" what was that about "Cinder thought to herself as she quietly stared out the rampions window

" watch a thinking about Cinder?",Iko asked as she snuck up behind her

"What,oh Hi Iko ,do you need something? Cinder turned to face her

" no not really ,I was just wondering about what you were thinking of "she shrugged " was it about Kai ?"she raised an eyebrow

"What ,no why would you think that? Stammered Cinder

" cuz,you had this goofy look on your face a look that you only get when you think about stuff"

"What I wasn't making a weird face", Cinder argued

" yes,you were I saw your reflection on the window, but whatever I'm still curious about what you were thinking off "she said as she sat next to Cinder

" well ,if you must know ",Cinder sighed " I had this really weird dream last night "

"What about?" Iko asked as she leaned in closer

"It was about a Moon princess"

"So a dream about yourself" Iko interrupted

"No,another princess ", Cinder said slightly annoyed

" So,princess Winter then?"

"Would you let me finish !" Cinder said annoyed

"Right,sorry", Iko said embarrassed

"It's fine you're just curious", she smiled "No the dream wasn't about me or Winter"

"Then whom was the dream about ,because I may not be the smartest one here but I know that there is only two Moon princesses " she said while playing with her hair

" yeah I know that ",she roled her eyes ", I wish you would let me finish by not interrupting me constantly"

" sorry I'm just curious "

"Right, sorry " Cinder replied while turning to look at the window "I'm just really confused"

"Well ,maybe I could help " Iko said as she quickly hugged Cinder

"How?," she questioned

"Well ,umm maybe I can reaserch Luna and find out more about its past rulers"

"You ,know that could actually work" ,she said as she freed herself from Iko's grasp

"Yay!", she cheered " I may need to know what the princess looked like"

"Well, I didn't really see her face ,but I know she had long bloned hair "

"Ok,what else ", Iko asked a curious looked appearing on her face

" that's just it I can't remember anything else "Cinder said while closing her eyes and massaging her temples

"Ok ", Iko said smiling "I'll see what I can find while I do that ,try to remember your dream and then we'll tell the others OK" she left the room ( the room where the steering wheel idk what's its called)

"Ok what now?" Cinder asked herself