Two Weeks Later

Light streamed into the room, dust particles twirling through the bright beams. The few candles still lit managed to give off a small glow, their wax melted and pooling against the tables they stood on. They sputtered, the smallest bit of wick left to keep them going when their companions had long since died out, but the light from the morning made them useless. They flickered and sputtered, each meeting the same end as the others throughout the room as they burned themselves out.

On the large bed, Clarke hummed, her eyes still closed even as she felt the body beside her shift. She didn't need to open her eyes to know Lexa was awake: she'd known for a while that the other girl had woken up, could tell from the change in her breathing, but had ignored the knowledge, choosing instead to pretend to sleep. Fingers traced light patterns on her arm, and her lips curled up, even as she pressed her face further into the crook of the brunette's shoulder. She felt Lexa shift, the shoulder she was pressed against dipping, before lips planted the softest of kisses to the top of her head.

"Good morning, Clarke," Lexa murmured quietly, her words dancing along blonde hair. Clarke's smile only grew, her own lips moving to press lightly against the brunette's jawline before she replied, "Morning, Lexa."

The pressure of the fingers against her arm increased at the touch of her lips to Lexa's jaw, but their patterns never wavered. Clarke heard the light breath her love let out, and only grinned, finally pulling herself back and lifting her head. Eyes opening, she looked down to find Lexa staring up at her, green eyes bright and the smallest of smiles tucked away at the corners of her lips. The look she was giving Clarke made butterflies swarm in her stomach, a feeling that didn't go away until the blonde leaned forward, closing the distance between them until her lips fell against Lexa's. The moment their mouths touched, the swarm calmed, everything inside her settling into place, a sense of peace practically filling her to the brim. She felt the brunette's lips curl up against her, and then a hand was against the back of her head, fingers tangling haphazardly into her hair, and when Lexa's grip against her tightened, trying to pull her closer to deepen the kiss, the blonde gave in. She sank against Lexa, holding herself with one arm against the mattress while the other shifted, her hand finding its way to the other girl's neck. She cupped her face and Lexa tilted into the hold, and the kiss only deepened further.

"Mmm," Clarke hummed again as she eventually pulled back. Eyes opening again, she found green eyes looking up at her over cheeks that shone with just the slightest flush, those lips she loved so much turned up into the same incredible smile that always made Clarke's stomach turn in the greatest of ways. Looking at Lexa, all she wanted to do was kiss her again, so that's what she did. Their skin pressed together as she leaned down once again, bare breasts flush against each other. As she moved, the fur covering them slipped down some before Lexa could catch it, and then Clarke felt fingers trailing softly up her back as the brunette pulled the cover back over them even as they continued to kiss. One of the blonde's legs tangled with both of the brunette's, and again bare skin burned as it made contact.

"You know, I could really get used to this," Clarke finally murmured, peppering tiny kisses to Lexa's lips before she moved back over to her jaw. "I really like waking up next to you, especially when we're both naked."

Clarke didn't look up, didn't open her eyes as her lips continued to rain down along the other girl's jaw, but she could hear the smile in Lexa's voice as she agreed, "It certainly is the greatest way I can think to wake up." Clarke's grin just grew, her eyes opening to send a quick look up at the other girl, and Lexa met blue eyes that shone in a way that took her breath away. The next moment that breath was stolen again when she felt Clarke's lips move again, sliding down to leave open-mouthed kisses along the skin of her neck. Even as her lips moved she felt the younger girl's hand fall from her cheek to trail down between them until fingers began to twirl lazily against her hipbone, and Lexa had to shift as she felt her mouth go dry. Her body reacted to Clarke's attention just they way she knew the blonde wanted it to, goosebumps forming along her arms and her legs shifting, trying to relieve the sudden ache that formed between them, but her mind continued to work, and ever so slightly she found herself shaking her head.

"Clarke," she warned quietly, her gentle grip on the blonde's arm not changing, "We can't. There isn't time and you know it." The other girl's fingers didn't let up in their gentle swirls along her hip, but she felt the sigh she let out against her neck before Clarke pulled back. A part of Lexa desperately wanted to tighten her grip in the blonde's hair and pull her back to her neck, but she fought against it.

"I know, you're right," Clarke admitted with a sigh, her face still close enough for her breath to tickle Lexa's skin. Her eyes momentarily flickered over to the small table beside the bed, and she grinned. "I guess that's why we were up so late that nearly all the candles burned out. I'm going to have to see how I go about getting more of those."

"It is not difficult," Lexa assured her, unable to look away from the other girl long enough to spare a glance around the room. The hand in the blonde's hair fell down her body to join her other one where it carefully rested against the small of the girl's back. Dozens of criss-cross patterns raised the skin there, only a few of them still with rough scabs or stitches holding them together, the rest now soft scars. Worry flashed across the brunette's face, her fingers still gentle as she carefully traced a few of them, catching Clarke's eyes again. "Are you alright?" she asked, the worry leaking out to coat her tone. "Are you sure I didn't hurt you?"

Rather than answer right away, Clarke felt her smile soften before she leaned down. This time when their lips met she kept the movement slow, delicate but sure, trying to convey to Lexa just how alright she truly was.

