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Chapter 3: "Wow"

Harry and Margaret walked into the Great hall painfully aware of all the eyes that followed them over the Gryffindor table.

"Hey guys, I'd like to introduce you all to my sister Margaret." Harry said casually waiting for the insane response he knew was to come and it did.

Ron chocked on his pumpkin juice and had to be slapped on his back a couple times to get him breathing again. Hermione was rendered speechless for a record braking 3 minutes and Ginny passed out.

Once they all had recovered from this surprise they barraged Harry with a billion questions. From there Harry went on to tell them the story Dumbledore had just told him.

"So Harry let me get this straight. Margaret is your little sister, right?" Ron asked barely getting the words out.

"Yah that would be right." Margaret answered for Harry. "Your last name wouldn't happen to be Weasley would it?" she asked on a side note, a look of curiosity filling her face.

"Yep that's my last name, why do you ask." Ron replied.

"Oh nothing really I just know some of your brothers." Margaret said off handily.

"How do you know them?" Ron asked curiously.

"Well I met Bill at this camp I went to last year and he introduced me to Fred, George, and Charlie." Margaret said as though she wanted to let the subject drop.

"Hey wait a minute, I bet you're that girl they were talking bout. Fred and George said you were the hottest girl they had ever seen and Bill said and I quote that he would "never forget that summer as long as he lived." Ron said getting excited that the girl his brothers had talked about was actually none other then Harry's sister.

"Um yah I guess that would be me." Margaret responded a slight blush creeping up her checks.

"How did you meet them anyways, I mean I know you said it was at a camp but what kind of camp was it for Bill wouldn't tell me" Ron asked quickly. "Well it was a camp for Auror training." Margaret said softly.

"You're an Aurora!" Harry said suddenly braking into the conversation.

"Yep, I'm an auror thought I would follow in mum and dad's footsteps y'know." Margaret said.

Hermione who had finally got her wits about her said "Don't you have to finish school to become an auror."

"Yes, I finished school when I was 14, I took the N.E.W.T.'s and O.W.L.'s and a couple other tests they had created to make sure I knew enough to stop my schooling." Margaret said looking her straight in the eye.

"How did you do" Hermione asked pointedly not liking the fact that someone could be smarter then her.

"O I did well enough I guess. They are pretty easy though so my score was fairly good, I think. In fairness though I don't really know what most other kids get but I think I did ok." Margaret said humbly.

"What was your score exactly?" Hermione asked wondering what she really got.

"Well I don't really like to say." Margaret said trying to avoid the topic.

"Oh common tell us." Ron said wondering what this girl could have gotten on the test.

"Fine I'll tell yah but I don't want you to tell anyone else, ok, I got 32 owls and a perfect score on my N.E.W.T.'s" She said looking away not wanting to see the reaction that she knew would soon cross their faces.

"Wow." Hermione said, once again left speechless.

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