The word bounced around the emotionally unstable newborn's mind for, what to her, felt like forever, but in reality, it was an inconceivable passing of time.


Her actions had no thought in them when her arm cocked back and shot forward, making a solid connection with Peter's mouth. His light hold on her hips vanished and the snarled growl slipped past her lips at the same time the male's body landed several feet away.

Peter, sprawled out on his back, looked up at the sky. It certainly wasn't the first time he had ever been punched in the mouth, but it had been a very long time since someone landed such a solid blow. Maybe he was more out of practice with newborns than he gave credit for. He didn't recall them being that fast with him that close, his own instincts sharpened to a razor point, making it all but impossible for them to do what popped into their head.

As he ran the heel of his hand over his bottom lip, he grunted. "Didn't mean it as a insult, Sugar." Pushing himself to his elbows, his amused eyes locking on Bella's pissed off ones. When he realized she was aiming to fight, he grinned wide. "'Ight, Baby Doll... let's dance."

She didn't give him the opportunity to get all the way to his feet before she lunged, her shoulder jamming into his stomach and taking him back to the ground. Recent memory being what it was, Bella was positive she just made a huge mistake, but those recent memories lended themselves to her in a way to know what to do to avoid his getting his arms around her like he did the last time.

Twisting away, she got out of his reach, bearly, and rolled to the balls of her feet and fingertips, Peter doing the same. Her teeth were bared, and his gleamed behind a lip parting smirk.

When the two bodies collided, the sound was deafening.

Bella's strength once again gave her the upper hand, but unlike last time, she didn't try and figure out what to do, she just did it. With her fingertips dug into the stone flesh of Peter's arm, she planted her foot, wrenched her body at the hips, and flung the Southern Captain of legend across the yard where he unceremoniously slammed into a tree.

Breathing in pants, Bella bellowed across the space between them. "How's that for what us womenfolk do, Cocksucker?"

The Captain, as he looked at her from his position on his knees and palms, grinned wide at her. "Cocksucka, huh?" Lifting himself up so he was kneeling, he reached down with one hand, and grabbed his dick. "Feel free anytime, Little Darlin'."

He honestly though her head was going to explode. Her little hands fisted at her sides, her foot slamming into the ground, and she screeched something to make a banshee proud before she whipped around and stormed into the house.

Chuckling in his throat as he readjusted his position to sit down, he pulled his phone out of his pocket, shaking his head as I dialed without looking. When she slammed the door so hard it broke the frame, he barked out a laugh as he brought his phone to his ear, speaking again as it rang. "Sexy little demon."

Turning his attention to his call when he heard a confused voice in his ear, he just rolled his eyes at the sound of shattering glass. It was either a TV or his stock of liquor, but either way, he would let her have her moment. There were other things to see to, because he was actually being serious when he told her he had something to do right quick.

"Well, howdy there, Randal. How the hell are ya?"

The confusion did not lessen when the voice of the nomad came back through the line. "Peter? You're supposed to be dead!"

He just snorted. "Been hearin' that a lot lately. Seem ta me, not everyone so good at they job."

Randal's voice still carried confusion, but now also a heavy dose of awe. "How did you get out of Italy?"

"Don't much matta, do it? All that do is I did. Now, I'ma be callin' in some of them favors."

"Name it."

Dropping his arm to rest on his bent knee, Peter hummed in his throat. "See, it like this. I don't rightly give no fucks 'bout squarin' off with them fuckers 'cross the way. Been a long time comin' so far as I concerned. What I care 'bout is, they overstepped themselves on account a my sire. Then, them sumbitches decide they gonna do anythin' and everythin' they can think of ta hurt my lady, and that I take personal. What I'ma needja ta do, is rally the troops, 'cause I declare fuckin' war."

Though shocked someone would have the balls to go after Charlotte with Peter's reputation, Randal didn't ask the one question he should have to clear up that misconception on his part, and instead clicked his tongue. "Who all do you want?"

Though he thought the answer was obvious, Peter answered it anyway. "Everyone."

There was a grunt through the phone. "I'm going to need some time."

Hoisting himself to his feet, Peter ended the call after one last statement. "Ya got three days."


