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Tying loose ends

Alec turned to Max with heated eyes. "You really want to go to crash?"

She looked shyly into his heated eyes and bit her lip. "Yes, we should celebrate with OC because we are together because of her."

He looked at her sullenly but agreed. "Hey I've waited this long, what's a little longer huh?" he asked.

She hit his arm. "Oh yeah, is that all you want from me?" she asked annoyed. "No... I want to live every waking moment with you then wake up and see your beautiful face next to me each morning. I want to build a future together, maybe have kids someday, there is so much I want to do in time" he said sincerely. "But first I want to take the first steps with you"

She looked at him surprised. "Jeez, Alec we're not getting married." She joked. She then looked at him cheekily "And besides, I don't sleep." she said giving him something to think about. She kissed him and walked off. As soon as she was out of earshot Alec whispered "We're not married Maxie. But I've finally found my other half and no matter what, you are, always have and always will be my soul mate. I'm going to do everything I can to make us work."

Crash was booming and absolutely packed. Max walked in and was surprised at the onslaught of people. Her usual table was taken, however the people that were sitting there were getting up to leave. Max rushed to the table as soon as the people left it; she beat two guys to it. She smiled at them and sat by her lonesome. So she was the first of the group here tonight. She wanted to get up and get a pitcher of beer but then her prized table would get taken. As she was figuring out a plan to achieve this, Sketchy arrived.

"Sketchy!!!" Max shouted across the room

Sketch thought he heard someone call his name and turned to the voice. It was Max and somehow with soo many people here she had managed to grab a table. Not just any table but 'their' table. He walked over to her.

"Guard the table while I get some beer k?" Max said as soon as he made his way over. "What?" Sketchy said back not hearing her over the deafening music.
"Stay here!" Max yelled louder, annoyed at his average human hearing.
"WHAT?" Sketchy yelled
"STAY HERE!!!" She bellowed, agitatedly.
Sketchy the dumb shit continued to stare confused and was about to open his mouth to ask what again when max cut him off. "STAY HERE YOU DUMB FOOL, WHILE I GET SOME BEER!!" She shouted and mimed at the same time.
Sketchy still looked lost but she walked off anyway. He had eyes even if his ears didn't work he would know not to leave the table when no one else was there, especially when it was so packed.

Max wiggled her way to the front of the bar and signaled to the barkeep. When he finally came to her she ordered two pitchers. She knew she would be waiting for her drinks for awhile so she leaned against the bar to relax. She unconsciously started scouting out the place and the people there, a trait that was drilled into her by the oh so generous Manticore. She was looking around when she thought she recognized someone sitting a few seats away from her at the bar. It was hard to tell who it was though since all she could see of him was the back of his head as he was looking towards the door. When he turned to take a sip of his Scotch she realized who it was.

"Zee!!" Max hollered Zane thought he heard someone call out his nickname and turned towards the sound.
He smiled when he saw the reason for his presence in Seattle walking straight towards him. "Maxie!" he stated happily.
She shot into arms and gave him a long warm hug. "Not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you doing in Seattle?" Max asked
"I'm visiting my little sister like I promised I would" he alleged "and I've brought her a present." "A present?" she asked suspiciously "what?"
"Well the rest of her family!" he said simply. Max stared at him surprised then squealed in delight and hugged him again.
Could this day get any better? She had great friends who would do almost anything for her, she and Alec had finally got together as a couple and now after years of searching her family was basically going to show up on her doorstep. I repeat could this day get any better?

Alec walked into Crash and was shocked at how many people had actually squeezed into the dingy little place. He looked around and saw Sketchy sitting at their table drumming his fingers. Well that should hopefully mean OC or Max was here somewhere getting beer. He continued to look around when what he saw made his heart leap into his throat and swell. Max was in the arms of another man, the man from the cruise to be exact. He felt a wave of anger and jealousy come on but he decided to ignore them and keep it cool to see what kind of game Max was playing him at. He started to walk towards the bar shoving people out of his was in the process.

