Chapter 1-Another Time

An old man sat on a small log in the middle of a forest deep within the region of Fire Country. He had a long beard that was so long it touched the ground. His head was bald with a small amount of white hair going down the back of his head and a X-shaped scar on the front of his forehead. This man was wearing an orange trench coat with a black spiral on the back to signify what clan he belonged to and was wearing a black shirt with black pants. He had Shinobi sandals on, shin guards, arm guards, and resting beside him was a large wooden staff he used as a cane.

Though in truth, it was much more then that.

As for who this person was in life? His name?

"Uzumaki Naruto. You are coming with us," commanded a masked ANBU Shinobi with a headband signifying he was from Konoha along with his team consisting of twenty other identical figures appearing from the shadows.

And on the sleeves of their arms was the crest of the Uchiha Clan to further signify who they all followed.

The figure that was now identified as Uzumaki Naruto ignored while he seemed to stare at nothing while smoking from his pipe. The very one that at one point belonged to the Sandaime Hokage himself.

"And just what does your honorable Hokage for an Uchiha want with me?" asked Naruto in an old, yet still strong voice.

"You sent the nine Biju away from this world. We are here to bring you back to Konoha where you are hereby ordered to reverse what you have done and seal them again in those chosen by Hokage-sama himself. You are to create nine new Jinchuriki for Konoha to use in the growing confrontation with the other four Shinobi villages rebelling against us," commanded the ANBU Captain, who saw Naruto blow some smoke out from his mouth.

"My answer like the last time a team came to see me is still the same. No," replied Naruto firmly while the team of ANBU suddenly drew their weapons.

"We have been authorized to use force to bring you back. Hokage-sama doesn't need you to cooperate. Just your knowledge on what you did and how to reverse it, which he will get from your way or another," threatened the ANBU Captain while Naruto just sighed.

"I told Sasuke to leave me alone. Time and time again, I have told that fool to leave me in peace. To let me live my life away from Konoha after everything I have lost. After I had my dreams taken from me. But like all Uchiha, he doesn't listen to others, nor does he try to think beyond his own desires, or ambitions in a quest for more power. Kurama was indeed correct. The Uchiha Clan is a cursed clan. Just as Konoha has become a cursed village," remarked Naruto before putting the pipe away.

"You traitorous bastard!" exclaimed an angry ANBU to the Captain's right, who signaled for him to calm down while keeping an eye on the old man in front of them.

Naruto wasn't always this old looking. It had been a price he was forced to pay. One the Shinigami told him would be the cost when the Uzumaki summoned him and wanted to free the Biju from being turned into tools of war again. It had happened shortly after the Fourth Shinobi War had ended and peace happened throughout the lands and all was least at first.

Until Sasuke was made the Seventh Hokage.

As it turned out, Naruto couldn't become Hokage of Konoha due to his Mother being from the Uzumaki Clan in Uzu, and thus considered a foreigner at the time when she came to the village. The law stated no one of foreigner blood from another country or Shinobi village could become Hokage. That only someone of such decadency after three generations down could have that right. By that point, they were considered to be "pure blooded Konoha citizens" once that happened and the chance of betraying the village had been successfully "bred out". It was a law imposed by the Sandaime Hokage himself during his younger years as the ruler of the village. He had made this rule "officially" as a "precaution" should enemies of Konoha try to infiltrate Konoha as refugees, seduce some of its people, and then raise the children they have to usurp the power of the village from within. To prevent possible traitors and sleeper agents from destroying the village once the next generation were full grown.

The Uzumaki Clan had been no exception to this particular law. In fact, it seemed the law was designed specifically for them. Which was why Kushina couldn't be Hokage despite her actually being stronger then Minato was in many aspects. The man tried to repeal the law, but the Sandaime, and Jiraiya had been against it along with several other members on the Council despite Kushina's ranting at times at it being unfair since she had been loyal to Konoha for years after joining their ranks following the Uzumaki Clan's fall during the Second Shinobi War.

