All Your Heart Are Belong to Us

*The first ever Zero Wing Romance! Have your operator main screen turn on and read! Note: Contains some yaoi, please R&R but no flames. This is for entertainment purposes only. Zero Wing belongs to Toaplan and SEGA, I think. *


In A.D. 2101, Romance was beginning.

Suddenly, the ship received a signal from somewhere. Following his instructions, Operator told Captain, "We get signal!"

"What !" queried Captain.

"Main screen turn on," replied Operator.

"It's you !!" Captain said excitedly. He could feel is heart throbbing excitedly. He motioned for the crew to leave him alone.

On the screen was the image of a seven foot tall man with dark skin. His silky dark hair stood straight up above his handsome face. Captain had been waiting by the monitor for CATS's call all day. He could hardly contain his excitement. The butterflies were doing the Macarena in his stomach.

"How are you gentlemen !!" CATS said to Captain in a husky whisper.

"What you say !!" Captain blurted out in his nervousness. He blushed and blinked stupidly. How could he say something so dumb to the lovely CATS? He looked up into CATS's smiling face.

"Ha ha ha ha. . . . ," laughed CATS. CATS fervently wished that they were together, not separated by the cold void of space. He beckoned Captain to come to him.

"You know what you are doing," said Captain.

"All your base are belong to us," replied CATS playfully. He waved goodbye and the main screen went dead.

Captain left the room and found Operator and Mechanic. He smiled at them. "Launch every "Zig,"" Captain instructed. A sly smile broke out on Operator's face.

"Somebody set us up the bomb," Mechanic said, prodding Captain with his elbow lightly. Captain boarded his "Zig" and prepared for takeoff. After a few hours of interstellar flight, he would be reunited with CATS. He imagined the feel of CATS's arms around him, the beautiful twinkle in CATS's deep red eyes, the. . . Focus, thought Captain to himself. After a few adjustments, he was ready.

"Move "Zig."" Captain told Operator.

The "Zig" launched into space, every second getting closer to CATS.

"For great justice," he whispered to himself.


The End