Harvey could hear Donna speaking in the living area, he was unaware who she was speaking to

"Today? Yeah that's great news, thanks Tom" he heard Donna announce

Tom? Harvey thought to himself who the hell is Tom?! Harvey quickly threw on his sweatpants and casually walked out of the bedroom. He was faced with Donna, alone, sitting on the sofa once he reached the living area.

"Where you speaking to someone?" he asked

Donna flung her head backwards over the sofa to look at him "Morning! It was Tom… my landlord. Said my place is ready to move back into today" she gave him a half hearted smile

"Great" Harvey answered her with no enthusiasm in his voice whatsoever

- The end-

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He strolled over to the kitchen and began to make himself a coffee. He thought back to the last week that they had spent together. Who'd have thought something as silly as bedbugs could have brought this pair together? They had been through thick and thin with each other over the past 12 years; his father dying, the countless number of failed relationships they both endeavoured and of course Donna nearly getting 5 years in prison.

She didn't want to leave his apartment, not now and not ever. Last night they actually spoke about starting a relationship together, truth be told she was terrified but she still wanted to stay here. Maybe they could sort out some sort of Carrie Bradshaw and Mr Big arrangement? She kept her apartment and stayed there 2 days a week and the rest of the week they shared his apartment? Donna was so lost in thought she failed to acknowledge him calling out her name, she only realised when he sat down besides her giving her a strange look.

"Okay so for the third time… Shall we go shopping today? The things you've left in your apartment have probably been seized by the bedbugs" he laughed

"Yeah um… Sorry I was in a world of my own… cause we can. We can also get you some life for this place for when I'm gone" she mocked looking round at his black and white condo

Harvey wrapped his arm around her and pulled her into his embrace, "I have the cactus, do I really need anything else?"

ME! You need ME, Harvey! She wanted to shout down his ear

"I'll go take a shower, shall I tell Ray to pick us up at 12:30?" he asked walking towards the bathroom before she got a minute to answer.

She hadn't spoken to Rachel yet about what happened last night and she needed some reassurance. Of course she knew Harvey, he wasn't going to compliment her every second of the day that wasn't the type of man he was. He asked her to be his girlfriend so that was that, she didn't want to pressure him into anything else and the "love me how? question was definitely out the window.


The pair had been strolling the streets of New York for over 4 hours now. Donna's right arm was full with Roberto Cavalli and Jimmy Choo bags whilst Harvey was left carrying Jensen Lewis furniture bags packed with a lot of unnecessary items such as candles, artificial flowers and a globe. He wasn't sure how a globe was going to bring life to his condo but Donna had tossed it in the shopping trolley anyway.

"Donna" Harvey panted "when will this shopping trip end? I mean I'm in good shape for my age but I am exhausted"

He didn't know how she did it, she had been prancing round in a pair of slim fit jeans, blouse and a pair of 5 inch heels. To top it off she had 4 humongous shopping bags and her own oversized designer handbag on both arms and she hadn't broken a sweat, not once.

"It's only been 4 hours Harvey" she laughed at him while she watched him catch up to her. He only had 2 shopping bags, he had no right to moan.

"Only?!" Harvey shouted still trying to catch his breath "is this a normal time frame for shopping? Do all boyfriends have to put up with this? Next time I think I'll pass on the shopping trip and give you my card"

The sound of him calling himself her boyfriend made her heart bang around in her chest, for another time that week she was speechless and just gave him a smile until she could think of what to say.

"Why don't we have an early lunch, take this lot home…" he said gesturing towards the many bags attached to themselves "and go to a nice bar for a quiet drink, nothing too loud I think I heard enough Justin Bieber and DJ music on Friday to last me a life time"

"I need to get back to my place at some time today, Harvey" she replied tilting her head to the side trying to force a smile "come on, let's go home"

Harvey tried to mirror her smile but it was no use he couldn't pretend he was happy for her. Let's go home. Home. She was referring to his home as their home, so why didn't she just stay. Hopefully forever. Harvey knew someone in estates, of course he did he knew somebody in every sector, he could have a new tenant in her apartment within the week.