Zane laughed and when Max let go of him explained why he was meeting the rest of the X5's here instead of going straight to Max's. "see baby girl, you didn't exactly give me your address last time we met but..." he continued seeing her about to object "we all decided we would just walk around Seattle searching for you and that between us, one of us ought to find you." He laughed seeing her outraged expression "yeah not a full proof plan but it worked out in the end. Anyway then we were going to meet up here since this was the first bar we found on our arrival to Seattle and then we were going to see who found you. It looks like I won the race" He smirked once he finished his story. Max laughed at Zane practically glowing just because of all the good things going on lately.

Zane stared at her amused "Having a good day Maxie?"
She looked at him and smiled "you have no idea!"
He raised his brow and as he was about to reply when some guy interrupted.

Alec walked up behind Max interrupting her conversation and placed his arms around her waist possessively showing she was taken and kissed her on the cheek. Max smiled happy that Alec was finally here and leaned back into him. "Alec, hey."
Well that's a good sign thought Alec and he relaxed slightly. Max was accepting that they were a couple and she wasn't looking available in any way so now he could tell this guy to buzz off. "Alec I want to introduce you to my brother Zane!" Max declared
"Brother?" Alec mimed shocked.
"Yeah I found him on that cruise we were on. Zane and I spent the whole night talking bout what each of us has been up to the last few years. I went to tell you about it the next morning but..." Max shrugged and trailed off.
But I was too busy being a jealous ass thought Alec. At that moment the barkeep showed up holding two pitchers and apologizing for the delay. He handed the pitchers to max and she paid him. "Well Sketch is probably waiting for a drink. I'll go give these to him and go see if OC has arrived yet. If she has I'll tell her we'll be over here for awhile!" with that Max winked at the guys and walked off.

An awkward silence took place.

"So..." Alec said
"So..." Zane replied amused. He had been watching... Alec? is that what this guy was called? since he had walked up behind Max. His first reaction when he saw this guy that looked so much like Ben was to grab Max and run, but then he remembered what Max had told him on the cruise about her brief recapture and her Ben look-a-like friend 494. This Alec seemed really possessive of Max. The guy thought he, Zane was competition and was trying to get him to back off. Ha! This could be fun..."So, you shacking up with my little sister?"
Alec had to admire this guy's bluntness. "Yes" he said honestly.
"You looked a bit too overprotective back there buddy, back off man she aint an ornament" Zane said while taking a sip of his Scotch. Alec blushed (something no guy before this had ever achieved. Not even normal, he just made Alec uncomfortable) "Well I thought you were hitting on her, especially after seeing you two together on the cruise." He confessed.
Zane spat out his drink. "Ewwww, you thought? Me and Max? Gross man she's my sister!!!" Alec laughed his wit slowly returning. "Well man you did look pretty close."
Zane stared at Alec disgustedly "if we're gonna get along, don't even go there!" Alec smirked letting it go.
"Seriously though" said Zane stopping all joking "what do you feel for Max?"
Alec put down his mask and dropped all facades "I love her." He said simply.

Zane stared at Alec. The guy had just put down all defenses and shown him his vulnerability, something he had been taught for over 20 years of his life not to do. Further more Zane was a Manticorian even with 10 years less training then Alec he could now kick his ass if he wanted to. The guy was either incredibly stupid or he really did love Max. Either way it was a hell of a risk to take for someone and that had to count for something. "Good answer" Zane said stopping the big brother act.

At this point Max returned. "Sketch is happy and set for the night!" She looked at them and noticed their odd expressions. "So what have you guys been up to since I was gone?" she asked suspiciously
"Nothing much" Zane replied shunning the question
Alec merely said "Guy stuff."
Max narrowed her eyes at them even more curious now. "Oh yeah. What kind of 'guy stuff?'" "You don't need to know." They chorused together then burst out laughing. Max decided to let it pass, for now. "Don't worry, I'll get it out of you later" she said giving Alec a wicked look. Alec gulped. "Oh great."

"Zee old boy, what are you doing? A chirpy voice said from behind Max.
Max's eyes widened in surprise when she recognized the voice. She turned around. "Kritty" she said cheerfully. Krit stopped mid stride and looked at max, his face lighting up. "Max." he said joyfully and folded his arms around her giving her a huge hug.

