Chapter 8-Change for the Better

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Sure enough, the recently made Yondaime Hokage declared war on Uzu for the Uchiha leading this "supposed injustice" against Konoha. Word soon spread how the two once great allies that held off the other Shinobi villages together were now turning on each other. At first, the other four Kages from each of these different Shinobi villages saw this as an opportunity to strike back against Konoha, and maybe even Uzu if they played their cards right.

Of course, that was before they did an inventory of their own supplies, and did a head count of their overall military strength. As it turned out, even if the four Shinobi villages were to ally together against Konoha or Uzu to get their revenge, the combined might of their army would fail. Konoha may not possess two Jinchuriki anymore, but they still had the Sharingan from the Uchiha Clan. And Uzu itself now had two Jinchuriki despite the fact neither were said to been trained to use the power of the Biju they held. Not that it really mattered since Uzu had all the clans that were once in Konoha except the Uchiha Clan (plus a few from the other clans no longer welcome) with them now.

Kiri was still suffering from heavy losses on their front and now only had one Jinchuriki left after the debacle in using the three tails as a ticking time bomb on Konoha in the last war. While they still had the stronger of the two Biju that they had originally, its current holder was an old man, and his replacement was a child yet to be born. Not only that, but Water Country was a continent unto itself, and required cooperation with the navy with the ships needed to get them to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the ships themselves were showing their age, needed to be repaired, or scrapped depending on the state each ship was currently in.

Iwa couldn't do anything since they suffered the most in terms of losses by Namikaze Minato near the end of the war. Even with their two Jinchuriki on hand, Uzu could easily negate their power with Fuinjutsu, and so could Konoha with the Uchiha Clan's damn Sharingan. The Sandaime Tsuchikage felt it was best to let the two former allied villages duke it out before deciding to get involved later at a more convenient time when his own forces had the strength to take the fight to both sides.

Kumo was slightly better off then Iwa. Manly because of their own forces being larger then Iwa, Suna, or Kiri with two Jinchuriki to call their own. But the status of both said hosts to the Biju were them being two young to fully master the chakra of each Biju they possessed. One was a little girl with the two-tailed Nibi and the eight tailed Hachibi was the adopted brother of the soon to be Yondaime Raikage. While formidable for his age, the young man had not mastered his Biju's power, and there was also the issue with the Lightning Daimyo wanting to keep the peace due to the recession the country was in. Times would be tough for everyone within Lightning Country, even for the Shinobi of Kumo due to funding decreasing, and the number of high ranked missions they would take within their own borders.

While now allies with Konoha since the near end of the Third Shinobi War, Suna was by far, the weakest of the four Shinobi villages watching this new one springing up. They had taken some pretty heavy hits on all fronts during the last war and the only reason they were not invaded by any of their rivals was due to their one Jinchuriki using the power of the Biju to the control the sand around their village, if not the entire country to defend it from invasion. While they still had their Biju on hand, the current Jinchuriki was an old man, and would not be long for this world. Fortunately, Shukaku was the weakest of the Biju, and therefore did not need to be sealed within a human host to contain him. Rather a mere tea kettle would do and that was where the Kazekage planned to put the Biju until absolutely necessary.

As for Konoha itself? Their new Yondaime Hokage was proving to be quite inadequate when it came to leading the village. After his command to attack Uzu was given, the deployment of Konoha's remaining forces was underway, but in doing so left the village itself exposed to being attacked. Spies from the minor Shinobi villages saw this moment in time as a means to strike Konoha and launched an assault on Konoha five days after the bulk of the major village's forces left to fight Uzu. It had actually been a pretty close defeat on Konoha's part due to so many of their best and most experienced Shinobi were sent to attack Uzu. The only reason Konoha had a chance against an alliance of three minor Shinobi villages was due to Hiruzen being appointed temporary Hokage again while Fugaku went off to lay siege to Uzu. It was especially hazardous to him personally due to his age starting to show and the man was exhausted when it was over.

At the same time, word soon reached Fugaku about the attack, and had to stop his march to Uzu in order to head back and reinforce the defenses within Konoha. After all, if three minor villages could come together, and attack his village when it was sporting minimum number of Shinobi defending it, who was to was say one of the major powers might try their hand? Of course, the Yondaime's pride as a man, Hokage, and Uchiha were in direct conflict with one another. Part of him wanted to continue heading to Uzu, confident they could attack them, win, and come back to Konoha with the spoils from the victory to help in making the village the superior one out of all the others. At the same time, the voice of reason, which was a tiny voice, if not a whispery thing, told Fugaku that leaving Konoha in its weakened state without returning to properly defend it from further attacks would leave the village open to further attacks by the minor village or one of the major powers.

Surprisingly, the tiny voice of reason won out. Barely, but it still won.

And because of this, Fugaku had no choice, but to call off his campaign to attack Uzu until the village was strong enough to defend itself when trying again. So for the next few years, Konoha was stewing with anger, and resentment over what they believed was a betrayal on Minato's part with his wife along with those who followed him. There was also open resentment against Uzu for allowing all the people that left Konoha to go to their village to start anew. As supposed allies, Uzu should not only have denied the traitors sanctuary, but helped Konoha capture, and detain them until Konoha could take them back for..."reeducation purposes". As far as Konoha was concerned, Uzu had been conspiring with the traitors to get them to relocate, and were just as guilty as Minato's group.

It was actually the perfect smear campaign and something that Konoha had no problem trying to use it to make sure clients Uzu would normally get would stay away from them and go to Konoha. Unfortunately, Uzu had anticipated this, and countered with the reason so many left Konoha for Uzu in the first place. Even going so far as to reveal the secret conspiracy done by Konoha to betray the Uzumaki Clan during the Second Shinobi War during the early years of the Sandaime Hokage ruling over Konoha.

And thanks to the Uzumaki Clan's own spy network, which had absorbed Jiraiya's own, and improved upon after the man was killed, the world knew of Konoha's sins. It had made a lot of people not want to do business with Konoha and go elsewhere. Why should they hire a village to assist them when Konoha would gladly or possibly betray them in the future once receiving payment? It also didn't help that information about Root being used to raid wealthy caravans inside and outside of Fire Country were being made known to the public thanks to Uzu's spy network.

Eventually, the Fire Daimyo in his elderly years showed his displeasure with Konoha and moved to cut the village's budget for the next few years as punishment. To counter this, Danzo had secretly ordered Root to assassinate the Daimyo and make it seem like Uzu or at the very least one of the other Shinobi villages had done it. This move was also done to help the eldest of the Feudal Lord's sons become the new Daimyo so the new leader of Fire Country could be manipulated properly to give them plenty of funding for their future war with Uzu.

The plan had ultimately been a mix of both success and failure. Success because the Fire Daimyo had been killed, but failure in terms of getting the one who Danzo thought would eventually succeed him sitting on the throne, and planting undisputed evidence pinning it on Uzu. After the incident following Hiashi and Hizashi battling it out in Gentle Fist, the now late Fire Daimyo decided to have his youngest son be his successor to the throne. It had come as a shock to many the Fire Daimyo named his youngest of his two sons to rule upon his death instead of the eldest since that just didn't happen. But considering how the youngest was clearly the most competent and sharpest of the two, it was showing the late Daimyo of Fire Country was thinking what was best for everyone in the long run.

Danzo had not been happy about that and secretly tried to stage a coup against the new Fire Daimyo to put the older brother in power with the help of his Root Shinobi. Sadly, the plan failed since the younger brother was far more skilled then the older one, and no one wanted to see Fire Country get weaker with an incompetent ruler on the throne when they had a good one currently sitting on it.

The issue for Konoha got worse when information on who plotted the coup was presented to the young Daimyo and Danzo had to flee Konoha. Of course, Danzo being Danzo, the man took every Root Shinobi with him since he believed Konoha was his to rule, and had no problem with the village burning to the ground under the current Hokage's rule.

So long as it was possible to rebuild it from the ground up and Danzo leading it.

As for Fugaku, it took some considerable...effort on his part, but the man eventually did have a son. A boy he named Sasuke. His Mother, who the man didn't really care about, was naturally from the Uchiha Clan by blood. A distant third cousin on his Mother's side if he recalled correctly. Not too beautiful like his traitorous ex-wife Mikoto, but pleasant enough for him to do the deed enough times to eventually give him the son he wanted out of the woman. One look at Sasuke and you could see the boy was his son. Of that, there was no dispute.

Fugaku had wanted a son to call his Heir and got it in the form of Sasuke. That was the good news. From the moment the boy could walk, Fugaku had the boy begin his training so the child could become a great Shinobi like his Father. He also wanted to one day get revenge on the traitors who left Konoha all those years ago and Sasuke would be part of that revenge by killing Mikoto and the first son he should have had in the form of Itachi.