Of course, both Koharu and Homura had been most adamant about this rule being used when the nominations came up for who would succeed Tsunade as Hokage following Sasuke being pardoned for his past crimes. The two old bats went on and on about how Naruto couldn't be trusted to handle the many responsibilities surrounding the duties of being Hokage. How Sasuke was truly someone who would take it seriously and lead Konoha down a path worthy of the title.

Naturally, Naruto felt betrayed by this, and even more so when Sasuke accepted it with a smirk on his face. As if the Uchiha had always known this would happen and was just now showing his hand on the matter.

But Naruto endured. He may not have had the title of Hokage, but that didn't mean the man couldn't have a family, and children to call his own who could take the hat one day. Tsunade apologized to him and he accepted it since the woman had fought for his right to be Hokage during the nominations every step of the way.

Not that it matter shortly after, as his lovely wife Hinata, and their two children were his pride and joy in Konoha. Their love helping his scarred heart healing quite nicely and making him forget about the betrayal delivered against him.

Only for his loving family to be taken away from him via the hands of death. Or more specifically, they were all killed on secret orders by Koharu, Homura, Sasuke, and the Hyuuga Elders. Naruto was given an assignment by Sasuke for a diplomatic mission outside of Konoha to handle some growing tensions near Earth Country. A mission where Naruto wasn't suppose to come back from since it was secretly a trap to end his life in order to remove him as a threat to the grand plan Sasuke wished to invoke using the nine Biju and his Sharingan.

When Naruto was away on his "mission", Sasuke ordered his ANBU to kill Hinata at the request of the Hyuuga Elders, and also her children to ensure none of Naruto's progeny could be a future threat to the Uchiha's rule. Hinata however, was not a meek woman to be crossed when it came to protecting her children, and showed it by killing almost all of the ANBU attacking the house. She would have prevailed against them had it not been for Sasuke showing up at the last moment and moved to kill her children with his Chidori intent on being aimed for a two for one kill. Hinata used her body as a shield to take the hit to the heart, but with her last act of strength, she struck Sasuke in various point, took one of his eyes, and even made the man sterile so he would be denied having any progeny of his own to continue his legacy.

Enraged by what Hinata had done since she told him, Sasuke used what strength he had left along with his remaining ANBU in the area, and burned the Uzumaki house down with the intended targets inside. Hinata had held her two scared children close while they wept and she told them it was all right. That they would be going to a nice place where no one could hurt them ever again. They asked if daddy would join them and Hinata could only smile at the two before kissing their foreheads.

And soon after...the fire consumed them.

When Naruto returned to Konoha, he was furious beyond belief, as his assassins sent to kill him on his mission (Konoha Nin all), were killed violently, and after torturing the leader of the group (slowly)...he now knew who sent them. When he got back home, the blonde knew something was amiss, and found his house burned to the ground with the smoke still rising from the remains. Walking through it, Naruto saw the bodies of his wife, and children holding each other close. At first, Naruto didn't understand how this could happen, but a burned message, written in chard blood (Hinata's blood) burned into the wood of the floor, and told him all he needed to know about who caused this.

Uchiha Sasuke

Naruto wasted no time kicking down the door of the Hokage's office. He saw that Sasuke, the Hyuuga Elders, Homura, and Koharu were shocked to see Naruto not only alive, but relatively unharmed. Stained in blood yes, but it wasn't his blood. Many of the ninja in the tower tried to stop him from heading to Sasuke's office, but they were either killed, or were badly injured by him.

Before they could do or say anything, Naruto unleashed his fury on them, and the ANBU in the room. Homura and Koharu were the first to die. They were old and weak so they were of no consequence, same with the Hyuuga Elders being in the same boat, and too old to move to defend themselves. But Sasuke was a different matter and deserved to suffer greatly at his hands. The Uchiha was weakened from what Hinata had done to him and Naruto was not going to give Sasuke a chance to win their fight.

Said fight spilled into the streets below, where Naruto proceeded to beat the living Hell out of Sasuke, calling him a traitor, coward, backstabber, a power hungry bastard, and the murderer of his family. Despite everything, Sasuke smirked when Naruto called him the last part, and the Uchiha called his former friend a fool for showing mercy in asking the Daimyos to pardon him. How he had taken everything from Naruto and now the loser could truly understand him in a way no one else could. How the darkness would now consume Naruto like it was always meant to and the Uchiha would finally succeed in breaking the Will of an Uzumaki.