"Men you can't leave them by themselves in a new place! They scout out the girls in just a few minutes!" a feminine voice said walking up behind Krit a little while later.
Max froze and pulled out of Krit's embrace. She stepped sideways to reveal herself away from Krit's shadowing form. "Jondy?" she asked, hopeful.
"Max!?" the women replied stunned. "Oh my god, it is you!" They dived into each others arms. "What-"
"How long have you-"
"Are you-"
"It's been so-"
They stopped trying to talk at the same time and burst out laughing. "It's nice to finally see you" Jondy said after the laughter subsided.
"Ditto." Max said "So what have you been up to?"
Jondy smiled. "Sweetheart we have all night to talk about that stuff, I'm just really happy to see you. Now give me some sugar!" she said hugging a laughing Max again. When she pulled away Max turned to her siblings. "Guys I want you to meet somebody." She turned to Alec "This is Alec hes-"
Zane decided to finally chip in "-he's Max's boyfriend!" he said thrilled
Krit and Jondy's eyes traveled up Alec's face. Both of them reeled in shock. Their faces took on a dramatic change. They changed from worried to scared to calm (for Jondy) to confused back to worried, to wonder then slowly to disbelief.

While watching the changes on her sibling's faces Max realized Zane had been waiting to see their expressions ever since he found out about Alec himself. The little sneak had almost played them into this situation.

Alec watched the expression changes on Krit and Jondy's faces. He really didn't want to go through this again. After such a long time him and Max and finally become a couple and now he was going to have a bunch of over- protective siblings on his case. Just great.

"You're a couple?" Jondy asked clearly thinking it was a joke. "He looks just like Ben."
"This isn't Zane's idea of a joke is it?" Krit asked confused turning to Zane.

"Believe it or not we ARE a couple." Max said annoyed. "And he looks like Ben because he's Ben's twin, 494."
"Manitcore? Ben had a twin?" Krit said dumbly.
When they finally seemed to comprehend what was going on Jondy's ice blue eye's turned to Alec, but it was Krit who spoke. "If you EVER do anything to hurt our max I will personally-" "Whoa whoa whoa!" Zane said putting up his hands "relax guys I've already been through the big brother routine and he passes with an A" Zane said smirking.
Krit backed down a bit "Oh! Well... okay."
"I was much better at it too" Zane mumbled under his breath.
"Hey! I heard that!" Krit said glaring at Zane and playfully elbowing him in the ribs. Zane just cracked up laughing.

"Party started without me?" a familiar voice said again from behind Max.
I should really stand in the other direction thought Max. She smiled though knowing who it was and turning around towards the sincere girl. "Hello Syl"

"Max?" Syl said disbelievingly. "Oh my god! You really are alive! I thought- I thought you died when we tried to take down Manticore" she said her voice cracking "I didn't believe Zane when he said he'd found you. Oh god Maxie are you okay?"
Max smiled reassuringly and hugged the tearful Syl to comfort her. "It takes more then Manticore to take me down!" she joked.
Syl laughed unconvinced, her tears starting to spill over. She held on tighter to Max.
When Syl finally dried her eyes and pulled away Max said softly "I want you to meet somebody" she turned to Alec "This is Ben's twin 494... my boyfriend"
Syls face mimed her sibling's earlier performance. She pointed at him accusingly "But you're-" "Max's boyfriend. Yep!' Jondy cut in stopping Syl from saying what she was originally going to say. She put her hand behind Syl's back and started leading her towards the bathroom. "Someone in this family has to have a bit of dignity" Jondy said shrugging. She turned to Max "you come as well Maxie, we can have a chat and catch up!" The girls walked off to leave the boys to let themselves become acquainted.