Walking into the house was an adventure for Peter. Glass breaking under his boots, he shook his head when he found out his little sugar went ahead and broke every bottle of booze that was lined up on the counter. Chances are, she did it with a single swing of her pissed off arm, and while pretty damn annoying, it wasn't the end of the world. If she smashed the TV, he probably would have put her ass over his knee, but liquor? Not a big deal. There was more in the basement, so it wasn't like she ruined his day or anything.

Following his nose, he found her still huffing and puffing on the couch in the living room, her arms crossed and glaring into space. When he leaned on the back of the couch, he laced his fingers together and looked at her profile, snorting when she snapped her head to the side and away from him.

His voice carried his amusement, and it only served to piss her off more. "So, we gonna play that game, huh?" Clicking his tongue when she growled at him, Peter cocked his head. "So, answer me this, Bella. Which ya more pissed about? The fact you took what I said wrong, or that I called ya out after ya called me a cocksucka?"

She didn't want to think rationally at the moment. She wanted to be pissed off, but that son of a bitch never just let her have her moment then calm down. Growling out a huff, she turned to look into the black of Peter's other half, and glared. "Why is it neither one of the two of you can just leave me alone when you know I'm pissed off? It's like... you two go out of your way to piss me off all over again. Ya know? I am trying to not hate your fucking guts, but every time there is some head way, one of you push me, and then... Peter said before I was the one that started everything, but honestly, that's not fucking true. You both know my temper is out of my control, and you both intentionally say shit with double meanings knowing it would set me off."

He just shrugged. "So the fuck what if we do? Darlin', you got any idea how insanely hot is it when that temper a yours gets the best a ya? Any idea at all how difficult it is not ta slam ya ass against a wall when you get goin'? You get piss off and I get a hard on."

Bella scoffed, her lip curling in the corner. "Nice."

Lifting a shoulder again, Peter tsked. "Truth. Whateva relationship woes ya got goin' with the other side ain't my business. I'm done tryin'a fix that bullshit. Y'all two either gonna get on or ya ain't, but this side happens ta find his lady's anger a major fuckin' turn on. He got his three truths, and I got mine. I like my fights dirty, my sex rough, and my lady willin' to throw down at the drop a a hat. You call it pushin' ya temper. I call it foreplay. Now, I ain't gonna say it ain't fucked, cause it kinda is, but the fact a the matta, Sweetpea, is with me, you dealin with a whole new level a fucked." It was then he leaned closer to her, and lowered his voice. "That's sumthin' you gonna haveta square yaself with, cause it ain't gonna change."

There was literally nothing coming to Bella's mind to say to that. She absolutely could not say he didn't lay shit completely out on the line, exactly as it is. Even still, she wasn't quite ready to drop it yet. "And what about when Peter does it?"

Unclasping his hand, he ran one down his face with a hard sigh. "Darlin', we ain't so different as you tryin'a make us. We the same at our core. Our wants and needs are one an' the same. The only difference is how we go 'bout gettin' shit done. He more like the sheriff while I do my shit the outlaw way. He toe the lines while I just jump and see how far past 'em I can get in a bound. That ain't really got shit ta do with it, though. You gotta keep in mind, that the bottom line, Sugar, is objective one in our life is to cause strife. It's fun. It ain't nothin' against ya, but damn Darlin' do you got some thin skin. If everythin' I do, or he does, pisses ya off, it gonna be a long eternity, Bells."

The words were out before Bella put an ounce of thought into them. "And you said you cared."

His reaction to the words was instant too. His back snapped straight and he actually growled pretty fucking hard, making Bella have regrets. "Uh un, Woman. I ain't gonna stand for that. You try that shit again and I'll put ya over my knee and blista that pampered little ass a yers. Fuckin' test me." Looking into her wide eyes, he then let out a breath to calm down and scratched the bridge of his nose before walking around the couch and taking a seat on the coffee table in front of her. Propping himself up with his elbows on his knees, he began to talk with his hands so he didn't try and strangle the betty. "You the most infuriatin' female I eva met in. my. life, and that's sayin' somethin'. Now, I see the issue here, and for once, it ain't me; which says a helluva lot more 'bout somethin' else. Seems ya me, it ain't so much what's bein' said, but how it bein' said that's givin' ya the ground ta say it got double meanin'. So, I'ma say this is a way you ain't gonna be able ta change it up ta suitcha needs at any given fuckin' time like ya do."

