good, no he's bad, don't let him know your name young lad. Sneaky conniving human child believes the world's all cruel and vile. He seeks to make things good and right by showering us all within his light but oh so misguided is he, the end of time is nigh with thee. Take the book, play keep away, do not let Kira have his way or forever kiss away the light of day. However tragic death may be there's something that still must be; Kira must still exist within the world of rotten sin. Someone must still be thy judge, to call the wrong for all kingdom come and so we chose a little stone who used to skim the surface so until she fell through that surface to us so that we may throw her further into this world of Kira.

"Yes in order to save this rotten world from the destruction of Kira, to stop the deaths of certain ones who weren't supposed to die, we send forth our own little piece who'll do something about it right. She shall save the world from Kira by becoming Kira before Kira ever shall. She is now to be Kira and the world shall not fall after her hand hath judged. This Kira will use her knowledge of this world and her heart to make the right call and no more shall the fate of this world be to fall. Kira be her, she shall be Kira; death hath served her well to be the Kira, the savior of us all."

I was completely confused by their words but I hung on every one. Were they talking about me? Who was Kira? Had they said I was Kira? Then who was the "he" they'd mentioned? All I knew was that I didn't get a lot of time to think it over as I felt myself begin to move faster and faster. I got scared. Why was I moving so fast? Faster and faster I flew. Soon I was going so fast that I felt almost like getting sick. Eventually, it had become too much and I was spiraling down into deeper darkness as I once again lost consciousness.

I awoke again, this time to a sound. It was a small beeping in the distance from the dark depths of my stilled mind. It started to get annoying and I began to come to the surface. Soon, I broke through, taking a deep calm breath through my nose. Slowly but surely, I began to open my eyes. I heard voices again, this time they were louder and more defined.

"Hey, look," called the voice of a man. "She's waking up!"

"Get the chief in here!" called another. I was confused as my vision came into focus and I was staring at the ceiling of the room I was now in. I slowly turned my head and saw the many instruments beside me. A hospital, I was in a hospital. There was a man who was rushing about, doing his job. I realized all of a sudden that I was very thirsty. I tried clearing my throat only to be met with chalky dryness in protest.

"Water?" I asked weakly. I'd caught the guy's attention. He turned to look at me, seeming as though he hadn't heard me. "Water?" I asked again.

"Oh, water!" he repeated, finally getting the message. "Of course, just wait a minute." He quickly went over to a place behind the curtain. I heard the tap running and licked my lips. He returned with the cup in hand. Before he gave it to me he asked a question. "Are you able to drink yourself?" I became puzzled with the question. Then I realized what he was getting at. Slowly, I began to work my muscles, which was slightly hard considering I'd probably been on bed rest for a time but eventually, I had my arms, hands and fingers working to my advantage. I looked back up at the man and nodded. He nodded back and handed me the cup.

I took the cup and began to drink from it with great vigor and lust. I downed the whole thing. I pulled the cup away finally giving a sigh of relief. I looked to the man and said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," he replied. "How're you feeling today?" again I gave him a puzzle look.

"I don't really know," I admitted. "I can't even remember how I got here." Then I thought of something important. "Does my family know where I am?" I asked anxiously. The man winced a bit with guilt. I guessed that meant no. How long had I been out?

"Well, the thing is…" started the man. "We don't really know where you come from yourself. After all you were found by someone in the middle of the street holding up traffic. No one had known what was going one, after all the people from the incident just said you all of a sudden appeared there and you were badly wounded. The police have theories but not many."

"I see," I replied, taking what he'd said into thought. I looked back up at him. "My name is Lila, Lila Ranger!" I stated. The man seemed to become shocked and confused upon my speaking my name. I didn't have time to ask him what was wrong though as two other nurses and a doctor came in.

"Rinji, what's happened?" the elder of the three newcomers spoke up. He looked my way, noticing that I was sitting up in bed. "Ah, the patient's awake, I see."

"She says her name is Lila Ranger," replied the man who'd been here before. Again I was confused by the looks I received for my name. What was so weird about it? It was just a name. The elder who I'd determined to be the doctor as he was dressed differently than the other three, approached my bed and sat down. He looked at me with warm sincere eyes.

"Ms. Ranger," he began. "I'd like to know…where about are you from?" I was confused. Hadn't they been able to determine that before by using the info in my purse? That's when everything hit me like a loaded truck of bricks. The party, the drive home, the crash, my dead friends, stumbling through the forest instead of back to the highway then my interference into some bandit's plans or something in a shack they'd made into their hideout. I'd realized I was bleeding internally and the bullet wound to my shoulder had hurt. After all of that, my hyperventilation from the utter shock of it all had proven too much for me to bear and so I began to have a heart attack and then I'd went unconscious. I'd also vaguely felt my body being thrown down a mine shaft or at least a really deep hole, perhaps an old well. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down. Then I looked back up him and spoke in a shaky voice.

"Um…I'm from Nasonworth, New Brunswick. That's just outside of Fredericton, the main city." As I finished I could tell they were all trying to think. The doctor furrowed his brow and took in what I'd said, trying to understand it better. I took another deep breath. "That's in Canada." the doctor and the nurses suddenly wore faces of shock. Then the doctor spoke again.

"Lila, do you know where you are right now?" he asked.

"The hospital in Fredericton?" I questioned sheepishly. They looked at each other.

"Lila…you're actually in a hospital in the Kanto region of Japan. That's practically the other side of the world from where you claim to be from. Can you remember if you and your family might've come here on vacation?" I became an immediate picture of shock.

