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I'll give you a recap on the prequel stories which are prologues to the main series of the Continuum.

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PROLOGUE: Dreams and Beginning.

(~Dearly Beloved-KH BBS~)

The Story so far...

The story began with three Keyblade wielders in the early years-one who was destined to become a powerful sorcerer, another who was destined to train newer generations of Keybladers, and the third who at first was good hearted, was destined to doom himself to the influence of Chaos and who would later doom the second wielder and his apprentinces.

As part of their training they travelled to the far forbidden world of Cocoon and Gran Pulse, becoming entangled in the struggles of six people who struggled to save their loved ones and their worlds. Aided by a Sailor Warrior from the future the Keyblade wielders succeeded in saving the world which it's doom would lead the doom to the rest of the Realm of Light.

After bidding farewell to the Sailor Warrior who travelled to another future ahead of her time the Keyblade wielders left the new world of Gran Pulse behind them but they were not told of it's doom by the hands of a man who killed a Goddess and killed one of the six people's younger sister. With no other choice, wielder's master sealed away the world into a distant past which the unknown world resides to reawaken in years to come.

Many years later, young mouse in a humaniod-animal world where most animals, save for normal ones, lived out like humans with towns and cities, along with his close friends and loved ones, went on many adventures, until one day he was spirited away to another world where he met the Sorcerer, now retired from his Keyblade days, and has taken him in as an apprentince as well as his successor of the Keyblade due to the young mouse's heart of light.

This same mouse returned home and saved his world, an year later became a king due to his kindness and courage, despite still being a slight troublemaker and overly curious.

But just before he became a king in that very same year the mouse travelled back in time to discover a truth of the worlds, but when he reuighted with his friends all of his memories of that adventure were lost including the memories of that of a true heroine who also lost her memories for she is yet to be born and yet to be time-travelling.

Four years later these four wielders, the Sorcerer, his apprentince the young mouse, the Keyblade wielder guiding three new generations, and the one who was unknowingly under control all became part of a great new threat of the Realm of Light, caused by the third wielder himself.

The sorcerer sensed the danger befalling the worlds and it's seven Princesses of Heart, thus contacted his remaining friend who sent two of his apprentinces to other worlds in hopes of investigating the cause of the threat.

The first apprentince was secretly tricked by the corrupted master to open his heart to the darkness, while he sent his own apprentince to trick the youngest Keyblade wielder to run away in order to drive the boy away from home.

The mouse who learned of the danger during his second training rushed without a word in hopes in solving the crisis, as well as helping a young boy from a far distant future his friend Pokemon friend, as the two came from a future where the world of Pokemon as fallen into Darkness due to a great tower of time's collaspe as they hoped to change the future.

The female apprentince meets a young newly crowned ruler who was sent from her Moon Kingdom from 1,000 in the past and into the future, under disguise form of "Sailor Moon".

As each group journey, they meet new friends and villians in other worlds, along the way meet a certain young man who shares an unknown connection with the mouse, and eventually the groups learn of the now evil master's true goal to recreate the ancient legendary X-Blade that separated the world and nearly dooming the Realm of Light by means of forcing the youngest apprentince and the dark apprentince to fuse together to recreate the X-Blade while having force the first apprentince to surrender his heart to the darkness and both he and the dark master vanished.

During this, the remaining Keyblade Master who knows of the evil one's plots attempted to kill the youngest apprentince but was defeated by his oldest apprentince, then finished off by the evil master.

Despite failing to save the two apprentinces, the remaining five warriors combine their powers and the power of a great powerful silver crystal to defeat the dark apprentince and destroy the X-Blade, but the youngest apprentince loses his heart which makes it's way to that of a young four year old boy.

In the aftermath the young ruler returns to the past, the two of the future return to their time, and the third apprentince vanishes without a trace. Only the young mouse king remained and became a Keyblade Master under his mentor's teachings.

Five years later, the mouse was called by the Fyath of another world into an adventure to help a young Summoner and her guardians to save the world of Spira, and succeeds, but because his spirit was placed into a dream body from a realm of sleep, when he returned to his own body he believed that adventure nothing more than a dream.

Two years later, the Sailor Warrior who would aid the three old Keyblade wielders in the past time-travelled into the past before she left to enter a future in five years time while the mouse returns to a certain world to help a demi-god and a friend to stop the Lord of the Dead.

Now, another year later, that friend who shares a connection with the mouse is about to face a challenge that will decide his fate. At the same time a young fourteen year old girl who apperently is a normal teenger is about to begin her own adventure and discover something more.

But not before the young friend of the mouse is about to face his fate.(End Dearly Beloved)

(~Mission Start-Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII~)

[µ]-εγλ2000.Midgar, the heart of the ShinRa Electric Power Company where the power of Mako used for electricty and place of many beginings.

At this moment in the middle of the city, the signal bar came down. The train however did not stop and drove straight through the bar and smashed it into pieces, while a ShinRa helicopter followed it in the emergancy.