After the hardest and overtiring shopping trip of his life he was now in the comfort of his own home, Donna was fussing around him with the globe trying to find the 'perfect' place for it, how was an old fashioned globe going to replace her. There were no shades of red or ginger in it and he certainly wasn't going to be getting into bed with it every night. He was making out as if they were never going to see each other again, they worked together 5 days a week – some weeks even 6 and 7 days, and he was sure she would be coming over to his place regularly and vice versa. But still, he wanted their temporary living arrangement to become permanent.

Donna's phone started buzzing and flashing on the coffee table

Rachel- Me and Mike are going out for a few celebratory drinks tonight, I passed my last assignment top of the class! Why don't you and Harvey come with us x

"Shit" Donna muttered. Rachel had mentioned this to her on Friday how could she forget.

Harvey was lying down on one of the sofas with his eyes closed, today had well and truly took it out of him.

"Did the globe break?" he questioned without opening his eyes, he secretly hoped it had.

"No no, it's Rachel. She passed her assignment and asked me on Friday would I go out for a few celebratory drinks tonight with her and Mike… I completely forgot" she responded, again pacing up and down the living area with her hand on her forehead.

"So what's the problem?" he requested still not opening an eyelid or moving from his position. He knew what the problem was; it was Donna's 'moving back home day'.

"I need to get back to my place and-" Harvey cut her off before she could finish her sentence

"Need?" he questioned, he finally opened his eyes and stretched on the sofa "you don't need to do anything. Is it really a necessity you get back to your place tonight?" or any other night he thought to himself

Donna smirked and walked over to him sitting herself on the coffee table in front of him "you just don't want me to go, admit it"

ADMIT IT the voice inside his head was screaming "No… that's not what I'm saying, what I mean is-" this time Harvey was cut off by Donna

"Don't try and lawyer you way out of this one! Okay I'll pack all my things, touch up my makeup and then we'll meet them. When we get back to your place tonight everything is ready to go" she smiled and started to text Rachel back.

Donna- We'll both be there x

"So… you're still going… tonight?" he examined her

"That's the plan! I'll go start packing now" she smacked him on the shoulder and walked off towards the bedroom.


There was no need to call Ray as the bar was only a few blocks away from Harvey's apartment. The pair made their way inside and spotted the younger couple at a booth near the bar.

"Congratulations!" Donna shouted as they approached them

Rachel shrieked in excitement, as always, and stood up and greeted her friend with a hug. Harvey took his place next to Mike inside the booth.

"Who'd of thought Harvey Specter would have enjoyed double dates?" Mike mocked his boss

"Who'd of thought your girlfriend was going to make a better lawyer than you? Oh wait, you're not even a real lawyer" he teased back

The waiter came over and Donna ordered a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal for the table as a present from her and Harvey, she used his credit card of course.

"Any news on the bedbug situation? Or are use two going to live together on a more permanent basis since things have gotten pretty serious" Rachel quizzed.

Donna kicked her friend under the table as all eyes were focussed on her, "it's ready to move back into tonight, everything is packed ready for later" she gave a weak smile and looked across to Harvey

"She did buy me a replacement for her leaving… a globe" he laughed narrowing his eyebrows back at her

"You could get one of them cardboard cut outs!" Mike shouted "you can get life sized ones now"

The whole table started to laugh until Rachel quickly silenced them with her next sentence, "or you could just move in together?"

It was no secret that Rachel was Harvey and Donna's biggest fan, well apart from Jessica, the table fell silent and no one quite knew were to look. Donna was avoiding Harvey's glare and Harvey was avoiding Mike's glare.

"Would you like to order anymore drinks?" the waitress came over just in time. Neither of the four could strike up a conversation after that, this gave them a bit of thinking space.

