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December 19
1:36 PM
Wright Anything Agency

"Alright, ten bucks says I can get a ringer." Athena said to the Spirit Medium next to her.

"Oh, you are so on!" Maya cried, holding her hand out to the young lawyer. Athena grinned and took hold of her hand, shaking it firmly.

Athena drew back her arm, much like she would if she were throwing a Frisbee. She then launched her arm forward, sending the wreath spinning straight at her slumbering boyfriend.

"Ow!" Apollo cried as the wreath planted itself firmly around his neck.

"Yes! That'll be ten bucks, Maya!"

Maya groaned. "I call hacks." She said, reaching into her costume and handing the girl a ten dollar bill.

Athena excitedly snatched up the cash. "You say hacks, I say skill."

Apollo then suddenly grabbed the wreath and tossed it back at Athena, who dodged it expertly. She then heard a loud, "Ow!" from behind her. Apollo went wide-eyed as Athena and Maya turned to see who had been hit. It was none other than Phoenix Wright, his face now framed by the green holiday decoration.

"M-Mr. Wright!" Apollo cried, rushing over to his boss. He pulled the wreath from his face, but was still the focus of Phoenix's death glare. "I-I'm sorry, Mr. Wright. I-it's just… Athena… And the wreath… and-"

Phoenix cut in. "I'm not sure whether to be angrier that you were throwing things around the office, or that you were napping after I put you on toilet duty."

Apollo's horns drooped as he slumped forward. "S-sorry, Mr. Wright. I'll get right on it." He then trudged over to the supply closet and collected the cleaning supplies before heading to the war zone, aka: the bathroom.

Maya and Athena were snickering. Phoenix shot them a glare. "And aren't you two on decorating duty?"

"Nick, we ARE decorating!" Maya protested.

"Giving Apollo a necklace doesn't count."

"Ugh, Nick, do you live with a stick up your butt 24/7?"

"No," Phoenix said, removing his scarf and hanging it up. "Only for about three days out of the week."

Maya stuck her tongue out at the man. "Why do you even have us decorating this late in the month?"

Phoenix sat down at his desk and opened his e-mail. "Because you and Athena wouldn't stop pestering me to decorate, so I finally gave in."

"Yeah, a week before Christmas!" Athena cried. "We're closed after the 22nd, right? So what's the point."

Phoenix shrugged, still scrolling through his e-mails. "You guys wanted to decorate, so you find a point behind it."

Athena groaned and looked at Maya. "Maya, you're dating the Grinch!"

"I'd consider him more of a Scrooge, really. Only without the money,"

Phoenix shot a glare at the two women. "Would you two at least put up the tree?"

"But it's already up, Nick." Maya said, pointing at something.

Phoenix followed her pointer finger to see Charley, a single ornament hanging from his leaves and a Santa hat completing the look.

Phoenix sighed. "Oh, Charley, please forgive me."

"Hey, unlike you, Charley has some holiday spirit, boss!"

"Hey, I have plenty of Holiday cheer, I'll have you know!"

"And by 'Holiday cheer' do you happen to mean the several bottles of festive grape juice in the fridge?" Maya asked.

Phoenix sweat-dropped. "Why do you torture me so, Maya?"

Athena and Maya burst into laughter and continued to go about their business, hanging up tinsel and other festive decorations.

Meanwhile, Phoenix continued to browse his e-mail, when one letter in particular caught his attention. It was from his father, Hugh Randall Wright.

His curiosity piqued, having not heard from his parents for several months, he opened the letter.


How are you, son? Feels like your mother and I haven't heard from you in a year! Anyway, I haven't been able to reach you by phone for some time, so I finally got the neighbor boy to help me send this e-mail. Good, kid, that one. Anyway, I'll cut right to the chase. We want you to come home for Christmas. I know you usually spend the holidays with that Psychic girl up in the mountains, but since you two are living together now, we were hoping to finally meet the young lady. Plus, it's been quite a while since we got to see our little Trucy. Please get back in touch with us, son. We miss you.

Sincerely, Hugh R. Wright

Phoenix stared dumbfounded at the screen. He couldn't believe this. Not only did it shock him that his father not only owned, and had learned (somewhat) to use, a computer. But he also couldn't believe that his parents, whom he spoke to maybe twice a year, were asking him to come over for Christmas.

He hadn't actually visited his parents since about two weeks before he'd gotten his badge back. When he'd told them he was going to retake the bar, they'd reacted much the same as he expected.

"Oh, well, that's nice dear." His mother had said, her face registering hardly any emotion.

His father simply stared at him with a death glare. The same look he gave him every time he mentioned lawyers or anything about the courts.

It never surprised Phoenix when his father gave him that look. After all…

A defense attorney had nearly killed the man.

December 19
2:12 PM
High Prosecutor's Office

Klavier Gavin sat at his desk, his feet propped up on the desk and a guitar in his hands. He was trying to make his hands move, to play something, anything, but the music didn't come. It had been like this for some time. Ever since April of two years ago, he'd found that the music didn't flow as smoothly from his fingers as it used to. He'd managed to keep up appearances, of course. How could he not? He was Klavier Gavin, the rock star prosecutor. But his heart felt heavy.