Waving a hand at her, he continued. "This shit I couldn't care less about. You absolutely right; I don't care 'bout that. You wanna throw a hissy every damn time I open my mouth? Do the damn thin'. I don't care you break shit. I don't care you play them childish little games. I don't care you don't talk ta me when I piss ya off. That shit fuckin' adorable. G'on. Keep that shit up all you want, but don't you dare sit there and try'n say I don't care 'bout you 'cause I find them antics funny."

Pausing, he then ran his fingers through his hair, his voice lowering, and eyes, though still black, softened. "You still a might young ta understand what this actually means, but I care, Darlin', more 'bout your life than mine. I could die, right now, happy ta do it, so long as I knew you'd live the rest a yours safe from harm. I care more 'bout you than anythin' else on this planet. I care, and no level a hissy on your part gonna change that. Believe me, if I didin't fuckin' care, you'd be dead by now, and several times over."

As Bella sat there and listened to what was being said, she honestly felt like she was stabbed in the heart. Her stomach was tied up in knots, and truth be told, she wanted to puke. Shaking her head, she lowered her eyes, and sighed. "It's not fair, and I know it's not fair, but it's easier."

Well, now we gettin' somewhere. He dipped his head and caught her eyes. "What?"

Throwing her hands up, Bella's voice rose, but she was trying not to make it look like she wasn't actually yelling at him, because she wasn't. She was just frustrated, and there was a small level of fear she couldn't squash no matter how hard she tried. "I've been here before, Peter! You're not the first vampire that's said half that shit to me. You're not the first to tell me you care. You're not the first that used the term mate. You're not the first and I fully believed the last one and look at what fuck happened."

She felt her eyes start to itch, and she shook her head again before ticking bullet points off on her fingers. "Just like what happened with a couple of nomads, because I believed someone who told me he cared, I was sold out, kidnapped, and now once again, I'm being hunted with an added, hefty dose of abandonment and trust issues on top of all of that. I'm sorry, and like I said, I know it's not fair, but once again, history is repeating itself because of someone who claimed to care. Trying to push you away is easier than waiting to find out what the hell is going to happen the third time, because... three strikes and you're out."

With the bridge of his nose held between his fingers, the Captain clicked his tongue. "The things I'm gonna do to that mindreader." Sure, it was damn near his mission in life to make someone else's as difficult as possible, but he didn't take to kindly to it when someone did it to him.

However, it was like once his little lady started, she couldn't stop. "The only difference between then and now is the voice that's saying it, and..." Huffing, she shook her head again. "I don't keep bringing up the Cullens because I actually believe half the shit I learned from them anymore. I do it because I know it pisses you off, and if I piss you off enough, you'll get fed up and walk away without the same attachment I had to them and I won't be left trying to pick up the shattered pieces left behind. I'm doing it on purpose now, but your stubborn ass just won't play along."

He snorted just as hard as he had outside and crossed his arms. He had a hunch it wasn't as unintentional as it seemed when it came the coven, but now that that was out on the table, he threw his whole hand in, too. "Ya damn skippy I ain't gonna play 'long with that pile a bullshit. We got some shit ta work out, Darlin', but I ain't goin' nowhere."

Leaning forward on his thighs, he reached out to her, hooking his hands behind her knees and locked their eyes. This was starting to enter a realm outside his comfort zone, but he was nothing if not willing to do whatever he had to, to get his lady to understand where not only she stood, but where he did as well. "I git it; I do. I might be a bit a a redneck, but I ain't stupid, now. Ya got done real dirty by someone ya cared about. I do understand that. I also understand that bein' the next fella in line means I got my shit cut out for me ta show I ain't gonna do it, too. None a this is news, Sweet Pea. The past a powerful thin'. We all shaped by it. We all do shit 'cause a shit that happened. You scared. It's shitty, and I don't like it, but that really what all this comes down to. You scared."

It was with a scoff, Bella rolled her eyes. "No... I'm not 'scared'. I fucking terrified."

Cocking a brow, he tapped his finger against her leg. "Whatcha got against openin' ya fuckin' mouth and tellin' me that? I ain'tcha damn mind reader, Woman. I'm also pretty damn sure you been told this, but I don't know whatcha don't tell me. If ya'd a just said somethin' sooner, half these issues wouldn't be issues."