Sadly, the plan had hit a snag that boggled the mind of the Uchiha and Yondaime Hokage in the form of his son's overall performance. The boy showed promise. No question. But it seemed like whatever Uchiha training Sasuke did, Fugaku got the distinct feeling Itachi could, and would do it much better in the same situation.

Itachi was after all, the son of Namikaze Minato, and the man had been considered the odds on favorite to be Hokage. Not to mention Minato possessed amazing potential as a Shinobi and it was more then likely Itachi inherited that potential. Adding in his Uchiha blood from Mikoto's side would only make Itachi's strength even greater. Even now, the Uchiha for a Hokage had reports from his few reliable spies throughout the world of Itachi showing off his potential as an elite among Uzu's best.

'Its bad enough Minato takes my wife from me and has a son of Uchiha blood together, but his damn son might outdo my own!' thought Fugaku angrily while sitting at his desk and doing the paperwork to keep the village running.

A knock told him someone was outside and a bark of "ENTER!" caused the person on the other side of the door to open to reveal Homura and Koharu. Both side by side, scowling at him, and it was clear they were not pleased to be here. Of course, these two were never happy, and behind them was Hiruzen with scowl on his face, but not to the degree of the other two.

"We need to speak to you Fugaku," said Homura first to the Uchiha Hokage.

"About what?" asked Fugaku while scowling at the two.

"These new laws you are putting in place are going to suffocate Konoha. Higher taxes on civilians and nonUchiha Clan members. Foreign merchants from other lands who wish to do business with us being forced to pay three times what others within the village must pay to rent the land in order to setup shop for selling their goods. You've even increased the price of C to S ranked missions. At this rate, Konoha will lose more money then we will gain, and put the village in the red within 2 years!" stated Koharu angrily since she had the Treasury Department estimate how long Konoha could handle this type decision.

"It had to be done. We are already bleeding heavily from our past financial losses. The village needs income and fast. Its bad enough Root was used by Danzo to steal what we needed in the past, but this is different. I don't mind that Danzo did it since his stealing helped Konoha. Sadly, his forces got sloppy, and evidence of them doing it, plus his own failed coup attempt on the Fire Daimyo forced my hand. I had no choice, but to deny Konoha's overall involvement in his schemes. We either do this or we go back to what Danzo is no doubt doing right now and stealing financial resources to bolster his power," remarked Fugaku while the three in front of him frowned.

"Danzo's approach while illegal, gave him money Fugaku. Your action is making Konoha bleed out faster. Clients we normally get are going elsewhere. Merchants we normally get and those that come during the Chuunin Exams won't wish to do business with us. They would rather go somewhere else or wait until the Chuunin Exams are in another village where they can make a greater profit," countered Hiruzen with Fugaku scowling at him.

"I am the Hokage and I will decide how to handle this issue on gaining more funds," said Fugaku with his tone indicating his decision was final.

"There is also the issue of making everyone in Konoha not of Uchiha blood into second class citizens in all but name," added Koharu with a look of disapproval in her tone.

"Considering how the Uchiha Clan is the only remaining clan left with the numbers and a strong bloodline, is it really such a bad idea? The Uchiha Clan is the superior breed here and as such, it is only natural my clan has such a status when compared to other people living in this village," countered Fugaku while Koharu, Homura, and Hiruzen didn't like this one bit.

"There are laws Fugaku. Laws you are violating with these decisions," countered Homura with Fugaku glaring at him.

"I am the Hokage! MY word is law. Any other laws this village has surrounding this issue are to be added on, altered, or removed as I see fit!" exclaimed Fugaku with the Advisors not liking this.

"Any news on Danzo?" asked Hiruzen with Fugaku shaking his head.

"None. The man doesn't want to be found unless it benefits him," said Fugaku with the trio in front of him frowning further.

"From what our own ANBU have been able to determine when in the field, every major Shinobi village, and even a few clans still wandering are trying to hunt him down," added Homura since Danzo had done a lot of bad things everywhere and anywhere with all of the Root Nin under his command.

"The fool made his choice in targeting everyone and anyone outside of Konoha. He tried to take on the world when it should only be taken down piece by piece. The man was growing impatient in his soon to be old age despite his preach of controlled emotions," said Fugaku without remorse.

"How is your son doing?" asked Hiruzen curiously.

"Well enough. I intend for him to become the future of Konoha and Clan Head of the Uchiha. Maybe even become my successor as Hokage," answered Fugaku while the old monkey grimaced.

'And you will no doubt make sure no one outside of Uchiha blood takes the mantle. Even if there was someone more qualified too,' thought Hiruzen since he knew once an Uchiha got the taste of something they liked, the Uchiha Clan didn't let it go.

(Uzu-At the Moment)

"Come back here brat!" exclaimed Mitarashi Anko angrily, as she chased one Uzumaki Naruto through Uzu.

"No way!" exclaimed Naruto while running for his young life from the angry girl he had hit with a prank that caused the irate individual behind him to have her hair go from the purple color to that of orange.

Why did Naruto prank Anko? Simple. She insulted his love for ramen. She even said dango of all things was better then ramen. The nerve!

"Should we stop them?" asked Minato from his perch on a building while Kushina was beside him seeing her son running for his life.

"No. Let them tire each other out. Oh isn't it so cute?! My son is already a lady killer at such a young age!" giggled Kushina while Minato sweat dropped.

"You do know Anko's not chasing him to one day have him on a date, right Kushina? She is trying to catch and strangle the life out of him for dying her hair orange," commented Minato with Kushina letting out a small laugh.

"Of course dear. Still, Naruto's interaction with girls far outdoes Mikoto's boy. Despite the fact Itachi is also your son," countered Kushina while giving her husband the stink eye at the end.

"I told you I'm sorry Kushina. In my defense, Mikoto-chan didn't perform the Anti-pregnancy Jutsu when we...uh...coupled together that one time," said Minato to defend himself from his angry wife since he knew Kushina wanted to give him a child first since they were married first.

Mikoto had rubbed it in her face how Itachi was so great.

"That's no excuse! You're lucky I love both you and Mikoto-chan or else I would smash you into tiny pieces dattebane!" exclaimed Kushina with righteous fury while fire was around her form with the long way hair forming like tails.

"Calm down Kushina-chan. Please! Oh look! Anko finally caught Naruto!" exclaimed Minato while pointing quickly at Anko having finally caught Naruto and moved to beat him up.

Only for the boy to go poof and revealing he was a Shadow Clone.

"Damn you gaki! I know where you live! I'll get your ramen loving ass!" exclaimed Anko angrily while looking around for him before trying to figure out how to track the boy down.

"Who taught him the Shadow Clone Jutsu?" asked Minato since he didn't teach it to him.

"I did of course. Poor Sochi can't use the normal Clone Jutsu due to his massive chakra reserves. Even more so when we transferred Kurama over to him. I still don't know why the fox requested it," replied Kushina with a small frown though she sensed the Biju did not have any scheme aimed at hurting her family when it happened.

"Whatever the reason, the fox isn't impeding him in his Shinobi training. If anything, his extra energy is running some of us ragged. Not to mention him running around to escape his pursuers from catching our son following his pranks is good exercise too," remarked Minato knowing Naruto balanced his time between Shinobi training, eating ramen, and pranking people.

And not particularly in that order.

"That's good. Our son needs that energy if he wants to one day become my successor as the Uzukage of Uzu," replied Kushina since Garp had stepped down as Uzukage and had appointed Kushina as his successor to the title.

Right now she was using Shadow Clones to deal with the paperwork so Kushina herself wouldn't have to do it. Honestly, why didn't anyone else think of such a way sooner?!

"So are we going to punish our son for his prank?" asked Minato while seeing no real harm done to Anko with the exception of her pride.

"Of course not! Anko-chan should have known better then to insult the greatness that is ramen dattebane! Honestly, dango being better then ramen? Anko knew what she was getting into the moment those words were spoken. Ramen is the food of the Gods. All other food by comparison is garbage!" declared Kushina proudly in a dramatic fashion.

"If you say so Kushina-chan," whispered Minato with a sweat drop coming down his forehead.

"Now come on! I want to see Mikoto-chan and Itachi-kun so I can embarrass them both with tales from our childhood in Konoha. I wonder if I should tell Itachi-kun about the time I saw Mikoto-chan stalking you the whole day in order to gather up the courage to ask you out on a date. Poor Hitomi-chan was the same way with Hiashi. I can't wait to embarrass her and Hinata-chan too!" exclaimed Kushina happily with the sweat drop Minato had getting bigger.

'My wife is odd. Already she has schemes in place to get Naruto interested in Hinata and vice versa. It is bad enough she's been doing her Uzu Voodo on the girls that are around Naruto's age, but she's also targeting some girls slightly older then him too. But I suppose that's what I get for marrying a woman, who wants to have a manly son for an Uzumaki. I wonder if any other child besides Naruto has to go through this with his Mother?' thought Minato while Kushina began mumbling off the list of things she could embarrass her two female friends with while in front of their own children.


