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Chapter 5

(Enter: Second Kira!)

I ran as fast as I could with Light keeping up with me close by. Ryuk flew overhead of us, gliding with ease and not for the first time in a while did I wish that I could have wings so I could just fly wherever I needed to go. It was a good thing that the Sakura TV station wasn't too far away. All we had to do was book it and we'd be there, hopefully in time.

"Lila, wait!" Light called out from behind me. "What's going on?" I felt bad as I had no real time to talk and tell him what was going on. It was all I could do to keep up a steady breathing rate for myself as I ran down the streets of Japan towards the Sakura TV station.

We got closer and closer and I could already hear police sirens in the distance and my panic rose with every step I took. I felt like my lungs were on fire when I finally rounded the corner, Light still on my tail and thankfully, I saw that Ukita, the man who was going to die trying to stop the broadcast, almost in sight of the buildings that could give a view of the entrance. He was in his police car and going too fast as he whizzed right by us and I caught a glimpse of his determined face. I saw my only chance up ahead, just before the Sakura TV station; a crosswalk. I turned to Ryuk.

"Hey do you mind a little extra weight?" I asked desperately. Ryuk turned to me.

"Eh, what are you planning Lila?" he questioned back. I kept running, pointing at the crosswalk up ahead.

"Get me up there now!" I shouted. Ryuk surprisingly didn't hesitate or even complain as he lifted me up and then sped back ahead of the vehicle to the crosswalk.

"Hey!" Light called after us but I just flagged for him to hide. I didn't see if he was actually paying attention or listening but I had bigger things to worry about. Ryuk made it to the crosswalk just in time and as soon as my feet hit the ground, I did the stupidest thing I've ever done and the one thing my mother had told me never to do as a kid. I ran right out into the middle of the street on the crosswalk and from there, it had the desired effect. I made sure to position myself so the vehicle wouldn't be able to swerve around me.

I glimpsed the shocked look upon Ukita's face and I felt my own heart racing ahead of me as I realized I was yet again in another life or death situation involving a car. Memories of that night came flooding back and I literally became frozen with new found fear and I watched as Ukita went to swerve around me but lost control of the car. Realization that he might still die because of my recklessness hit me and I snapped out of my stupor. Then using a technique Ajisai had taught me not too long ago, I sent some of my Aura through the outer part of the car and let it surround Ukita's body for better protection. I didn't know how strong it would be but I still hoped he wouldn't die as the car crashed into the side of a building then kept going into a big tree that sat on a divider. I heard the airbags deploy.

To any normal passerby, I looked like I was scrunched up trying to make myself smaller than I actually was to avoid the car. Meanwhile, Ryuk and Light had both watched the scene in absolute horror as the two of us almost died. I allowed my breathing to return somewhat to normal then I tried walking towards the car but I fell forwards as my legs had turned to jelly. I tried again, this time taking one precautionary step at a time while I shook uncontrollably. All the while I kept thinking to myself what an absolute idiot I was.

I made my way to the side of the car just as Light made it there as well. I looked inside and saw that my aura shield though weak had somewhat worked. Ukita looked injured but other than that I knew that he was alive, especially when I took his pulse through the shattered window. I sighed some with relief. I looked up at Light and smiled weakly and sheepishly. He didn't quite know how to respond. However, he didn't need to as we heard a familiar voice behind us.

"Throwing yourself headfirst into danger yet again to save a life," it said. "That's just so like you isn't it?" I whirled around to see that Ajisai was hobbling over to us from across the way. Light looked just as surprised as I did.

"Aunt Ajisai," he exclaimed. "What're you doing here?" Ajisai came to stand beside us and humphed.

"Well I could ask you two the same question but on more important matters, I'm here because I caught wind of the broadcast and could tell right away that it wasn't Lila's doing. So I came to check it out and possibly stop it before it got out of control. That's when I saw you run out in front of this man's car missy, so do you mind explaining what that was all about?" I looked down somewhat ashamed as thought I'd been caught with my hand in the cookie jar again.

"Well…I…" I started. "I didn't want him to be killed by the second Kira." The two raised an eyebrow. I started fidgeting as I normally did when stressed.

"Well, in the original series, Hirokazu Ukita, a man from the task force raced off to Sakura TV to stop the broadcast but when he tried to get in he was killed by the second Kira."

"Second Kira?" questioned Light. He sounded a bit angry. "And since when is there a second Kira Lila? Or did you just nonchalantly leave that out for my own benefit?" I was taken aback by his aggressive tone. Ajisai tried to calm him down.

"Light, calm yourself. You know Lila wouldn't keep secrets from you now that you know everything?" Light whirled around, turning on her."

"Why don't you just shut-up you old hag!" he shouted. "You only just started butting into our lives because you used to have death note too! We didn't ask for your help!"

"On quite the contrary, Lila did ask for my help long before you offered yours. The girl's destiny is much more complicated than what you've been led to believe and I'm the only one who can help prepare her for that. Don't you see she's trying to protect you as well?"

"What protect me from me?" he snapped mockingly. "Oh give me a break! That would all be fine and dandy if I were Kira but I'm not so she shouldn't be protecting me. However, I have to constantly protect her from herself because she's an incompetent idiot! She couldn't even have graduated high school without my help and now she's running around in the streets and doing stupid things that'll get herself killed! Don't you see…I'm the one who has to protect her?!"

As their argument progressed, I felt myself beginning to shake again while meanwhile, Ryuk watched on in amusement as the two bickered with one another. It scared me as I'd never seen Light get so worked up and angry except for when he was Kira before and it was more psychotic but this time, I could see he was trembling with rage and I realized, I…I scared him.

"Light," I sniffled as a lump caught in my throat and tears formed on the rims of my eyes. He turned to look at me still angry.

"What?" he snapped. "I hope you're not going to start trying to protect her from me. I'm angry for a reason ya know, you…" he stopped suddenly when he saw my tears. I sank to my knees and covered my eyes with my arm.

"I'm…I'm sorry!" I began sobbing. "I'm sorry I scared you like that it's just I didn't know what else to do. It's because there's another Kira out there and I almost forgot about her. I knew she was going to kill Ukita because she made the eye deal and was looking through binoculars and I didn't know how else to stop him from being seen." My entire body shook from the stress. Not only had I scared Light and Ajisai, I'd also scared myself and I'd almost died a second time by car. He was right about one thing, I was an idiot.

Suddenly though, before I knew it, I was embraced in a big hug and when I looked up I saw that it was Light. His own tears were falling now and he shuddered.

"Damn right you scared me," he said shakily. "I thought I was going to lose you Lila and we've been through too much already for this to be the end so soon." I nodded, staining his shirt with my own tears. I hiccupped some then he pulled back and smiled down at me. "So I hope you'll forgive me if I scare you next," he said. I didn't register what was happening entirely as he then shoved me to the ground then turned tail to run towards the Sakura TV station building, pulling up his hood along the way and covering his face completely.

"Light!" I called after him but he was now too far to hear me. Ajisai came up beside me and rested a hand on my shoulder as the sirens in the distance grew louder. I looked up at her with a tear stained face.

"Don't worry Lila," she consoled. "All we should be worried about now is this here young man in the car and good job using your aura as a shield. Now let's get him out of there quickly shall we?" I nodded slowly drawing up my own hood. Then we went to work on the car door and getting Ukita out and to safety.


I ran as fast as I could from the scene of the incident to the front of the TV station. I had been careful to draw up my hood and cover my complete face. My heart pounded in my chest as I came to the front doors. I tried to open them but they were locked tight no doubt to stop the broadcast from being interrupted. I caught a glimpse of a guard inside and thought of a quick excuse for him to let me in.

"Hey, I need to see your boss! I have another tape from Kira!" I shouted through the glass. The guard who'd heard me hesitated somewhat then approached the front doors.

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" he asked sternly. Thinking quick I reached into my pocket and pulled out a bag which my mother had handed to me on the way out of the house.

