Chapter 8

The next morning everyone was having breakfast around Kaede's fire. They were discussing what had happened the other day.

They had sent R2D2 and C-3PO back to the Millenium Falcon to inform the Rebel Alliance where they were and to not worry

"I wonder how Luke is doing.I'm worried about him."said Leia

"So am I. I mean I never saw his eyes lookin' that creepy before."said Han

Chewbaca roared in agreement

"Well I could care less what happens to him."said Inuyasha

Han and Leia glared

"Listen you cat human hybrid I don't know what you got against Luke but you need to learn to keep your mouth shut!"cried Han

"Who're you callin' a cat human?"asked Inuyasha angrily

"Inuyasha sit boy!"cried Kagome

Inuyasha was slammed into the floor hard

"What the hell was that for?"asked Inuyasha

"Honestly can you be nice to Luke for once?"asked Kagome

"Hmph why bother?"

Kagome sighed"You're impossible."she said

At that moment Luke came in. His eyes looked tired but were now normal. He had been talking to the force ghosts of obi wan, yoda, and anakin.

"What's all the commotion about?"asked Luke yawning

"Oh nothing important."said Kagome smiling

Luke then sat down with the others.

As he ate he noticed the others staring at him

"Why're you guys staring at me like that?"

"We were just trying to see if you were alright."said Sango

"Yeah kid. You sure scared the hell out of me."said Han

Luke smiled

"Relax guys I'm fine. What happened to me yesterday was just a little problem. I' back to my old self now."

"Well that's a relief. I was worried that I might had to shoot you through the head."said Han laughing and patting Luke on the back

"Don't worry Han, you couldn't shoot me if you tried."

Han then looked at Luke

"Oh really?And why're you so sure about that kid?"

"Because..I got the force on my side."

"Heh heh. How about we test that theory then. I bet 2000 credits that I can make at least one shot on you."

"Heh. You're on."responded Luke

He and Han went outside

"Oh geez. Boys."said Leia

"Tell me about it."said kagome and Sango

All of them went outside to watch

"You ready kid? If you can disarm me you if I make at least one shot on your body I it?"asked Han

"Bring it on."said Luke

Han then put his hand on his blaster while Luke put his hand on his lightsaber

They stood facing each other with their hands on their weapons like cowboys

"DRAW!"cried Han

Han took his blaster and began to shoot at Luke

Luke began deflecting the blaster fire

They both attacked with great speed

"Wow look at them go!"cried Shippo

"I do admit Luke does handle a blade better than Inuyasha."said Miroku

"Hey!"cried Inuyasha

As Luke deflected Han realized he was losing

Luke was getting faster and faster

Han then gave Chewbacca a signal

Suddenly Chewie shot at Luke from behind

Surprised Luke sensed him and blocked the blaster from behind

"Hey that's cheating!"Luke cried

"Hey you never said I couldn't get help. Besides you got your so called the force and I got Chewie."said Han

"Hmph."said Luke

Now both Han and Chewy were shooting at Luke

Now Luke was having trouble

He began backing up

Suddenly Han began to charge his gun

A red ball of energy appeared from it and shot at Luke

Luke deflected it but the force of the energy ball knocked him back causing his light saber to be knocked out of his hand

As he laid on the floor Han and Chewie walked to him with their guns

"Might as well give up now kid."said Han

Luke smiled

Using the Force Luke leaped high from the floor and back flipped and landed back to the floor

He then force pulled his light saber back to his hand

Han and Chewbacca saw this and shot at him again but this time Luke ran at them deflecting it

When he was close enough to them he turned off his light saber and used the force to pull the guns out of Han and Chewie's hands. He then jumped up and kicked them both to the floor

"I win..."said Luke smiling

"Alright Luke!"cried Kagome and Leia

"Yeah great job! "cried Sango

"Wait a go!"cried Shippo

Miroku applauded while Inuyasha stood there silent and turned his head

"Hey that wasn't part of the bet!"cried Han

"Hey you had Chewie and I had the force. The bet never said I had to disarm you with my light saber. Looks like you owe me 2000 credits Han."said Luke

Han turned Chewie

"Can I borrow 2000 credits?"

Chewie roared

"What do you mean I never pay people I owe?"

Chewbacca grunted

"Okay you know I couldn't pay Jabba back because we were in the middle of a war."

"Yeah and I had to kill him to save your ass."said Leia poking her finger on Han's chest causing Han to blush from embarrassment

As the others came over Luke saw Inuyasha wasn't

He saw that he was uninterested with his arms crossed

"Hey Inuyasha you didn't like the show?"asked Luke

"So you can take out two guys. Big deal. If I had used my Tetsusaiga they would have been toast in 2 minutes."Inuysha responded

"Inuyasha!"cried Kagome seeing how rude he was being

"It's fine Kagome."said Luke

Luke walked over to Inuyasha

"How about you and me spar? It'll be fun."he said responded

"Oh no..."thought Kagome

Inuyhasha looked at him

"Fine."said Inuyasha

They both then walked forward

Inuyasha drew his sword

Luke turned on his lightsaber

"Here I come!"Inuyasha cried

Inuyasha jumped and slashed at Luke with Tetsusaiga

Luke blocked it causing sparks to fly out

Inuyasha kept singing at Luke and Luke began dodging and blocking them

"He's good but he would be better if he had more speed. I think it's because of how large the sword is."Luke thought

Luke then parried and made an opening.

Luke then kicked Inuyasha down to the ground causing him to skid

Inuyasha got up quickly

"You're good Inuyasha. You sure know how to use your sword."said Luke

Inuyasha smiled proudly

"You haven't seen anything yet.Wind Scar!"he cried

The energy wave came at Luke

Luke leaped in the air to avoid it

Inuyasha then jumped in the air also and slashed Luke

Luke the blocked it

They then both landed on the ground

Inuyasha then shot his Adamant barrage at Luke

Luke then thrust his hand out and stopped the diamonds with the force

He then made a clenching motion causing the diamonds to shatter

Inuyasha gritted his teeth

The Tetsusaiga then turned red

"His sword changed again."said Leia

"Yes. Tetsusaiga has different forms and abilities it obtained from other creatures."said Miroku

"I gotta get me one of those,of course I'd prefer it was a blaster."said Han

"Wind Scar!" cried Inuyasha

He sent another wind scar at Luke

"Wait,this one is way stronger than the last one he shot. I have no choice than to do this."Luke thought

Luke quickly turned off hi light saber

He then thrust his hands out

When the wind scar reached his hands he began to use the force and absorb it

"He's absorbing the wind scar!"cried Sango and Miroku

Han smiled

"That's our Luke for ya."he said

Luke continued to absorb it

He then put his hands together and destroyed the wind scar

Inuyasha was speechless and so were the others

Luke smiled

"I think we should call that a match. Let's say it was a tie."he said

He then went over to Inuyasha

"Good game."Luke said holding out his hand

Inuyasha looked at his hand and smiled

He firmly shook it

"Huh. Looks like Inuyasha is beginning to warm up to him."thought Kagome smiling

"Good job you guys!"she continued to say

As the others began to congratulate them they didn't notice

That 4 dark side warriors had been spying on them in the shadows

"Skywalker is powerful."said Maul

"Indeed"said Talon

"Heh heh. Now I feel more attracted to him than ever." said the seventh sister

Starkiller had remained silent. His yellows eyes narrowed and gleamed with hate

"Should we attack now?"asked Maul

"No...I want to be able to fight Skywalker alone. We shall wait."said Starkiller

As they continued to monitor them Starkiller thought in his head,"Soon you will pay for the pain you caused me Luke."