Hello people this is my first fic so. be nice. I don't own dark angel or any of the character yadda yadda yadda etc. so DONT sue me!

Ok then enough blabbing from me. enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ How it all began.

It was a stormy Friday night and just as they left crash and had cluelessly been walking without a destination it began to pour down with heavy rain. Max, Original Cindy, Alec and Sketchy ran to the closest house which just happened to be Max and OC's apartment!

"Oh great, just great were stuck here now" whined Alec "Well ya know you could always scurry on home Alec, no ones asking you to stick around" "Max, what are you kidding? There are like gale force winds out there and you expect me to just stroll on home?" OC decided to chip in. "Then stay sheesh! Just stop whining before I put the smack down on yo ass! And don't think that since yo a tranni that I wont!"

As strange as it was they all walked up the stairs in silence. Especially Sketchy who hadn't said a word throughout the whole debate.

Once inside after drying off Alec and Sketchy jumped on the couch as Alec switched on the T.V which he found was having technical difficulties due to the storm.

They waited till the girls had changed and dried off before Sketchy impatiently asked "So what entertainment have you got lined up for us?"

"We aint here to entertain yo rigity ass but since OC here is also bored, who up for a card game?"

They all reluctantly agreed. "Hey to make things more fun why don't we play last card dares?"

"Sketch man nice to see your still in touch with your childish side but isn't that for kids?" "Yeah but what harm can it do?" "Alright in that case im in" agreed Alec "Oh why not, count OC in! Boo you playin?"

"Yeah might as well"

They had all agreed to play so OC started dishing out the cards..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Hehe im still working on the dares but next chapter they should get into it.. By the way this IS an M/A. Review please!