Yeul kneeled down over Noel. He was still breathing, which was a good thing, a very good thing. Yeul tried not to think about death, it was a part of life, but that didn't mean that she wanted to be responsible for harming anyone.


Yeul Shook her head, trying to clear her mind. What was that? Being a ruler meant that she would be playing with lives, that people could be hurt. That She would be the one to decide who lived and who died, if it came to that. She was jolted out of her thoughts when Noel moved.

Well, "moved" was a stretch. It was more like a twitch. That lead to her next problem. As much as she wished it wasn't true she knew that in no way did she have the physical strength to pick him up, much less get him to town. She could try dragging him, but that could make any possible injuries worst.

She crossed her arms and sighed she really didn't want to spend the night in the middle of nowhere. She heard a brook of in the distance. That was when she got an idea.

Noel Wished that he could have said that he was brave, that he stopped the bad guys and that even his dreams were cool. It was spooky, no that wasn't the right word, it was eerie. A dark cave, or was it a hallway? Covered in Mist, or was it smoke? Everyone was gone, or had there never been anyone there at all?

This place made his head spin.

Regardless there was floor (or was it ceiling?) in fount of him. Behind him there was nothing, but inky darkness. Trendless of it curled and creeped towards him. Almost if to remind him, there is no going back.

Even worst was if he stopped moving, he could hear something in lieu of his footsteps a steady stomp or was it a crunch? Whatever he was getting tired of this place. He started running down the hall, it seemed to shift from grey stone to wood, to a red carpet, the carpet seemed to last the longest, until the hallway opened up into a large room (or cavern? He had stopped caring at this point.)

It had a checkered board floor, with a table a lone chair sitting at it. It was grand chair, more like a throne really. Unlike the rest of the place it was well light, despite there not being any seeable light source. Noel looked around, scanning the room any hints, any clues. He almost jumped when he looked back to the chair.

A woman was sitting there, if Noel had to guess He'll have to say that she was in her thirties. She was dress from head to toe in purple from her shoes to her lipstick. She was wearing her blue hair up in a bun and had her hands resting on the table.

"Hello Noel," She said with a smile. That smile, it made him feel warm and safe like despite what he had travel though to get here, it would all be okay. It remined him of his own mom, and how she took care of him.

He tried to open his mouth to say something else, to at the very least be polite to the lady. But he couldn't move, his eyes stayed locked on the lady. He was confused why was this happening?

"Oh my," The women almost looked sorrowful, "Looks like our first meeting has come to an end."

Cold and wet, water. It was at his feet, no his legs. It was filing up the whole room. He could move again, the lady, the table, the chair, it was all gone. Only darkness remained. He did the only thing he could.

He screamed.

Yeul would not say that she had gotten yelled at a lot. Then again Noel hadn't really yelled as much as scream for dear life. He had bolted straight up after the scream and was now painting heavily.

I can't wait to see what you'll do

"I'm sorry," Yeul said as she kneeled down to here he was sitting. "I was hoping that it would wake you up, but I didn't mean to scare you." There was one of their canteens lying limp in her hands. It took him a second to notice that he was wet, there was water dripping down from his head onto the rest of him. It took him a second to connect the dots and to remember what had happened.

"Anyway," Yeul continued "I would like to sleep in a bed before anything else can happen to us."

"Yes," Noel agreed, "I need to think anyway."

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