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The surface of the moon was not a place where one would expect to see people walking around without spacesuits, yet that was exactly the case currently.

A group of six girls with rabbit ears wearing attires similar to that of school uniforms were walking on the surface of the moon, all of them armed with rifles.

"Kind of pointless to be doing this all the time, don't you think so?" asked one of the lunar rabbits, one with shoulder-length purple hair. "It's not like the army of hell is still frolicking out here or they're going to show up when you least expect them… I see no point in scouting the place every day…"

"The higher ups are worried that something like this may happen again, so security has been increased," said a lunar rabbit with short, light purple hair. "They want us to scout the surface every day because of this."

"Still doesn't deny the fact that it's pointless…" said the long-haired rabbit. "Even doing training is more useful than this…"

"I agree, but what can we do but obey orders?" said a lunar rabbit with blue hair that had a bushy ponytail. "At least it's an easy job we're doing. Just walk around for about thirty minutes and then go back to report what we found… or what we did not find…"

The rabbits chatted with each other to make their scouting mission more fun. The lack of sceneries on the moon made scouting everyday a boring job, so they usually made sure to bring along something to make things more enjoyable or find something to do while doing so.

The long-haired rabbit was chatting happily when suddenly she tripped over something. "Ow!"

"Are you all right?" asked the short-haired lunar rabbit.

"Just a small scratch… Nothing big…" said the lunar rabbit that tripped. She looked at what she tripped over and saw a peculiar-looking rock.

The rock was dome-shaped and had three colors that spread equally around it. The colors were red, blue, and yellow. There were two rocks.

The lunar rabbits crouched down in front of the rocks to observe them. "Wow! These rocks are beautiful!" said a red-haired lunar rabbit with twintails.

"I've never seen anything like this on the moon before," said the blue-haired lunar rabbit. "They look… unnatural…" She then poked it with the tip of her rifle to see if anything would happen, but nothing did.

"You think we should take them back with us?" asked a blonde lunar rabbit with long hair that was tied up at the end. "They did tell us to bring back anything peculiar."

"They're just rocks. How peculiar can they be?" asked the lunar rabbit that tripped.

"They are oddly colored, so I guess that counts…" said the blonde lunar rabbit. "Anyway, let's just take them back. Nobody would mind if we bring back a couple of rocks, right?"




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Chapter 1
Just a Rock

After being taken to the Lunar Capital, the rock was taken to a scientist for studying. The scientist, a bespectacled young woman with long blue hair, busied herself with experimenting on the rock, while the blue-haired lunar rabbit, Seiran, and the lunar rabbit with light purple hair, Rei'sen, watched from the side. Seiran eventually asked her, "So… is there anything notable about these rocks?"

"Nothing," said the scientist bluntly. "Couldn't find anything special about them…"

"Really…?" asked Seiran.

"If there's anything special about them, then that would be that the colors are natural and not painted on," said the scientist. "It's not every day that you find rocks that are colored this way naturally. Other than that, I can't seem to find anything special about them. They don't react to any kind of chemical, got no special properties, no nothing…"

"At least they're good-looking…" said Seiran.

"Even so, I think I'll keep them around to see if I can find out more," said the scientist.

"Um… If you don't mind…" Rei'san asked the scientist, "I'd like to take one back to my master… I'm sure she'll like it…"

"Sure," said the scientist. "I only need one, so feel free to take the other one."

"I'm ready to go to the House of Eternity!" Toyohime cheerfully said to Yorihime while entering her room with a luggage in her hand. "Are you ready?"

"Pretty much done," said Yorihime while doing her hair in front of a mirror. "You sure are excited about going to a location in an impure land, aren't you?"

"Being able to stay with Master Eirin is always nice!" replied Toyohime happily. "Plus, the rabbits there are sooooooooo cute! I can't wait to pick them up and cuddle them until I'm tired! I'm still going to keep on cuddling them when I'm tired! I really wanna bring one home!"

"We shouldn't bring anything impure to this place," Yorihime told her. "That is the rule."

"You always say that… I want a pet rabbit…" said Toyohime.

"We have more than enough lunar rabbits under our command," Yorihime told her.

"They're different," said Toyohime. "Someone who doesn't appreciate nice and cute things like you will never understand my feelings!"

