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For Draco the most tiring day of the year was Christmas Day. With the twins to contend with, it was nonstop action all day. It started from the second they woke up, usually much too early for Draco's liking, and it didn't end until they were crashed out in bed at the end of the day. Of course, Draco himself used to be the same when he was a child, but at least he'd been just one little boy for his parents to deal with, whereas he and Hermione had to contend with twins.

As they had done since they were old enough to understand about Christmas, the twins barrelled into their parents' bedroom when they awoke. When they were younger, they would have jumped on the bed, but at seven years old they knew better than to jump on beds. Instead they settled on shaking their parents until they groggily opened their eyes.

"It's Christmas," Scorpius yelled loudly when his father cracked one of his eyes open.

Draco groaned and checked the time on the clock beside the bed. "It's just after six in the morning. It's too early to get up."

"But we're awake," Lyra pouted.

"They'll never go back to sleep now," Hermione murmured from beside Draco.

"But I will," Draco argued, his eyes already drifting closed again.

"No, Dad, don't," Lyra said, shaking her father's shoulder. "Please can we get up? Please."

"Please," Scorpius chimed in as the twins giving their parents cheesy grins in order to get them to agree to get up.

"Okay, we'll get up," Hermione conceded with a sigh.

Draco groaned again as Hermione pushed back the covers and climbed out of bed. Christmas Eve was practically the only night the couple slept in more than their underwear, so Draco didn't hastily cover himself up. He was wearing a pair of dark grey pyjama bottoms and a green t-shirt, while Hermione was also wearing a pair of pyjamas.

"Come on Draco, get up," Hermione called as she wrapped a dressing gown around herself and slipped her bare feet into a pair of slippers.

"Okay, okay, I'm up," Draco grumbled sleepily as he stumbled out of bed.

A few minutes later the family made their way downstairs. While the twins rushed over to the tree, and began pulling presents from underneath it, Hermione went to make her and Draco a cup of coffee to wake them up. Flopping down on the sofa, Draco barely managed to keep his eyes open as he waited for his morning coffee.

Once Hermione returned with coffee, the twins set about opening their presents. For the next couple of hours there was absolute chaos as the twins tore into their presents. While Scorpius tore into present after present, Lyra thoroughly examined what she'd received, before moving onto the next present. Of course, it meant Scorpius had opened his presents long before his sister, but while Lyra was still opening her presents, Scorpius turned back to his own stash to see what he'd received.

"Can we go outside and fly?" Scorpius asked Draco as he lovingly stroked his new training broom his parents had gotten him. Lyra had also gotten a new broom as both twins loved to fly.

"Not yet," Draco replied. He was now awake, but it was still too early in the morning for his liking.

"You know the rules, Scorp, no playing with toys before breakfast," Hermione added. "When Lyra's finished, we'll go and eat."

When Lyra had finished opening her presents, and Hermione had magically cleared away all the mess, the family headed into the kitchen for a light breakfast. After toast for Hermione and Draco and cereal for the twins, the foursome headed upstairs to get dressed for the day ahead.

"I've got something else for you," Draco said to Hermione, when they reached their bedroom. Even though they'd exchanged the gifts that were under the tree, he had a present that he'd saved for when he was alone with his wife.

"I wonder what?" Hermione chuckled as Draco produced a gold box with a red bow and placed it on the bed.

"I know you know what the gift is, but it wouldn't be Christmas with them," Draco replied. "Besides, you always appreciate them."

"I do," Hermione confirmed as she lifted the lid of the box and pulled out the silky garments inside. This year Draco's gift of lingerie consisted of a silk teal bra and knickers set, with a matching see through camisole.

"Do you like them?" Draco checked.

"I do," Hermione replied. "The colour is gorgeous."

"I thought it was something different," Draco replied. "So are you going to put them on?"

"Tonight," Hermione promised, giving her husband a quick kiss before they got dressed.

By the time Draco and Hermione were dressed and ready to go back downstairs, the twins were already back in the front room sorting their presents. As usual, Hermione went directly into the kitchen to make a start of lunch, while Draco supervised the twins. Like always, Draco's morning consisted of helping the twins open boxes and setting up games and toys. He barely had a moment to himself as one of the pair were constantly asking him to do something for them.

Finally his reprieve came in the late morning when Hermione's parents arrived for lunch. With a bag full on new presents to open, the twins finally left him alone long enough for him to catch his breath. Before Scorpius and Lyra were finished with their presents off the Grangers, Lucius and Narcissa turned up and there was yet more presents to be opened. Leaving the twins in the capable hands of their grandparents, Draco snuck away to the kitchen to let his wife know their parents had arrived.