"Stop by the hospital and give this to your father for me will you?" she'd asked of me. I hadn't even had time to see what was inside of it as Lila had already taken off down the street by that point. As I'd run with it folded up in my pocket, I assumed it was a book of some kind for my father to read in case he got bored. Whatever it was, it was the size of a tape and its true form was obscured by the little bag.

"Here's your proof!" I stated holding it up in plain sight. Just the shape was visible inside. "Now let me in. Kira told me if this wasn't aired, he wouldn't only kill me but those who defied him at the station as well. He already knows all of your names!" The guard flinched at the idea and held up his hands defensively.

"Okay, okay, I'll let you in but you have to wait for me to talk to my superiors," he stated as he fumbled around for his keys. He opened the doors and let me in then he re locked them behind me. He then led me to the front counter. Before we got there, I swiped his taser gun off of his belt when he wasn't looking and in one swift movement I jumped up beside him and shoved him into the hallway leading to the bathrooms. He didn't even have time to try and stop me as I tased him on the neck and knocked him out. Afterwards I dragged him to the open custodian closet and then shut it behind him as I stuffed him inside. I high tailed it out of there as I heard the custodian whistling and coming my way from the men's room.

I took a quick stop in the lobby to read the map carefully then found the room where I had to go and with that I took off, running up the stairs rather than waiting for the elevator. However, it seemed my little break in hadn't gone completely unnoticed.

I heard doors opening above me and as I looked up I saw more guards were coming down along with some other people who were working in the building to apprehend me. Damn it! I cursed internally.

"Hey you, stop!" someone shouted. I quickly ducked through a door leading onto the third floor I was on and began running through the building, a horde of guards and other workers hot on my trail. I drew the attention of more people as I raced about. Finally it came to the point where I couldn't just be on the defensive anymore and so when I was blocked from the second staircase by three guards, I immediately on instinct and remembering some of Lila's fighting techniques I'd seen, dodged their attempts to capture me, tasering them in the process.

I quickly burst through onto the staircase, more guards on my tail and made it up onto the proper floor. I ran down a few more hallways, the map I'd seen earlier clear in my mind. I had to stop the broadcast and I had to do it now. Lila hadn't jumped in front of that police cruiser for nothing. All I knew was that when this was over, I'd be in big trouble not only with my parents but with L and the task force too. But nevertheless, I had a mission to complete.

"Get him, don't let him reach the studio!" yelled another guard behind me. I looked up ahead seeing a water dispenser in the hallway. I grinned, turning and catching them by surprise then with all of my strength, I shoved it into the oncoming guards causing them to trip over themselves. I couldn't help but laugh some as it'd actually worked to slow them down some and I continued on until I came to the room I was looking for. I burst into the room causing everyone to turn eyes on me.

"Alright stop where you are!" I commanded sternly. "Stop this broadcast now!" The studio people seemed taken aback at first then they started laughing.

"Nice try kid but we value our lives to much for that. How'd you get in here anyway?" asked the fat man with a mustache in front of me. I grit my teeth.

"Never mind that…stop this broadcast now or innocent people are gonna die!" Maybe that would get through to them. The fat man – or the manager I assumed him to be – laughed again. Then he held me in his unwavering gaze.

"And is that supposed to be a threat kid? Are you planning to kill all of us?" I flinched at the accusation but held my ground.

"What….no I…Ugh!" Something hit me on the back from behind and I realized I had let down my guard. My head started spinning and I fell forwards but was caught by the guard responsible.

"Alright, you're coming with me," he stated. I struggled to break free but the man was too strong and twice my size.

"No, don't you see…" I yelled desperately. "If you don't stop the broadcast now he'll kill innocent people who don't deserve to die!" The manager just laughed.

"Not likely kid, weren't you listening? He'll only kill innocent people like cops if they go against his new world vision."

"Sir," the guard holding me started. "We're sorry for letting him come this far. He snuck his way in and managed to get a hold of one of our tasers." The manager waved him off.

"It's okay, in fact why not let him stay and watch the show. Maybe then he'll understand what Kira's all about. Cuff him in that chair there," he stated pointing at a free chair in the corner. The guard behind me nodded. "Oh and cover his mouth with something too. It wouldn't be much of a show if he talked through all of it."

"I was forced into a chair and handcuffed with my hands behind me. They even took the time to cuff my legs to the chair legs and then proceeded to tie something over my mouth. I tried to talk through it but was silenced when the guard tied it really tight. They'd also pulled back my hood so they could see my identity and I felt somewhat exposed for a moment. My eyes burned with anger at their idiocy. I was forced to watch and listen to the second Kira's broadcast for the next fifteen minutes.

Suddenly the door was burst open again and this time, I was surprised at who I saw. He didn't see me right away, all he did was start his commands.

"This is the police!" he shouted in his most authoritative tone. "Stop this broadcast immediately!" He entered the room and walked straight towards the men manning the console. The manager turned with a huff.

"Again, no one had any respect for good television anymore! Who are you?" he demanded.

"Hand those tapes over to me do you understand?" ordered the man. I remained stunned and gawking.

"Hold on officer," the manager said in defense. "It's not that simple. My hands are tied here, if we stop this broadcast, he'll kill all of us!"

"Shut-up!" he roared, pulling out his gun. "You're gonna be killed right here and now if you don't give those tapes to me!" I was somewhat frightened by this new side of the man I called my father. I had never seen him this serious before.

"What?" questioned the panicked manager. "Come on what the hell do you think you're doing? This is crazy!" he shook some. I was so shocked that I couldn't stop myself from calling out.

"Dad!" I tried to say through my mouth guard. I watched as he turned and noticed me for the first time. Shock registered upon the old man's features.

"Light!" he replied. "What are you doing here!?" Before he could react, the manager had slapped his gun out of his and it skidded into a far corner. The manager then wore a smug grin on his face.

"Hah, not so tough without your weapon now are ya chief?" My father's nose flared and I could tell that he was not happy. Another guy came up from behind him and quickly bound his hands behind his back.

"Let go of me!" he barked. He struggled to break free. The manger scoffed.

"I don't think so. You, tie him up with his kid over there. We're finishing with this broadcast." I became angry then at the prospect that my father was about to be tied up, about the second Kira having her way and about this manager putting everybody's life at risk. I looked around feverishly trying to find an escape route when my eyes fell upon the taser gun I'd dropped before. I then used my body strength to throw myself at the guard near me and head butt him in the gut. He collapsed immediately and I fell over close enough to the taser gun.

I loosened the cloth over my mouth quickly then took the weapon up in my mouth. Then I used all of my body strength to lift myself up and throw the taser gun towards my father.

"Dad, catch!" I called. My father noticed the taser gun coming towards him and immediately found the strength to knock the man on him off with a kick to the solar plexus. I landed back on the ground with a thud then watched as my father caught the taser gun and turned it up to full velocity.

"This is only happening because you decided to make Kira a celebrity! You're getting what you deserve!" and with that he tased the surrounding guards and retrieved his gun. Then he came over to me and helped me up, un-cuffing me with the keys he'd swiped.

"Light, what the hell are you doing here, it's not safe!" my father chastised.

"Me?" I shouted incredulously. "You're supposed to be in the hospital so what are you doing here?" the worry was clear in my voice. Not only had Lila done something completely stupid but so had my father by coming here in his condition. He placed a hand on my shoulder as he saw the fear rising in my eyes.

"Don't worry about me. I had to come here because I saw what happened to Ukita on the news and knew that Kira needed to be stopped," he explained. "Like it or not Light, I'm still in charge of this investigation." I hung my head knowing he was right. "Speaking of which," he said drawing my attention back to him as he stood once more, with his gun raised.

"Now, are you going to give me those tapes or are you going to share the same fate as them?" he questioned nodding towards the stunned guards. The manager who'd been too shocked to run remained standing before us shaking and pale as a ghost. "Well…" my father pressed. The manager put his hands up defensively.

