I'm sorry it has taken so long to get this up… you know how life goes. I started writing it to a different song, and it never went anywhere. So, I stopped working on it, became occupied with other things, and didn't start again until a couple of days ago, when I heard this song on the radio. My muse jumped up and down on my stomach (which was bad, since I was trying to drive), until I agreed to look up the lyrics and try to add another installment to this songfic series. I don't know if I'll add a fourth one or not. Let me know in the reviews if you want one, or whether I should leave it off here, and I'll think about it. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Everything Young Wizards related belongs to Diane Duane, and the song is Deana Carter's "How Do I Get There?"

We've always been the best of friends
No secrets and no demands

"I'm quite hard to get rid of," Kit affirmed. "I intend on sticking around for awhile."

"Good," Nita smiled, "I don't want to get rid of you, no matter what I might have spat earlier. Forgive?"

"Of course."

Good old Kit. The one constant in her life when it was spiraling out of control.

Nita locks glazed with her best friend, a myriad of emotions flicking across her face.

Oh, Kit, Nita wondered. What did I do to deserve you? She knew that it was only by the grace of the Powers that Kit hadn't given up on her and left her long ago. She certainly had nothing to earn his devotion, and had in fact spent most of her time as of recent trying to push him away. He wouldn't budge, though, and for once she was glad he was as stubborn as… as she was.

But suddenly from out of the blue
I see a different light around you

Kit leaned closer.

Sweet Powers, Nita thought, He's going to kiss me. She was suddenly uncomfortably aware that his arm was encircling her, and had been for a majority of their conversation. Almost involuntarily, she tensed.

Immediately, Kit sprang back.

"Sorry…I…I…I…" stumbled Kit, desperately groping for words.

You're an idiot, Rodriguez, he scolded himself. She was just starting to open up to you, and you had to pull a stunt like this. You're in for it now.

"Nita…" Kit began, having no idea what he was going to say next.

"Just… just stop, Kit," Nita interrupted.

One thing I haven't told you,
I just want to hold you
And never let go

What now? Nita wondered, as the awkward silence stretched on. This silence was exactly the reason she been ignoring the attraction that ad been growing between her and Kit for months now. Their relationship was great, and making it romantic would screw so many things up. What would happen to their wizardry partnership? They couldn't even work together now after they'd had a fight. What would happen if they broke up? There would be no way they could stay partners after that. Would their wizardry itself be affected?

That's crap and you know it, said the annoying, brutally honest voice in her head. You know the only reason you haven't told Kit how you feel about him is you thought there was no way he would ever like you as more than a friend. Besides, you can't go into a romantic relationship thinking about breaking up.

But what if he didn't really like her? What if it was just male hormones, popping up to take advantage of her weakened state?

Get a grip. This is Kit you are talking about. Not some random gigolo off the street, the annoying voice scolded her, He has spent the last several years fighting beside you. He's saved your life and you've saved his, on a variety of occasions. He's nearly died tying to protect you. And you accuse him of trying to take advantage of you?

Okay, okay, so that was just a desperate excuse. Still, though, was the possibility of a romance with Kit worth all the risks?

I just want to know
How do I get there from here?

Nita took a big breath, and looked at Kit. He had scooted to the far end of the bathtub now, and was sitting with his head in his hands

"Kit…" It was Nita's turn to grope for words. "What…what are we, Kit?"

How do I make you see
How do I tell you what
My heart's been tellin' me

Kit's mind reeled. What are we? Why didn't he think of that? But what if she didn't men it the way he thought she did? What if she was just asking about their wizardry partnership or friendship? Or, even worse, what if she was questioning the romantic feeling between them, but had decided she didn't want a relationship?

As the seconds stretched on, Kit chose the safest answer he could think of, "I'm not sure right now. What do you want to be?"

Lost in your lovin' arms
That's where I want to be
You know I love you
How do I get there?

"We've been through hell and back together, Kit. We've fought the Lone Power, we've fought His servants, we've fought entropy, and we've fought each other. Kit, you're the best friend I've ever had, and probably ever will have. As a friend, I love you dearly—"

But I just can't think of you as more than that, Kit finished in his head, wanting to scream.

"—And I'm scared to risk all of that. But…but I think the bigger risk ignoring the feelings I have for you, and never seeing where they could lead."

You probably think I've lost my mind
Takin' this chance crossin' that line
But I promise to be truer than true
Dreaming every night
With these arms around you

Nita let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. She was still nervous, wondering how Kit would react to her confession. However, it was a great relief to have said it, and not have to wonder after today.

Nita lifted her eyes to look at Kit, just now realizing that they had been locked on the linoleum beneath her feet the entire time she had been talking. He was still crouched over, but now his chin was propped up on his hands. He was chewing his bottom lip, with his eyebrows knotted in deep though. Was it just Nita, though, or was there a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth?

I can't wait any longer
This feeling's gettin' stronger
Help me find away

She said it. She finally said it. Kit could hardly believe it. After all those months of waiting in agony, Nita had finally said that she wanted him. Him!

Kit turned to face her, taking her hands into his. "So, you wanna give this a shot?"

I know the shortest distance
Between two points is a straight line
But I'll climb any mountain
That you want me to climb

Nita nodded. "It may not be easy, though. And no matter what, we can't let it affect our partnership in any way—any negative way, at least. I've spent enough time these last several months trying to ruin it myself."

"I'm up to the challenge," Kit smiled, happy to have Nita acknowledging and discarding her destructive behaviors.

The perfect combination is your heart and mine
Darlin' won't you give me a sign

"You know," Kit started, as he stood up, still holding her hands, "You're a pretty hard nut to crack."

"Oh?" asked Nita, "And how many nuts have you tried cracking, master squirrel?"

"Just one," Kit replied, bringing her hands to his lips and kissing them, "The very best one of them all."

Okay, so it may not have been worth waiting several months for, but was it sappy enough to satisfy all of you?