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Chapter 1. First Impressions, and a lot of rain

Sherlock POV

"Sherlock, you are going to make me late again!" Mycroft screamed impetuously across the hall.

Honestly, I could care less about starting school anyways." I thought to myself, trying to make time go slowly as possible as you can tying your shoelaces.

"Mother!" whined Mycroft, who was still tapping his foot impatiently.

For having such a high IQ Mycroft could be the biggest bigoted idiot. It was truly unfair as he was going to his new amazing boarding school and I was still stuck at boring and stupid primary school. Fortunately it was my last year of primary school, but still I had to endure a whole year of it and that thought was sickening. I already would have skipped a grade if Mother had allowed me, but alas she did not as she didn't want me to be the youngest in the grade. It's not like making friends are important or anything, I retorted when she had told me her reasons. There was nothing new I needed to learn in school, in the end it won't matter who was the prime minister in 1920 or how to list all the prepositions. I'll have to delete those memories anyways, they'll prove useless in the long run. Mum says that they'll somehow be important but I don't see how dead people will help me in life.

Besides the classes being completely pointless the teachers had as much personality as a door handle and the kids in my class were idiots and rude ones at that. Mum of course is oblivious to that fact as they act different around adults. The only people they act like their true selves around is Mycroft, and of course he doesn't care at all. To him I'm just a pester, a burden to carry around.

"Sweetie, do we want to make Mycroft late?" Mum asked.

"But do I have to go to school?" I asked, making a big pouty face that I knew Mum liked. She sighed, we had been arguing about this for the past week.

"Yes, you do. But if you're really good I'll buy you a new chemistry set early. Is that a deal?" she asked. I shook her hand "Deal.

"Mycroft rolled his eyes. "Can we just go now?"

The school was only a block away, but even so I tried my best to make that walk as long as possible. Mum unfortunately was used to this and had woken us up thirty minutes earlier to make sure we actually got to school on the right time. Mycroft was taking me though, so it was the perfect opportunity to irk him even more."Can you pick up the pace?" Mycroft cried, impatient as ever. "Unlike you, I have something actually important to do with my life. Then again, I'm smart enough to do so."

"I'm smart." I retorted.

"oh yeah, then why are you in primary school then?"

"Maybe I want to be."

"We both you hate those idiots in your class Sherlock." he then bent down and looked at me in the eye.

"I'm going to be gone for a while, so can you promise me to at least pretend to be happy while I'm gone?" I nodded, Mum at least deserved that.

"In you go then." he said, and with a shove I was in the classroom.

"Hello dearie, what's your name?"I looked up to the lady, immediately recognising her as my new teacher, Mrs. Rosen.

"Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes." I blatantly replied.
I did a quick analysis of her. She was wearing cheap perfume, though she didn't wear it often as she put too much on; she was also wearing makeup which was put on sloppily, suggesting she had been in a rush and running late, and was probably nervous meeting the new parents here and all. She put on a lot of makeup but tried to make it subtle, suggesting she was trying to make good impressions for the parents without being too obvious. She was wearing a nice cardigan, though I could tell it was one of her few nice cardigans as it had been worn many times as it had been sewn in several places. To top it off she had recently dyed her hair from brown to blonde, which was obvious.

I then scanned the room, it was about twice the size of my living room, so 20X20 feet maybe. On the left side were shelves upon shelves on the walls of books and on the bottom were a bins of toys and costumes. On the wall in front of me there was a whiteboard which had been newly installed, telling from the state of the nails and the board itself. Behind me were even more books and office supplies on her table. On the far right from me were tables and work stations, though I didn't stare too keenly at those. I shuddered, this was going to be a long year.

There were only three students in the classroom thus far. Mum had told me the class wouldn't be that large anyways, only twelve people. The first one I noticed was Molly Hooper, she was a quiet mousy girl with thin brown hair and big doe like brown eyes to match. She was always really quiet, and never spoke to me, not that I cared for it or anything. She was wearing a new jumper, as you could still see the remnants of the tag and how she fidgeted with it being newly worn. She also now had a cat, perhaps a Persian, telling from the hair sticking out of the jumper. I presumed she was drawing her cat as she was using the grey crayon, the same colors of the hairs on her jumper.

The second was Gregory Lestrarde. I had known him for a while as his mother worked in the bakery across the street from us. He was always the rambunctious type to say the least. He reminded me of a chipmunk, always chattering, speaking his mind even in the wrong times. There was also a sense of naivety and innocence to him. Maybe it was the way his hair stood, always curled up and was chocolatey brown, or maybe it was his eyes were also big and brown. I could tell he was the first one here as the immensive stacks of blocks surrounding him in a pile, as he kept building and destroying them over and over.