In another dimension somewhere, a boy named Ranma sneezed hard. The end result was a lot of snot going into the hair of a girl named Tendo Akane before she got angry, called him a perverted, and swung her mallet at him. She missed when the boy skillfully dodged at the last moment and left in a run before Akane could take another shot at him.

(Back in the Naruto Universe)

"Did you have to prank Anko-san little brother?" asked Itachi curiously while the two were ninja training at the Uchiha family home.

The option to become a clan of Uzu was up in the air for Itachi and Mikoto given they were the only Uchiha in Uzu right now. Minato assured his son there was no pressure on his end or on Uzu to make it happen anytime soon. The last thing Minato wanted to do was put the boy on some pedestal and the pressure that came with it. Such things could make a person snap if they were pushed too hard by such things and cause someone like Itachi to go on a crazy killing spree in a form of ironic punishment to the parents.

Who in their dumbass minds as parents would do that to their own kids?!

"She insulted ramen. Besides, I seem to recall you made that one guy act a like chicken with your eyes putting a Genjutsu on him because he insulted your love for pocky," said Naruto with Itachi stiffening at the memory since the idiot during a C-ranked mission had made fun of his love for pocky and the tasty snack of the Gods.

"Pocky is the snack of the Gods. Just as ramen is the food of the Gods," countered Itachi while making a mental note to find that idiot again while disguised and find out if he still made fun of his pocky!

And if the idiot did? An even stronger Genjutsu! One that would make him crap his pants when around beautiful women and little children!

"I can agree to those terms. You don't insult ramen and I won't insult pocky," said Naruto with a smirk knowing Itachi would agree with him.

"Honestly you two. Must you get into this discussion?" asked Mikoto while seeing her own son and his half brother talking about those foods while training.

"No. But it helps pass the time," answered Naruto while Itachi agreed.

'They clearly get that quick whit based trait from Minato-kun's side of the family tree,' thought Mikoto since she knew enough about Kushina to know the red head was not like that.

(Years Later)

A 16 year old Uzumaki Naruto was brought to the Uzu Tower to see his Mother. She had wanted to see him in her office about something important. He could tell it was important because the woman wasn't using Shadow Clones to deal with the paperwork sitting on her desk. He sweat dropped at seeing his Mother glaring at the pile while the pile itself seemed to shift and make a sound like it was actually letting out an amused chuckle at her own personal expense.

'Damn you paperwork. I don't have a Shadow Clone work on you for one measly hour and you turn into this. Well, enjoy it while you can because I intend to make you pay with an army of Shadow Clones! WHAHAHAHAHAHA!' thought Kushina while she thought up the best way to defeat the evil pile of paper on her desk.

"Uh...Mom?! You wanted to see me?" asked Naruto while seeing his Mother go into one of her fantasy moments and giving the pile of paperwork an evil look.

Not once did he feel bad for the paperwork in question that was the target of his Mother's wrath.

"Huh? Oh yes! Sorry. As you know, your Father and I have been training you to one day be a super badass ninja just like us. Well thanks to your Uzumaki genetics, vast chakra reserves, Kurama, Shadow Clones, and an intense training regiment provided by the greatest parents ever...I am proud to announce you are ready for one final gift to make it all complete!" stated Kushina dramatically while Naruto sweat dropped at his Mother's actions.

"What final gift?" asked Naruto curiously while Kushina smiled at him and went to the vault behind a picture of Uzumaki Yamamoto and took out its contents.

"This sword. It once belonged to Uzumaki Yamamoto. It was because of him that Uzu is alive today. He helped so many of the people formerly from Konoha and open their eyes to the shadowy leadership of the Sandaime Hokage," explained Kushina since Uzu had taught in the history class about how Konoha tried to betray them in secret for the sake of getting the Kyuubi exclusively for their village.

As for Naruto, he was handed Yamamoto's Zanpakuto, which the blonde took, and held firmly in his hands before his eyes glazed over for a brief second. Fortunately, Kushina didn't notice, or if she did notice, chose to ignore it since she suspected the sword was making contact with her son. Before his death all those years ago. Yamamoto had left one final message for Kushina to not only preserve his sword, but ensure it was handed down to her son.

How he even knew about Naruto before she was even in a relationship with Minato, much less knowing Kushina would have a son following the actual conceiving of the child was beyond her. Regardless, Kushina had no problem honoring the old man's wish to give her son the sword when the boy was old enough, and strong enough to wield it. After all the training Naruto went through up to this point, Kushina damn well knew her son was more then strong enough to use the weapon against their enemies.

And a good thing too since Konoha was getting bolder in their attempts to destroy them.

Speaking of Konoha, from reports from their spy network, the village once allied with Uzu, and the Uzumaki Clan had become a shadow of its former self. The place had in truth, become a cold, desolate thing in place of the warm, and welcome village it had been years ago during the time of the Shodaime and Nidaime Hokage. Uchiha Fugaku had implemented decisions, which made anyone living in Konoha not born of Uchiha Clan blood to be second class citizens, if not slaves in all but name. Citizens were pushed around by the Uchiha Clan, forced to make room for anyone of Uchiha blood, and do whatever an Uchiha commanded of them. Shinobi were in the same boat if they were not of Uchiha Clan blood and only got some leeway if they married into the clan. Hence why many Uchiha males found themselves swarmed with many female..."admirers" Or in other words, their own little harem of two, maybe three women sleeping with these men of the clan in the belief they could give the clan children, and provide them with a form of status that was higher then most.

The Hyuuga Clan for what was left of them in Konoha, had begun to practice the Cage Bird Seal once more on those of their clan they deemed to be fit for becoming Branch family. All under the Fire Daimyo's nose and against his orders to never use such a seal again. Despite the records being destroyed, several of the Elders had performed the actual sealing ritual that they didn't need it on record to perform the event. They of course made knew records, but hid these in secret to prevent the Fire Daimyo from learning the truth. Not that anyone would or cared to believe such a thing would happen since the seal was on the submissive members and those that weren't would keep their mouth shut in order to prevent themselves being killed by the Fire Daimyo for being part of a clan that was allowing such a practice.

As it was, the Hyuuga Clan of Konoha had been Hell bent on "restoring the clan to its former glory", as they put it with enough arrogance to choke a giant summons. They had felt given the situation with their numbers that breeding outside of the clan for this one time would be required since they needed numbers and too many of the clan left behind when the majority went to Uzu were too close in relations. While the Hyuuga Clan was no stranger to inbreeding, it was normally done with second or third cousins to prevent the inbreeding to reach a level even they didn't tolerate. Fortunately, Konoha still had a decent crop of Shinobi that were not from clans, and as such only sought out the ones among the Shinobi ranks with most prominent genetic potential to restore their clan's numbers.

The other remnants from other clans that had been left behind all those years ago were scarce in number or no longer in Konoha thanks to Danzo taking them with him due to these few being apart of Root. The war hawk had felt they would serve Konoha better being apart of his "rogue yet patriotic faction" of the village rather then being in the village itself.

Plus, these Root Nin were so emotionless, it was impossible for them to interact with the opposite gender to be in a relationship, and have children with them. Danzo had trained them so well to being emotionless killers, he never anticipated for the prospect of those in Root from the different clans would for the lack of a better term...need to breed. The man had always taken so few members from each clan over long periods of time so Hiruzen and eventually even his own successor wouldn't know about his plucking of candidates. When every major clan sans the Uchiha left Konoha years ago, all that remained were the handful Danzo plucked, and none of them had ever been in a relationship with someone or had children. What was the point? It was easier and more efficient to take those from the clan members who did have children.

Danzo wanted emotionless killers. Besides, the idea of one of his Root Nin from a clan suddenly snapping under the sudden fear of his or her progeny. A fear of said progeny joining the ranks of Root and becoming an emotionless killer. A Root Nin all of a sudden getting a desire to NOT make it happen and being insubordinate wasn't a concept Danzo liked.

But Konoha didn't see it this way. Fugaku didn't either. He saw it as Danzo planning to one day usurp him as Hokage and the Uchiha Clan in general of their right to rule the village. Not only that, but Danzo could use them as bargaining chips if it came down to such an act where those few remaining from clans could be used as currency for other villages. Questionably patriotic or not, Danzo cared about himself above all others, and had no problem sacrificing his men if it meant he could survive longer around his many enemies surrounding him on all sides.

Even now, Uzu spies were reporting that the other Shinobi villages were zeroing in on the war hawk, and intent on killing him for his past crimes against them. It was only a matter of time before the man was caught, killed, and Kami knows what would happen to all of his Root Nin under his command.