"Alright, alright, you win! Just hold on a minute." The fat man shakily walked over to the bag of tapes and brought them back over to us and my father took them and lowered his weapon. I kept my eyes on the manager just in case he tried something. Then he turned to me with a seriously stern look on his face.

"We will be talking about this," he stated. I nodded, knowing there was no way around it. Immediately he pulled out his phone and dialed a number. As soon as the phone picked up he nearly shouted into the receiver.

"I need to speak with Ryuzaki!" he said sternly. There were murmurs I heard from the other end of the phone and I assumed he'd gotten through when I heard him continue.

"That's right," he confirmed the other speaker's words. "I couldn't just sit and watch. I've confiscated all of the tapes and am bringing them to you." He waited and I listened.

"I'm feeling just fine," continued my dad. "To be honest with you I don't think I've ever felt more alive. So what do you want me to do now? I'd say going out the front would be too dangerous and I don't know why but my son was here trying to stop the broadcast too and I don't want to put his life in jeopardy." There was more silence.

"You want us to go out the front entrance?" he suddenly asked with shock. I too was surprised with the news and my eyes widened.

"Dad," I started. "Before I came in here, Lila and I were walking outside and she almost got hit by a police car when she ran into the streets. I'm only here because the man who was driving mumbled something about stopping the broadcast before he passed out after having a terrible crash. Lila might still be out there waiting for me." My father's eyes widened. He went back to his current conversation.

"Did you hear that Ryuzaki?" he asked into the phone. There was murmuring on the other end that I couldn't quite comprehend. My father nodded. "Yes, I understand. Alright, I'll trust you with it then." Then he hung up and turned to me.

"Lila will be alright. She's technically not that close to the building and Ukita has been sent immediately to the hospital. All we have to do is trust Ryuzaki and he'll get us out of here." I nodded and followed him as he began to walk towards the front entrance.

"I assume he has something planned then?" I queried as we went. He nodded again.

"More than likely; yes. Oh and Light," he turned to me. "He also wants to talk to you again as soon as possible concerning your involvement in this here incident. Lila too since she was close by." I nodded.

"I understand. And I'm glad the others will be alright." With that we stopped talking and walked towards the front entrance, quickening our pace a bit. We finally arrived and I could see that the front doors were smashed in and a police van was resting inside the building, its lights still flashing. I turned to my dad and raised an eyebrow.

"And I thought I was being excessive."

"Desperate times called for desperate measures," he retorted. Then our eyes fell upon the scene behind the van and we were stunned beyond belief. An entire blockade had been set up just for us, a black screen covering the entrance. Behind this black screen was a car that looked awfully similar to dad's own police cruiser with tinted windows and someone was standing there holding the door open for us.

"Make sure there are no gaps," said a male voice over a megaphone. "Do not reveal your faces. We know that Kira is not in the building. He is outside." I stood there awestruck until my father placed a hand on my shoulder calling me back to reality. I turned to him and we both nodded as we made our way to the car. My father placed his hand on the man's shoulder, the one holding the door open for us.

"Thank you, I'll drive myself," he stated. The man nodded.

"I understand," he replied. I turned to my father slightly panic stricken.

"But dad, you just got out of the hospital and you weren't even discharged. Maybe I should…"

"No," he stopped me. "Light, you wouldn't even know where you were going. It's fine; I'm alright so you don't need to worry about me. I'll drive and you can sit in the back."

"The back!?" I exclaimed. "But dad I…"

"Now Light!" he suddenly barked. "It's safer that way. I don't want you getting hurt." I sighed deciding it was best not to get him so worked up and then just casually slid into the back seat. My father then slid into the driver's seat and started the car. I watched the black screen cover as it passed by us as we drove away.

"Listen up! there is a very good chance that Kira is still in the vicinity of the station. As you move out, proceed with caution," I heard the drone of the policeman who'd spoken over the PA system before as we went. It got fainter and fainter. Soon there was just the hum of the vehicle's engine up front and as we went, I couldn't help but be lulled into a shallow sleep as we drove. I'd been through a lot in the past few hours and the amount of stress pressed on my nerves by Lila, the TV station workers and my own father discharging himself early was about all a young adult like me just starting fresh in university could take.


As soon as Light had taken off and gotten himself into the Sakura TV building, I'd been on edge. It didn't matter how many times Ajisai or even surprisingly Ryuk tried to calm my jumbled nerves; I was not able to calm myself down. Not only had I accidentally forced myself to relive the terror of my first car accident, I'd almost gotten myself into another and I'd hurt Light by putting my life and Ukita's in danger.

After he'd disappeared inside the building, Ajisai wasted no time in getting an ambulance for Ukita after which of course, she'd tended to his more serious wounds herself with her healing aura abilities. I still felt guilty for having almost cost Ukita his life despite my trying to save it. Then another police cruiser had shown up and two policemen had stepped out. I'd tried to shout out my warning but It'd been too late as the two men had collapsed dead from heart attacks almost immediately. I'd totally lost it then, crying myself silly.

Then I'd been nearly scared out of my wits as Mr. Yagami had arrived with the police van just as he had in the original series to stop the broadcast and retrieve the tapes from the manager. Immediately, after having calmed down a bit, I wondered just how the pair of father and son would interact in this situation. Then as the police blockade had arrived, I'd watched as they'd set up formation and then Ajisai and I'd been approached, the people from the hospital also having arrived at that moment for Ukita, by both Aizawa and Mogi. They'd shuffled us both into the vehicle, Ajisai, explaining she was a visiting relative who'd been on her way over to our house for a visit when she'd witnessed the accident.

Now we both sat in the task force headquarters, having been blindfolded the entire trip and we sat upon the same couch, me being more nervous than I'd ever been in my life as I watched Ryuzaki aka L sit before his computer and TV monitors. I was sweating profusely, still trying to get over my most recent causes for near hysteria. Suddenly the door opened and in came Mr. Yagami being supported by Watari followed by Light who was rubbing his eyes as though he'd been asleep.

Immediately I stood and rushed to him, embracing him in a hug that caught him by surprise. I wept somewhat, hiccupping some in the process.

"You idiot!" I shuddered. "Isn't it enough that Kira's killing with heart attacks and here you almost gave me one making me worry so much. I mean you could've…" I felt a flick to the forehead and looked up into his stern gaze. He smirked then scoffed at me.

"What and it's fair for you to be an idiot yourself, running out into the street like that with no regard for your own safety? You almost got that guy and yourself killed!" I flinched as the reminder hit me and as it did, new waves of hysteria came about. I dove into his shirt face first and started blubbering silently like a baby. Ajisai came forth to pry me from his shoulder and she led me back to our original seat. Mr. Yagami turned his gaze upon her.

"Ajisai, I didn't think you'd be in the city," he said with slight surprise in his voice. Ajisai just huffed.

"And is it wrong to come all this way to pay my family a surprise visit?" she retorted. Just as Mr. Yagami was about to respond, L interrupted him by clearing his throat.

"Ahem! It's great to have you back, chief Yagami. And it's nice to see old faces again as well," he commented, shifting his gaze between Mr. Yagami, Light and myself. Mr. Yagami straightened up some.

"Ryuzaki," he said. He held a stern gaze. "I apologize for taking matters into my own hands. I have to admit, I got a little bit carried away. And I honestly had no idea that Light and Lila would be out so late either and wind up in the same situation." L came forward shaking his head.

"No, it's okay and how could you have known the actions of your children?" It was at this point that Light stepped forward slightly embarrassed, clearing his throat and holding out a bag.

"Well at any rate…at least we were able to get the tapes and everything that Kira sent to the station. Here, I'm sure you could use them as evidence," he stated. L took the bag and bowed his head.

"Thank you Light; Chief; I can't thank you two enough." They both nodded. Suddenly, Mr. Yagami groaned and started teetering some. Light took notice.

"Dad!" he exclaimed. His father put up a hand before his son could get too worried.

"Don't worry about me," he said. "I think I'll just sit down and rest a while." Light nodded. I could tell he was worried for his father and I was worried too. A heart attack topped with minor time to recover in the hospital then more stress plus adrenaline didn't sound like a good mixture to me. Then my gaze drifted towards L who was looking through the contents of the bag.

