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"Wake up."

W-what? Who are you? Where am I?!

"I know you would be confused as to what is going on but there is not much time to explain, by the time you hear this, I would be long gone from here. You may find it a bit... disorienting when you wake up. But all shall be explained in due time. Good luck, and see you on the other side!"

Before he could have asked anymore questions, a bright light engulfed his view blinding him. He closed his eyes as tight as he could and followed the voice's instructions:

To wake up.

When he opened his eyes again, he was greeted to a lush, green forest. He was laying on the grass.

W-what...? Where is this? I don't remember falling asleep in a forest...

Just then, he felt a sharp pain pierce his head he tried clenching his head with his hand, but lacked the energy to do so.

Damn, what the heck happened to me? He wondered. He tried as hard as he could to remember what had happened the previous night...

But nothing came up, his mind was a blur. He shrugged it off, he'll probably remember something in just a moment.

Thirsty... I'm so thirsty...

In the distance, he heard the sound of running water, it sounded like it was ahead of him. He tried standing up, but immediately fell face first onto the ground, looks like his legs are still numb. He started crawling towards the sound of water, using every ounce strength he could manage to pull himself.

After what seemed like forever, he saw what the source of the water was: A river. He quickly crawled towards it and dunk his head into the water and drank the water. He did find one thing odd however, he was sticking his head underwater longer than he should be able to, and he wasn't even holding his breath. But it didn't matter, this was the best water he has ever tasted.

When he was finally done, he lifted his head out of the water, feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

It was then, he noticed something in the water.

A blue creature, with orange fins on its cheeks stared at him through the water.

A Mudkip...? He could have sworn he didn't see any Mudkips in the water when he was drinking. Did it notice him while he was drinking him?

He tried reaching out towards the mudfish Pokemon, but strangely, the Mudkip reached out as well, as if mimicking its every move. When he touched the water, the water simply rippled, he did not touch the Mudkip, but it was still there. Getting more confused, he opened his mouth, and the Mudkip did as well, he stretched his arms, turned his head, all of it the Mudkip mimicked perfectly.

It was then he came to a very grim conclusion: That was a reflection, of himself.

No no no no no no no! He started to panic, he looked at the reflection once more, the Mudkip stared back at him again. It wasn't a wild Mudkip that was staring at him.

HE was the Mudkip.

His heart started pounding, he suddenly felt like he wanted to faint from the shock, but he couldn't. That would explain why he wasn't able to stand up, because he was a quadruped. He had too many questions racing through his head. He slowly breathed in, and exhaled.

"Alright, let's try to remember everything you can..." He said to himself. "My name... what's my name...?"

He thought of it for a moment and suddenly a name he assumed was his popped into his head.

"Ian, my name is Ian." He said. "What did you do last night?" Nothing appeared in his mind. "Where do you live?" Nothing. "What are the names of your parents?!" Once again, nothing.

Ian concentrated as hard as he could, hoping that something, anything would come into his head! But there was nothing.

He had lost all of his memories, and he was no longer a human.

Ian then realized if another possibility, he was dreaming. It makes sense! This is all just a dream and when I wake up, I'll be back to my normal, human self, possibly in a comfy bed. But now the question: How to get out from this nightmare?

He looked next to him, and saw a tree. A very stupid idea came in mind. He approached the tree and aligned his head right in front of it. Ian was going to knock his head as hard as he could, and hoped that it would cause him to wake up.

"Here goes nothing," He said to himself. He inhaled, and exhaled and counted to three.

One... two... three!

He slammed his head as hard as he could onto the tree bark, his head screamed in pain as he fell on his back onto the grass, clenching his head.

"Okay, maybe that wasn't such a good idea..." He said.

When he finally recovered, he realized that he was still right where he was, only now with a headache. The pain was real enough to tell him that he wasn't dreaming.

Guess this is it then... I'm going to be stuck as a Mudkip for the rest of my life then. He wanted to cry so hard right now, but forced himself not to, it wasn't going to change anything.

"Alright," Ian said. "I guess I just have to start walking through this forest, I'm been standing around here for a very long ti-"


Ian quickly turned to the sound of the noise, and just then, as if they appeared out of thin air, three orange looking things floated in front of him, they head rectangular shaped heads and small arms.

"Beheeyems...?" He concluded.

The three Beheeyems faced each other and started flashing lights to each other with their hands. They then started to approach Ian.

"Uh... I assume this is friendly greeting?" He nervously asked.

The Beheeyems replied with one of them taking a swing at him, barely missing Ian's face.

"Can't we just talk about this guys?"

The Beheeyem swung at him again, this time hitting him, pain flowed quick through the rest of his body.

"Ah, to hell with this!" Ian said, as he dashed off in the opposite direction, hoping to lose his new foes in the forest. He clumsily tripped every five steps, still trying to get used to his new way of walking on four legs instead on two. Just then, out in the distance, he noticed a figure getting closer as he ran towards it. When he was close enough he was able to make out a few features.

Brown in colour, standing on two legs, has a leaf on his head and had a very long nose. Before he could make out any features, he underestimated his speed and crashed right into the Pokemon, causing the both of them to all straight on their backs.

"Good job Ian..." Ian smartly remarked to himself, as he got off the ground.

"What in the world is going on with you?!"

Ian's eyes widened in shock, did that Pokemon just talk...? B-but how is that possible?!

"What's the matter?" The Pokemon said, "You look like you've seen a ghost."

Ian was sure of it, that Pokemon, in fact, just talked to him in perfect English.

I think I'm going insane...

Just then, he heard the beeping from behind him again. The mudfish Pokemon turned around and saw the three Beheeyems chasing after him, one of them launched a white beam-like projectile from its hand and landed near their feet, taking them by surprise.

"Woah, what the heck?!" The Pokemon exclaimed.

The Beheeyem launched another attack, missing as well.

"We best get out of here!"

Ian nodded and followed after the leaf headed Pokemon. He has woken up in a strange world with talking Pokemons and with no memories of what happened to him.

As if his day wasn't bad enough, Ian was sure things are going to get even worse from here on out.

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