An hour and a half later everyone was sitting at the Jam Pony gang's usual table. Max had introduced her family to OC and Sketchy then vice versa. She looked around the table at her family and friends, everyone was basically enjoying the night sitting squashed together at the over-crowded table talking amiably amongst one another. Sketchy was far gone by now, after trying to flirt with Jondy and Syl to no avail and after loosing a bit of money to Max's brothers who good-naturedly brought him a large pitcher in return. The pitcher evidently had been his undoing and caused him to get into the drunken stupor he was currently in.
OC was chatting with Max's sister's enjoying a rare girly talk. Alec was getting on with Krit going on about one thing or another. And last but not least, Zane was sitting there looking worried! Whoa backup there. "Zane?" Max asked concerned "something wrong?"
He frowned and turned to Max "Ash, he's still not here. I've tried to phone him, but his mobile is off. He didn't meet up with us this morning like he was supposed to either because he said he had an errand to run. He said he would just meet us in Seattle, but he's not here and I can't get in touch with him!"
The conversation around the table was slowly ceasing and Max and Zane's choice of topic was slowly picking up the interest of the others.
Max looked alarmed. "Do you think something has happened to him?" Zane pinched the bridge of his nose "I really don't know!" Ever since Zack had been out of commission, Zane had unintentionally taken up his job and had been checking in and looking out for his siblings that he knew the whereabouts of. He had always been much more relaxed then Zack had been on how he handled them. He was starting to regret this.

"You're not worrying about me are you brother?" a good-looking stranger said walking up to the table.
"Ash!!!" squealed Syl.
Zane let out in audible sigh. "Where have you been you idiot?"
Krit laughed and Jondy rolled her eyes. "He's late of course"
"With good reason dear sister" Ash said. He turned around and waved someone over to the table. "I recently found our long lost sister Jace!"
A tanned dark haired woman walked over carrying a two year old child.
Max jumped up out of her chair to greet the newcomers.
"Max!?" Ash exclaimed, surprised. "Holy shit!" he said giving Max a hug. "Jeez, Zane really wasn't lying!"
Everyone cracked up laughing at his astonishment. "Hey! Why does no one believe what I say?" Zane asked irritated.
"Because your you!" Jondy replied.

Max hugged Jace after she finally made her way through the crowd and over to the table. "Max meet your aunty Max!" Jace said to her child. She looked at the elder Max "It was a boy." She said proudly.

All the X5's at the table excluding Alec got up one by one to greet and hug Jace as they all hadn't had contact with her since the escape seeing that everybody thought she had remained there. When Zane hugged her she said to him "Thanks for coming back with Zack to get me. But in the end, it was Max who got me out."
Zane smiled. "I suppose the better transgenic got the job done huh?"
Max smiled at the praise "Damn right I did!"

When all the joking had hugging had subsided she turned to the latest arrivals and introduced them to OC and to Sketch's drunken form. Then she turned to Alec "I want you to meet someone..."
Alec flinched waiting for the shocked expressions.
"... this is Ben's twin, 494. We're... he's my boyfriend."
Ash stared at Alec and shrugged; he then walked up to him and gave him a handshake. "Wow so this is what Ben would've looked like huh?"
All of the X5's goggled at Ash's mature attitude.
"Why didn't you freak out?" Krit asked disappointedly.
"What? Because he's Ben's twin?" Ash asked. At everybody's nods he said "Well I don't know, maybe because I never saw Ben after the escape."
Everyone preened. "Oh, so that's why!" Then they all turned to Jace, she also hadn't freaked out.
"I never saw Ben either!" she said to their un-asked question.
Conversation started up again after that. A few of them were disappointed that the others hadn't made a fool of themselves like they had. Alec was glad that he didn't get any more evil stares in his direction. He was also glad that Max's two latest siblings hadn't gone into over-protective drive like the others had. He smiled thinking he was really going to like her family.

"Hey why is your phone off?" Zane asked Ash, his previous annoyance returning.
"Because little Max was asleep on the way here!" Ash replied simply.

While everyone was back to having good-natured conversation Max turned to Alec and tiled her head towards the dance floor. Alec silently agreed and stood up following her there hand in hand. She put her arms around Alec's neck and he held her loosely.

"So Maxie, do you like the way this turned out?"
Max shifted her head and looked at her family. The boys (with the exception of Sketchy) had gone to play pool and the girls were all huddled around Jace, cooing at the toddler who was clearly enjoying the attention. She smiled "Who knew a game of truth and dare would lead to this"
Alec turned his head to where Max was looking. "Happy?" he asked
"Very!" Max said gazing into Alec's soulful green eyes. "But the best part of all is standing right here in front of me."
Alec smiled "I guess OC's plan worked then huh?"
"Like a charm" Max whispered leaning in and kissing Alec softly.

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