Naruto however, was not one to break like Sasuke thought. Instead, Naruto decided to take something else from Sasuke to further "even the playing field", and drew his sword he had acquired from his Mother's homeland. Before Sasuke could do or say anything, Naruto took his remaining eye, and his bandaged arm meant to replace his real one during the Fourth Shinobi War.

You're nothing to me now Sasuke. You're not my brother or a friend. You are my enemy. All the Shinobi who follow you are my enemy. It doesn't matter if they were my friends or not. Any Shinobi who comes for me from this day forward in your name is my enemy. And I will kill them. You wanted me to break Sasuke, but I'm not going to break. I'm going to do what you can't do. Endure. I'm going to live and you are going to rot. The world will know just how rotten you are and leave you to your fate long with this rotting village.

Those had been his final words to Sasuke before Naruto left with Kurama so the Uchiha wouldn't use him for his own twisted purposes. Just because Sasuke lost his eyes didn't mean their weren't replacements he could use for the same purpose.

Since then, Naruto had been a wanted man throughout Konoha, and Fire Country despite what Sasuke had done. All Konoha Nin now had standing orders to find and kill Naruto should he be located by them. But that wasn't all. Apparently, the other Kages heard what the Uchiha had done, and wanted no part of what the Hokage was planning to do. They closed off their boarders and sent a message to Sasuke for his Shinobi to enter at their own risk for Konoha was now their enemy.

Enraged, Sasuke upon being healed, declared war on them all, calling each village traitors to Konoha, and declared his to be the one true Shinobi village of the Elemental Countries. How he was the "Supreme Kage", who ruled over all over all the other Kages. He even went so far as to declare that all Shinobi villages and their Kages should and would swear loyalty to him or be destroyed by his power. That they would bend the knee or he would break their backs before ending their lives along with the lives of their progeny.

Hence the beginning of the Fifth Shinobi War or as the people of Konoha called it, The Rebellion of the Four Kages.

Naruto stayed out of it for the most part. He needed time to mourn the loss of his wife and children.

That all changed when the few remaining loyal spies from his network had gained were able to inform him of Sasuke's plan to win the war. To gather all of the nine Biju via the use of his replacement Sharingan Eyes. To force them into submission with the power of his Dojutsu and unleash enslaved Biju on the Four Kages and their allied forces.

Naturally, Naruto could not let this stand. The Biju had earned the right to live and be free from being sealed by humans. From being used by power hungry humans for their wars. From being seen only as tools, slaves, or weapons to be used for personal gain in conquering the world.

So Naruto decided to do the only thing he could do given the situation...he would gather the nine Biju himself and send them away to a realm where humans couldn't use them. Where they could be safe. Free. Happy. Everything they were denied in life shortly after the Sage created them from the chakra of the Juubi sealed in his body.

So Naruto went to each village. One by one. Speaking to the Biju about his plan. How he wanted to prevent Sasuke's plan from happening. How it was the only way that Sasuke or any other human in the future could be denied such ambitions. Reluctantly, each Biju agreed with him, and eventually joined Naruto in the ruins of Uzu to perform the means to take them to such a place.

Of course, opening such a portal to a realm like that required a price be paid to a deity capable of cutting a hole to such a place. And the only one Naruto could think of who could be summoned for such an assignment...had been the Shinigami.

When the deity stood in front of him, Naruto told the Shinigami what he wanted, and was willing to pay the price if it meant Sasuke's plans would fail. The Shinigami for all of his deathly appearance, looked quite impressed with the Uzumaki standing before him. As such, the Shinigami did not take his soul like Naruto thought he would, but rather asked for something else in return. Something the Biju protested since what was being asked was possibly worse!