"Mr. Yagami; Light, I promise this won't go to waste," he said as he looked through it all. As he pulled out the envelope he stared at the posting intently. Light meanwhile had sat down next to me and nudged me with his elbow.

"Hey, are you alright now?" he asked in a whisper. I glared at him still rather shaky.

"You're kidding right?" I retorted. He took up a defensive pose, putting his hands up in surrender making Ajisai chuckle to herself.

"Oh, young'uns today," she sighed. Before we knew it, L had made his way over to us after having dispatched Aizawa with the tapes to be analyzed, pulling up a chair and sitting across for us.

"Now before we begin, I want to note that you were pretty brave to enter into that building like the way you did Light," he started. "But I don't need to tell you how much more suspicion has been placed on you now that you've been seen close to the crime. You as well Lila," he said turning to me. I nodded solemnly.

"Yes of course, I understand," Light responded wearily. I could tell he was tired but also that he wouldn't be letting his guard down for one minute while we were here. Meanwhile Ajisai had cocked an eyebrow and gave us very stern looks.

"Suspicion?" she questioned. "Suspicion for what? What have you two been up to? Better not be breaking the law now," she stated. Her tone was crisp and to the point. She sounded like one of those scolding grandmothers rather than an aunt.

"No, no, it's nothing like that," Light pretended to reassure her, waving his hands defensively. "It's just that Kira is a mass murderer, I'm sure you've heard of him; who can kill with just a name and a face and a while back he got some data from secret police files. I'd already hacked into my father's system so it'd placed me under suspicion and Lila's under suspicion as well for other reasons. That's all there is to it." Ajisai huffed again.

"Bah, Kira this and Kira that," she grumbled. "As soon as I learned that that was the only news in the outside world that was available I plum started turning off my TV and stopped paying attention to that crap! I don't like getting my nose into matters that don't concern me and if you were wise Light, you'd do the same and stop trying to solve every case you read up on, on your father's computer! Didn't I teach you anything boy?" Light, despite knowing it was an act, still blushed profusely.

"Aunt Ajisai," he tried to reason but was stopped by a whack on the head. "Ow!"

"Don't you Aunt Ajisai me young man! You only just began your university studies not too long ago and have a promising future ahead of you. Don't throw it away chasing a madman. Let the task force handle it and just stay out of their way from now on,"

"But," Light tried again but this time it was L who interrupted.

"Well actually…Ms. Ajisai was it? I've already asked that Light be a part of the Kira investigation a while ago and although his father was against it at first, he's already been approved."

"What!" Ajisai shrieked suddenly, causing both Light and I to jump in our seats. "You dare put my nephew's life at risk huh? Does his mother know, well does she? No I bet she doesn't does she and you won't be telling her any time soon is that it? Well I won't allow it, I won't allow for the likes of you to endanger my family's lives and it's bad enough that Mr. adrenaline juggie over here ran away from the hospital!" She pointed an accusing finger at Mr. Yagami sitting on the opposite couch.

"Ajisai please," he pleaded. "There's no need to shout."

"No need to shout, no need to shout!" she practically yelled at the top of her lungs. "No I will shout damn it! I'll shout it from the roof tops that my brother in law is a selfish idiot planning on not only getting himself killed but his own children as well! Maybe then they'll tow you away to have your head examined and these two can go on with their lives! You might be willing to risk your life but don't go pulling these two into it with you. And as for you," she wheeled around, turning on L.

"You don't have the right to force these two into anything and why the hell would you even ask Light to join your investigation if you suspect him? It doesn't make that much sense to me and I'll be damned before I see either of them strung up." L just watched the spectacle that was Ajisai with curiosity. There was no doubting the way his eyes widened and the way he leaned forward with his finger on his lip that he was utterly amused. Meanwhile, Light and I had to give her credit because this was just the sort of thing that Ajisai was good at. Causing a scene and being herself. Suddenly L held up his hand causing Ajisai to turn her glare into a questioning one.

"Ms. Ajisai, please," L started then lowered his hand. "Just shut-up. You're constant yelling and ranting is going to get us thrown out of here and it's rather annoying." This seemed to add fuel to her fire.

"Oh and exactly who died and made you king? I'll do as I bloody well please and you can't do a damned thing about it!"

"Ajisai!" Light suddenly snapped. She whirled around to face him, none too happy about being addressed in such a manor by her nephew.

"Just do as he says and shut-up already. You're giving me a migraine and are working at the last bit of sanity I have left from today." Ajisai flared up.

"Light, you dare…"

"Yes I bloody well dare!" he shouted then lowered his voice causing everyone to become surprised. He sighed and began rubbing his temples. "Like it or not Ajisai, I'm an adult and I'm capable of making my own decisions regarding my own life. This man…approached me saying he was L and then told me of his suspicions of me being Kira and despite that he's asked me to join the task force and help out with the case. Now I've already agreed to this and I'm not turning back from that decision. Say what you will but you have no power over me or Lila for that matter." He then looked up at her with a deadly serious look upon his face.

"We're both young adults now and can stand on our own two feet so we don't need you or our parents to hold our hands. If you want to help us now then you'd best do it from the sidelines and stay out of our way. We're not children!" Ajisai was taken aback but at least she was silent again to everyone's great relief. L sighed and motioned for her to sit down which she did without even thinking.

"Now that we've got that out of the way," he started. "Let's get down to business you two. Now explain to me everything that happened starting with what you were doing near the Sakura TV station to begin with." Light nodded, placing a comforting hand on my own. I glanced up and he gave me a warm smile that said, "Don't worry, it'll be alright." I nodded in reply then we turned back to our interrogator.

"Well," I started shakily, figuring I should be the one who would begin. "I forgot my art book at the milkshake bar we usually go to and Light decided to come along to help me. I wanted to take the longer way because I thought it'd be more fun at night and since we were together, I didn't think we'd run into any trouble. Then we got closer to the TV station and my earing came out and was kicked by someone not paying attention to where they were walking out into the crosswalk." I gulped.

"See, they're special to me because my mother got them for me for one of my birthdays and well I wasn't paying attention to anything else, I just ran out into the middle of the street. But that was when I heard the siren and saw the car coming towards me and I just froze. Light tried calling out to me but I just couldn't move." I was shaking from the memory and a new stream of tears flowed down my face. I sniffed trying to pull myself together but couldn't as out of the blue, a memory of one of my friend's having her head decapitated entered my mind. I started shuddering.

Ajisai having decided to let us talk leaned over and pulled me into a hug as I started bawling again. It was so embarrassing, crying in front of L but I couldn't stop myself.

"Shush now. There, there child," she said soothingly. Then she looked up at L still angry from before. "Now does this child seem to be capable of killing anyone or thing to you?" she asked menacingly.

"Ajisai!" Light hissed. She just shot him a glare. She continued rubbing my back and then looked down at her feet.

"That's when I was walking by on the opposite side of the street just a little ways off," she stated solemnly. "I thought I'd heard Light's voice so I looked up and sure enough there he was yelling at Lila to get out of the crosswalk. I was still a ways away and I would've thrown her out of the way in a heartbeat but I wasn't fast enough on my bum leg to get there. That's when the car swerved and scraped against the side of the building then crashed into the tree sitting on the divider in between the two lanes.

"Then she slowly made her way off of the crosswalk not even picking up her earing as she went as quickly as she could manage after the shock to the car. She just had to see if the man was okay and Light ran after her. I eventually caught up and picked up her earing I found in the crosswalk. I got to their side as soon as I could. The poor girl was in tears by the time I got there and Light's panicked yelling didn't help either. Luckily the man driving the car wasn't that badly injured for anything to be fatal. And before I knew it, my nephew was running towards the Sakura building with his hood pulled up and somehow got in. After that the best I could do was consoled the girl and attend to the wounded man to keep him alive until the ambulance showed up."