Using his grip on her, he jerked her to the edge of the couch and closer to him. Setting his forehead against hers, he sighed. "I'm a asshole, an' I'll be the first ta admit that shit. But, I already told ya once, you different. Sure, I'll push ya buttons 'cause you cute as all hell when you mad, but that's all it is; pushin' buttons. 'Sides, you done found every single one a mine that are better left unpushed, and ya slam them little fists right on 'em. Kinda only fair, really."

Pulling back slightly, he looked her in the eyes. "Told ya this world ain't all that colorful; it black an' white, and this the nitty gritty. The whole a this creature loves you. That a fact. You scared ta let us. That a fact. Somethin', Sweetheart, gonna haveta give. Only time gonna give ya whatcha lookin' for, and we got plenty. Time ta realize when I say somethin', I mean it. Time for me ta prove I ain't playin' no games wicha. There time, Little Lady; just in general. Stop bein' so damn impatient and let shit happen. Stop pickin' fights where they aren't necessary. Ya told me you would try, and ya certainly haven't been doin' that." Cocking a brow, "have ya?"

Bella couldn't have stopped the cringe at being called out over that if she tried. No, she hadn't, and she couldn't say she was.

When she remained silent, he nodded. "I know whatcha said, and I understand it, but Darlin', ya can't e'pect me ta keep my word, if ya don't keep yours."

Bella licked her lips as those words settled into her mind. Flicking her eyes to his, she cleared her throat. "Why won't he say any of this to me?"

Challenge entered his eyes. "When have ya let 'im?" When her eyes averted again, he tsked. "Thought so. I dunno if it instinct on yer part, or what the fuck, but you ain't ever gone at me the way ya go at him. Maybe it cause ya know I won't put up with it and he will. Maybe it cause you as fucked as I am an' ya like this side better. I ain't got no idea, but when he does say somethin' ta this effect, when he tries ta show ya he cares 'boutcha, you twist that shit 'round on 'im and make it somethin' it ain't, and 'cause a that, you then left wonderin' what the hell happened when he storms off. I said it once already, but the problem ain't us. You got some demons, Sweet Pea, and you gonna have ta be the one ta fight 'em, 'cause them ones no one can't fight for ya."

When he was done talking, Bella just sat there, saying nothing before she stood, forcing him to back off, and she left the living room, heading upstairs, leaving him to sigh out a quiet growl. Clicking his tongue, he spun around on his spot, looking at his reflection in the TV. Leaning back, he wrapped his fingers around the edge of the table and kicked his legs out, crossing them at the ankles as he looked himself in the eyes. After a long moment of silence, he clicked his tongue. "How much ya wanna bet this shit Karma comin' back ta bite us in the ass."

Shifting his eyes to the ceiling, he followed the sound of feet pacing the floor, his nose wrinkled. "I'll tell ya somethin', though..." Looking back at himself, there was now a smirk on his lips. "That little betty anythin' but borin'."


It wasn't often she was left alone for extended periods of time, so she wasn't all that surprised to feel eyes on her back less than an hour after she came upstairs. There was, however, a slight level of shock when she glanced in the mirror to look behind her and saw red eyes looking back. At this point, she would be flat out stupid to think he didn't know every last thing that had been said since before the sparing lesson started. She gulped to herself, and just waited.

Peter stood leaning on the door jam, his arms and ankles crossed. It hadn't been long after she left the room he came back to himself, and he had decided to give them both some space to think about what was said, even if there was a part of him that was slightly concerned about how she was going to twist it.

He gave her plenty of time to do it, too, but when she didn't say anything, and just looked at him through a mirror, Peter licked his lips. It wasn't until he went to open his mouth she opened hers and beat him to it.

"I'm sorry."

There was grunt from Peter's throat as he drummed his fingers on his arm. "We been doin' this back an' forth shit for a bit, so ya shouldn't be all that shocked when I tell ya, I don't believe that." He saw her cringe, and he shrugged. "I don't. It ain't the first time ya said it, and your actions sure as hell ain't backin' it up. Now, I ain't ever really been all that sane, but Baby Doll, you drivin' me nuts."

Biting into her bottom lip, Bella turned sideways and actually looked at him. "I know, but..."

Peter waved her off. "I get your reasonin', Darlin'. Honestly, I do. It ain't the underlyin' cause, but I get whatcha said. Ya got fucked, hard, and I do actually understand how that can weigh on ya. But... I guess I just... I don't understand how you can hold what someone else did so personally against me. What have I done to make you think I would do it to ya, too?"

