Disclaimer: Hey, everyone! I know, I know, I'm writing the other Home Alone story, His Protector, but I thought that I should do this quick one along the side! I got the idea from shouting at the TV at the second brick scene, "Marv, don't hit my baby!" and from a story that I read last year, called Home Alone 2: Seasons of Tears and Sadness by Ms. Cailin-Alainn. If you want to, check it out! I know I will again! :3 It's so emotional! So, I think you have a guess at what this particular short story is going to be about, which I'm about to write! Before we start, I'll say again: I don't own Home Alone or characters (damn, I wish I owned Kevin, though)! So, let's get moving!


A Plan That Backfired

Chapter 1: Literally Sucked Brick

Harry's PoV:

"Surrender, kid!" I shout out into the air, because I don't know where that little bundle of misery is.

"He vanished..." My partner, Marv, says, seemingly worried about losing this little asshole.

We look over the edge of the tall building that we're on, and we see the little terrorist on the ground, smirking up at us, enjoying every minute of this. He shouts up, tauntingly, "Hey, guys! Nice night for a neck injury!"

I think all of the anger inside of Marv finally boils up inside, because of what happened tonight, so he grabs on to a brick and shouts down, "Suck brick, kid!" Marv throws the brick down to the Devilish child down below. We suddenly hear a scream. Marv and I both peer down over the edge further, only to see the small body of our terrorist child, laying on the ground beneath us, with blood starting to surround his head. "Oh my god, Harry... Harry, I actually hit him!" Marv starts panicking. He runs toward the roof's exit, and I follow him, feeling panicked myself. Once we make it outside, we run over to the boy on the ground. "He's... He's not dead, is he, Harry?!"

"I... I don't know..." I feel his pulse. "There's still a pulse. Come on, we gotta get him to the hospital..." I take off my scarf and tie it around the child's head. Hopefully, it'll slow down the bleeding a little bit. "Come on, Marv," I pick up the boy, stand up, and head to the hospital, with Marv, following. Hopefully, the hospital isn't too far away from here...

To be Continued...


A/N: Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! I know, it's a depressing story! :'( It'll probably get even more depressing! I feel so bad, doing this to my little Kevi! :( This will only be a few chapters long. But, trust me, it'll be worth the few chapters (I hope)! Well, see you next chapter! Ciao!

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