Chapter 1

Inuyasha,Kagome,Sango,Miroku,and Kirara were walking down a road approaching a small village.

"Hey guys,how about we take a break?"asked Kagome

"What already?"asked Inuyasha annoyed

"Oh come on Inuyasha we're only humans."said Miroku

"That's bodies are different from yours."said Sango

"That's always your excuse."Inuyasha retorted

As they went into the village they went to a small dumpling shop and ordered some food

"Man these dumplings are great!"cried Shippo as he wolfed down some dumplings

After about 10 minutes there was only one tick of dumplings left

Shippo was just about to grab before Inuyasha snatched it away

"Hey! That was mine Inuyasha!"

"Well I got it first so that makes it mine."said Inuyasha

He then ate it right in front of Shippo much to his dismay

"Inuyasha SIT!"cried Kagome

Inuyasha was then slammed into the floor

"What did you do that for?"asked an angry Inuyasha

"For being a jerk!"Kagome cried

Suddenly the group heard a loud ruckus

They then turned to see 5 men trying to mug an old woman with her little grandson

"Give us everything you have lady or we're going to let our little friend take a bite out of you and your kid."said one of the thugs

The same thug then tugged on a chain which was attached to a wild wolf with a shikon jewel shard in its head

"The wolf has a jewel shard! I knew I sensed something earlier!"cried Kagome

The child hid behind the woman scared

The woman quickly took out some money and gave it to them

"That's it?"asked another thug

"That's all we have sir. We're a poor family."said the old woman

"That's a shame."

The thug then brought wolf out

"Kill em!"cried the thug

"Hey idiots,how about you leave em alone!"cried Inuyasha as he ran to them

Suddenly the wolf leaped at the woman and the child before Inuyasha could make it

"NO!"cried Kagome

Suddenly a hooded figure leaped out of nowhere and kicked the wolf

The wolf was sent flying back to its masters.

"What the hell?"said one of the thugs

"You men should leave. We didn't come here to find trouble."said the hooded figure

"Oh no. Trouble found you!"cried the leader of the thugs

All of the men came at the hooded figure

The hooded figure then leaped and kicked two men

He then grabbed another thug's arm and flipped him

"Wow this guy's good."said Kagome

"You said it."said Sango

One of the thugs then grabbed a wooden board to strike the hooded figure but the figure broke through it with a single punch which landed on the thug's face

Suddenly the last of the thugs appeared right behind him with a sword in his hand about to bring it down on the figure

"Look out!"cried Shippo

Suddenly the figure took something out of his waist

It was a metal handle

The figure then pushed a button on the metal handle and suddenly a green blade of light came out of it

The figure slashed at the thug's sword cutting it in half

This made the thug stumble back

The figure pointed the green blade to the thug's throat

"Take your men and leave."the figure said

He and the other thugs ran

As soon as he put his blade away the wolf as if it knew the figure's blade was dangerous leaped at a random person

That person happened to be Kagome

"Kagome!"cried Inuyasha

Kagome's eyes widened with surprise and fear as the wolf was about to bite her

Then suddenly the wolf stopped. The wolf literally stopped in mid air

The others turned and saw the hooded figure with his hand out stretched in front of him

The figure then moved his arm fiercely towards a tree

The wolf was then flung into that tree and hit it hard,killing it

"Oh thank you sir! How can we repay you?"asked the woman

The figure smiled under his hood and said "Nothing. It was my pleasure."

He then took out some money and gave it to the woman

Her little grandson said,"Thank you sir for saving me and my grandma."

The figure ruffled his head"Just make sure you grow up big and strong."he said

When the woman and the child left

He went towards the wolf and took the jewel from its head examining it

"Hey that thing doesn't belong to you!"cried Inuyasha running towards him

"Inuyasha sit!"Kagome cried

Inuyasha was then slammed in to the floor again

"I'm sorry,he could be rude sometimes."Kagome said

"Its fine."he said as he handed the jewel fragment to Kagome

"Well I'm Kagome and here is Miroku,Sango,Shippo,Kirara,and the guy on the floor is Inuyasha."

Inuyasha got up glaring at her.

"Nice to meet you all."said the figure removing his hood

"My name is Luke Skywalker. Jedi Knight."