Shaking her head, Bella gave an exaggerated shrug. "That's just it though... I was blindsided, Peter. There was no indication they were going to do what they did. I don't... mean to be such a pain in the ass but..."

Peter cut her off by pointing a finger at her. "Don't... you dare... stand there and lie to me. I been puttin' up with your uncensored bullshit since damn near the moment we met, but that is the one thing I won't allow. You have been a rock hard pain in the ass since we left Italy, and you have meant to do every damn thing you fuckin' done. I ain't sayin' I ain't without fault here, but Jesus Christ Darlin', a man can only take so much a havin' someone else's shit held against 'im. I toldja once, I ain't the bad guy here. Sure, I'm a bad guy, but in the story you writin' in your head, I ain't fuckin' villain you makin' me out ta be. You turn every fuckin' thing I try to do for you into somethin' sinister. If you keep doin' that, how in God's name am I ever gonna get you to believe me when I tell you I ain't got nothin' but the best of intentions when it comes to you?"

When she opened her mouth to answer, Peter cut in with an after thought. "And if you compare me to that mother fucker one more time, I will show you just how bad of a guy I actually am. I ain't done shit ta deserve it."

Swallowing the comment on the tip of her tongue with an audible gulp, Bella instead shook her head again. "I don't know."

Sighing and running a hand down his face, Peter pushed himself off the door frame and walked across the room. No matter how pissed off he got at her, he really didn't like it when she was upset, and liked it even less when he was the reason she was. Much to his surprise, she didn't fight when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him. Lacing his fingers behind her back, he looked down her. "Listen ta me, and for once, just listen. Don't pick it apart. Don't twist it 'round. Just listen, and hear what I'm sayin'.

"Baby Doll, I'm tired, and I ain't been tired in a long time. I'm tired a this back and forth, hot and cold, one minute everythin' fine and the next the damn sky is fallin' bullshit that been goin' on since Italy. Ya can't blame it on bein' a newborn like ya tried, cause you was doin' it when you was human, too. You just plain pissed off in general. At me, at them, at the fuckin' world itself. I know it, and you know it. It was fine for a bit. It was cute for a while. Now, it's just fuckin' exhaustin' when most a our issues come down to a lack a communication. An' that ain't just you. I'm guilty of it, too."

Pausing for a moment, Peter sighed and shook his head. "I ain't used ta havin' to explain myself no more. I haven't had to in longer than you been alive. Hell, probably ain't had to since your mama and daddy been alive. My point..."

Cutting in without really think about it, Bella's head tilted slightly to the side. "How old are you?"

Pursing his lips, Peter hummed in the back of his throat. "Uhhhundred and thirty-seven last month, includin' human years; a hundred and twelve without it. I was bitten in 1892 when I was twenty-five." When she only nodded but said nothing else, he changed what he was going to say, and instead leveled the playing field between them. "You ain't the only one tryin' to come ta terms with gettin' dicked by someone you didn't think would do it to ya. Don't know why I thought I woulda been immune ta Jasper's lack a emotional ties, but you weren't the only one blindsided, Darlin'. I've known Jasper for over a century. I fought next ta that sumbitch. I saved his ass more times as he saved mine. Ya can't compare the crumble a my ties ta my maker to them scant few months you spent with that coven. Jasper made me, and from what little I know a you and that boy, he ain't ever made ya the offer of eternity."

When she cringed, he tightened his grip on her hips "You hurtin', and I ain't gonna take that from ya. Here's the thing though... The squabblein' we doin' might for a time make us feel a little betta, a little more in control a somethin' we ain't got a lotta control over, but at the end a the day, we is all we got. You eventually gonna have ta trust me. My point before, Dolly, was that I ain't use ta tryin'a explain the shit that goes through my head. By now, you gotta know my head is one fucked up place ta be, and it don't always translate well. I know it might seem like it, but I ain't keepin' nothin' from ya. Don't forget, Sug, we still got Alice ta worry 'bout, and I don't want her knowing shit till it too late for her to stop. When we reach that point, I'll tell ya everythin', but until then, try ta trust I know what I'm doin'."

It was then he dipped his head to rest on hers as he lowered his voice. "The past already happened. We can't change it. The future will come when it comes. We can't stop it. All we can do, Sweetheart, is live in the now. Besides, it's a lot more fun."