Of course, Uzu had no intention of letting the other villages get him. As bas as Danzo had hurt each of them in the past, it was Uzu, and those loving within its walls who were hurt the most. Out of all the various factions closing in on Danzo and his Root Nin, Uzu was the one with the lead in terms of catching him.

"Ryjun Jakka," whispered Naruto at last with a smile on his face in a tone that sounded like someone meeting an old friend after such a long time.

"Treat that sword with respect Naruto-kun. It was wielded by a great man and I won't have him or his sword being dishonored. Not even by my own son," warned Kushina with Naruto smiling at her.

"I won't abuse this sword Kaa-san. I promise," replied Naruto before slipping the sheathe into his side and intended to do some training with the weapon right away.

"Good. Oh, on a personal note, how is Hinata doing these days? You two have gotten pretty close over the years," commented Kushina with Naruto blushing a bit.

"We're doing great! We actually plan to go on a date soon in a couple of days," answered Naruto with Kushina smiling at him.

"And what about Anko-chan? While a few years older then you, she has made it quite clear of being interested in a relationship," questioned Kushina since she saw how Anko was always flirting in good nature with her son and even helped him with his pranks at times.

Anko even forgave him for the one Naruto did on her when he was a kid since it was to defend the honor of ramen. She admitted had someone insulted her love for dango, Anko would have done something similar though probably a bit more cruel, and the two agreed not to insult the others favorite food.

"Mom! Come on! Seriously?! You know I care about Anko-chan, it really okay for me to be in two relationships? I risk hurting one or the other," replied Naruto since he didn't want to hurt either person in his life.

"Oh nonsense Naruto-kun! Your Father is in a relationship with me and Mikoto-chan. So long as both girls agree to share, you won't have a problem balancing the two. Just make time for both equally," stated Kushina with Naruto blushing since he knew what it was his Mother was implying with his Father.

"If you say so," remarked Naruto with Kushina smirking further.

"I know so Naruto-kun. Besides, I know from experience that two women in a man's life helps spice up a relationship when together," commented Kushina before she had a slight perverted grin on her face that made Naruto's face even more red.

"Mom! Not cool! You use to tell me how you hate perverts! Why are you looking like you are one?!" exclaimed Naruto with his Mother getting a bit angry.

"I am not a filthy pervert! Besides, it is not wrong if ALL parties involved are okay with it and have the same interests. Which your Father, Mikoto, and I clearly do. Its only when there is a pervert among everyone else, who is doing something that is not welcome by everyone that we must beat the living snot out of them!" declared Kushina while Naruto just sweat dropped.

'Sooooooo...its okay to be a pervert, but only when the other person, or people in this case surrounding the relationship are okay with it? Seems a bit hypocritical, but for the sake of my body not being pounded into paste by my Mother...I'm going to keep that to myself,' thought Naruto knowing his Mother could be scary when angry.

Which is why he always made sure to have something on hand to redirect it away from him and to some unfortunate soul who happened to be in the room or was walking into the room at the worst possible time.

"In any case, I have a mission for you, and Itachi regarding your mission to Nami's main land boarders since they are our neighbors. It should be simple enough. One day max to get there and back, but keep your eyes sharp when there. Konoha has been getting bolder now that they have recovered some of their strength. They are also close to Nami and our spy network has determined the Hokage's son is with an ANBU team running around that area. They are attacking various towns and stealing anything and everything of financial value to keep Konoha afloat," replied Kushina in a more serious tone.

"Let me guess, Sasuke is the spitting image of his Father. And not just in terms of being a bastard," surmised Naruto since he knew the Uchiha Clan within Konoha were so filled with hate and arrogance, they had no problem unleashing it on the world.

"Correct. He's basically your polar opposite in every sense of the word. Both in the looks department and personality. Not to mention morality. I hear Fugaku's son even killed a boy half his age simply because he could. Burned the poor kid alive with a Fire Jutsu. If the rumors are believed to be true, and I'm hoping they are not, such an act is now part of the traditions of the Uchiha Clan. Apparently, a true elite has no problem, or doesn't feel any guilt in burning an innocent person alive," replied Kushina with Naruto frowning further and felt his sword pulse angrily at his side.

"We'll be careful Kaa-san," said Naruto before he left the room.


"Are you sure about this Sasuke-sama? I do you know Uzu will send them here?" asked a member of Konoha's ANBU with his team supporting one Uchiha Sasuke.

"Because you no talent loser for an ANBU and member of the Uchiha Clan, we are here attacking people who have done business with Uzu. Statistically, some of these peasants will head there, and ask for protection. With any luck, they will come around this area, and we can kill those two monsters at the same time. Our own reputation throughout the Shinobi World will make us and Konoha feared for years to come," said Sasuke while looking at the older man, who was Itachi's age, and clearly didn't like being considered weak by a member of his clan.

Unlike Uchiha Fugaku, who believed in Uchiha Clan superiority, his son Sasuke believed that he alone was the superior one. It didn't matter to him if there were others from the Uchiha Clan around him claiming to be family. To Sasuke, family was a crutch, a shield, a means to an end when wanting something for himself. If pressed for time and his life was endanger, Sasuke would easily sacrifice his entire ANBU squad currently consisting of all Uchiha Clan members while saying whatever he wanted about the issue to his idiot Father.

In his Father's eyes, the boy could do no wrong. Not that Fugaku really focused on his son's overall actions as a whole. Just the end results and the fact his son came back alive. Lost a squad? No matter. Sasuke was alive. Five clan members killed when they didn't have to be? Oh well. Mission accomplished in the end and Sasuke was alive. No real loss on his end. Next mission!

It was actually whispered even among some Uchiha Clan members that Sasuke killed off several clan members during some missions just so the boy could claim credit when they were completed. It actually made them feel uneasy to be on missions with Sasuke and the Uchiha Clan as a whole couldn't go against Fugaku since the man was the Hokage! The man wouldn't stand for anyone badmouth his son or making such claims regardless if the truth behind it. If anything, Fugaku would simply cover it up just so his only son could just continue on with his Shinobi career.

Sasuke's actions with Fugaku's lack of action against his son had actually made some of the members of the Uchiha Clan question the way things were going. Not only in their clan, but Konoha in general. At first, they were happy Fugaku was the Hokage, and the policies that consolidated their power in Konoha in a caste system that put them at the top of the mountain.

But the problem that soon followed was the base of the mountain, the very foundation of it all was crumbling beneath them. The signs were all there. Konoha was slowly going into the red financially, clients were scarce, the raiding of wealthy caravans, towns, villages, and towns had made them very unpopular on all sides. The Fire Daimyo only tolerated them because they were a deterrent against other Shinobi villages and rival countries. Of course, what no one in Konoha knew, was the Fire Daimyo had made a secret deal with Uzu to have the village become his knew primary village to come to his aid should he need their help.

It wouldn't be long before the Fire Daimyo finally ordered the liquidation of Konoha and removed the stain the village left on his country.

'I'm a loser? If you weren't Fugaku-sama's son, I would kill you right here! Right now! Hell, no one here on this team would try to stop me from making the attempt if I did. You and your Father are slowly killing off Konoha. Turning it into nothing more then a slowly sinking ship. A sinking ship with everyone in the village becoming nothing more then the proverbial rats in it all trying to stay afloat!' thought the ANBU that Sasuke had insulted mere moments ago.

"I can't believe Konoha. Hashirama and Tobirama would be rolling in their graves if they saw what became of the village they created all those years ago," said Naruto making his way into the clearing with Itachi by his side.

Both brothers looking at their enemy without emotion.

"Yes. How perverse," added Itachi calmly while seeing the Uchiha around them drawing weapons.

"Blood traitor," whispered one Uchiha behind his ANBU mask.

"Uzu filth!" exclaimed another Uchiha with his tanto firmly in his hands.

"Don't you just feel the love here brother? Isn't it everything we've come to expect from Konoha?" asked Naruto with a hint of sarcastic amusement.

"Clearly. I almost want to walk over to them and hug each Uchiha here," answered Itachi while glancing at each Uchiha until stopping at Sasuke.

"You're going to die today Itachi!" stated Sasuke with his sword drawn.

"Sorry to disappoint you Sasuke and your Father, but I intend to live a long full life," said Itachi before he dispersed into a flock of crows.

"Show off," whispered Naruto before he moved swiftly with his sword drawn.

Three Uchiha ANBU were struck down within seconds.

"You are one to talk Naruto," commented Itachi before he appeared behind four Uchiha ANBU and stabbed them all in the back of the head with kunai thrown from his hands.

"What are you doing you weak idiot?! Kill them now! As your superior, I command it!" exclaimed Sasuke to the ANBU he insulted earlier while hoping his fellow clansmen would weaken the two long enough to exploit an opening and he could take the credit for the kills.

'I cannot obey him or Fugaku any longer. I loved Konoha, but not the Konoha the village has become. If rumors are true, then Uzu has become everything Konoha was suppose to be now,' thought the Uchiha before taking his tanto and stabbing a nearby Uchiha before slicing the throat of another with a kunai.

