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Remus POV:

I was strolling through the halls of my old home after talking to Severus of course to APOLLOgise for all of the rude pranks I set on him in my years at school back in the days. Then I stopped in my tracks and chuckled to myself, 'looks like Misaki and Harry's puns have finally gotten to me this time,' as I continued walking. I had barely rounded the corner when I heard voices coming from somewhere behind me.

"Look we have to get him now or else it would be too late," the first voice said, which I had identified as James.

"Agreed so where's the map?" the second replied, which turns out to be Sirius.

Smirking I sharpened my hearing by a little bit to hear, who I assumed was James, was trying to find something in their robes. 'Mikey lent them the map well that was going to be trouble for me but thank goodness I can hear them or I would be in deep trouble.'

Acting as if I had never heard a thing they said I continued walking to my desired destination which would be have been outside but the idiot duo attacked me from behind. Swiftly turning around I threw up a protection charm without even drawing my wand.

"Let me guess you want to talk to me?" I asked with a fake smile on my face which turned into a smirk.

"How did you do that?" Sirius asked clearly baffled at my actions, "How did you do that without a wand?"

I chuckled, "Well you can thank Harry and Misaki for that," I said leaning against the wall, "since they love to throw surprise attacks on unsuspecting students and professors all time not to mention the numerous pranks they set up around the school after hours," I paused taking a look at their faces, which displayed various emotions like pride, admiration, and awe, before continuing, "by the way James wipe that look off of your face Harry isn't your son anymore."

"What!" James practically yelled, "of course he is!"

"Not anymore he change his name the day I arrived at Salems meaning he cut off any connection he has with you and Lily so his fundings that you set aside for him are no longer accessible to you."

"Remus knock it off Harry's new name can't be official unless it was authorized by the goblins at Gringotts," Sirius said while his eyes shone with victory that he thought he had.

Laughing I replied, "you think the Headmistress didn't know that?" James and Sirius were shocked at my comeback, "she brought Harry and Miskai to Diagon Alley to get them their wands and make their names official the day after they arrived at the school which would be the day that I left England for good." I took their silence as a sign to continue, "besides he was supposed to graduate form Salems ages ago but wanted to continue to stay in school instead of starting as an assistance to the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher like he wanted to."

The expressions on James and Sirius was like a movie going from one scene to the next first shock, the awe, then back to shock then it repeats.

"Oh and I heard you while chatting with Severus a few minutes ago," I gestured to the hallway behind them before vanishing from their view only to appear behind them like a ninja, "also I would have to say you would need to be a lot more careful if you want to sneak up on me since I'm still a werewolf you know." and I sped out of there leaving two shocked former Gryffindors staring at the spot I stood in against the wall. 'Oops looks like I managed to bruise their egos,' I shrugged, 'all well they deserved it anyway.'

Sirius POV:

'Dang he's fast,' I thought as James and I ran through the hallways in search of our former classmate, 'Wait what are we doing we have the map!' I mentally slapped myself and stopped running. "James the map!"

James stopped and slapped his forehead, "Oh yeah I forgot we had it," then pulled out the said item.

As we studied the map I saw Filch on the seventh floor corridor, Lily in her classroom teaching, Mikey still in potions with Snape, and Misaki leaving the dungeons. 'What was she doing down there?' I thought as James continued his search for Remus until he cursed under his breath.

"Dumbledore is headed this way act natural."

"Well then," I smirked mischievously and jumped on his back causing James to fall to the floor.

"Ah there you are," Dumbledore's feet entered my vision, " I was looking for you. James I need you to go ask the Headmistress of Salems if she would join me for some tea of course you would have to ask one of the students to let you aboard but it's only for business so you should be fine."

"Of course Headmaster," James replied getting off the ground and taking the note Dumbledore was holding out while I sat on the floor silently snickering. "What was that for," he hissed once Dumbledore was out of sight.

"Well you said act natural so I did the first thing that comes to mind," I replied still snickering.

"Which was?"

"To joke around like we used to back when we were at school."

~Now back to the Present~

Harry Pov:

"How do you think it found us?" I whispered to Mimi while gesturing to the claw marks and the warning.