He plucked a few strings absentmindedly. He sighed. "Ach, why do I get like this around the holidays?" He said to no one in particular. Unless one were to count the acoustic guitar he held.

Realizing he wouldn't be getting anything done musically, he placed the guitar back in its case redirected his attention to the next best thing; work.

He pored over the various files of his last few trials, all of which he had won. He was so invested in his reading, he just barely heard the knock at his door.

"It's open." He said, not removing his eyes from the file in front of him.

The door creaked open to reveal Ema Skye, who strode up to his desk and laid a manila envelope in front of the prosecutor.

"Here's that file you wanted, fop." She said, hoping to get a rise out of him.

He didn't even look at her. He simply said, "Danke, Detective."

Disappointed, Ema huffed and left the office, closing the door behind her.

Outside the office, Ema sighed and leaned against the wall. Man, it's no fun making on him when he doesn't even register that he's being mocked. Doesn't help that he always gets like this around Christmas.

"Fraulein, could you come back in for a moment?" Klavier called from the inside.

Ema turned around and re-entered the office. "Yeah, what is it, fop?"

Again, Klavier shrugged off her taunt. "This file, it says that the victim's cause of death was strangulation. Was this with someone's bare hands, or was some sort of weapon used?"

Ema thought over the investigation. "The coroner thinks the murderer used some sort of wire. Did that not include that detail?"

"Nein. Danke fraulein, I will speak with the coroner and get this straightened out."

"That all ya needed."

"Ja, you may go, detective." He then quickly returned to his work, browsing the files on his desk. Ema simply stood there, staring at the German man. Klavier took notice of this and looked back at the woman. "Is something wrong, fraulein?"

"I dunno, fop. Tell me, IS something wrong?"

"I-I'm not sure I understand."

"Well let me spell it out for ya." Ema said, walking towards the man's desk and slamming her hands down on it. "You act like this every year around Christmas. At first, it was refreshing. Not having to put up with as much of your foppishness for the last few weeks of the year. But now, two years after we started working together, it's bugging the crap out of me. What the hell is your deal? Your heart two sizes too small?"

Klavier was taken aback by this. "F-fraulein…" He cast his gaze downward. "It is… a personal matter."

"Ugh! I try to have a serious talk with you and you brush it aside. Typical. Fine, keep living with the humbug up your butt!" Ema then turned to storm off. As she reached for the doorknob, Klavier spoke up.

"It is my family, fraulein."

"Huh?" Ema turned back to look at the blonde haired prosecutor, who had an out of character serious look on his face.

"My family. That's why I act differently around the holidays."

"Your family, huh? What about them?" Ema asked as she stepped into the center of the room.

"Well, you are well aware of mein bruder, ja?"

"Krazy Kristoph? Yeah. Everyone in the legal world knows about him." Ema said.

"Then it should come as no surprise that I have not been to see him for some time, given his actions. What may surprise you, however, is that I have also not heard from the rest of mein familie for quite some time."

Ema was shocked. The fop's family doesn't talk to him? Not even long lost uncles looking for handouts from the kid that made it big. "Why would your family not talk to you?"

Klavier sighed. "Well, meine eltern, that is, parents, they seem to see me as a traitor for my hand in Kristoph's imprisonment. And so they wish to have nothing to do with me."

"Wait, your parents side with your psychotic brother? What the hell!?"

"Ja. Und as you can imagine, practically being disowned by them tends to hit fairly hard around Christmas time. Throw in the shaky break up of my band, and you can understand why I am not the most cheerful person at this time of year, ja?"

Ema hadn't expected to actually open up. Let alone go into the details of his family life. "So, you weren't always like this around Christmas? More of a recent thing?"

"Ja." Klavier said as he began to turn his attention back to his work. "I have few reasons to celebrate, fraulein. So I suppose I become, how you say, a Scrooge."

"Well, I'd say more of a Grinch, but that's beside the point."

"Now," Klavier said as he clacked away on his keyboard. "Will that be all, detective?"

Ema racked her brain for a moment before sighing and rolling her eyes as she looked at the ceiling. "Can't believe I'm about to say this."

"Did you say something, fraulein?" Klavier asked.

Ema sighed again. "Look, now that you've told me that you don't really celebrate Christmas anymore, I'd feel like a Grinch myself if I didn't ask. My sister's gonna be out of town for Christmas with her fiancé, so I won't have anyone to celebrate with. You wanna come to my place Christmas Eve? I hate celebrating alone."

Klavier had to shake his head and pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. "I-I'm sorry, Fraulein, I must have misheard. It sounded like you were inviting me to your house for Christmas dinner."

"First of all, it's an apartment. Second, I did. I may treat you like I hate your guts, but your not my least favorite person. Now do you wanna come over or not?"

Klavier was stunned. Fraulein detective was willingly inviting him to her apartment? Had he stepped into an alternate world.

"I… I would… I would love to, Fraulein."

"Alright, cool. I'll let you know what time later." She then turned and left the office, leaving Klavier with his thoughts.

Mein got. What the hell just happened?