"I see," L stated seeming to understand. "So you were able to administer some form of treatment on our man Ukita, very good. I must thank you for that. I got the report back that he made it to the hospital alright and underwent treatment immediately. He should recover quite fine." Ajisai nodded. Meanwhile, Mr. Yagami just sighed with relief as did the other task force members I hadn't been paying attention to this entire time. Then L turned to Light. "And your account," he inquired. Light nodded then leaned back with his hands placed calmly on his lap.

"Well, just like Ajisai said, I rushed to the car after Lila. She'd wanted to make sure she hadn't been the cause for anyone's untimely death and truth be told I did lose my temper because she frightened me when she just stood there in the crosswalk like that. The man driving the car, Ukita I believe you just said his name was, was still somewhat conscious but just barely. I heard him mumble something about stopping Kira's broadcast and at first I didn't know what he was referring to but I caught a glimpse of a television on in the front window of the Sakura TV station building that had the logo for Kira on it.

"I understood then that he was trying to stop the broadcast and since he was driving a police car, I assumed he was from the task force. So I acted on impulse and got myself in the building by saying I had another of Kira's so called tapes. After that I swiped a taser gun off of the guard who let me in and knocked him out. I made my way to the room not without opposition seeing as I'd drawn attention to myself and I finally made it but they caught me and tied me up. I think the manager could be a Kira supporter only based on the ratings he would get from airing the tapes but other than that he just told me to keep quiet and watch. Then a bit later my father arrived and well, based on your phone call with him earlier I suppose you would know the rest." He finished crossing his arms over his chest and closing his eyes for a brief moment of peace. L meanwhile took our story into account.

"Alright then, I suppose it seems legit but we will be looking into the matter to make sure it's true. Of course you understand that just your Aunt's point of view and your father's aren't going help that much." We nodded.

"Of course," Light replied. "If it were me I'd probably be suspicious of such an incredible story as well. I'd definitely try to find out if it were true." L nodded.

"Yes well, I believe that we've all had enough excitement for one day. Mr. Yagami I want you to take your son, daughter and sister in law back home for some rest. Then report here as soon as you feel better. Oh and don't worry I'll take care of matters at the hospital concerning your sudden disappearance."

"Humph, if it's all the same then I should probably go and retrieve my vehicle from that parking garage downtown. I don't want another ticket!" Ajisai said as she stood from her place. Watari stood from where he'd been seated as well.

"Very well Ms. Ajisai, allow me to take you there. I'll drive the rest of you home myself." Mr. Yagami tried to protest.

"No, no Watari, it's alright I'll be…"

"Don't even start that crap here Soichiro!" Snapped Ajisai. "You'll get a drive from Watari. He might be older than you but you just came from the hospital after having a heart attack a few days ago and yes Sachiko told me already what happened. Why else do you think I came down to the city? Don't make me get my handbag." I chuckled slightly as Mr. Yagami sighed.

"I suppose I have no choice then since you two will probably say the same thing," he said turning to us. I simply nodded my head and Light just agreed with a, "Damn right, old man!" And with that, there was no more arguing as we left the hotel room. We entered the parking garage of the hotel and got into the car. We drove in silence until we reached the parking garage down town where Ajisai had parked. It was a considerable amount of distance from the TV station so suspicion on Ajisai wouldn't be too strong if L hadn't already suspected her already.

After she'd retrieved her car we were driven back home and once inside the house, Mr. Yagami had to explain to his worried wife about the details of what had happened. She to no one's surprise immediately embraced both me and Light in a huge hug and started crying for us. This almost made me break down and cry too but Ajisai and Light decided they would help me to my room so that I wouldn't wind up more stressed than I already was. Once inside, I plopped down on my bed and Light did the same thing to my computer chair. Ajisai shut the door behind us turned around just as Ryuk had phased in through the walls. I glanced up and I wasn't sure if I was imagining it but he looked rather peeved and slightly scarier than normal so I gave a slight shudder.

"So can we all agree that Lila Ranger the infamous Kira is a complete and utter idiot?" he asked mockingly. The three of us who were human all mumbled, "yes" in unison. I buried my face into my pillow and there was a very long silence until Ajisai broke it.

"Well then…what are we going to do about this second Kira? I know it must seem cruel to talk about it now since we all just went through so much but the truth is we don't know what she'll do next. She is a she right?" she said turning to me.

"Yes," I spoke into my pillow. I focused on breathing in and out slowly so I wouldn't do my normal entrance into the hyperventilation stage. I heard Light shift in the computer chair.

"This second Kira has made the eye deal with her Shinigami so ultimately she can kill by just seeing someone's face. So how do we approach the matter without drawing attention to ourselves or scaring her into killing us?" I sat up and turned around on my bed looking straight ahead at nothing.

"Well originally, this was just a ploy to get the real Kira's, in this case, my attention. She wants to work alongside Kira because he or rather I…killed her parent's murderer who almost got away innocent of the charges he'd been laid with. She's a little desperate and needy and she'd do anything Kira says. So basically all we have to do is find a way to get a message to her to confront her and see about stopping her from taking more innocent lives." Light nodded, already thinking about what we should do.

"But who is this girl?" Ajisai asked seriously. I pulled up my right knee into a hug of sorts, resting my chin on top. I continued to look straight forward then sighed.

"Believe it or not she's a famous actor slash model. Her name….is Misa Amane."


It was a beautiful day outside today and I strolled down the streets humming to myself happily. To anyone else, I appeared to be an ordinary young woman just enjoying a leisurely stroll through the city of Tokyo. However, I was far from ordinary and the reason was because of my eyes.

I could see them all, every name, every lifespan hovering above their heads. The men, the women, the children. No one's name and lifespan were invisible to me and with this ability and the black notebook I'd received not too long ago, I could take any number of lives surrounding me. However, I wasn't going to kill the innocent. No, I just needed to get his attention; Kira's attention. Then I could serve him as long as he needed me.

"Misa," a voice said behind me. It'd come from my Shinigami who called herself Rem and who'd given the death note to me as a gift. "I gave that death note to you. So why not use it for yourself?" I continued walking as she flew behind me.

"I am using it for myself because I believe in what Kira is doing. I want to know what kind of person Kira is. I want to meet him and talk to him. That's the only reason I sent all those videos to that TV station," I explained. "I have to find some way to make Kira notice me and I'd say that probably got his attention don't you think?" I became excited at the thought at finally meeting my one and only hero. In my eyes, Kira was a handsome and devilish knight in shining armor who'd be all too happy for my help. Maybe even some day we would get married and we could be God and Goddess of this new world he was trying to create.

"It's a dangerous game you're playing. There's a chance you could be killed," Rem warned from behind. "Do you understand?" I giggled.

"It's alright," I assured her. "I'm sure Kira is kind to those with pure hearts." I giggled again and then thought about it more. "And if it came down to that, I'm still stronger than he is because I have the eyes!" I nodded feeling sure of myself. Rem sighed behind me and decided to just let it go for now. I began skipping along happily. Suddenly a sharp voice shouted out to me from across the way.

"Misa!" called my manager. I groaned as I turned to face him running towards me. "Do you even realize how late you are? You should've been here an hour ago!" he yelled. I sighed and looked away.

"Well excuse me, I had to use the bathroom and then I saw something on sale and just had to buy it and…"

"I don't want to hear your excuses young lady! This way now!" He said angrily, grabbing my arm. I winced as his grip was too tight.

"Ow, hey not so hard!" I complained. I could see Rem getting steamed behind me but I gave her a quick flash of a sympathetic smile that told her I'd be okay. She nodded and just followed me as my manager ruthlessly tugged my arm nearly off towards the photoshoot I was supposed to be participating in.

I heard hands clapping as I arrived as everyone was rushed into position. I was taken straight to hair and makeup to straighten up some of my features. Then I was in no time at all in front of the camera. The photographer stood there waiting for everyone else to be out of the way of the shot. Then he eyed me suspiciously.

"Ms. Misa, you are ready aren't you?" he asked skeptically. I gave my biggest smile and struck a pose.