"I think it was through the mirror cause Weasley did take it out of the crate and let's just hope it was the sphinx that found us first cause I don't fancy meeting you know," Mimi shuttered before looking over my shoulder. "Hey Weasley did you look at your reflection in the mirror when you took it out of the crate?"

"No why would I the light was blinding me," he replied cautiously not wanting to anger Mimi any more that he already did the last two days.

"What about you two?" she looked over at the other two that were trying to hide from her glare.

'At last I'm not the one glaring at them,' I chuckled at bit. I heard from everyone at school that unlike Mimi's eyes that would have a red ring around her irises my eyes would glow a deadly green when I'm mad.

"We didn't look in the mirror!" they answered in unison and dove under the Hufflepuff table to hide. Mimi looked amused for a fraction of a second before going back to thinking about the message.

"What was that mirror anyway?" Mikey asked me as I say down at the ruined Salems table. Waving my hand Professor McGonagall sent the three of them outside.

"It was an ancient mirror that was found in Egypt by a previous student who graduated three years ago," I began, "after she came back she spent the rest of her last year trying to find the answer to the engravings on the back but one day when she managed to figure it out she wrote it down in order to report it to the headmistress the next day and sent a patronus to alert us ahead of time-" I trailed off.

"But she never arrived," Mikey finished.

"Yeah," I cleared my throat, "when Professor Adams, our potions teacher, arrived at her house in the countryside, where she lived, he found her house burned to ashes, and all of her research was gone but the mirror was uncharred."

"So he brought it back to the school but did dare to bring it inside in case whatever it was managed to harm the younger students there right?" Hermione said carefully, "but with the heavy enchantments placed over it you guys forgot it was there." I nodded to show she was correct.

"Now can you please explain this my dear," Dumbledore asked Mimi but when she heard the 'my dear' her expression went from calm to ticked off.

"Of course but 1) stop referring to me as one of your students, and 2) this was probably the same thing that happened to her," Mimi stopped talking and looked down at her feet.


"A former student that treated Misaki like her own little sister," Headmistress Uchinha cut Dumbledore off not wanting to continue any further, "we shall not bring it up again since it brings back unfortunate memories and unwanted emotions for some of my students."

Many of the Hogwarts professor had sympathetic looks that is until Mimi looked up.

"I heard this school is home to the mirror of Erised is it true Headmaster?" Dumbledore was shocked. Seeing that it was what she was looking for Mimi continued, "that mirror is just what we need."

"What are," I paused thinking about what she meant. 'The Mirror of Erised is a cursed mirror and if she's correct then the mirror we have would be a cursed mirror too!' I felt my eyes widen, "You want to hold up our mirror to that mirror to see if it's actually cursed in a way don't you?" Mimi nodded, her eyes burned with determination.

"If I'm right then the curse wouldn't effect the Mirror of Erised since it is already cursed to begin with." Mimi looked at the group of adults standing around us, "What? It is cursed it makes a simple man want to sit there for eternity just to stare at it all day of the rest of his life." The adults' faces still showed confusion, "fine," Mimi sighed in defeat, "just bring me the mirror and I'll show you."

"It's still in the room where you hid the Sorcerer's Stone Headmaster," Mikey said blandly, "I didn't want to go after it since it would guarantee the death of me. Oh, and Hermione figured it out am I knew it wouldn't be easy to get to it so we had to tie Ron to his bunk that night as well."

Looking shocked the teachers and Dumbledore ran off to retrieve the Mirror of Erised Charles brought in the crate with our mirror. Slowly he removed the spell sealing the crate shut. Muttering a quick levitation charm then a suspension charm Morgana froze the mirror in mid air. The mirror was placed in a golden frame with diamonds and sapphires inlaid while there were two details that stood out, at the top was the to was the per ankh or symbol of life and at the bottom was the Eye of Horus both very important to the ancient Egyptians even till today I think. Then Blaise spoke up.

"There are engravings on the back," he said calmly pointing to the words that were engraved on the outer rim of the mirror that I mistook as the actual design of the mirror itself. Hermione and Mimi hummed in unison before pulling parchment out of their bags and wrote down the inscription starting from the top going to the right, the top going to the left and so on so forth before sitting down on the floor trying to figure out the messages.

