Levy and Freed were staring at a strange black contraption that looked like a thin book on it's side flipped open. The two had decided to take a mission together and had gotten this technology called a "Laptop".

And now they were attempting to use it. If only they knew the hell that awaited.

"So Freed? What should we do first?" the smaller mage asked her green haired companion.

"I don't know. Maybe we should go to this 'settings' and set up our 'account'." he replied.

So Levy took the strange oval shaped thing called a mouse and scrolled over to the start icon on the "screen" or "desktop". She clicked on the icon and a list of things to do popped up. So moved the "mouse" over to the option "settings".

After clicking, she selected an option for picking a username and password. After the page popped up, she and Freed began thinking up nicknames for their profile.

"I think it should be Ruin_Guy123." Freed told Levy, gesturing with his hands.

"Well that's fine I guess. I can't come up with anything else." Levy used the keyboard to type out the ridiculous name on the space provided.

Next, they decided to use Charles Dickens as a password. Why? Because nerds be nerds. After getting set up, the two went back to the desktop.

"So what now, Levy?"

The bluenette reached into her bag that was nearby and produced a list from their client. She opened the list and read it.

Dear Freed and Levy,

If you're reading this, you must have set up your laptop. Congratulations! You are some of the only people in Fiore who have the chance to try these out. Laptops are from the country my sisters lived in. A company in your country in going to introduce them with our help, so what thought you two should be able to experience it first hand before a majority of the public! We set up an e-mail account with your information and your usernames, email addresses, and passwords are on this piece of paper. The site to get to your e-mail are on the front page.

We also send you things to look at on the internet for your enjoyment!


Grae with all kinds of love!

What have they gotten themselves into?

Other chapters will be longer! Please enjoy the chaos. And I am taking requests for react chapters.

Next time on Bookworms React!, Freed and Levy find Tumblr and all the feels and fandoms there are entailed in them.