"Shisui! You traitor!" exclaimed another Uchiha ANBU before he was stabbed in the back by Itachi while Naruto himself cut down two more ANBU.

"Considering everything that has befallen Konoha at the hands of our clan and Sasuke's Father...I'll take that as a compliment," said Shisui before dodging the fireball aimed at him by Sasuke.

"Traitorous bastard! I knew you were weak for an Uchiha, but to not only betray me, but my Father?! I will enjoy watching you suffer and die while being burned by my hands," stated Sasuke angrily, as he intended to torture the Uchiha in front of him, and set the man on fire while enjoying the sound of Shisui screaming from the pain.

"You are the weak one here Sasuke. Always hiding behind your Father when something goes wrong. Taking credit for completed missions when you have done none of the hard work behind them. You have killed three clients after each paid us what was owed simply because they would not pay more then what was agreed upon," said Shisui since those were just some of the things Sasuke had done when out on missions.

"So what? I'm an Uchiha. The son of the Hokage. I can do whatever I want on missions. If I want more money from the clients, I will get more from them, or I will end their lives as punishment for it. The Uchiha Clan takes what it wants from everyone and anyone that had anything of value. I am the clan's future! I am its God!" stated Sasuke with a crazy look in his Sharingan Eyes.

"You are a monster. Nothing more," countered Shisui before dodging another fireball aimed at him by Sasuke.

"Leave him to me," commented Itachi before walking toward Sasuke calmly while Shisui glanced at the Uchiha from Uzu.

"Are you sure?" asked Shisui while keeping an eye on Itachi in the event the Uchiha near him decided to end his life.

"Completely. This is a personal matter between Sasuke and myself. Our parents knew each other in Konoha," remarked Itachi before clashing against Sasuke with his sword against the younger Uchiha.

"You are the mere byproduct of an unfaithful Uchiha whore! She slept with that pathetic Namikaze, who proved he wasn't worthy of being Hokage," stated Sasuke in the hopes it would anger Itachi.

"First, you have no right to speak about my loving Mother like that considering your own Mother was questionable in terms of being faithful to your Father. Second, my Father was always meant to be the Hokage of Konoha, but the Sandaime Hokage denied him the title because he wouldn't follow in the older man's footsteps. My Father wouldn't follow him in terms of being a power hungry monster in a quest for power to become a God," said Itachi while Sasuke sneered at him with the two attacking each other with their chosen weapons.

"Like I said, the man was pathetic. He had his chance at greatness and threw it all away because it was considered to be 'wrong' or 'immoral'. No doubt the Uzumaki whore was responsible for influencing him," remarked Sasuke with Itachi's eyes narrowing before quickly disarming the younger man and kicking him against a tree.

Sasuke tried to move, but found himself tied to the tree, and unable to escape due to the bindings around his body were the infamous Uzumaki Chakra Chains. Naruto had taken down the other Uchiha in ANBU masks and let Itachi have his time with Sasuke in terms of fighting the smug asshole up to this point. However, the remark about his own Mother being a whore was not something Naruto was going to let slide.

"My Mother is many things Sasuke-teme. Warrior. Kunoichi. Mother. Loving wife to my Father. Best friend and...lover to my brother's own Mother. Oh, and let's not forget she is the Uzukage of Uzu. But one thing she is a whore," replied Naruto in an angry tone while squeezing Sasuke tighter with the chains.

"Release me you pathetic loser! I am Uchiha Sasuke! I am the future of Konoha! Of the world! I am a GOD!" declared Sasuke while struggling to breathe much less free himself from the chakra chains holding him place.

"You're a whiny bitch. Damn I'm so glad Mikoto-san isn't your Mother. Can you imagine him being your brother Itachi. Whining day in and day out about him being an Uchiha. Its makes you want to start killing every single one of those clan members in Konoha," said Naruto with Itachi's eyebrow twitching since the idea of Sasuke being his little brother instead of Naruto was quite disturbing.

Even mentioning the death of the Uchiha Clan in Konoha seemed to be spot on too. He almost wondered why?

"Indeed," replied Itachi before standing in front of Sasuke with his bloodied sword in hand.

"You are a disgrace to the Uchiha Clan name. You and your Mother. When Konoha does invade Uzu, we will win, and she will be among the first to die!" exclaimed Sasuke with Itachi narrowing his eyes at him.

"Sadly, for you anyway my weak Uchiha kinsmen, you will not live long to see that day. If happens at all with the way Konoha has been on a steadily growing decline over the past few years," said Itachi before slicing Sasuke's head open at the neck and watched the boy begin to die slowly from the act.

"Traitor!" said Sasuke in an angry almost deformed voice.

"That's a matter of perspective," commented Itachi while seeing Sasuke soon fall limp.

"Now...what to do with this one?" questioned Naruto, who had secretly had a Shadow Clone watching Shisui to ensure the man didn't try anything while they dealt with Sasuke.

"I surrender to you both. I surrender to Uzu. I no longer wish to be affiliated with Konoha or the Uchiha Clan residing within it," said Shisui before getting on his knees and held up his hands in surrender.

"All the same, we need to knock you out before taking you back with us to Uzu. Security reasons," stated Itachi with Shisui nodding.

"I understand perfectly," replied Shisui before Itachi struck him from behind and knocked the Uchiha out.

"I'll take him back to Uzu while you deal with Sasuke's corpse as you see fit. I can easily use my chakra chains to keep him from escaping," offered Naruto with Itachi putting a black bag over Shisui's head to keep from waking up and trying to use his Sharingan on the blonde.

"Very well. Just keep an eye out for enemies aside from Konoha Shinobi," replied Itachi while Naruto nodded and used his chains to carry their prisoner back to Uzu.

"I wouldn't worry too much about Danzo and his Root Nin coming after us Itachi. If what our latest reports regarding Danzo's movements near Ame is anything to go by, the man will not live long. Hanzo has an agreement with Uzu regarding the war hawk. After all, it was Danzo's, and Hiruzen's plan to have Uzumaki Yamamoto assassinate him during his fight with all three future Sannin. Hanzo also knows better then to favor Danzo since the old war hawk is a wanted man on all fronts," remarked Naruto since Hanzo was not one to take such slights against him lightly and would not welcome the emotion stomping old fart into Ame.

Of course, Naruto expected Danzo to talk his way out of things. He usually did. Still, no one in the world was about to help Danzo in his time of need. The old man had made too many enemies. Constantly taking what was not his to have in any shape or form. And for what? Because it was for the good of Konoha?! Danzo didn't belong to Konoha. Not in any official or even unofficial capacity. The man had little to no resources at his disposal, even if he did raid caravans of wealthy merchants, and nobles while killing them to keep the number of witnesses to zero. Of course, these days the caravans were now hiring both Shinobi and samurai to protect them from attacks, and were getting very successful at it.

The only reason Naruto's Mother and Uzukage suspected Danzo of heading to Ame was to convince Hanzo into giving him refuge in exchange for some secret Jutsu or something of a rare find. Of course, no one in Uzu believed Hanzo would accept, and would just kill Danzo instead of aiding him.

"Agreed. If Danzo isn't dead already by Hanzo's hands, he will be soon enough," added Itachi while staring at Sasuke's dead body before an idea came to him.

Stepping closer to the body and rolling it over from it face down position to putting the dead body on its back, Itachi raised his sword above his head...before swinging down.

(Konoha-3 Days Later)

Fugaku was getting worried. His son and the ANBU sent with him were not back yet from their mission. They were expected back two days ago with reports on how the people around Nami were killed and some were brought back (if at all) to be made into slaves for the good of the Uchiha Clan. With a nice abundance of the slaves added to the clan to do what they wanted to them, Fugaku knew his clan's superiority would not be out down by those of the Hyuuga Clan.

Even now those snooty "nobles" were starting to get their egos inflated once again back to their original status. And they weren't the only ones being a pain in his ass while in the Hokage seat. Hiruzen, Koharu, and Homura were both pestering him with their thoughts or ideals on how Konoha should be run. They were completely against his decisions that by all accounts made the Uchiha Clan the one and only superior clan or people in Konoha to matter.

Fugaku ignored them completely of course. Why would he want to listen to either of the three old relics in the first place? They were bitter old Shinobi. All three of them had lost their families to Uzu and letting the emotional pain from these traitors leaving Konoha for that place filled with island born bastards get to them.

'Something has happened. Something has happened to my son. I just know it!' thought Fugaku while pacing and stopped when a shadow emerged from the darkness of the room to reveal Itachi had entered the room.

And was holding a box in his hands.

"Hello Yondaime Hokage. We finally meet," remarked Itachi since neither Fugaku or anyone from Konoha had never interacted with Uzu in terms meeting in a civil manner during the Chuunin Exams.

