A/N – Welcome to Festive-Bites, my Christmas story for this year. If anyone has read Alpha-Bites, this is the same idea, only each chapter will be festive themed. Each chapter is bite sized, somewhere between 1,000 words and 2,000 words (apart from a few that go over the 2,000 mark). The M rating is more precautionary, as some of the snippets are quite saucy considering this is a Dramione story.

Since it Christmas themed, this story is set in a universe without a war, where Voldemort was defeated when Harry was a baby. That means no real animosity between the Gryffindors and Slytherins. It also means both Snape and Fred are alive (and they'll both be appearing in this story, along with a few other friends and family members of Draco and Hermione).

Updates will be daily, and there'll be 26 chapters. The chapters are in alphabetical order, but the timeline ranges from when Draco and Hermione first start dating in school, up until they have kids of their own in school. Some years there are two snippets about that year, and other years aren't covered.

If anyone wants to read the snippets in chronological order, this is the order – I/U/J/D/P/S/C/H/K/G/M/E/A/N/W/X/Q/F/R/Z/O/L/V/B/T/Y.



When he returned home from work, Draco's first port of call was the front room, where he fully expected to find his wife, Hermione, and four year old twins, Scorpius and Lyra. However, he didn't expect to find his godfather, Severus Snape, sitting with the twins. Scorpius and Lyra were happily playing with some building bricks, while Severus watched over them.

"Daddy!" Lyra cried, jumping up and running over to Draco when she spotted him.

"Hi, Princess," Draco said, swooping Lyra up into his arms and planting a kiss on her cheek. Walking her back over to where Scorpius was playing, he greeted his son before dropping his daughter back to the floor and turning to his godfather. "Severus. I didn't expect to see you today."

"I just popped in to say hello," Severus answered.

"And ended up looking after the twins?" Draco questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm doing a favour for Hermione," Severus replied. "She said she had something to sort for Christmas."

"Christmas?" Draco frowned. "But it's still November."

"That's women for you," Severus said with a chuckle. "She's in the library if you want to go and see what she's up to. I don't mind sitting with the twins for a bit longer."

"Thanks," Draco said as he turned and headed for the library.

When he entered the library, he found Hermione sitting at the table with a roll of wrapping paper, a box and a stack of children's books. Walking up behind his wife, he bent down to give her a peck on the cheek.

"Hey beautiful, what are you doing?"

"Making an advent book box for the twins," Hermione answered. "One of the mothers at the school suggested it. You wrap twenty four books, and each night they open a book and it's their bedtime story."

"And let's guess, you went out and bought twenty four new books," Draco chuckled, even though he knew Hermione didn't really need an excuse to buy the twins new books.

"I couldn't use old books," Hermione said with a snort. "Besides, I've bought Christmas books."

"All muggle?" Draco asked as he picked up a book called The Night Before Christmas.

"No, some magical as well," Hermione said, showing Draco another book called Dragon's First Christmas.

"I'm sure the kids will love it," Draco said, putting the books back onto the table.

"I hope so," Hermione replied. "I just thought it would be nice if we read new books for the month. And come Christmas Day, they'll have new books anyway."

"I'll leave you to sort the box," Draco said, giving Hermione another kiss. "I'll go and have a drink with Severus."

"Invite him to stay for dinner, I'll be finished here in half an hour or so," Hermione called as her husband left the room.

"Okay," Draco called back, leaving his wife to finish her advent book box.


On the first of December, Hermione explained to Scorpius and Lyra about their advent book box and how it was going to work. As expected the twins were thrilled with the idea of a new book each night, as they both loved books. When it came time for them to go to bed on the first of December, the twins excitedly gathered at the box, which Hermione had wrapped in Christmas paper and stood beside the fire in the front room. When the tree was up, it would sit beside the tree, but for now it was quite okay in the corner beside the fire.

"One of you picks tonight, and the other picks tomorrow," Hermione instructed. "You can take it in turns, and you'll each pick the same amount of books."

"Can Holly read with us?" Lyra asked, stroking the ginger tabby cat that had come to investigate what the twins were up to.

"I've told you before Lyra, cats don't read," Hermione said.

"Holly does," Lyra insisted. "She lets me read to her all the time."

"She does," Draco whispered to his wife. "I've seen Holly lying beside Lyra, while Lyra reads to her."

"Strange cat," Hermione muttered. "Okay, so who's picking the book tonight?"

"Me," Scorpius cried loudly, delving into the box and pulling out a book.

"I wanted to pick," Lyra pouted.

"You can pick tomorrow, sweetheart," Hermione said, dropping a kiss to her daughter's head. "But let's open tonight's book and go and snuggle down in bed."

"We can both open it," Scorpius said to his sister, holding out the wrapped book.