Draco POV:

While everyone was transfixed with the mirror I snuck back to the common room to find a book on ancient artifacts that was passed down through the Malfoy family for generations so it could be called an heirloom. I was pretty sure that I had seen that certain mirror before and I'm sure it was in that book. Quickly digging through my trunk I located the book between my clothes and school robes. Sitting down I flipped page after page searching for the mysterious item before finding it under 'Dark Ancient Curses' quickly skimming through what was noted down under the item before sprinting back to the Great Hall with the book still in my grasp.

"Harry, Misaki!" I shouted as I stopped in front the said duo, who were sitting on the floor looking through old books while eating a sandwich along with a pitcher of iced water sat next to them, panting, "wheres-"

"Outside eating lunch," Harry answered pouring me a glass of water.

Nodding my thanks I showed them the book which resulted in Misaki muttering something in a completely different language and Harry saying that it was normal for her to do so since she wouldn't like anyone to find out that the words/phrases she says under her breath like that were curses.

"Here," Misaki pushed the plate of salad in my direction, "you need to eat or else you'll collapse later. Beside we have to deal with this," she waved her hand at the two mirrors that stood against the wall next to the message, "since the tables were moved out of the room."

"Attention students all classes have been cancelled due to the event that had occurred recently please stay within the heated area unless you are fully dressed for the cold weather," Dumbledore's voice rang throughout the school, "feel free to summon your cloaks from your dorms. Thank you."

~A Few Minutes Later~

"So how are we going to deal with this?" I asked as the teachers came back into the now empty hall.

"Hold the cursed mirror up to the Mirror of Erised," was all Misaki said as she read the passage about the cursed mirror, "it should show what the mystery creature is."

"The Mirror of Erised or the Mirror of Desire. Erised is basically Desire in mirror form. So the engravings 'Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi' or "I show not your face but your heart's desire." Harry answered holding up a plain looking glass to the inscription to prove his words.

As soon as Harry lifted the looking glass up to the inscription the words seem to unscrambled themselves and proved his words true. Then quickly putting the looking glass down Harry joined in with Morgana and Charles in positioning the Cursed Mirror in front of the Mirror of Erised and in that instant a pair of cat-like eyes shown briefly in the reflection of the Mirror of Erised. After the eyes had vanished an angry "ROAR' sounded throughout the school.

"Double chocolate fogs! It is that sphinx!" Mimi groaned and buried her face in her hands. Hermione then started to rub the said girl's back hoping to help her out though I don't think it's helping.

Picking up my book from where I had Mimi had put it down a while I go I noticed that Dumbledore had gone outside to calm the younger students, who had freaked out, while the older ones kept them from running off. THE FORBIDDEN FOREST!

"I know where the sphinx may be hiding!" I exclaimed.

Harry Pov:

"I know where the sphinx may be hiding!" Draco exclaimed out of the blue causing Hermione to jump up in fright. He quickly threw her an apologetic glance before explaining quickly that the Forbidden Forest would be a great place for any beast to lay low and hide. Mimi and I shared a glance before slipping off into a far corner of the room to speak.

"Are you thinking about what I think you're thinking about?" I asked and she nodded in conformation.

"The Beast of Ravenclaw," Mimi said firmly. The Beast of Ravenclaw is the Guardian of the library of knowledge that Rowena Ravenclaw had put together herself and has been locked away since the founder's death. The only way to get through to the library itself is through the guardian itself, the Sphinx of Ravenclaw.

The Beast of Ravenclaw is like the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets in a way. Both represent their respective founder in a special way. The Basilisk as Slytherin's hate- well more of dislike for muggleborns and the Beast (Sphinx) as Ravenclaw's caution to how much knowledge someone can possess. Currently there is no known information on the whereabouts of the Ravenclaw Sphinx.

I read a head cannon that after Slytherin created the Chambers of Secrets Gryffindor (not knowing of the Chamber of Secrets) reasoned with him to give muggleborns a chance. Later on as the muggleborns influenced the wizarding world it angered Slytherin becasue they caused many old wizarding families to lose many traditions like Hallow's eve and Yule. But it wasn't until their, the muggleborns, influences caused the wizarding world to prosper that Slytherin finally accepted them. Now back to the story. PM me if you don't understand or leave a comment I'll try to explain in a better way.