"Ready when you are Mr. photographer!" I giggled slightly afterwards and then with one curt nod from the director, the shooting began. I posed several different times in the most sexy poses known to man. One of the poses had me on my side and giving a sexy kiss to the camera accompanied by a wink. More clapping as people were directed to new positions and background changes.

"Alright Misa, look into the camera as though you're a tiger ready to pounce on its prey and put your leg out more to the side, yes that's it," spoke the photographer. As we went through the shoot I daydreamed wondering if Kira was already a fan of mine. It would be so wonderful if two fans of one another's works could come together and create a new world order. The thought filled me with glee and the photographer had to get my attention several times as I zoned out into space.

Finally the shoot was done and I could finally go home. The people started packing up and I took a swig from a bottle of cold water. Rem hovered over me looking at them all with disapproving eyes.

"Men are such boorish pigs!" she stated. "Misa, why do you let them take pictures of you like that? It seems rather degrading if you ask me." I sighed and wiped some sweat from my brow.

"Because it keeps the public happy and it gets me paid. Besides I enjoy being a celebrity." I giggled some to make her feel better about it. She smiled slightly…at least…it looked like a smile to me.

After that, we walked back home together as the sun faded from view and I felt rather good about myself. In just a few more days, I would have the police force's answer, yes or no and then I'd make Kira proud of me. I giggled. Once we arrived back home, I immediately made my way up to my room. I entered and plopped myself on the bed as Rem phased through the wall. I let out an exasperated sigh.

"Man, sometimes I hate photoshoots," I complained. "I mean really, I had one today and I have another in another few days. Can't I catch a break?"

"But you still have a few days to rest don't you?" Rem queried. I shot upright.

"Not if I'm going to get a reply from the police soon and then Kira!" I yelled out. Then I fell back onto my bed.

"Speaking of replies," said a gruff voice nearby. My eyes widened and I sat up in fear thinking someone else was in my room. At first there was no one but then someone or rather something phased through my wall. My eyes widened even more. It was a Shinigami. Rem quickly got in front of me.

"It's you!" she stated coldly. "Ryuk what are you doing here?" she demanded of the new comer. I peeked out from behind Rem curiously.

"Ryuk?" I questioned. "Is that your name?" The Shinigami who'd just phased through the wall turned to me with what looked like a grin on his face.

"That's right and there's no need to get so defensive Rem. I'm just here to deliver a message to miss Amane here." I became suddenly interested.

"A message?" I climbed off the bed and came to stand before the Shinigami who called himself Ryuk. "And what message would that be? Wait how'd you know my name anyway, we've never met." This sent him into a riotous fit of laughter.

"You mean to tell me you made the deal and you still don't know how it works?" he asked mockingly. I growled some as my cheeks flushed red. I'd forgotten that all Shinigami could see the names and life spans like everyone else. I crossed my arms over my chest, pouting at the same time.

"Don't laugh at me, I thought you had a message," I pouted childishly. He brought himself around from his outburst and cleared his throat.

"Oh right, the message well…Kira asked me to give you this." Upon hearing Kira's name my heart almost stopped. I reached forward as Ryuk held out a small piece of paper to me. I took it and unfolded it to see a well mapped out address and a note.

Dear Misa,

It is I Kira. I have received your message and I know who you are but do not fear. This is not a piece of the death note and I do not wish to kill you. I also understand that you wish to meet with me and I will do so gladly. However, first I must ask that you do not send out a reply to this message in any shape or form unless it is with my Shinigami, Ryuk. Also, you should know that I am not working alone so you would also be meeting with two of my cohorts. I have given you an address to go to tomorrow at twelve o'clock noon. If you still wish to meet with me then I'll be waiting there with my cohorts for your arrival. Please do not draw attention to yourself and wear a disguise if you must. No one must follow you. Until tomorrow,



My heart began hammering in my chest as I re read the letter. Kira had contacted me and he'd wasted no time in doing so. I grew giddy within and then I started jumping up and down.

"Yes, oh yes, oh yes, I'll definitely go!" I squealed excitedly. Then as I was jumping about a sudden thought came to me and I turned back to face Ryuk.

"Hold on," I said. "If you're Kira's Shinigami then how can I see you when I haven't touched his death note?"

"I've been wondering about that one myself," Rem agreed. Ryuk seemed to just shrug.

"Well after your little stunt with the police officers at Sakura TV and those broadcasts, it caused quite some havoc for us so Kira decided to contact you right away. We discovered you were going to be at a photoshoot today so Kira had me slip in and tap you with a page from the death note so that you could see me when I brought you the message. It was when you and your Shinigami weren't paying attention. Then I just followed you from a safe distance until you got home, see." I nodded understanding.

"Alright, I've got it!" I then returned to my jumping about the room some more then I realized, "Oh yeah, I should probably write back!" I quickly pulled out a different note book that wasn't the death note and ripped out a page from there. I had already formulated a plan for tomorrow and I wrote feverishly. Once I was done I handed the note back to Ryuk all folded up.

"Ok, that should do it. That's my reply. Oh I just can't wait!" I giggled again as I normally did when I got excited. Ryuk nodded and turned to leave but then turned back again.

"Oh and by the way girl," he stated. "No more killing anyone until you've been told otherwise. Those are Kira's wishes." He then phased back through the wall and was gone once more, leaving Rem and me alone. Rem immediately turned to me.

"I don't like it," she said. "This could all be a trap and you'd be walking straight into it. We don't know who this Kira is or what he's like." I giggled again, thinking she was being too serious.

"Oh come on Rem, I'll bet he's just like I pictured him. A knight in shining armor who will fall in love with me the moment we meet."


"Achoo!" I sneezed then rubbed at my itchy nose somewhat annoyed. I sat in the booth of a little café that sat on the corner of a quiet – well quiet for Tokyo at least – street and was sided by two streets going in opposite directions. I tapped my foot rigorously as I watched the minutes tick by. Finally Light who was sitting beside me sighed.

"Do you have to do that?" he asked slightly annoyed. I smiled nervously.

"Heh, sorry, it's nerves," I replied. It was true, I was nervous and as a justification to that I'd already ordered and downed not only my lunch but three big slices of chocolate cake and two cappuccinos. Ajisai was sitting across from us drinking some tea she'd ordered as we all sat and waited for Misa Amane, the second Kira to arrive. I was both scared and excited for the event. The fan girl in me was screaming like a fangirl would, internally of course and the cautious side of me was sweating bullets trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

"So any ideas on how to handle this?" Light asked suddenly with nothing else to do . I was slightly thrown off by his question as I'd been in another world.

"Who…are you talking to me?" I asked nervously pointing to myself. He sighed agitated.

"Yes I'm talking to you," he retorted. "You're the one who said we should approach her as soon as possible without causing a scene. This was your idea. We're only here for support and to let her know what's going down. The rest is up to you." I began to sweat again.

"Oh, right. Heh well…I was thinking well…" I blushed some as I looked up at Light again then looked away causing him to cock an eyebrow.

"What…?" he pressed. I began to fidget with my feet under the table.

"Well um…last time she kind of…developed this huge crush on you and wouldn't leave you alone so I was thinking we could use your good looks that seem to attract every other girl to our advantage. All you'd have to do is pretend to be her boyfriend…again!" I looked back to Light who was now wearing a sort of deadpanned expression with some slight annoyance as he went to pick up his coffee again.

"We'll see," he replied annoyed. Ajisai gave a short laugh.

"Heh, what's the matter Light? Shouldn't boys your age at least try to get laid before they end up old, crippled and unattractive?" She grinned as she watched Light turn bright red and quickly avert his gaze down at his coffee. I kind of laughed at that as it would've totally been the reaction my own little brother would've given if asked the same question by my mom. What was worse for Light's case was that a waitress had been walking towards our table at that moment and had giggled as she came up right beside it.

