By That Retched Person Who Cannot Decide On A Name
Otherwise Known (Currently) as M. E. Gibbs

Summary: Robotnik prepares to release his greatest weapon yet and Sonic must stop him. Only problem is the ultimate weapon is…what?!? Now wait a minute that can't be right!

Author's Note: Okay so the my summary sucks. I'm not very good at them. But if you're curious enough, read. And if you aren't…well doesn't bother me, but please I would like you to read my piece. Suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome. Flaming for the sake of flaming is not. It's hella funny though, so whatever! Read and hopefully enjoy. Or don't read and I know you won't get ANY enjoyment out of my story. Well, there are certain hypothetical situations in which you could enjoy my story with out reading it but…ah just read the dang thing!

Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't own shit and you all know it…Actually, I DO own this story. And I'm possessive. Do we need to explain things further?
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I think you get the idea…

And now, the story!
Chapter 1

The moon was rising, or at least what was left of the moon was rising. Sonic watched the sight with an odd mix of envy, sorrow, and awe. He had always thought the moon an alright sight before, if a little bland. He didn't mind looking at the moon occasionally, its light certainly came in handy every once in a while. But he'd never seen anything really romantic or even vaguely impressive about it before. It was after all a ball of rock in the sky that didn't make its own light but rather reflected light from the sun. Moonlight walks on the beach held no glamour for the hedgehog and candlelit dinners were out of the question. In Sonic's mind, the night was for sleeping and that was about it. The moon was a crappy of source of none too attractive light at best and it was only at best about a fourth of the time anyway, not including overcast nights.

But things were different now. In more ways than one. Now Sonic came outside to look at the moon every night, rain or moonshine.

Looking at the moon every night had become Sonic's memorial for a dead friend. Well, sort of friend. Or maybe dead enemy would be better to say. Or…Or maybe not. Sonic couldn't quite figure out what Shadow meant to Sonic. That he had meant something was certain, but Sonic had decided shortly after returning to the planet that he wouldn't worry about it.

That isn't to say that he didn't care about Shadow or mourn the loss of him. No not at all. Sonic was quite upset when Shadow plummeted through the atmosphere to a painful and most likely messy death. Then again, it could be a very clean death, after all, burning up in the atmosphere probably wouldn't leave much behind but ash. There certainly hadn't been a body to recover or anything along those lines. At least not one they had found.

That kind of upset Rouge, not being able to have a funeral. But as Knuckles said, you needed a body to have a funeral. They didn't even have Shadow's ashes. A memorial was set up instead, but, as Tails said as they left the unveiling ceremony, it didn't really do the black hedgehog justice. All of them could see it, plain as day. Amy and Tails visited it occasionally anyway and Rouge continually sent flowers, though she never showed up in person at that memorial again, for reasons of her own.

Sonic, on the other hand, had found a different memorial entirely. The night after they'd returned to the planet, Sonic went outside to look up at the stars and see if he could spot ARK. It was silly, but it was something for Sonic to do other than sit around listening to Amy wail, Tails commiserate, and the media babble on and on about how great Shadow had been. Easy for them to say, he was dead now.

As Sonic stared into the sky, the moon had rose. At first Sonic paid it no heed, as the moon wasn't as bright as it use to be. That and Sonic was facing the wrong direction. But when Sonic did see the moon, he couldn't get his eyes off it.

When the Eclipse Cannon hit the moon it blasted out a massive chunk. Some of that debris was obliterated by the blast, but most hadn't. A lot of people feared that those chunks would crash into the earth and cause Armageddon. Certainly there had been a lot more meteor showers of late. But most of the debris remained in the moon's orbit, surrounding the moon with a halo of loose rock and grit. This halo of rock caught the light of the sun in much the same as the moon did. So the glow reflected off all chunks. But all those little pieces of rock did more than just reflect light. They scattered it. Each one acted as a mini prism. And so the whole moon was surrounded in a rainbow halo of light.

It was then, staring at the moon surrounded in more rainbows than he had ever dreamed existed, that Sonic decided not to worry about Shadow. He wouldn't worry about whether Shadow had died painfully or even worry about the possibility that Shadow was alive (as Tails was set on believing). Sonic wouldn't worry any more about what Shadow meant to him, whether he was friend, foe, or something else entirely.

Instead he would merely remember the hedgehog as Shadow, the good, the bad, the ugly, the brilliant. It was the best thing Sonic thought he could do for Shadow, no matter what had happened to him.

And staring at the midnight rainbow, Sonic decided that Shadow had left a perfect memorial in the sky.