"I'll have a Manhattan, extra shot of Whisky" Donna ordered, at this moment in time she needed more than an extra shot

"Same for me, minus the extra shot" Rachel laughed

Harvey and Mike ordered a large Macallen 18 and a bottle of beer. The foursome was right back into conversation after being saved by the waitress.


At 10pm Harvey and Donna where back at his place, Mike and Rachel decided to stay out for 'one more drink' no doubt the pair would be hungover tomorrow in work. Harvey relentlessly helped Donna move all her bags near the front door, 2 suitcases, 3 gym bags and numerous shopping bags later everything was ready to go.

Harvey poured 2 large glasses of Scotch and leant on the counter facing Donna

"I know your apartment is ready tonight but you can stay another night, don't feel like you have to leave just because it's ready" Harvey told his new partner

"I have to get back tonight, I don't want to intrude any longer" she shuck her head

"You are my girlfriend! How would that be you intruding?!" he shouted "that globe would be intruding, but definitely not you"

"I've got a feeling you don't like that globe" she laughed placing her glass in the sink

The phone in the apartment rung and they both knew it was Ray downstairs at reception, it was finally time for her to go and neither of them could face it even thought they would both see each other in the next 10 hours at work. Ray knocked on the door to help take the bags down to the car, Harvey piled all the bags and suitcases around Ray in the life and told him she'd be down in 2 minutes.

Donna threw her arms around Harvey's neck and looked into his eyes. She couldn't be more grateful for what he had done for her considering they weren't back to their normal selves at the time when he offered to her to live with him.

"Thank. You. Again" she mumbled between kisses "I'll see you tomorrow morning"

She removed her arms from his neck but he refused to move his from around her waist. She tried again to pull away from his grip but he was not letting go.

"Stay" he whispered placing light kisses on her neck. She knew exactly him kissing her neck usually ended

"Harvey" she laughed pushing him off her "I need to go" she placed a kiss on his lips "I'll see you tomorrow. I love you" she smiled

Harvey mirrored her smile and nodded his head "okay… I love you too"

The door closed behind her and she was gone. Every trace of her was gone from his apartment.


It was 12am and Harvey was tossing and turning in his bed, it was far too big for one person to sleep in and at this point in time he felt lonely. He knew he would see her within a few hours but he wanted her there, next to him. He could still smell her perfume on her side of the bed and it was driving his crazy.


Her apartment was the same as before besides a newly fitted carpet that was almost the same colour as the last. She unpacked all her things, showered and then got into bed. It was 12am and she missed her, she didn't realised how lonely it was sleeping alone until she spent the past week sleeping next to him, well besides the first night when he slept on the couch. She wanted to call him but he'd be fast asleep by now, she wore him out this afternoon on their first shopping trip as a couple. Most sales assistants always assumed they were husband and wife whenever he took her shopping for a new handbag, she started to think back to the time when a male sales assistant tried to hit on her and Harvey informed the man that Donna was in fact him wife. The look on that poor mans face she laughed to herself.

Then there was a knock to the door, she had no idea who would be knocking at a time like this on a Sunday night, maybe one of the neighbours. She opened the door open slowly to get a look at who it was on the other side.

"I can't sleep, its been over 2 hours and I miss you already" it was him, standing there in his sweatpants and t-shirt. His hair was wet from the rain and stuck to his face.

He pushed the door open and grabbed her by the waist kicking the door shut with his foot "I have had the best week of my life, you can't leave me now or ever for that matter"

"Say it" she prompted him laughing into his chest

"Say what?" he questioned pulling away to look at her

"What you've been dying to ask me since Friday when Tom told me my place would be ready soon" she challenged him

He gave his signature Specter smile. Of course she knew what he wanted to ask her, he just didn't have the balls to say it cause he was afraid of her answer.

"Will you. Please. Move back. In with me" he asked her kissing her check then her lips then down to her neck, also placing a lot of emphasis on the word please.

She grabbed him by his face, her eyes filling with tears "yes! A thousand times yes!"