The sky seemed to darken, and Marinette stood in her room. Sweat damped at the top of her forehead, as she glared at herself with slight guilt and regret. She began to fidget some as her body was layered with sweaters. She could hear her parents discussing the situation down below. She wasn't even quite sure of what was going to happen. For the first time in her life she was afraid of the future. She was afraid of what was going to happen, and she was mostly afraid of the judgment and possible danger that came her way if others had found out.

What would Alya think of her?

What would Chloe say to everyone?

Or worse... what would Adrien think about her now?

Over a mistake.

One stupid mistake...

A mistake she could have easily prevented, but because of lack of experience drove her to complete ignorance of her surroundings

It didn't help the sheer disappointment and fear she endured when she had to tell her parents, and it didn't help that she had to now hide the situation from all of her classmates. She even had to go as far as hiding it from her teachers.

She felt shameful.

Everyone would be aware of what she did, and she would continue to carry the evidence under her sweater, and possibly for the rest of her life.

She had kept the father well under secrecy as she still had yet to learn of his secret identity.

She wasn't sure of her feelings, but she was afraid of them not being good.

Marinette would never thought she would become a teenage mother. In fact, she and Alya vowed that they would never become those kinds of mothers, especially at 17.

Marinette sighed as she pulled off her first two layers of sweaters, and threw them to the side. She wiped her forehead free from sweat, as he white shirt slowly shifted from her belly.

She pressed her lips together as even her belly button began to protrude some. She rested her hands and cradled her tiny baby bump. Her fingers traced the skin delicately as he pale skin began to bear slight stretch marks.

Tikki slowly emerged from Marinette's side pouch and floated towards her shoulder.

Noticing the grimace on her face, she slowly nuzzled her cheek and smiled softly.

"Don't worry, Marinette. Everything will be okay." She said, her eyes only smiling at her. At any other time, Tikki's words would have comforted her.

Marinette wasn't sure of how she felt regarding the baby she was carrying. She cringed at how cruel the thought was.

However, this time it was too serious. This was something she couldn't see unfolding well. She bit her lip and cradled her belly, as a tear slipped down her cheek.

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