"Wutai troops have hijacked Shinra Express MK93 II." said the pilot's voice on the radio from the cockpit. "The train is currently headed to Midgar Sector 8. A SOLDIER operative will be inserted to neutralize the situation."

In the back of the chopper was a young man who is the SOLDIER operative as he waited for his cue, as he knew this was an important mission that he shouldn't fail at.

"We are to proceed as scheduled." the Pilot continued. "Commence mission in 3...2...1...mark. Begin mission."

The SOLDIER stood up and and leaned near the now opened side-doors, as the pilot concluded, "Operative is ready for insertion."

He looked down at the fast moving train. He was looking forward to this. He was actually sixteen years of age.

Behind him, a wise voice told him, "The train has been overrun by Wutai troops." reporting, "Eliminate them and regain control of the train."

The young man turned around, his blue eyes sparkling in excitement as he saluted with two fingers and replied, "Oh yeah!" before jumping out just as the man behind him scolded, "Get serious!"

Wind hitting him as he dove, the young man crouched and landed skillfully on the train, minising the impact on his body. Staying low for a moment, the SOLDIER smirked as he slowly stood up after the train passed a bridge satisfied that the coast was clear for now. A voice called out his name, and when he turned around, a muscular man, a SOLDIER 1st Class and his mentor, twentythree years of age, jumped down and landed on the train behind him. Strapped on his back was a massive sword, one that the younger man has never seen him actually use.

The SOLDIER 1st Class's blue eyes narrowed as he gave the sixteen year old SOLDIER reproachful glance. "Zack, focus!" he told him. Despite the younger man, Zack Fair's frown, he continued, "There are no Shinra troops on this train. Understand?"

Giving his mentor a nod, Zack turned and grinned, his mentor crossing his arms.

As Zack ran and jumped from one cart to the next by the third bullets suddenly appeared and he had to quickly dodge them by feet dancing before they stopped and he lost his balance, and fell to his knees. He pulled his hand back in alarm just as another bullet nearly made it's mark.

"Hello to you, too!" he remarked, taking off again towards his destination, fighting against he wind as the bullets returned, but he wasn't worried. He was SOLDIER 2nd Class.

He looked ahead and noticed in slight confusion that the enemies attacking him with bullets were ShinRa troops rather than Wutai troops, but since they were attacking him Zack decided to attack back and would ask his mentor about the confusion later.

After all, the old saying goes; "Fight first, ask Questions later."

"Come and get it!" Zack shouted in challenge as he drew out his large broadsword and despite more bullets fired at him, he easily dodged and with a few swings he cut and slashed his way through the line. He didn't look back and continued through the soldiers fairly easily. These guys never stood a chance against SOLDIER anyway, but then again they wouldn't stand a chance against Turks either.

Zack smirked, but the smirk left his face as more enemies were ahead of him so he continued on as the targets opened fire. Zack continued to run and broke through some of them. To his dismay, the soldiers in front of him now held powerful bazookas. He grunted but not break his pace. Suddenly he looked up and noticed a series of large metal rafters which had a single line where bars did not form into one another and formed a tunnel.

An idea formed in his mind and as soon as the bazookas were launched, Zack bend his legs and then made a huge jump in the air and flew into the tunnel above causing the enemies down below to drop their weapons and gaze in awe at this sight. Zack grinned, amused by their shocked daze.

"SOLDIER 2nd Class Zack, on the job!" He shouted, as he came out of the tunnel, fell, and spinned down towards the train where he thrusts his sword down into the connectors that held the train cars together. The blade sliced through the metal and severed the connectors.

Zack then leaped onto the roof of the cart connected to the train as the carts behind him pulled away. He smiled in satisfaction as he saw the enraged soldiers glaring at him back. Zack turned and twirled his sword before sheathing it behind his back.

"Train MK93 II re-routed to Sector 1 Station near Mako Reactor 1. Proceed to mission phase 2 and change surveillance rank..."

As the train finally stopped slowly and safely, Zack leaped off and landed on the platform like he did when he landed on the train in the start. (End Mission Start)

(~First Mission-Final Fantasy VII~)

After looking up, and seeing that he was alone, even lacking normal citizens, Zack stood up and walked forward, before pausing and looked around. Something didn't seem right.

Just then, his phone rang, and Zack reached into his pockets, and flipped it open to answer. "Zack speaking." he answered.

"Making progress, Zack?" it was his mentor.

Recongising his voice, and remembering the question he wanted to ask earlier, Zack placed a hand onto his hip and asked in confusion, "What's going on, Angeal? Why are we fighting Shinra troops?"

"They're Wutai troops in disguise." was the 1st Class, Angeal Hewely's reply in a tone that stated the obvious. At least it made sense to Zack. On the other end of the phone, Angeal continued, "Now, head to the open area above."

Zack looked to his left, where the path lead to stairs above where he knew and inquired, "Towards Sector 8?"

"Yes. But first, you have to clear a path."

"Clear a path?

"You'll see what I mean. Be careful." Angeal cautioned.