"You must be Itachi. I see much of Mikoto in you...and some of Namikaze," remarked Fugaku angrily.

"Thank you. I will take that as your highest compliment in regards to my parents. It is a shame you became so drunk and mad with power," replied Itachi calmly while Fugaku scowled further.

"And what would a mere whelp like you know of power? Absolutely nothing!' countered Fugaku before he charged Itachi with a kunai now in hand.

Only for Itachi to grab the offending hand at the wrist with his own remaining free one.

"I know you believe in absolute power. And that it has corrupted you absolutely," said Itachi coolly before breaking Fugaku's wrist and causing the kunai to fall from the older man's hand.

"You disrespectful ingrate for an Uchiha. You have the unmatched strength of our clan flowing through your blood, yet you side with those outside of it! And for what? Some pathetic principle they infected your mind with since birth?!" questioned Fugaku before he was kicked hard in the gut by Itachi and slammed against his desk.

Where were his ANBU?

"In case you are wondering, I took care of the guards before I came in here. A seal on the door prevents anyone from feeling your chakra should you decide to spike it in warning to the other Shinobi in Konoha. Not that it really matters since I'm not here to fight. Or to assassinate you," said Itachi before throwing the box at Fugaku, who caught on instinct alone.

"What's this?" questioned Fugaku while the urge to drop it nearly kicked in.

"The end of your future, your dreams, and dynasty in all things pertaining to your life," replied Itachi in a cryptic fashion before vanished in a swirl of crows.

'What did he mean by...oh no. No. No! NOOOOOOOOOO!' thought Fugaku before he opened the box and saw the head of his son Sasuke.

His son, who was also missing his eyes, ears, and even his tongue along with some of his teeth.

(Uzu-At the Moment)

"I just got word from one of our spies near Ame. Danzo was captured and executed by Hanzo during their meeting," said Kushina while in a meeting with the Clan Heads and Uzumaki Garp taking the role of Shinobi Advisor due to his years of experience running the Uzumaki Clan in the past.

"No surprise there. Though who struck first is the real question," remarked Inoichi since he knew between the two that one man was paranoid and the other had a grudge against the former.

"Danzo was the first to strike. He apparently acquired a pair Sharingan from an Uchiha and had one transplanted into his eye socket with the second eye hidden in his arm via grafting. He hid the first one behind some bandages wrapped around his head and tried to put Hanzo in a Genjutsu long enough to make the attempt on his life. What Danzo didn't suspect was Hanzo's armor was given a nice upgrade by us a few years ago with seals to prevent any type of Genjutsu from working on him," replied Kushina since she read how Danzo met his violent end by Hanzo's hands.

Danzo had been getting desperate recently. Enemies on all sides. Moving around from one location to the next with no allies in any location to hide him or his Root. The war hawk was hoping to influence Hanzo with his Genjutsu or depending on how the overall conversation went...use the Genjutsu to distract Hanzo long enough to kill him. Once he did that, Danzo planned to take Ame for himself, and use it to wage his own war against Uzu. Maybe even ally with Konoha and the two sides could strike back against Uzu on two fronts.

Sadly, for Danzo, it didn't work out. Danzo didn't suspect Hanzo was wearing armor with Fuinjutsu designed to repel Genjutsu. He didn't expect Hanzo to have him surrounded on all sides when they met. His own Root Nin were killed during the battle and Hanzo had proven that even at old age, the man was not one to be trifled with. Of course, neither was Danzo, but that was more when he was in his prime, and not in this elderly state where his chakra was nowhere near the level it was back during his younger years.

When the battle quickly went in Hanzo's favor, Danzo chose to flee while his remaining Root Nin acted as living shields to give him time to escape. Not that it mattered since the Ame Nin under Hanzo's command easily went through them and Hanzo hunted down the war hawk himself. The battle had been brutal, but Hanzo's skills with a blade and poison were the key difference maker, and Danzo died via the salamander poison Hanzo coated the blade of his kusarigama shortly after it pierced the war hawk's flesh.

Which was probably a good thing for Hanzo since Danzo had a seal on his chest that if activated would have turned him into a living bomb to kill whoever was in range of the blast.

The old war hawk was always a sore loser and hated anyone winning other then himself.

"All that's left is Konoha. Though we may not have to do anything. Fugaku didn't take the loss of his son very well. He's gone completely out of his mind," said Kushina while she shared the reports with the Clan Heads and Garp.

"Hiruzen, Homura, and Koharu are dead? Are we certain of this?" asked Tsume in shock since she didn't expect Fugaku to go that insane.

"Yes. He blames all three of them for his son's death on the mission he sent him on even though they were against almost every single mission Fugaku has sent Sasuke in the first place. Personally, I think Fugaku is just using this as an excuse to kill him with insanity mixed in there as well. Sasuke was meant to be his successor in all things. With him now dead thanks to Itachi, Fugaku no doubt feels the future of the Uchiha Clan is lost as well," answered Kushina with the Clan Heads nodding in agreement since Fugaku showed it in his most recent actions following his son's death.

"What of Konoha in general? What about the people living there?" asked Shikaku while Kushina showed them more reports from their spies.

"Fugaku's madness has spread to the rest of the Uchiha Clan and Konoha as a whole. The man has become paranoid in believing people in Konoha cannot be trusted. Not even his own clan. At the rate things are going now, Konoha will implode on itself, and the other villages will attack it soon enough," answered Kushina since Fugaku had executed well over ten people in the last two days alone.

Three were from Fugaku's own clan after he came to believe they were conspiring to kill him and replace the Uchiha for someone else from within the clan.

"But do we really want everyone in Konoha to suffer? Granted, the people there aren't the best of people for so long, but there must be some of them worthy of being rescued. What of the children there? The babies in the hospital? When Konoha does implode on itself in the near future, they will be among the first to die, and I for one couldn't live with myself if we did nothing," said Tsunade with the Clan Heads nodding since children and babies should not pay for the sins of the older generation.

"If we are doing what I think we plan on do we proceed?" asked Shikaku in a awake and serious tone since he saw several of the kunoichi in this room were going to push for a rescue operation.

And if his wife got word of this, and he knew his troublesome wife would, Shikaku knew Yoshino would hound him on it until the end of time.

And she would too. Women had that power. They wouldn't dare admit it, but they did.

"As Shinobi should when undertaking such a mission. Using the shadows," answered Kushina before she explained what would happen by the end of the week.

If all went according to plan, the next generation would be saved, and Konoha would fall in one fell swoop.

(Konoha-1 Week Later)

It was mere child's play for the invading force to enter Konoha in the dead of night. The number of ninja the village had was a shadow of what it had once been. Due to constant growing losses done to its Shinobi externally and internally thanks to the choices made by its Hokage, there were large gaps in the village's defenses. Even more so during the dead of night when most of the ninja, mainly the Uchiha, in the village were asleep, and leaving the defenses in the hands of those they considered second class. Foolish on the Uchiha's Clans part to be sure, but their arrogance, and stubbornness went hand in hand in the belief they could not be defeated by anyone no matter who it was that attacked.

As stated earlier...foolish.

Leading this secret attack against Konoha was Kushina, who with her husband, and son were heading straight for the hospital. They were planning to secure the babies at the hospital and transport them via a space/time Fuinjutsu back to Uzu where an orphanage run by Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan would take care of them. As for the children living in Konoha's Orphanage, which was run down due to the lack of funding, they were being retrieved by Kakashi, Rin, and Tsunade leading the Uzu ANBU to silently get them to Uzu without a fuss.

As for the Uchiha Clan, it was decided most of them would be killed off by Itachi himself while Mikoto would seek out the babies, and children of the clan to bring back to Uzu. She didn't believe people were born evil. It was either taught or planted in someone with evil intentions to see such things grow in others. Mikoto believed if she could save the children of the Uchiha Clan from having such evil planted in them by their parents, they could grow up to be great Shinobi, and worthy of being called ninja of Uzu if not a new and redeemed Uchiha Clan.

As for the other remaining people in Konoha, sans those enslaved by the Uchiha Clan during their time running the village...they would handled decisively.

"It is almost a shame that Hiruzen wasn't alive to see this. I would have loved to see the reaction on his old ugly monkey face when Konoha falls," whispers Kushina while she, Minato, and Naruto prepared to transport the babies in the hospital to Uzu.

"She's taking this personally," whispered Minato with Naruto smirking.

'You have NO idea. Besides, she's not the only one. The Uzumaki Clan holds grudges for years. You cross us, we better be dead, or else your backstabbing ass will soon be grass,' thought Naruto before he finished the seals on his end while making sure the room's glass viewing room was covered to keep the light from the chakra out once all of the seals were activated.