The Shinigami had demanded that the price for Naruto's overall plans to succeed...was the man's youth. That the Uzumaki be turned into an old Uzumaki. Granted he would still be strong, even by the standards of an elder Uzumaki, but still aged to the point where he would be a very old looking man. However, to even the playing field, the Shinigami gave Naruto's sword a piece of its essence to bond to the man, and become what the deity had called...a Zanpakuto.

A sword of incredible power. One only Naruto could truly wield. A sword that would be able to bring the world to its knees should its fully strength be unleashed. And with this incredible power...the equally incredible knowledge on how to use it properly against his enemies.

Without hesitation on his part, Naruto agreed to the terms the Shinigami set, and let the other villages know what he did to deny Sasuke his plans for the Biju.

After that, Sasuke became livid beyond measure. He had ordered for Naruto's capture and to be brought back to Konoha to not only undo what he had done, but to "face Hokage's justice" as he called it. Since then, Naruto had been the most wanted man in Fire Country, but no one could pin him down in terms of location unless he wanted to be found.

When they did, it was usually Konoha Shinobi sent by Sasuke to capture him, and they usually died slow painful deaths. None of Naruto's true friends like the Rookies, Gai's old team, or the Konohamaru Corps. were among those sent. Tsunade and Shizune left too. So did Naruto's favorite ramen stand owners. Even the various senseis of the Rookies and their own set of children to ensure something of the next generation holding the true Will of Fire survived. They knew when to leave and did leave when they saw just how corrupt Konoha had become under Sasuke's rule. Only Sakura stayed to support Sasuke's rule of tyranny, determined to fix Sasuke's sterility, and to one day have his child.

Or at least she was determined...before Naruto killed her on a C-ranked mission she was on and sent what was left of the woman's body back to Sasuke in tiny pieces.

"It is well that you are all idiots. It makes the motion of killing you all feel less heavy on my heart," remarked Naruto before he vanished in a blur and appeared behind them one second later.

Soon after, the ANBU fell to the ground dead due to being sliced to pieces.

But this wasn't enough for Naruto. No. This had to end NOW! This had to end with Konoha being burned to the ground and its ashes scattered into the winds. While Naruto knew he was stronger then Sasuke would ever be for years to come right now, his body was still old, and Uzumaki or not...age catches up with you. Naruto wasn't going to be like Sarutobi Hiruzen and let this Uchiha version of Orochimaru be allowed to do what he wanted in the hopes of repenting in the future.

The Uchiha had his chance for redemption and pissed it all away! All of Konoha had the chance to change and only the minority of them did! A small minority too!

Smirking slightly, Naruto had an idea on just how to hit this problem in the bud, and end this nonsense permanently with Sasuke. It was dangerous, suicidal, and ultimately mean his end. But...he wouldn't be Uzumaki Naruto if that didn't fit his personality perfectly.

(Konoha-1 Week Later)

Konoha sounded the alarm. Shinobi from the village swarmed the main gate, armed at the ready, weapons drawn, and chakra surging through them to use Jutsus. They all stared at the figure who was the source of this action with a bit of fear, apprehension, and anger all mixed into one. Not surprising since they lost many of their comrades to this elderly man and the rumored power he wielded.

Even if he didn't look it.

Behind these Shinobi of Konoha came Sasuke, wearing his Hokage hat and robes with the Uchiha symbol on the back of the robes as if to signify only an Uchiha could be Hokage. Not surprising since fire was the main affinity of the Uchiha Clan and felt no one else could hold the right to be Hokage due to that stipulation.

"So loser, you've finally decided to show yourself after all this time in hiding. Did you come to acknowledge my greatness? Come to beg for forgiveness? To help me end this stupid rebellion by the other Kages?" remarked Sasuke with a smirk at seeing just how old his former friend looked.

"No on all counts Sasuke. You are not worthy of my help much less acknowledgment of greatness. You are lower then trash," replied Naruto with Sasuke scowling at him.

"Says the weak old man currently standing before me, who looks like a mere gust of wind could easily knock him over with little to no effort," countered Sasuke harshly while he saw Naruto now sporting a smirk and letting out a chuckle.