While Zack was speaking to Angeal on the phone, more Wutai Troops in disguise came rushing down the stairs from Sector 8 and the moment they saw Zack, opened fire. But due to being noisy and lacking gun skills, many hits were missed and Zack was perfectly calm as if he hasn't noticed them at all or it was a casual conversation.

"So I can cut loose, right?" Zack asked, not bothered with the unwelcomed enemy.

"Use some discretion." Angeal sighed, but he wasn't worried either. If Zack was calm despite the situation then the SOLDIER 1st Class's pupil was fine.

After the two hanged up, Zack smirked, saying to himself in excitement, "It's showtime!" and drawed out his sword to fight.

Those Wutai Troops didn't even last a minute as Zack, using use of his fire Materia for caution were burned and blasted before he finished the last two off with a down-slash and a powerful side-slice.

"Oh yeah!" Zack cheered to himself, twirling his sword in the air before sheathing it away. Another phone call from Angeal and Zack gave his report on his success.

"Not too bad." Angeal admitted.

Zack grinned, "Piece of cake! I'll make first in no time!"

While commenting on Zack's confindence, Angeal instead told him, "Go up the stairs at the end of the platform."

"You got it!" Zack replied, before hanging up, and ran up the stairs as instructed at the end of the platform to begin his next assignment. The more exciting assignments he gets, the more action he gets and the more fired up he gets.

(~End First Mission~/The Summoned-Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII~)

As Zack ran up the stairs, many people were running down into the direction he came from, screaming in fear. Seeing this Zack immediately knew that something was wrong so he rushed to the opposite direction where the people were running away from to see what was happening. When he got there on Sector 8 he saw why.

A large behemoth, a giant monster that looked like a dark blue dinosaur with a red mane and a tiger's head with a club-tail, roared and when it saw Zack it stomped and roared louder threateningly. Zack wasn't fazed. In fact, he immediately drew out his sword, and prepared to fight. He dodge-rolled out of the way from the behemoth's incoming attack before summoning his fire materia again causing major damage to the beast.

Seeing his chance, Zack rushed over and gave the behemoth five good hard and deadly slashes before it finally fell in the matter of seconds.

(~End The Summoned~)

Grinning, Zack sheathed away his sword but seconds after that he froze as he felt a cold thin blade over his left shoulder and narrowly touching the side of his face. It was obvious someone was behind him, forcing himself to raise his hands in defense and surrender. Why did he put away the sword at a bad time? Just who was it that was behind him?

"Showing your back to the enemy." a deep, calm and smooth voice spoke. "Overconfidence will destroy you."

Grunting in annoyance, Zack slowly turned around half-expecting Angeal. But when he turned around he gasped in shock and disbelief at the one who was pointing the very long sword that was unmistakenly the mausume(sorry for the misspelling of the sword), and it's owner was the familiar long silver-haired man, the unusual cat-like eyes.


"Wh-what is this!?" Zack exclaimed.

Sephiroth found this amusing, and attacked Zack who quickly shielded himself with his own sword but the younger man had trouble in defending himself, for Sephiroth's moves were too quick and all Zack could do was try and protect himself.

Struggling to hold onto the grip and trying to push Sephiroth back, Zack grunted, "Damn it! You're not the only hero!"

"It's over." Sephiroth simply said.

With this said, Sephiroth slashed Zack back, and slicing the younger man's sword into two pieces while Zack landed hard on the ground, defeated and his broken sword far away from him. The young raven-haired man was down to count.

"Impossible!" Exclaimed Angeal who gazed at his phone, before hanging up to whoever he was talking to, and rushed over to find his pupil.

Slowly walking to Zack, Sephiroth smirked, tipping his sword at the exhausted teen. As Zack noticed, he suddenly realised that he was finished. Just before Sephiroth could stab him, Zack shut his eyes and braced himself, grunting and biting back a scream, as everything went white then black...

Year: 1996...

Biting back a scream, Zack Fair, a hero wanna-be, awoke with a start, breathing and panting almost as if he had just lost a fight and was downt to count. In reality, however, he was only staring blue sky in the middle of day time in City of Thebes at Olympus in Greece. Feeling unusually warm and having cold sweat on his forehead, Zack looked around, and found that he was in the fountain garden where a couple of friends of his went on a date about a year ago.

He must've feel asleep on the bench last night and forgot to head home. Finally, the disorientation eased and he scratched the back of his head.

"Another dream about him." Zack muttered to himself. For the past eight years, ever since meeting those seven friends who arrived in different days all those eight years ago and had never returned, except for Mickey who visited a year ago and aided their friend Hercules to save the town from Hades, Zack couldn't stop dreaming of...another version of himself in a high-tech city he by now came to know as Midgar, which doesn't even exist.

And as always, the dream ended with that version of himself about to be stabbed by Sephiroth, the famous hero.

Standing up and stretching out his arms, biting back a yawn, Zack thought about his dream with a thoughtful expression, asking himself, "Why does it seem so...familiar?"

Because of this, his dreams were starting to drive him on edge.

Little did he know, these were no normal dreams. Well, as far as Zack was concerened they were not normal to begin with.

A Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy VII, Sailor Moon crossover...


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