Eyes sliding halfway closed, Bella's brain clouded over as she became surrounded by the combination of dirt and tobacco. It was such a subtle scent you literally had to be right up on him to catch it, but for the effect it had on her, you wouldn't think so. A slightly drunk looking grin pulled at her lips, and she nodded. "Okay... I'll do that."

With a chuckled 'thank god', he pressed his lips to her forehead before picking his head up. Moving his hands from her hips, he cupped her face. "I'm gonna clear this one last thing up for you since you brought it up before. I got so much ta teach ya, ta show ya. I got a job when it comes to you, Baby Doll. That aside, I got plans for us that ain't got nothin' ta do with anythin' that's goin' on right now; eternal plans. But, eternity is a marathon, not a sprint. I love ya to death, literally, and have every intention of spendin' every last day of forever wicha. So far as that goes, though, I'ma make ya my wife 'fore I make ya my mate, but I ain't gonna do neither till this crap done an' over with. So settle on it, pin it, do whatever with it. Just know, there ain't no rush here. We'll get there when we get there."

Bella had no idea what happened to her in that moment. She wasn't sure if it was because this was the first time both sides of Peter's personality told her the same thing, or if it was because she finally had it pointed out to her she and Peter really were in the same boat when it came to what happened with the Cullens, or if it was something completely different and unrelated, but in that moment, she actually believed him.

The thought though, brought up something else in her mind, and though she didn't know if it was the time to ask, she did it anyway. "In unrelated topics, um... you and him..."

Lip curling in the corner at the abrupt change in subject, Peter shutted it aside as just her attention span being outdone by a dead carrot as he he released her face and crossed his arms, really hoping there wasn't about to be another argument after that. "What about me and him?"

Thinking through her question to make sure it made sense, or as much as it could, Bella played with her tongue behind her teeth before looking up at him through her lashes. "You two have always been separate, right?" When he shrugged, she licked her lips. "What would happen if that divide was gone?"

Raising a brow at the question, a slightly demonic looking smirk pulled at his lips as be bent at the waist to look her in the eyes. "Why? You got a thing for the dark side, Baby Doll?" Though she clearly bulked at the question, she didn't deny it. When she also didn't say anything, Peter chuckled as he stood back up. "I don't say this often, and I don't like sayin' it, but I honestly have no idea. It always been like it is. That said now, I don't scare easy, and don't fear a whole lot either. But you... you ain't got no idea what that sumbitch actually capable of. You ain't seen him in action yet. I'm sure you'll see it eventually, but Darlin', he caged for a reason. Hell, to that point, I don't even know what the fuck he can do 'cause I ain't ever seen it either.

"He the one thing on this planet that scares the shit outta me cause there ain't no controllin' him. I am more afraid of an entity in my own fuckin' head than I am my damn sire... and, yeah, before ya point it out, I'm fully aware of what that sounds like." He could actually imagine what the fucker's face looked like after saying that, and it took more focus than it should have not to shudder or roll his eyes.

Bella just crossed her arms loosely over her chest. "Well, that makes sense to me. What he does affects you, and if he dies, you die. You might not have any control over what Jasper does, but you've known him long enough to know what he can do vs what he can't. Since you don't have the actual memories of what your other half does when he's running the show, and only know of the aftermath, I can understand how that could be a bit unsettling." Then she cleared her throat. "I guess I'm just wondering what would happen to you if that divide was gone."

Scrubbing his face, Peter than rubbed his hands together. "I suspect I would be a much bigger dick on a much more regular basis, Darlin', but I don't know." Then his eyes crinkled in the corners. "Why so curious?"

At the question, Bella was left with nothing to do but shrug and drop her eyes. "I don't know, just am. You don't seem... whole." Lifting her eyes back to his, she licked her lips. "I've spent a decent amount of time around both of you over the last couple of days, and there's something about both of you that seem like... I dunno, something's missing."

Humming in the back of his throat, Peter grinned and reached out a hand, wrapping his fingers around her forearm, and pulling her back to him. Holding her much closer to himself this time, he dipped his head and butted his nose to hers. "The only thing I'm missin' is you, Baby Doll."

Smiling with a coy giggle, Bella bit into her lip to keep herself from telling him there wasn't as much of a difference between them today as there has been, and he wasn't the only one calling her Baby Doll.