Zazu and Ono overlook the Pridelands from the top of a Kapok tree.

"Thank you for your interest in accepting my tutelage, Ono," The hornbill smiles from upon a higher twig.

"Of course!" Ono flaps his wings crazily. "Anything to learn from the master!"

"Heh-heh," Zazu chuckles to himself, "Master. Now!" he turns back to Ono. "I imagine you're wondering why we picked this tree as opposed to a Baobab or a nice little Fig Tree."

"Not really…"

"That's why." The hornbill points *inconspicuously* toward a group of young Honey Badgers collecting fruit from the next tree over. "We call those…Ruffians."

"Ruffians, sir?"

"Ruffians," Zazu confirms with a nod. "Yes! Aren't you taking notes?"

"No!" Ono grabs a piece of bark and reluctantly pulls out a feather. Zazu waits with pompous patience. "Okay, I'm read-,"

"If you'll take note… no! No! Not THAT kind of note. Note with your eyes, but listen with your ears."


"You think your sight is what's most important!" Zazu flies in front of him, gesturing rapidly. "No, my boy. Think." Ono scratches his head. "No, no boy! Don't think about what I'm telling you, think about what I mean! Look there."

Zazu points out Simba and Kion taking a walk through the Pridelands.

He leans in close, smirking, "Observe, but don't watch."


Zazu circles like a hawk and lands squarely on Simba's shoulder.

"Good morning, sire!" He steals a wink at a befuddled Ono up above.

Simba looks less then thrilled… or interested. "Morning, Zazu."

Zazu gestures with his wing tip, almost grinning. Ono sighs and joins him.

Kion looks at Ono in confusion as he alights on his shoulder.


Zazu gestures *inconspicuously* while Simba rolls his eyes.

"Uh… G-g'morning, zire! I mean…" He hides his smile. "Sire!"

Kion grins back slightly and steals a look over at Zazu. "Uh… morning Ono."

"SO," Zazu almost shouts in Simba's ear. "I noticed Honey Badgers were taking an excess of Baobab fruit this morning," he finished with a flutter on the fruit.

"You don't say," The lion remarks flatly.

"What makes you say that?" Bunga is lounging on Kion's back, chomping on a ovate green fruit and spitting the seeds out lazily.

Ono chuckles.

"Ah-mm." Zazu corrects firmly.

"Oh… uh, Bunga… can you, uh, not eat so many Baobab fruit, please?"

The hornbill clasps his face in humiliation, Bunga continues chomping away.

"Why?" The badger drawls, spitting a big seed out.

"Uh… well, uh, because, uh, well, because, you-,"

"BECAUSE you are an incompetent ruffian who only thinks of himself! Because you terrify and/or terrorize the entire Pridelands with your relentless shenanigans! Because are a MENACE posing as a form of help with this Lion Guard nonsense and if you don't turn out like a certain former king did because of all the special treatment, it would not make a difference, as you will still plunge the Pridelands into total CHAOS."

Zazu, breathing hard, finally backs off and takes a moment to *compose* himself before brushing himself off.

"Ono, follow suit." He orders.

The nervous egret looks at a very hurt Bunga before scrunching up his beak and turning on his mentor. "I… thank you for all your advice. But," he brushes off Bunga's fruit for him and gives him a quick hug. "I think I'll just settle for letting the King decide how much is too much." Everyone looks at Simba.

"Have as much as you want Bunga, there's plenty to go around."

They were all grinning as Zazu was left agape.

"Hey, let's go find the others and share the good news!" Bunga mentions.

"Sounds good to me," Kion looks up at Ono, "Thanks, birdbrain."

Ono beams proudly.

The End.