Shaking her head Mimi walked over to Hermione and tapped the brunette on the shoulder then pulled the girl away from the group. Draco and Blaise seem to follow the said witch with a look in their eyes then turned to glare at one another in challenge. 'Now this is something I can use against them,' I thought as I observed them carefully noting their expressions to use against them later.

~Around dinner Time~

"So?" I asked plainly as once again Neville, Draco, Blaise, and Hermione once again joined us at the Salems table along with Lee Jordan and Fred and George, Hermione oping to sit next to Mim who sat across from Fred and George.

"So what?" Draco and Blaise seemed to ask me with their eyes as they looked at me from their mini staring contest before turning back to face one another.

"So do you both like like Hermione or what?" Mimi leaned on her elbow as she looked in our direction while the said witch was chatting with Sophia about the History of Magic.

"You said like twice," Draco pointed out and I felt many of my fellow classmates facepalm mentally. I still find it funny how we're so close to each other that we can feel and know what everyone is thinking as a collective group.

"She means do both of you-"

"-fancy Granger at all?" Fred began and George finished.

Both faces seemed to glow a pinkish hue before they coughed into their fists and turned to the food that appeared on the table in front of them. Looking over at the other three I smirked and their faces mirrored the exact same expression.

Misaki's POV:

I am tired as hell as I collapsed onto my bed in exhaustion, 'I do not want to go anywhere tonight,' I thought as I stood up to browsed through the shelves for a good book to read before bed. Halfway through my search I decided to go through my trunk to find the package that was sent to me from a friend from China. He had said it was a pack of Lucky Star Paper and if I made a thousand of them I could get a wish.

"Whatcha looking for?" Harry asked as he poked his head through the door separating our rooms. Not paying him any mind I continued my search for the package of Lucky Star Paper. "Mimi," I could tell Harry was getting curious on what I was searching for so if I don't answer he's going to bug me till my head explodes.

Holding my hand in a 'One-Minute-Please' I pulled out the letter that was written in Chinese, casted a quick translation charm, and handed it to the emerald-eyed teen to read as I pulled the small package from under my robes. With a quick found it I plopped down next to Harry on my bed and began to look at the instructions on how to fold the stars before attempting to make one myself.

When the Headmistress came into the room Harry ended up on the floor leaning against my leg fixing his book bag that had a rip at the strap and I was sitting with a small box sitting on my lap already ΒΌ of the way full of the small folded origami stars.

"Come along you two we need to find that sphinx before it harms a student." with that the whole ship was abandoned in minutes as an army of battle ready students made their way into the dark, looming forest full of dangerous and a few helpful magical beasts.

Hermione POV:

Micheal and I were doing charms homework in the common room with Fred and George were sitting by the fire planning to sneak down into the kitchens latter in the night and Neville was doing Transfiguration practice with Lee Jordan in one of the com room's corner. We've sat in these same spots almost everyday since that incident.

"What did you do to my shampoo?!" Ron growled as he stormed down the stairs leading to the boys dorm.

"I did nothing Ronald," I stated calmly while writing my answer down on the page in front of me.

"Why would we try to do anything Ronnikins?" Fred asked looking at his youngest brother.

"Mum already got you pretty good anyway," George said as he flicked his wand causing sparks to float around the room showing that everyone had already gone to bed beside us.

"What about you Longbottom?" Ron directed the question at Neville knowing Lee wouldn't do anything without Fred and George.

Ah the AVPM references. I simply adore AVPM, and if you haven't watched it before it's a Harry Potter fan-made play on youtube by Starkid. I suggest you watch it.

"W-w-what are y-y-you talking about?" Neville stuttered, "W-why w-would I do something l-l-like that?"

Growling under his breath Ron stormed back to his dorm room and made sure to slam the door on the way in.

"Hey look at this," Lee pointed out of the window at a large shadowy group that seemed to disperse through the trees at the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

"What is going on?" Micheal and I muttered under our breath.

As I've said before I will not give into the depression and stress of my sucky life. So Hermione will you do me a favor and read the quote for the dear readers to guess for a shout out?

Hermione: All right *clears throat*

"It's the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness,

nothing more."

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