The third one was Jim Moriarty. I had never really taken a particular fondness to Jim, and had an even more distaste for him than others. He was supposedly had a high intelligence, though there was an air of darkness that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was I guess just a feeling, an although I shouldn't trust it, I tried to avoid him still. He was super quiet sometimes or other time screaming to the top of his lungs. The one time I had tried to tell my mother how bipolar Jim was she whacked me and scolded me for calling him that. To her he was the perfect child, actually to every parent he seemed to give that illusion. To him he was the angel and I was the devil. Today he was reading a book and when he saw me a wicked smile came upon his face.

Suddenly a new girl came plundering in. She was awfully loud and obnoxious sounding. Even Mrs. Rosen was somewhat startled by her appearance. After 30 seconds of recovery Mrs. Rosen meekly asked her name and which she declared for what seemed to whole world to hear she said "Hermione Granger." I had never heard someone so loud before, even Lestrarde grew quiet in her presence.

I did a quick rundown of her. Her rain boots (which were quite muddy now) were brand new and a rather tacky yellow. They matched her coat which was an equally tacky yellow. In fact her whole entire outfit was new, suggesting that she was at least middle she didn't seem to take that much care into her appearance as tons of orange hairs covered her leggings and her hair was a complete frizz. On her side was a satchel bulging with pencils, pens, and I could even see the outline for an encyclopedia, suggesting high intellect or at least a liking for reading. Her hair was bushy brown hair looked like it had just exploded and was rather unkept, though I don't think it was because she was running late by any means. She also had two buck teeth and caramel brown eyes, they were searching and scanning the crowd, scanning the room just like I had.

Finally after five minutes she decided to sit next to Molly Hooper, and began to talk in a loud booming voice as if it was the best conversation in the world. Poor Molly Hooper just stuttered and cowered from the sheer sound of Hermione's voice. Hermione seemed to ignore this completely though (seeming to lack basic social skills) and tell who she was. I sat over at the tables, this Hermione girl was the most interesting one here to say the least.

"Hello Molly." I said, she gave a quick nod, her face fully flushed. She then went back to drawing of that dreadful cat.

"And you are?" she asked in her annoying, nosy tone.

"Why would I tell you?" I replied back with as much annoyance.
"Because it's the polite things to do. I mean I already caught you staring at me." I blinked for a few times, she seemed a lot sharper than she seems, certainly more observant.

"I wasn't staring, I was observing." I replied.

"Big difference."

"Actually there is."

"Oh, then enlighten me."

"You come from a middle class family telling from the quality of your new clothes. You came from London but recently moved here, I'm guessing a job opportunity perhaps. You have one cat, guessing a tabby from the orange fur, and you're not quite comfortable in social places, suggesting introversion or at least not extremely extroverted. You observed the room quickly and you decided to sit by Molly Hooper for two reasons, one she was the only girl and people tend to go to people of the same gender, and two, she was drawing a cat and so you made that connection, I suppose birds of a feather really do try to stay together." I say, for a moment she's quiet but she quickly recovers

"Wrong, first off these clothes were from my grandparents, not my parents. Second, my cat isn't a tabby, it's a tortie. Finally, I didn't observe anything, I was just looking across the room unlike you."

"Well most of these things were on subconscious level anyways." I say.

"Well how could you tell then?"

"I notice things about people."

""Well I notice things too, and I think you're just making this all up."

"Am not!" I yelled, enraged at such an accusation. The nerve she has, after I just made her dumbstruck she thinks I'm just making it up.

"I'm not! Molly tell her!" Molly doesn't' of course say anything though, she has an amused look on her face.
"I rest my case." It was tempting then to slap her.

6:00 at the Holmes

"So how was school?" Mum asked, it was almost humorous how she acted like we were a normal family, but we were anything but that.

""School is horrible, I'm stuck with Jim and stupid Gregory."

"Don't call Gregory stupid."

"Why, he probably would even agree to it, it's not like he can hear me."

"Bless his soul, why don't you like the Jim boy anyways?" Dad asked.

"Because he's bipolar," Mum sighed.

"Sweetie it's really not nice to call him-"

"But it's true. He's only an angel around grown-ups, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."
"Really do you have to be so rude to everyone? How about that Granger girl, she just moved in here from London. Her parents are supposedly lovely people, they're both dentists you know. They're actually our new neighbors, taking that forever blatant spot down the street from us. The Granger girl is supposedly nice, she's a child prodigy even."

"That's one way to put her, she's the bloody worst of them all. She's so bloody annoying, all she does is scream and yell and act obnoxious. She is just a bratty know it all from the city."

"Sherlock! It's your first day! You can't go around making these judgements about these people!"/p

"But Mum, more than 80% of the time I'm right and you know it."

"Give her a chance."

"Why should I? No one does for me."

"Because you're the better person."

"That's one way to put it."

Author's Note

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