"I'm in Japan?!" I squeaked in panic. I began shaking my head vigorously. "But how," I seemed to ask myself. "How, I don't even speak Japanese or understand it. What's going on!" I began going into another hyperventilation attack. The doctor reacted immediately in calmest way I'd ever experienced from any doctor.

"Lila, listen to me. I know you're scared but try to calm down. Calm your breathing, like this." He began breathing at my pace but began to gradually get slower. He reached out and took my hand, stroking it gently. Eventually, I was able to start calming down a bit. Soon I was breathing regularly again. The first nurse I'd seen when I'd woken up was handing me a fresh cup of water he'd poured and I took it gratefully. As soon as I was finished my drink, the doctor proceeded with questioning me.

"So Lila, do you know how you got all the way here in Japan?" Calm now, I slowly shook my head no then replied.

"No, not really, I don't. I thought I had died though." The doctor continued to stroke my hand.

"Oh and do mind me asking if you could tell me how you thought so?" he questioned. I nodded, taking a deep breath. Reliving the moments of my memories before death was not as easy as I had wanted to be. I explained everything about how Cheryl had dragged me to a party even though my parents had wanted me home, how she had prompted to drive me and the others home despite being drunk and her boyfriend's efforts. I told them how we'd avoided hitting a moose, only to crash into a tree in the ditch and when I'd waken up, one decapitated partway and the other two were dead as well. I explained how I'd run away from the car, scared and completely in shock not realizing I'd been bleeding internally until after the thieves had shot me when I'd found their hiding place. I talked about having the heart attack after and having the vague feeling of being thrown down the hole. When I'd finished, the others were staring at me in shock. I took another deep breath as I'd started crying part way through.

"The next thing I knew," I choked. "I was waking up here and I could understand your language and you could understand me and I don't know how." I was shaking a bit but I felt confident that I wouldn't begin hyperventilating again. I closed my eyes trying to mentally chase the memories away. The doctor just patted my hand and sighed.

"Well Lila, as incredible as your tale sounds, it's quite hard to depict what is true and what is not. However, that doesn't mean we can't try to find your parents now and tell them you're okay. We'll let you stay here a while longer, after all, your hospital bill is being covered by chief of police. Speaking of which, he will have some questions to ask of you later as how you were found is also quite extraordinary. However, promise me you won't hyperventilate like that again when the time comes." I looked into his kind and old eyes staring straight at me. All I could do was nod. One of the nurses then cleared her throat.

"Ahem!" she started, getting everyone's attention. "Speaking of the chief of police…" she moved aside from the door and let two men walk in, two men I vaguely recognized from a memory from the back of my mind but couldn't place. "The chief is already here, along with his assistant," the nurse finished. The chief of police was definitely taller than me with graying hair and a moustache and beard which were just beginning to grow more on the sides of his face and lower chin. He stood somewhat awkwardly at first then turned to face the doctor.

Meanwhile, his assistant was much younger, looking to be just about in his twenties or so and a newbie fresh from training or something. He had black hair that reached down past his ears some and bangs that hung just above his eyes. He seemed a little more anxious which definitely made him look like an inexperienced puppy just learning the ropes. It was a look I knew well as I had worn it so many times before.

"I'm not here to question her right away, I just wanted to see how she was doing," the chief stated. That voice of his, I definitely knew it from somewhere but where? The doctor stood, nodding sincerely.

"Of course chief, take your time. Visiting hours are about to end but I don't see any problem if it's just you two right now. After all she's only just woke up" He turned to me, beaming. "I'm going to leave with the chief and his partner now. They're the ones who rescued you so don't worry, you'll be safe." He assured me. I nodded, still holding the cup of water I'd been given earlier. He took his leave with the other nurses out into the hall. The chief of police came over and sat down on my bed, making it bonce a bit when he did. His partner came in and sat on a chair by the window looking awkward.

"So how're ya doing kid?" he asked lightly. "Are you feeling a bit better now?" I nodded, not entirely sure what to say to the stranger before. Was he a stranger? After all he looked really familiar. Maybe he just had one those faces. His friend seemed to as well. The chief chuckled.

"I see, so you're not much of a talker, are you? That's fine. I mean you only just got up from a long recovery period. Not really much to talk about is there?"

"No, it's not like that," I quickly spoke up. I hated it when people got me to do that. It was annoying to hear myself as if I were trying to make them believe I wasn't the culprit behind some murder or something. Wait! I heard the bell go off in my head. I had to be sure so I quickly backtracked to introductions.

"M-my name is…Lila, Lila Ranger," I stated shyly. As I had expected that was the chief's cue to introduce himself and his partner. He smiled warmly.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Ms. Ranger. My name is Soichiro Yagami and this is my young partner Touta Matsuda," he said, gesturing towards Matsuda sitting in his chair who'd been reading the latest magazine. I noticed immediately who was on the front cover. It was a girl known as Misa Misa, more formally known as Misa Amane. How'd I know this? Well the answer was simple. Soichiro Yagami, Touta Matsuda, Misa Amane. I could only be in the Kanto Region of Japan where one of my favourite anime's, Death Note took place.

As I took that all in, I suddenly realized three things. One, I had actually died in my own world. Two, I was now the world of one of my favourite shows about mass murder, mystery and supernatural that I'd adored while alive in that world and finally three…that the world of anime I and many others had believed to be a mere fictional story, was real and I was now a part of the same world as Light Yagami; Kira!