"Perhaps, and I don't have the intention to," said Yorihime.

"Your heart is made of stone…" said Toyohime under her breath.

"Miss Toyohime…" said Rei'sen as she came up to Toyohime with the tricolored rock in her hand. "Um… Are we ready to go?"

"Oh, Rei'sen! Back from your scouting? Good timing! We're getting ready to leave, and I've packed your bag for you!" Toyohime happily said to her. "And what's that you have there?"

"We… We found this peculiar-looking rock while scouting out there," replied the lunar rabbit. "We took it to Doctor Kagana to see if she can find out anything, but according to her, it's nothing more than a simple rock, though the colors are peculiar."

"Oooh! It looks beautiful!" said Toyohime while touching the rock. "Feels like normal rock, but the color is neat! I know! We can take it to the House of Eternity with us and give it to Princess Kaguya as a souvenir! I'm sure she'll like this! She did tell us to bring her gifts after all!"

"I was thinking of that, which was why I brought it to you," said Rei'sen.

Walking up to Rei'sen to look at the rock, Yorihime asked, "Why did you bring back something like that? We don't know what it is, so it may be impure."

"We… We thought it looks strange and beautiful, so we decided to bring it back…" said the lunar rabbit in slight fear, since Yorihime was known to be strict and scary towards other people.

"Don't be like that, sis!" Toyohime told her younger sister. "This thing is found on the moon, so how can it be impure? If you're that worried about its possible impurity polluting this place, we'll just take it with us to the House of Eternity and leave it there. There! Problem solved!"

"Do whatever you want…" said Yorihime before leaving the room to do other things.

"Are you sure… it was right for us to bring this back?" Rei'sen asked Toyohime, sounding a bit guilty after what Yorihime said.

"Don't worry! There's nothing wrong with what you did!" Toyohime told her. "You know how my younger sister is, but her ways of thinking isn't always right, so don't think too much! I'm sure the princess will like what you brought her!"

After the sisters were done packing, they told their household and husbands that they were leaving soon. Yorihime also gathered together her army of lunar rabbits to tell them about this. "Be sure to continue scouting the place every day after we're gone," she told them. "After what happened, we cannot let our guard down no matter what, especially when I'm not around. Did I make myself clear?"

"Yes!" said all the lunar rabbits.

"I'll leave this place to you, then," continued Yorihime. "Make sure that the security is on full alert at all times and be on a lookout for possible enemies. Don't let anyone or anything suspicious into this place, and…"

"Can we please go now?" Toyohime asked her impatiently. "They all got what they have to do, so you don't have to go into that much detail. Give them a break as well! Nothing bad has happened in a while, so I'm sure things aren't going to go bad all of a sudden while we're gone!"

"You're too lax, Toyohime," Yorihime told her with a stern look. "Life is full of unexpected dangers. Traitors and dangers are everywhere. You have to be aware of your surroundings at all times if you want to live a safe life! People who care too little about their surroundings are bound to lose their lives faster! After the invasion of the army from hell, I cannot allow our capital to fall into danger again! From that experience, I've learned…"

"Blah, blah, blah! I've learned to see if I've locked the door before going to bed… up to three times!" interrupted Toyohime. "Seriously, you should be more carefree and loosen up! Life is more enjoyable if you think on the bright side!"

As the two sisters had a small debate regarding how to live life, Seiran whispered to a lunar rabbit next to her, "No wonder Captain Yorihime is agreed by almost everyone to be the most headache-inducing person on the moon…"

"You only just realized this?" asked that lunar rabbit.

When the sisters were finally done with their little debate, Yorihime turned to the army one last time to say, "All right, we'll be taking our leave now. Be sure to take good care of this place during our absence. We will return in three days. Have you understood everything?"

"Yes!" said the lunar rabbits.

"Then I leave everything to you! Make sure not to disappoint me when I return!" said Yorihime.

"All right! We can finally leave!" said Toyohime happily while clapping her hands once. "See you later! We're off!" As soon as she said that last phrase, the sisters and Rei'sen disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"Must be very convenient to be able to travel between the Earth and the moon instantaneously…" said Seiran.

"Now with mud down in that hole! Let's see Reisen get herself into a dirty mess!" said Tewi "maliciously" while watching from behind a pile of bush at a hole she just dug and covered up using sticks, leaves, and dirt close to the House of Eternity. It was a hole large enough to fit at least three people.