"Oh my, I do believe I've interrupted something," she giggled some more. "But anyways, the woman you've been waiting for has arrived. Would you like me to escort her in?" I giggled some too, turning somewhat red myself. My heart still hammered in my chest as my nerves started acting up.

"Yes, that'd be just fine dear," Ajisai replied for me as I couldn't seem to find the words. The waitress nodded and left to go and escort Misa Amane to our table.

"Holy crap," I breathed out. "She's here, I…I can't believe it's really her."

"We don't know that until she sits down," grumbled a still embarrassed Light. Ajisai scoffed at us both.

"Aren't we a right sight?" she questioned mockingly. "Now pull yourselves together unless you want this girl's first impression of you to make her question your actual mental ages!" I brushed myself down and pushed my empty cappuccino cup away then crossed my arms on the table whilst placing my head on them."

"Fine!" I huffed out. "Let's just get this over with." Just as I said that the waitress returned with a young woman wearing a sort of goth like outfit with a black haired "wig" I assumed. She seemed rather nervous herself as she arrived. Ajisai looked up at the waitress and gave her a sweet smile.

"Good, thanks that'll do for now. Could you leave us in peace then?" The waitress nodded and left the black haired girl standing in front of our table.

"Well um…I'm here," she stammered out. Ajisai gave her, her brightest smile and patted the booth's seat next to her.

"Here dear, why don't you sit down? You must be exhausted seeing as you walked all the way here." The girl's eyes widened in surprise.

"How'd you know that?" she questioned.

"Heh because your sweating up a storm dearie, that's how. Now sit so we might get started. You are Misa Amane right?" The girl seemed to be caught off guard for a few seconds but then shook herself from her daze.

"Oh right, that's me and…" she turned to see Light first as he was sitting on the outside of the seat we were in. I saw that her cheeks were now blushing red and she sat down almost automatically. She stared at Light for some time who was still trying to avoid confrontation of any kind since his latest embarrassment by having closed his eyes. However, I could tell he'd felt Misa's stare boring into him and he opened his eyes to look up at her with an impassive expression.

"Yes?" he asked wondering what her deal was. Well, it looks like it's love at first sight again, I thought to myself as I rolled my eyes.

"Are you…" she started but then lowered her voice as she leaned in closer to Light's personal space. "Are you really him? Are you…Kira?" she asked in an almost dead whisper. Luckily though Light and I had heard her. If he was feeling embarrassed he did a very good job at hiding it as he cleared his throat and laced his fingers together on the table.

"Well…" he began but was immediately cut off by her sudden squealing. She looked back at him.

"I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!" she practically shouted making me feel uneasy in such a public place even if we had requested the quiet sitting area.

"Knew what…and can you please keep it down?" he asked somewhat scared now. I could hear it in his voice as I had learned to read some of his emotions through that method whenever he slipped up. Now was one of those times and I felt somewhat bad for him and yet relieved that my true identity hadn't been revealed yet as I was somewhat frightened at what she'd do when she found out. She clenched her fists and went into a total giddy fangirl pose. Then she pointed right at him, her eyes seeming to sparkle like diamonds.

"I knew that you were my prince, my knight in shining armour I've been waiting for, I just knew it. It only makes sense that you'd be so darn handsome and good at what you do. I can't wait to serve you! Then maybe we might fall in love and…Oh wait, how rude of me." She suddenly stood and grabbed Light's hand and began shaking it happily. "My name's Misa Amane and if you haven't already guessed…" she leaned in to whisper. "I'm the second Kira." At this she was thrown into a fit of giggles and blushes as she continued to play the role of fangirl.

Light meanwhile had no idea on how to respond. He glanced my way for help and I realized that that was my cue to step in. I raised my hands as if to calm her down and gulped then cleared my throat.

"Ahem!" I started, calling her attention. She gave me a questioning glance. I blushed slightly embarrassed. "Um, I think there's been a bit of a misunderstanding here." She raised an eyebrow then gave me a criticizing stare which made me even more uncomfortable. I sweated some.

"Don't tell me…" she started becoming sad. "You're his girlfriend aren't you?!"

"What?!" I squeaked. My cheeks now burned red and I knew that I was going to need more chocolate cake and cappuccinos ASAP. She threw her head back and began to overdramatically cry.

"Gah, I knew it, I knew it would be too good to be true. I was all ready to be yours and serve you but here you've already got a girlfriend."

"No, wait…" I spluttered but she just kept going. Ajisai meanwhile sipped her tea and muttered under her breath.

"What idiot's bright idea was it to give this airheaded diva a death note?" Light put up a hand and Misa noticed, quickly quieting down to wait and see what he had to say. He sighed heavily.

"As my younger sister was saying," he started.

"Sister?" questioned Misa giving me another look. Light continued, ignoring the interruption.

"I believe there's been a little misunderstanding here. Now, you've already met Ryuk and you've made the eye deal as well. Now use those two pieces of information to see if you can't figure it out." He brought his elbows up on the table and supported his chin on his laced together hands.

Misa took in what he had said trying to process it for a while, bringing her right index finger up to her chin in a thinking posture. Ajisai rolled her eyes.

"It's not that hard ya know!" she muttered. Misa took some time before she finally got the idea to look up and read Light's name and…

"I can still see your lifespan!" she gasped. She then started looking for Ryuk. "But then that means…" her eyes finally found him and then she looked down at me with a shocked expression. I blushed some as I waved. Her mouth fell open and I turned away scratching nervously at my head and fiddling with my hair.

"Well…now that you can see it, allow me to introduce myself," I started. I turned back to look at her, giving her the best smile I could manage. "My name is Lila Ranger and I…am Kira." There was a long and awkward silence before Misa spoke up again.

"So…it's not him?" she asked pointing to Light. I shrunk away some at that and laughed nervously.

"I'm afraid not but…he is a part of the team." There was another long pause.

"And you two aren't dating?" she asked again making sure. I sighed as did Light.

"No we're not dating," I confirmed. "His family was just nice enough to adopt me when I had nowhere else to go. But that's not important right now. This is a meeting between two Kira's so please…let's decide what we're going to do. Misa, do you still want to help us?" I asked rather tentatively. Misa took a while to answer. She then shook her head and sighed, turning to me with hopeful eyes.

"Of course I still want to help. I owe you…for killing the man who killed my parents. Exactly one year ago…he killed them both right in front of me during a robbery he was committing on our home," she glanced down at the table. "I wanted that man to pay for what he did but the trial dragged on forever and ever. Soon, opinions started surfacing that he was being falsely accused." At this she looked up at me with some tears from the memory in her eyes.

"That's when you did it. Kira…you…punished him for what he did to my parents and that's why, I'm indebted to you. I'll do whatever you want…you can even kill me if you can't use me anymore and I promise that I was very…very careful with the tapes and everything surrounding them. I was even going to hide out Owiyama in disguise to try and find you with my Shinigami eyes so neither of us would've been caught and…" I put up a hand to stop her from rambling. She did as was indicated of her and yielded her speech. I then held her within a fairly serious gaze.

"First of all Misa," I began. "There is no way that I will tolerate you throwing around this nonsense about being killed. Your life is more valuable than what you believe it to be so get that thought out of your head!" She nodded shocked at my sudden strength in words. "Also…I don't want to "Use" you. I'd rather make this a partnership than some slave drive so get that idea out of your head as well. Finally…I know what you were trying to do with the tapes and I thank you for being cautious however; we must now proceed with caution regarding what you've done. L is a tricky man to deal with and I don't think any of us wants to go into the slammer or be executed so now we have to discuss what happens next." Misa nodded again and sat up a little straighter.

"Of course, I'm all ears," she replied. I nodded back in reply.

"Good…now you know that I..." I paused lowering my voice so only the occupants of the table could hear, "Am Kira. Meanwhile Light over her," I jabbed a thumb in his direction and he nodded in acknowledgment, "Is our strategist. And finally, Aunt Ajisai who's beside you is the jailor of whomever we need out of the way and don't want to kill. She's already taking care of the FBI agents with the help of her home town. And you've already met Ryuk…he's my Shinigami and he helps out too whenever he feels up for it." Misa nodded.