"Come now Sasuke-teme. If there is one thing you should have learned by now after all this time, is that you should never EVER underestimate a member of the Uzumaki Clan. Especially when that Uzumaki just so happens to be ME!" stated Naruto with his eyes suddenly going from humorous to cold and icy.

"Restrain him!" ordered Sasuke with his eyes active and his Shinobi moved in to take Naruto down.

Only to be hit with an invisible weight of pressure and see Naruto's hunched form now straighten with the look of a warrior replacing the friendly weak old man. Removing his coat, Naruto revealed his body was not one of a weak frail old man like he made others here believe, but a hardened warrior of battle, and with the scars to prove it. His eyes were one of fury, fire, and conviction that Sasuke had never seen before until now in Naruto.

"Fools! You follow a false Kage. Sasuke believes himself better then everyone around him and all should fall at his feat as if he were a God. In truth, he would see you all burn in order to escape my wrath, but I will not allow it! This village has become corrupt. The Will of Fire has become one of darkness and hatred. It must be burned out and cleansed from this world," said Naruto before his crude looking walking stick turned into a sword and he grabbed the hilt.

"Damn you loser! I don't know what you are about to do, but I won't allow it to happen! YOU HEAR ME! YOU ARE GOING TO DIE HERE! THIS WORLD IS MINE! ITS PEOPLE ARE MINE! MY VISION OF THE WORLD AS I SEE IT IS LAW!" yelled Sasuke in defiance while wishing he could move his body to stop Naruto.

"Wrong. Your vision of the world is about to be destroyed. 'Reduce all creation into ash: Ryujin Jakka!'" exclaimed Naruto before a seemingly unstoppable wave of fire exploded from his being and consumed all who stood in its path.

Namely his enemies.

None survived the onslaught. All of Konoha was consumed in the fire, the intense blade of it all destroying everything, and everyone in the village. Some tried to run, but they did not get very far, and the buildings themselves easily fell apart from the intensity of the blaze.

And Naruto was just getting started.

Calling forth all his power, he made the fire spin violently in a circle over the whole village before it split into four, and dived down into the earth below. Only to rise up in four different corners of and shot up toward the heavens with the desire to leave nothing of the village being evident in his actions.

This place was going to burn and everything around it for miles. Not even the Hokage Monument would be spared. Not that it was much of a monument anymore. Sasuke had taken the other Hokage heads down and replaced them all with one giant head of himself to further enforce his greatness. To show everyone that HE was the greatest Hokage that Konoha would ever had or needed in its lifetime.

Naruto saw it as an insult and eyesore.

'Do not worry Hinata. My children. I'm coming home,' thought Naruto before closing his eyes and brought all his strength down on the village to cause a massive explosion.

Deidara the Mad Bomber of Iwa would have praised him as a God if he were alive to see the end result of Naruto's actions.

As for Naruto, he embraced his oblivion without fear. Why should he? His enemies were no more. The war that Sasuke started was now at an end. Peace would return to the world once more. The remaining four Kages would endure in ruling their villages without him and hopefully wouldn't try to kill each other anytime soon.

And even then, it was no longer his concern.

"I wouldn't be too sure of that my boy," came the gravely voice of the Shinigami.

"I see. So you've come to take back the power you gave me," remarked Naruto with the Shinigami letting out a chuckle.

"No I am not," replied the Shinigami.

"Then why are you here?" asked Naruto with the Shinigami looking almost tired.

"I need your help dear boy. The world as you know is not what it should be or should have been for many years. In fact, the world as you have lived it up until now has been wrong," answered the Shinigami with Naruto looking surprised.

"So my life as I know was a mistake? Is that it?" questioned Naruto with the Shinigami shaking his head.

"No. Not a mistake. Just...wrong. Your Mother's clan for should not have been destroyed," replied the Shinigami.

"And yet it was. By four of the five Shinobi villages no less," remarked Naruto with the Shinigami shaking its head.

"Not four. Five. All five Shinobi villages had a hand in it. Konoha included," replied the Shinigami with Naruto looking at him shock and horror.

"What?" whispered Naruto while the Shinigami nodded.