Not hat it mattered since the nightshift at the hospital had been killed. After Fugaku had become Hokage, most of the people who left with Minato and Kushina caused a major decrease not only in the overall population of the Leaf village, but also those with skills as well. Including medical skills with doctors and nurses. So the Uchiha for a Hokage had gone to very...questionable lengths to fill the job gap in the hospital itself.

Namely doctors who were in prison. No. Not the prison doctors themselves who would treat prisoners in the prison, but actual doctors who were arrested, and thrown in prison for their inhumane way of...treating their victims/patients. The Yondaime Hokage for an Uchiha explained to these so called "doctors" that they would be pardoned for their past crimes of mutilation and horror, provided they served Konoha using their medical skills to actually treat the wounded or sick that come in to be treated for such things.

All under careful supervision of the Uchiha stationed there of course.

Sadly, these individuals did far more harm then good working in the hospital. The Uchiha watching them tended to let their eyes wander since they felt the mere presence of one of the clan would keep these monsters in line. When it soon became clear to these less then honorable doctors and even some of the nurses that their actions at the hospital could go undetected at the right time, they did so accordingly. The injured and the sick died more frequently. Most of the time in perpetual agony. Not that anyone from the Uchiha Clan watching them would care since those who suffered from such "treatments" were not from the clan by blood. So why should the clan care? Those who died were not of their blood and thus were not important.

Not that it mattered anymore since those involved in such things at the hospital were now dead and killed in a violent manner befitting their status as monsters in human skin.

"All set on my end," said Kushina with Minato and Naruto nodding in agreement since they just finished too.

"Ready? In!" stated Minato before the activated the Fuinjutsu and sent all the babies to Uzu.

Phase 1 was now complete. With any luck (and a great deal of skill), Phase 2 would soon be completed shortly.

(Uchiha Clan District-At the Moment)

Bodies were everywhere. Bodies of the Uchiha Clan of Konoha. They littered the ground, staining it like a small river of blood. Some were thrown into walls. Others went through the paper doors. The district's alarm system had long since been disabled by Mikoto since she knew Fugaku well enough to never change the system's command code. She wouldn't be surprised if he had kept it turned off despite his growing insane paranoia that the world was out to get him.

She was surprised however, to see him awake, angry, and clearly had a look of insanity in his eyes.

"Mikoto. I should have known. Just as your son killed mine, the woman that was once my wife has come to kill her former husband," commented Fugaku, as he had made himself into a light sleeper in the recent years in fear of possible enemies, and even most recently his kinsmen from within the Uchiha Clan trying to assassinate him.

"Why so surprised Fugaku? You have done horrible things. Horrible unspeakable things as the Hokage of Konoha. You have hurt innocent people. Enslaved them. Killed them. Did you really think this wouldn't happen? That this day or rather this night would not come?" questioned Mikoto behind her ANBU mask since she felt he didn't deserve to see her face.

"Had you done your duty as my wife, this wouldn't have happened in the first place!" said Fugaku while the two clashed with swords in hand.

"And about your duty as my husband? To be faithful? You weren't exactly faithful to me all those late night Fugaku. I didn't start being unfaithful until you started it on your end. The only real difference between us is I merely chose to be with someone I loved. You did it with every whore in Konoha. I wouldn't be surprised if you had some kind of STD after all this time," commented Mikoto with Fugaku scowling further.

"I am the Head of the Uchiha Clan. The Yondaime Hokage of Konoha. If I want to sleep with another woman aside from own wife, it is my Kami given right as an Uchiha, and as a man! A man has the absolute authority in this world to do what he wants, with who he wants, and anytime he wants regardless of what his so called wife wants from him. As far as I'm concerned, all women are inferior to men outside of breeding. Even one of Uchiha blood like you," replied Fugaku while Mikoto scowled behind her ANBU mask.

"And you wonder why I left Konoha, the clan, and you for Minato-kun. Not only does he care about my needs, the man is also a better lover then you could ever hope to be, and is a true man where it counts," remarked Mikoto before she moved faster then Fugaku could see with his eyes and stabbed him from behind with her sword.

Only for Fugaku to use a substitution.

"You will pay for your treachery woman. I will kill Minato, your son you had with him, and then because you are still young enough, I will strap your body to a table to properly breed multiple sons out of you!" exclaimed Fugaku from behind Mikoto and moved to stab her in the back like she tried to do to him.

Only for Mikoto to spin and dodge the sword thrust at the last minute before stabbing him in the chest where the heart was located with perfect precision.

"Your first son was a sadist and cruel boy. I would sooner make myself completely sterile then bring one of your future sons into the world knowing they would become like him," stated Mikoto before she pulled her sword out and saw Fugaku fall down dead.

"It is done Mother," stated Itachi calmly mere seconds later after appearing from the shadows of the room.

By this point, a good deal of Konoha was now awake to the sound of the fighting that was occurring around the Uchiha District.

"Good. Any casualties?" asked Mikoto with Itachi shaking his head no.

"A few Uzu ANBU have some injuries. All minor at best. Nothing that can't be treated on the spot," replied Itachi with Mikoto nodding.

"And your brother? Is he ready to do his part?" asked Mikoto with Itachi nodding again.

"Yes. Though I am concerned about him using so much power to do what needs to be done against Konoha. Naruto will be weakened considerably from this, even by Uzumaki standards," said Itachi while Mikoto nodded.

"True, but he does have Kyuubi in him. Plus we also have quite a few Medic Nins at the ready to treat him once this is over," countered Mikoto before she and Itachi vanished into the shadows.

(With Naruto-Center of Konoha)

'Man this is going to suck when this is over,' thought Naruto while drawing his sword into his hand after he was given the all clear on his headset.

"What do you care? I'll fix you up right away. Plus your Mother has an army of Medic Nins on standby just in case. And don't get me started on the Hyuuga girl and the crazy one named Anko," commented Kurama with a hint of amusement at the end.

'That's not the point!' thought Naruto with a blush since Kurama was putting images of both women in erotic nurse outfits and they were...attending to his physical and mental recovery.

"I never said there was a point aside from you complaining. Now stop your whining and torch this place along with all the rats currently still infesting it!" commanded Kurama with Naruto just looking at him with a deadpanned expression.

'You're enjoying this waaaaay too much,' thought Naruto with Kurama smirking at him.

"All things considered, this village owes us twice over for its past crimes. It is high time we called in their debts and get paid with their souls," said Kurama while Naruto sighed knowing the Biju had a point.

"Stupid fox. The only reason you want to see this is because of the simple fact you get to see what you missed the first time around. Well...its not like Konoha doesn't deserve this. If anything they're even worse then before in the previous timeline because certain people I know aren't here to keep other people I know in line from doing stupid things. But it is what it is and Konoha had its chance. The stupid old monkey should have just named my dad the Yondaime Hokage. 'Return all creation into ash: Ryujin Jakka!'" stated Naruto before the fire that came out of his sword washed over Konoha.

The sound of the fire crackling throughout the village kept the screams of those few left in Konoha consumed in the fire from being heard.

"Magnificent, isn't it?" asked Kurama with a smile on his face.

'Do you think Hashirama and Tobirama will understand? This village was formed by them in the name of peace after all,' thought Naruto with Kurama scoffing.

"The dream those two had died with them. You know that. You know what Konoha did in the previous timeline. What they tried to do in this one. They had their chance years ago to stop. When the betrayal of Uzu failed. When Jiraiya and Orochimaru died. The old monkey could have stopped everything easily by killing Danzo, liquidated the Root organization, and naming your Father the Yondaime Hokage years ago. But what does he do? He just continues with his plans. Uses Danzo, Root, and names an Uchiha as his successor. And look what that Uchiha has done since then? He's made this place a glorified shithole. A perverse cruel version of vision the Senju brothers had when they thought of Konoha. Ending things here with your power would be considered an act of mercy in their eyes," answered Kuramawith Naruto nodding before he summoned the full power of his zanpakuto and consumed the entirety of Konoha in fire.

Konoha was now no more. Ironically enough, consumed by a Will of Fire of their own making. And not in a good way.

(Epilogue-Years Later)

"So Naruto, how does it feel to be the new Uzukage?" asked Kushina with a smirk on her face while her son was behind the desk with paperwork.

Not that it mattered since Naruto used Shadow Clones to defeat it.

"Not bad. My Shadow Clones do all the paperwork and I get to spend more time with my family unless an important meeting pops up that requires my actual presence," answered Naruto casually since he knew many a Kage before him had this issue of battling the evil that was paperwork.

In the years following Konoha's fall, the balance between the Shinobi villages had been arguably been brought back into balance. An old number of Shinobi villages totaling at five was much easier to handle then six and considering Konoha becoming a cesspool of sorts for wicked one was going to complain over the loss.

