Hello everybody! It's been a while

Unfortunately, this is not the next chapter. I spent a lot of time thinking about this, but I felt that I owed it to you guys to keep you updated, since I promised I would.

I've decided to go on a short hiatus for Iniquitous Fruition. I know that you guys are anxious to find out what happens next and I hate to do this right when things are getting interesting. I had truly planned on going straight to the end, but I think I bit off more than I could chew with my first story.

I got a little too excited when I started this story. I didn't do nearly as much planning as I wanted to, and I think I got too caught up in the reactions I was getting to certain things that I lost my way a bit on what I wanted this story to be.

Don't get me wrong! I still lover the plot and the direction of the story, and I fully plan on picking it up soon-definitely before the summer's over! I just need to back-track a bit and do a lot more outlining and planning. When I have this mess all sorted, I'll be posting another author's note/notice thingy here again to tell you guys.

In the meantime, I'll still be writing, just not immediately on this story. As I mentioned before, I've started writing a new fic-and this time it is much more planned out! I want to hold off on posting it for as long as possible so that I don't get caught up in dead lines and I can be sure that the story stays on track. I'm about 46k words in and I'm just getting started. I want it to be almost completed-or at least passed half-way through-before I post anything. If you'd like more information on this new fic, just ask me in the comments and I'll give you a little blurb.

Again, I regret having to do this, but I think it will result in a much better fic that both you and I will enjoy! Thank you everyone for sticking with me and my writing blocks/bursts of inspiration. I hope that you'll come back to see the conclusion to my little brain-child.

Thank you, have a wonderful evening, and Pleasant Readings!

I'm not done yet!