"After Sarutobi Hiruzen became the Hokage, he feared for the future of Konoha. He knew the Uzumaki Clan was growing in strength. In power. It would only be a matter of time before the clan allied with Konoha would become its own entity. And given how members of the Uzumaki Clan are the only ones capable of holding Kyuubi...he felt they needed to be crippled to prevent them from ever having such strength," said the Shinigami while Naruto was furious.

"Who else was involved in that decision? Who else knew the truth?" asked Naruto though he had a good idea on most if not all of them.

"Hiruzen's old teammates of course. His former rival Shimura Danzo. Orochimaru helped plot where to strike. And...Jiraiya in order to go acquire your Mother for the transfer of the Kyuubi from Mito to her," answered the Shinigami while Naruto was once again floored.

"Jiraiya was involved? Orochimaru I could see. Danzo and those other two bastards. But Jiraiya?" questioned Naruto while feeling the bond he had with the Sannin break.

"He helped disable the security and trap seals that would have destroyed the advanced enemy attack force. He also used his spy network to leak the secret passages the enemy ninja could slip into the village to perform the pincer attack Orochimaru help devised to make it successful. He knew the one Uzumaki acquired from the clan would be able to do Fuinjutsu easily. In fact, Mito left a great deal of knowledge for her to learn from after your Mother came here. Hiruzen knew this and made sure Kushina would put the skills gained to good use for Konoha's benefit. Didn't you find it odd that both Hiruzen and his student knew about your clan, your Mother, and what they could do? Yet they did not once make sure you were taught those same skills?" explained the Shinigami with Naruto's face contorting with rage.

"What do I need to do? You clearly have some idea on how to fix things so the life I have lived doesn't repeat itself a second time," replied Naruto with the Shinigami nodding.

"I will send you back in time Naruto. Back before you were born. During the days of the Second Shinobi War. You will alter events so your clan does not fall and Konoha as you know it does not act the way it did," answered the Shinigami.

"And what happens when I do something that alters time and erases me from existence? Do you care if I decide to crush Konoha if I so choose?" questioned Naruto while the Shinigami shakes his head.

"No. The first part won't happen. You will be sent back, but not as Uzumaki Naruto. You will in truth be sent back as another member of the Uzumaki Clan. As for the village that helped betray as you see fit unless I tell you otherwise," answered the Shinigami with Naruto raising an eyebrow at the deity.

"So I go back in time as myself, but NOT as myself so I won't risk destroying myself in the distant future. Is that correct?" asked Naruto with the Shinigami nodding.

"Yes. With the proper alterations to the timeline, your future self will grow up strong, well educated, and more importantly...have a family who will love you no matter what," replied the Shinigami with Naruto nodding.

"I don't suppose its too much to ask for a much younger body, is it? While I am no slouch in this form as you know, I would prefer to live long enough to at least see myself being born," replied Naruto with the Shinigami chuckled.

"I can give you back your energy so you can live longer, but the current form you are in stays the same. After all, I think you would find it funny to see grown men barely a third of your current aged form being unable to win against you in a fight," remarked the Shinigami with Naruto thinking it over before nodding.

'Well...he's not wrong,' thought Naruto before the deity gave him back his energy and the old looking Uzumaki felt stronger in the process.

"It is time. When you awaken in the world of the living, you will no longer be Uzumaki Naruto. He doesn't exist yet. You will be Uzumaki Yamamoto Genryƫsai Shigekuni!" declared the Shinigami with Naruto sweat dropping at the long ass name.

"Can't you just call me Uzumaki Yamamoto for short?" asked Naruto with the Shinigami letting out a chuckle while showing his face did look at tad...sheepish.

"Yes, I suppose it is a bit...long," remarked the Shinigami while Naruto sighed a bit at the deity.

"I'm ready. Let's get this over with," said Naruto impatiently.

"Even after aging into an old man you still act impatient," commented the Shinigami.

"I'm an Uzumaki. What did you expect?" countered Naruto with a small huff.

"Indeed," said the Shinigami before he opened the necessary portal for old Uzumaki to enter.

It was time to change the history of the world as he knew...and for the better.

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