"Okay," Lyra said, grabbing hold of half of the book.

Together the twins tore off the paper on the book, revealing a book with a picture of an elf on the front.

"What do we have?" Hermione asked, peering down at the book. "The Littlest Elf. Let's go and find out what it's about."

"Come on Holly," Lyra said, as they set off towards the stairs.

Much to Hermione's amusement, Holly happily followed Lyra and Scorpius upstairs. When the pair settled themselves in Lyra's room, Holly curled up beside Lyra, ready to listen to the story.

"See, I told you she liked to read," Lyra crowed triumphantly as Hermione settled herself in between the twins.

Hermione nodded as she opened the book and began to read 'The Littlest Elf'. Scorpius and Lyra thoroughly enjoyed the story, and Hermione enjoyed reading something she hadn't already read a hundred times before. When the story was over, she shooed Scorpius off to his own room, promising to be there to tuck him in shortly.

"Mummy, can I read the book again tomorrow?" Lyra asked with a yawn as she snuggled down in her bed, Holly quite content beside her.

"Yes, the books now belong to you and your brother, you can read them whenever you want," Hermione answered. "But tomorrow we'll have a new book to read before bed."

"A book, I pick?" Lyra checked.

"Yes, tomorrow it's your turn to pick the book," Hermione reassured her daughter as she gave her a goodnight kiss.

Heading into Scorpius's room, she found her son was tucked up in bed. Like his sister he was also looking forward to the following day, where he could re-read the book they'd just read, and then get a new book at bedtime.


By Christmas Eve, the twins had reached the last book into their advent book box. The advent box had been a roaring success, and the twins had loved getting a new Christmas book each day. They also enjoyed the fact that some books were muggle, while some were magical. Hermione had even included a few books that came with buttons that made festive sounds, and of course those were the books Scorpius had loved the most. Anything to make a noise - that was seemingly his motto.

"Okay, time for bed," Draco announced as the twins finished leaving their plate for Santa. "Lyra, it's your turn to pick a book from the advent box."

"The last one," Lyra cried excitedly as she plucked the last book from the box.

"And what is it?" Hermione asked.

Like they had with all the other books, Lyra and Scorpius tore into it together. When they did, they found another magical book. They could tell it was magical because the unicorn on the front cover was prancing around and the snowflakes were moving as they fell from the sky.

"Unicorn," Lyra cried happily.

Lyra loved unicorns, whereas her brother was more of a dragon person and he'd been thrilled earlier in the month when they'd opened a book about a baby dragon's first Christmas. Of course, Hermione had deliberately made sure to get books about both of her children's favourite magical creatures.

"Let's have a look at what we've got," Draco said, peering over his daughter's head to see the book in her hand. "The Magic Unicorn. Are you sure this is a Christmas book, Hermione?" He hissed to his wife, apart from the snow the book didn't look very festive.

"Of course I am," Hermione replied. "Read it and find out."

"Can you come too, Mummy?" Scorpius asked. Normally just one parent read the bedtime story, but sometimes they both did, and that usually meant two stories.

"Yes, but you're just getting the one story," Hermione warned.

Scorpius merely grinned at his mother as he and Lyra hurried off to bed. Draco and Hermione found the pair snuggled in Scorpius's bed when they reached the top floor of the house. While Draco settled himself in the middle of the twins, Hermione perched beside Scorpius to listen to the story. And of course the book was a Christmas book, it was all about a unicorn with a magical horn that could create snow and how he used the horn to make it snow on Christmas day and make all the other unicorns happy.

When the story was over, the twins convinced Hermione to read them a second story with the help of their father. After the second story, Lyra settled down in her own bed and the twins snuggled down to go to sleep.

"This has been a brilliant idea," Draco said to Hermione as the pair returned to the front room. "The twins have loved it."

"So have I," Hermione confessed. "I always love reading a new book."

"You'll have plenty to read tomorrow," Draco chuckled. "I'm sure you'll get some books of your own, but the twins will get plenty. Mother's bought them an entire set of children's books each. Lyra's are all about unicorns, while Scorpius's are all about dragons."

"Funny, my mother's done the same," Hermione chuckled. "Only Scorpius will be reading about pirates, and Lyra about fairies."

"Our kids the bookworms," Draco laughed.

"Just like us," Hermione said, snuggling up to her husband. "Nothing beats a good book."

"I'm not so sure about that," Draco muttered, leaning down and giving Hermione a deep kiss. "I can think of a few things more exciting than a book. Fancy an early night? I can give you an early Christmas present."

"Go on then," Hermione giggled, reconnecting her lips with Draco's as the couple made the most of their peace before the twins were up at the crack of dawn the following morning, eager to see what presents they'd received off Santa.