"I'll just go and say hello," Hermione said. "Do me a favour and get the turkey out of the oven. You can start carving it as well."

With a sigh, Draco did as his wife asked and removed the turkey from the oven. After spending the majority of the morning running after the twins, he was now going to spend the rest of the time until lunch, helping his wife. Sure enough when Hermione returned to the kitchen, she had a list of tasks for Draco to do before they were ready to sit down and eat.

Christmas lunch was the first opportunity Draco really had to sit down and relax all day. However, even Christmas lunch wasn't quite as relaxing as it used to be, not now the twins were growing up and could be a handful. It took long enough to get them to the table, but when they were finally settled they wanted to pull crackers first. When the twins shared a devious smirk as Scorpius held out a cracker for Narcissa to pull with him, Draco suspected they were up to something, but he didn't expect a live frog to jump from the cracker when his mother and son pulled it.

"Aah," Jean cried as the tiny amphibian jumped across the turkey, landed in the gravy, before jumping off the table.

"Draco, catch it," Hermione cried, before she turned to scold the giggling twins.

Draco was able to use magic to catch the frog, and once he'd managed that, he put it outside before returning to the dining room and settling down to enjoy the rest of his Christmas lunch. Or at least he tried to relax and enjoy his meal, but it was rather hard to relax when he caught Scorpius trying to hide sprouts in Lucius's hair when Hermione had told him to eat them up.

Eventually lunch came to an end, with everyone now laughing about the frog in the cracker and the fact a sprout had mysteriously fallen from Lucius's hair when he stood up. Looking forward to a nice relaxing afternoon, Draco helped his wife with the washing up before they joined the others in the front room. Unfortunately for Draco, the twins had other ideas and he never even managed to sit down before Scorpius and Lyra were dragging him outside to try their new brooms.

A couple of hours later, Draco convinced the twins to head back inside, where he could hopefully put his feet up. The twins did agree to go back inside, but they weren't ready to let their father rest just yet. They each had plenty more toys they wanted to play with, and they wanted everyone to play with them, and that included Draco.

"I am so tired," Draco moaned to his wife a few hours later as the two sets of grandparents got ready to leave.

"It has been a long day," Hermione agreed. "And the day's not over yet."

Hermione was spot on with the day not being over, and even the departure of his parents and Hermione's, didn't slow down the twins. They were still working their way through their dozens of presents, and they still had plenty they hadn't reached yet. Fortunately, Hermione got them to take a break and have some turkey sandwiches for their tea. She then suggested, they all settled down to watch a film, but even then the twins were playing at the same time and they kept involving their parents in their games.

After what seemed like the longest day ever, it was finally time for the twins to go to bed. However, like everything else that day, it wasn't easy to achieve. Getting them into bed came with a ten minute debate on how long they could read for. Both Scorpius and Lyra had received new books for Christmas, and being avid readers they were dying to get started.

"You can read for fifteen minutes," Hermione eventually agreed. "Then we'll be back up to check on you, and you both better have your lights off and be snuggled down in bed."

Leaving the twins to their bedtime reading, Draco and Hermione headed back downstairs. Settling down in the front room, they were able to sit back and relax for the first time all day. Fifteen minutes later, Draco went to check on the twins and make sure they were asleep. As he half expected, they both had their bedroom lights on, but they were fast asleep. Clearly the pair had zonked out while they were reading, no doubt exhausted from the day they'd just had. Plucking their books from their hands, Draco checked they were both okay, before he turned out their respective lights and left his sleeping children to return to his wife.

"They've both crashed out," He told her when he returned to the front room.

"I can't blame them, it's been non-stop all day," Hermione replied with a chuckle. "Do you fancy an early night?"

"Always," Draco replied with a grin.

Turning off all the lights and checking everything was locked up for the night, the couple headed up to their room. Hermione let Draco use the bathroom first, and when he emerged wearing just his boxers and settled expectantly in bed, she grabbed her new lingerie and headed into the bathroom to get ready.

"Five minutes," She vowed as she shut the door behind her.

It was actually nearer ten minutes when Hermione returned to the bedroom, and she stopped in shock when she set eyes on her husband. Instead of being eagerly awaiting her return, he was fast asleep. Hermione knew that Draco must be incredibly tired if he'd managed to fall asleep in ten minutes. Chuckling at her husband, Hermione slipped into bed beside him and magically turned off the lights. Draco nuzzled closer to her in his sleep, but when he didn't wake up, Hermione knew he was out for the count. It looked like he would have to wait to appreciate her sexy underwear, but Hermione didn't mind. She was just as content to cuddle up to her husband and have an early night.

The End.