By Princess

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Ch. 1 The beginning

"Who's that?" Ron asked Harry, his jaw was open slightly as he stared at the beautiful

girl in front of him (much to the annoyance of his girlfriend Hermione).

"I haven't got any idea" Harry whispered back, hoping McGonagall wouldn't hear,

for she wasn't to found of people talking during her class but at the present she didn't

seem to care for the whole class was abuzz with talk of the girl who had just so casually

walked in during the middle of their transfiguration lesson. It was indeed strange, for

McGonagall stopped in the middle of her lesson to go and talk to the girl who had so

abruptly interrupted their class, almost as though she had forgotten she was teaching.

Even as Harry answered Ron's question he felt something strangely familiar about this


She had long black hair that hung down to her waist. Her green eyes sparkled as

though they were up to some mischief unbeknownst to those around her. She was tall and

had a figure most girls could only dream about and looked about sixteen. But that wasn't

what got her the attention of every person in room, she had a look about her, captivating,

unique, interesting (feel free to add words the above!) she was special, the kind of person

you can only dream about meeting or becoming for that matter.

"Attention Class!" McGonagall yelled, slamming a book down hard onto her desk

adding a nice effect to her screaming voice. To know one's surprise a hush filled the air

"Miss err Brown will be taking over for as I have just been informed of an important

meeting I must attend. Be good all of you and if I get one bad complaint about any of you

it will be detention for a week. Good bye." And with that McGonagall walked out of the

room leaving a speechless class.

Harry looked around the classroom, expecting that his face looked just as shocked as

those around him. This had never happened before, McGonagall leave her class in the

middle of a lesson? It seemed impossible but indeed it had happened. Though that was

not the only thing bothering the students, for the person she left in her charge looked to

be a year younger then themselves (even if she was very pretty) for though they were

only seventeen and prided themselves in thinking that they were the most mature people

in the world, they also had some issues with the word cool but that is a whole different


"Hi class, I'm Miss Brown and I'll be your teacher for the next week. Now if we could

start by each of you telling your name and a little bit about yourself it would be greatly

appreciated for I would like to get to know each and everyone of you. After that if we

have enough time we can get back to the lesson." Miss Brown spoke in a sweet, almost

seductive tone, as though she was luring the class into doing some great favor for her.

As each person told her about themselves she always had some nice comment to make

to each one, winning their affection immediately.

"I'm Harry Potter and am captain of the Gryffindor quiditich team." Harry told the


"Are you the Harry Potter?" Miss Brown asked, something shown in her eyes although it

shouldn't be called amazement or awe just more curiosity then anything else.

"Uh yeah" Harry said, with no real surprise in his voice for he was used to people asking

him this question.

"Oh my goodness look at the time, I've almost made you late for your next class." Miss

Brown said quickly changing the subject. "Um, Harry if I could have a word with."

Harry walked to the front of the class not quite knowing what to expect. He had an odd

feeling that this may not be a good thing.

"Harry there is something I need to tell you. I am your sister."

The End of Chapter One!!

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