As things stood, peace had covered the world with no real need for war. Oh there were fights here, and there from the different villages. It happens from time to time with client and rivals of clients hiring Shinobi from opposing villages. Not to mention the Chuunin Exams helped in that regard in getting any bad blood taken care of before it could spread out and fester in the hearts of others. Not that Uzu didn't keep its guard up. If anything, Garp, Kushina, and Naruto knew the price of keeping Uzu strong was eternal vigilance. An eye looking under every, every tree, and across the seas to paths once unknown to them. But because of this, Uzu had helped end skirmishes, conflicts, and even prevented the start of another Shinobi War started by the one remaining Zetsu with half of its body completely black that got away unknowingly to the Uzu ANBU at the time.

It had tried to start what its Master and Mother Kaguya had started years ago to make Madara want to control the world to put it under his rule before she took it from him at the last moment. But Zetus's plans were discovered after an aging Hanzo had fallen in battle against him to take over Ame to make it a staging area, but not before getting one of his Salamander Summons to send a message to Uzu about the plot. Within the week, Uzu had deployed its forces, confronted Zetsu before using sword, seals, and Biju chakra from two Jinchuriki to kill the creature.

And killing Kaguya's Will and plan to one day control the world in an endless Genjutsu with her as its Goddess once more.

"Good, because a man who doesn't spend time with his family isn't truly a man at all!" remarked Kushina with Naruto nodding.

"How are my kids treating you?" asked Naruto with Kushina smiling putting her hands to her cheeks.

"Oh my lovely Grandchildren are so sweet and innocent. If only Mito was alive to see them. She would have spoil every single one of those children silly," replied Kushina sweetly.

"I think you do that enough as it is Mom," remarked Naruto while Kushina laughed since it was true.

"I'm not the only one. Mikoto does her role well as the surrogate aunt and Tsunade can't get them to stop calling her Grandma. They use Nawaki and Dan as the occasional shield from her wrath when she gets angry from being called that name," replied Kushina, who took the name in stride while Tsunade kept saying she wasn't that old, and would shake her fists at the children in a menacing manner.

Probably because Kushina didn't look the part of a Grandmother due to Uzumaki genetics allowing for long lasting life. Garp himself didn't start showing gray hairs until he was in his late sixties early seventies.

"Of course they do. Who do you think taught them that? Me!" stated Naruto proudly, as he wanted his children to have fun, and at the same time be protected by the angry wrath of others.

"You're wives weren't happy with that," commented Kushina with Naruto laughing.

"Please! They say that, but deep down Anko, and Hinata are both happy inside at having their children being loved by everyone here in Uzu all things considered. Even if one of these said people just happens to be an angry female Senju with a small vanity problem," replied Naruto with Kushina smirking at him.

"Agreed. Also...when were you going to tell me you were old man Yama reborn again to fix our timeline?" asked Kushina with Naruto going pale at her words.

"What? What do you mean?" asked Naruto nervously while panicking on the inside.

"It wasn't hard to figure out. How else could old man Yama known about Uzu being betrayed by Konoha? The attacks coordinated by the other villages back then? Not to mention all the other stuff following those events, which led to Konoha's fall, and its destruction from within before we put the village out of its misery?" questioned Kushina, as she had figured it out not long after her son acquired the sword, and seemed intimately familiar with the weapon.

"Yeah. About that little aspect. Uh...oh look at the time! I need to go be with my wives and children! Bye!" exclaimed Naruto before he was gone in a flash of orange away from a now angry Kushina.

"Hey! Get back here damn it!" exclaimed Kushina angrily before she gave chase after her son.

She owed him a good fist to the top of his head for the one he gave her as old man Yama when she was a just child.

And come Hell or high water she would get one good hit on his thick skull he inherited from her!


(Omake-Naruto reveals how men can be spared from being beaten up by angry women)

"Welcome everyone to this lesson on how to escape angry women, who want to beat you, if you happen to be male, within an inch of your life. To begin this lesson, let's look at the example of a man currently being chased by angry women after he was found out to be peeping on them at the hot springs," said Naruto while wearing a professor's lab coat with a stick pointing to a TV monitor.

"Get back here you pervert!" yelled one of the angry women currently wearing towels over their voluptuous bodies.

"Never!" exclaimed the man running away from the angry women.

"In case you don't know this man, his name is Senju Nawaki. And yes, despite his age in terms of him being on the slightly elderly side, and the fact yes he is married, the man is also a pervert. The fact Senju Nawaki just so happens to be peeping on his own wives is irrelevant at this point. He did it and thus his wives feel the need to beat him stupid for the invasion of their private time together in the hot springs," said Naruto calmly while pointing at the screen.

"Crap! I went down the wrong alley!" exclaimed Nawaki before he turned around and saw his angry wives glaring at him with the intent to beat him stupid.


"Anything to say before we kill you, bring you back to life, kill you again, and finally bring you back to life one more time before shipping your perverted ass to the hospital?" demanded one of the women with red hair that indicated she was an Uzumaki.

" see...I uh...have mercy!" pleaded Nawaki before he screamed in a girly manner as his wives descended upon him to exact justice for his slight against them.

"Freeze! As you can plainly see, this cowardly response by Nawaki was the wrong thing to say, and do on his end. Because of his inability to formulate a response in either word or deed, the man on this monitor is about to suffer greatly, and be in the hospital for well over a Month followed by the family couch for much longer," replied Naruto while the image of Nawaki getting punched in the face and stomped on the crotch by a foot was shown on the screen.

Only to rewind back to when Nawaki was being chased.

"Get back here you pervert!" yelled one of the angry women currently wearing towels over their voluptuous bodies.

"Never!" exclaimed the man running away from the angry women.

"Now that you have seen the incorrect way of dealing with angry women. Now THIS, is the correct way in terms of dealing with angry women," remarked Naruto before showing the same event unfold with the women trapping Nawaki in the alley.

"Anything to say before we kill you, bring you back to life, kill you again, and finally bring you back to life one more time before shipping your perverted ass to the hospital?" demanded one of the women with red hair that indicated she was an Uzumaki.

"Yes I do. Behold! 'Cute Bunny no Jutsu!'" exclaimed Nawaki before he performed a few hand signs and transformed himself into a cute bunny looking up at the shocked women with cute bunny eyes.

The power of cuteness radiating out of them with a "please don't hurt me!" look that was a rival for the Puppy Eyes No Jutsu children use on adults.

"KAWAII! yelled all the women before they glomped on the cute bunny and hugged it to their towel covered breasts.

'Best day EVER!' thought Nawaki while all the women in his life were suffocating him in a wonderful fashion.

"As you can see, an angry woman or even multiple angry women are something to fear. BUT, if you use this particular Jutsu on the angry women around you, regardless of your relationship with them, they cannot find it in themselves to harm you. Quite the opposite. It is a secret fact women don't want you to know due to its powerful effect of neutralizing their "righteous anger" they draw upon when beating up men who are either being a huge pervert or just being stupid around them," explained Naruto while the video feed showed Nawaki in his cute bunny form still being hugged on all sides.


"Oh crap! The one weakness behind this Jutsu is it can only be used once per day and I already used mine today so I need a new plan. 'Shadow Clone Jutsu!'" exclaimed Naruto before making a copy of himself.

"What do you need Boss?" asked the Shadow Clone while ignoring the angry banging sound.

"Take out your ring. As a Shadow Clone of me, you have one," answered Naruto before taking out a ring.

"Seriously? Its not going to work!" protested the Shadow Clone while the banging on the door was louder and the door itself was giving away.

"Just do it damn it!" commanded Naruto before pulling out a ring and the Shadow Clone sighed before pulling out his own.

And put both rings together.

"Wonder twin powers activated!" said Naruto and the Shadow Clone at the same time.

"Form of...steam!" declared Naruto since he figured becoming steam would allow him to get away.

Only for nothing to happen.

"Boss, you got this in a box of Frank & Berry. Hell would freeze over before this worked for you," remarked the Shadow Clone in a "Seriously?! I can't believe you tried this" tone of voice.

"Shut up you!" exclaimed Naruto before punching his Shadow Clone and running to his secret escape entrance.

And vanishing from sight just before Anko finally destroyed the door.


"Yes I can!" declared the muffled far off sound of Naruto.

"NO YOU CAN'T!" yelled Anko while looking for the hidden door she knew he used to escape into moments ago.

"Can!" protested Naruto in that same far away tone with Anko finding no possible way of finding the secret door.

"DAMN YOU!" yelled Anko before unleashing every destructive Jutsu she knew on the room.

"That's all the time we have today everybody. Tune in next time for the next showing where we investigate the subspace hidden in women with large breasts. What will we find there? How big is this subspace? How much do women store there? Find out when I convince Hinata and Anko to let me visit theirs!" declared Naruto while in front of a one way mirror showing Anko being destructive and having no idea he was behind the mirror in the first place.

Now he just had to find a spot to wait for the next 24 hours. Good thing Shikamaru owed him a favor.

(End Omake)

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