The Watatsuki Sisters and Rei'sen suddenly popped out of thin air above the hole and, needless to say, fell into it, causing the sound of mud splotching to be heard. "WHAT IN THE WORLD?!" cried Yorihime out loud.

Seeing who fell into the hole, Tewi's face became horrified. In fact, it might be the most horrified face she ever made in her life.

"Strange… I don't remember cleaning out this slide…" said Dr. Kagana while looking at a microscope slide that she previously put tiny pieces of the tricolored rock onto. "Where did they go?"

Seeing Yorihime walking out of a room with fresh, new clothes, Eirin asked her, "Feeling better?"

"Better," replied the former.

"I truly apologize for what Tewi did…" Eirin told her. "I'll be sure to teach her a lesson when she comes back. I've sent the rabbit demons to bring her back. I'm sure they'll come back soon."

"Have you never taught her how to behave? Setting up traps just to see people fall into them for fun is not the correct behavior of anyone!" said Yorihime.

"Well, Tewi doesn't really listen to anyone… She does as she pleases, but she has never caused great harm to anyone, so I let her do whatever she wants, knowing that nothing too serious will happen," explained Eirin.

"Then make her listen to other people! Just because she doesn't take orders well doesn't mean you can let her do as she pleases!" said Yorihime angrily, surprising Eirin. "If you let her keep up like that, who knows what sort of terrible person she will become in the future? As the second-in-command of this place, it is your responsibility to make sure that all those below you are well-behaved! Letting them do whatever they want is not an option!"

Yorihime went all-out in lecturing Eirin, who was boggled and didn't know what to do or say except listen to her former student lecture her nonstop.

"Looks neat!" said Kaguya while observing the tricolored rock Rei'sen brought.

"I knew you would like it!" said Toyohime. "You should thank Rei'sen for finding it while scouting the moon!"

Kaguya turned to Rei'sen and said to her, "Thanks for bringing this! I didn't know they have something like this on the moon! A lot of things must've popped up after I was gone!"

"It's nothing… It's just a rock…" said Rei'sen nervously.

"And a colorful one at that! It's still something worthy of a souvenir if you ask me!" said Kaguya. "Thanks a lot!"

"You're welcome…! I'm glad you like it!" said Rei'sen with a nervous smile.

"And then it turned out to be food dye all along!" Seiran said to the lunar rabbit with shoulder-length purple hair. The latter laughed upon hearing the conclusion to her funny experience, which had something to do with a "bloody" rice cake mallet.

They then noticed a crowd gathered in front of a building and wondered what was happening there. "Isn't that the Lunar Science Central?" asked the purple-haired rabbit.

The duo went over and tried to make their way through the crowd, only to find that policemen had blocked the way inside. "Excuse me," Seiran asked one of the policemen. "What happened here?"

"There's been an accident," replied one of the policemen. "Someone is found dead in there."

"Who?" asked Seiran.

"A scientist named Kagana," replied the policeman.

Hearing this, a look shock appeared on the blue-haired lunar rabbit's face. "What?!"


Here's a brand new installment of my Touhou series! It will be starring the folks from the moon. It doesn't matter what you think about the Lunarians, especially the Watatsuki Sisters, I still hope you are willing to give this story a try.

Please enjoy the story!

Dr. Kagana is my OC, but now she's dead.

That's how Touhou Wiki spell Toyohime's "pet" Reisen, so I'm going to call her Rei'sen in order to differentiate her from the other Reisen.

I'm calling Eientei the House of Eternity in my series, since that is what "Eientei" literally means. I consider myself a localizer/translator who uses English equivalents and terms as much as possible. To me, I never really found Japanese to mix with English as well as European languages like Spanish, French, German, etc. If the Japanese word is one not found in English dictionaries, I'll translate it if possible.

Touhou doesn't have official English translations, so if you think about it, there's really nothing wrong in using literal translations of the various Japanese names and terms found in it. Who knows? If the series ever gets an official English localization, the localizers might translate names like Eientei, Hakugyokurou, and the likes into terms that English speakers are more familiar with. I'll be calling Hakugyokuro the Tower of White Jade, mind you.