"Oh that's right!" she exclaimed. "I almost forgot…you haven't seen my Shinigami yet so here." She looked about cautiously then slipped something underneath the table. We all reach under to touch the familiar texture of a black notebook and once we looked up again…there she was. When I saw Rem I had to admit that she was a lot easier to take in than when Ryuk made his first appearance. Maybe it was because we were in a Japanese café instead of my room on a stormy night with poor lighting. I nodded in her direction.

"And I assume that you must be Rem," I spoke without really thinking. She gave me a look of what I believed to be surprise.

"And how may I ask is it that you know my name when we've never met?" She gave Ryuk a look and I sighed knowing that this was coming. I caught sight of a waiter and flagged her over. Once she was near our table she gave us all a smile. I smiled back slightly nervous.

"Can I get another cappuccino and some more chocolate cake please?" I asked sweetly. Then I turned to Misa. "Would you like anything?" She seemed taken aback at first but then nodded and quickly looked through the menu. She chose a smile grilled sandwich and a cappuccino deluxe which made me change my order to the deluxe when I saw it had whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Light had sighed and ordered another coffee for himself while Ajisai asked for a simply glass of lemonade and I ordered a small apple tart for Ryuk. Once our orders were taken and she left Rem turned skeptical eyes on me.

"Trying to avoid something?" she questioned warily. Light answered her before I could.

"No, she just can't get through stress without an ounce of sugar as a fall back reassurance." I shrunk some in my seat under her gaze but Misa declared it was alright. I sighed and leaned back to think of how this whole mess was going to be resolved. First I had to tell her my story and then we had to strategize. I was just glad we caught her after her first broadcast otherwise I wouldn't know what to do.

It seemed to take forever for our order to get here. Light nodded gratefully to the lady and she left again as I rubbed my temples. As soon as my drink was in front of me I took a few calming sips to slow myself down and think. Finally, I sighed and leaned back again as the cappuccino did its job.

"Alright…before we can strategize," I started. "I think it's only fair that I tell you…the full truth about myself and what's going on here." I waited and Misa nodded as she too began her drink and bit into her sandwich. I cleared my throat. "It starts with…the end of one life…and the beginning of another."

From there I began to retell my tale once more. Misa was wide eyed and intrigued the entire time and when I mentioned the cat, Rem gave her own sign of recognition. As my story wound down to where we are I could see that Misa was practically bouncing on the edge of her seat with excitement and many questions. And wouldn't you know it; that's exactly what I was bombarded with after I finished and went back to my now half eaten cake.

"So like…you mean you've died before? That's really cool when you think about it and here I thought that everybody either goes to heaven or hell or nowhere after they die and yet here you are as living proof. What was it like? Oh wait you probably don't want me asking you something like that. So wait how does the whole English to Japanese language thing work. Are you speaking English now and it's somehow translating while you talk or do you like actually know Japanese now instead of English as if it were your own native tongue. And what's with the cat? Is he really a cat or does he just look like a cat because it's impossible to see his real face and if we did we'd disintegrate or something? Oh and…"

I began to tune her out some as I began to ponder whether the Cheshire cat actually was one of those un-seeable beings that would melt your face off or something else if you did see their true form. I'd only heard about it happening in movies and books and…aw hell…I'd probably buy into that logic now anyways. I was already reanimated so why not throw that onto the pile? Light elbowing me and clearing his voice was what brought me around again from my thoughts. When I looked up everyone was looking at me and I quickly began to go red in the face as I realized they were expecting some sort of answer to a question I hadn't heard.

"Um…" I said. Light and Ajisai sighed while Ryuk chuckled and Misa stared at me expectantly. Rem remained quiet. Light leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"She asked you if you knew how L would react to her broadcast?" he hissed. My cheeks burned red.

"Oh," I said embarrassed. "Right well…" I tried to recall exactly what had happened after the first broadcast specifically. "I believe L began to guess there was more than one Kira since the two were completely different. But I don't know how that will work with me being Kira. If it does happen then I guess we'll have to…try and mislead him somehow. It definitely won't be easy since he's one of smartest people I know in this world other than Light and Near who may or may not come in later depending on how things go." I shrunk back into my seat still embarrassed from not really knowing where to go with all of this.

Before, Misa had made two different broadcasts to contact Kira and then L had had Light respond to the second pretending to be Kira. However, that wouldn't work this time since I'd contacted Misa right after the first one. So honestly, I was at a loss and not even the cappuccino and chocolate cake I was consuming could help me there.

Light sighed beside me. Then he looked up at Ajisai and Misa with a serious look on his face.

"Well we do know that L will most likely respond to this in his own special way. However, we have to be careful where we tread from now on."

"Agreed," Ajisai spoke up. She cleared her throat. "From this point on we're all in this together I suppose and there's no backing out now. Might as well do things right. So Light…what about L's offer to join the task force in order to keep an eye on you and get your help? We can use that to our advantage." Light nodded.

"Yes. I think we should all be careful until I've discovered what L's thinking and what the task force's next move is. Ajisai I think you should remain with our family for a while so as not to make them get too suspicious of a sudden disappearance home." Ajisai nodded.

"Once again I agree. It would do no good if they went poking around near the prison. I've already made the town aware that if it's found, I will take full responsibility. In the end, I'm prepared to go to prison if need be." Misa's eyes seemed to sparkle at this.

"Wow Ms. Ajisai, you're so brave!" she exclaimed. Ajisai scoffed at her simplicity.

"Of course I am. I used to be in Lila's shoes as a Cheshire's candidate after all. I've been through hell and back sweetheart." Misa's eyes continued to sparkle. Rem regarded her with a look of respect.

"I see. So that's why you're helping her." she said simply. Ajisai just grunted a reply and turned back to her drink. I let out a long sigh but then pull myself together.

"So!" I start suddenly. "I guess this means everyone but me is on standby?" Light nods an affirmative and Ryuk and Ajisai seem to agree but Misa seems confused.

"But…I have a death note too," she whined. I sigh and hold her within a sympathetic yet serious gaze.

"I know but if you want to work with us and not get caught we have to get to know you first and stuff like that. After all if you're caught prematurely this could end badly. I think you and I should get to know one another better, Kira to Kira? So we should work together in the next little while until Light comes up with some helpful information, okay?" Misa thought about this for a while until finally she sighed and nodded.

"Alright, I guess that is pretty smart. So we'll just hang or something…wait! Don't you have a job or something?" she asked suddenly. I cringed.

"Well no…not exactly," I admitted reluctantly. "So I guess we could do things on your schedule." She nodded while smiling.

"Okay! I'll call you up tomorrow then and we can get started!" she spoke enthusiastically. I nodded slightly uneasy at how soon she wanted to meet.

"Um…sure!" I stated. Misa giggled like a school girl and I glanced at Rem who was giving me a look that said that if I did anything to harm Misa then I'd be in for it. Like I didn't already know she had a thing for her. I sighed and let myself slump down in my seat; my forehead meeting the table.

"Good then I guess we can adjourn this meeting and go our separate ways after finishing our stuff. Good talk everyone; good talk." With that I lifted my head and like everyone else began to finish our final order of things. Misa of course tried more than once to start a good conversation with Light and I had to laugh at how uncomfortable she was making him in public though he'd never show it.

Finally we finished up and Ajisai – since the location had been her idea and all – paid for everything as we said our goodbyes. After Misa had left and Light and I were in Ajisai's car on the way home, I felt slightly better yet slightly horrified with what could come next for all of us. I was already treading on eggshells as it was after my first two big mistakes in this operation and I wasn't looking forward to the whole being imprisoned by L thing although with my minor suspicion level vs. Light's, I suppose he and Misa would be the only ones caught that is if Light didn't just hand himself over like last time for the plot. I sighed and groaned dragging my hands down my face in the back seat.

"God, why does my afterlife have to suck so bad?" I wonder to myself as we drive through Tokyo all the way home.