"I'm fine, Lexa," she promised, barely breaking an inch away to whisper the words. "You didn't hurt me."

"Good," Lexa breathed out before leaning up and closing the bare space between their mouths, capturing the blonde's lips once again. Her hands fell to the blonde's sides, her grip tightening to hold the other girl against her while her fingers traced the few light scars that had been etched along Clarke's skin there. For days the blonde had been trying to get them to be physical once again, but up until the night before Lexa had always refused anything beyond deep kisses and soft touches for fear of the blonde re-opening any of the numerous lashes along her back. She had only finally relented the previous night when Clarke had sworn to her she was fine, that they would be gentle and she would stay off her back if that's what Lexa wanted. As much as Clarke argued for her health and recovery, Lexa knew that while most of her injuries had healed or were in the final stages of the healing process, her back still hurt her at times, the worst of her lashes still working against her. Clarke had been persistent though, and after days of the blonde doing her best to work her up and with the threat of her departure hanging over them, the Commander had given in and had gladly fallen into bed with her love to re-explore the bodies they each knew so well but never got tired of mapping.

Now however, it was morning, and the time for mapping had ended and the unfortunate truth hung over them both. For another moment they ignored it, but finally Lexa let out a sigh, her head falling back lightly against the pillow behind her. She met Clarke's eyes, seeing the knowledge there the blonde tried to push away, and knew she had to accept it herself.

"We should be getting up," Lexa said quietly, even though she made no indication she planned to move. "I need to make sure Trikru and Skaikru are ready to leave."

Rather than shift away from Lexa to allow her to get up, Clarke's body simply pressed closer to her, her weight baring down further against the girl beneath her. Again the blonde found herself nuzzling her face into the crook of Lexa's shoulder, eyes pressing shut as though she could shut out the rest of the world. She felt the older girl's grip on her sides tighten, and her own arms raised to curl around Lexa's shoulders, her arms now pressing against the mattress as she held onto the brunette.

"I know I was the one who said you needed to go back to Polis," she finally murmured, shaking her head even as she continued to hold close to Lexa. Lifting it up so that she could meet the other girl's eyes, she added, "But now I really don't want you to go."

"And I do not wish to go," Lexa replied just as quietly, her grip on the blonde not changing. The rest of the words, the simple truth of, "But I have to," hung in the air around them, and though they weren't said, both girls could hear them ringing out none the less. For another few moments they held onto each other, putting off the inevitable, but finally Clarke let out a small sigh, Lexa feeling it against her more than hearing it, and her grip loosened.

They got up slowly, neither saying anything more simply because it wasn't necessary. Clarke sat up first, the fur slipping down her back, and she just grinned as she watched Lexa's eyes trail over her exposed body, before her own focus fell on the other girl's. They didn't take more than a minute to look, and then Lexa was following the blonde up until they were both sitting in the bed. Lexa was the first to swing her legs over the side, and she could feel Clarke's eyes on her as she stood, moving over to the pile of clothes they had thrown to the floor the previous night. She reached down to pick up her shirt, but before she could slip it on, the blonde was behind her, arms encircling her waist and lips dancing across her shoulder, and it took everything in her not to just turn around and push the blonde back into her bed. She held strong though, allowing her body to sink against Clarke's, and allowed her eyes to fall closed as lips glided along her skin.

Getting dressed took longer than it needed to, but neither ever even thought to mention it. Each would interrupt the other with kisses, pulling a shirt out of the other's hands in order to trail kisses down their collarbone, or halting the pull of a pair of pants so that fingers could trace delicate designs along thighs and hips. Lexa bent to help slip Clarke's shoes onto her feet, but got distracted by her calf, and the blonde could only laugh when she felt long fingers gliding along the slope of her leg. Clarke moved to help Lexa zip and buckle her coat, but somehow her hands ended up beneath the brunette's shirts, pressing lightly against her taut stomach, and Lexa only smiled before pulling her in for another kiss. Neither could begin to keep track of the number of times their lips met, and neither bothered to try.

Finally both were dressed and ready, and then their mouths met again, hands tangling lightly in hair or pressing lightly against a chin or cheek, and they simply held onto each other. Their mouths danced the dance they both felt they'd been born knowing, and they clung to each other, using the other's strength to prepare them for what must happen next. Hands fell down each body, and for a moment both considered undoing all the work they'd just completed, but neither moved to act on the impulse. They poured themselves into the kiss, giving the other girl everything they were, until it was as though each carried a part of the other inside them. Only then, when they both felt strong enough, did they part, eyes meeting before Clarke gave Lexa a small smile and the Commander returned it. Together they turned and moved towards the door, exiting the room and taking the steps they needed to take to move forward.

As soon as she'd been deemed healthy enough, Clarke had been moved out of the healer's hut and into the queen's chamber. It had taken some getting used to, being able to feel comfortable in a room that had once been Nia's, but with rearranging and adding her own touches, Clarke had turned it into her own. Now she and Lexa walked through the large building, walking right by the door she knew led to the throne room she'd first met Nia in. She'd yet to step foot in it, preferring to meet those she now led in the streets of her village, but knew at some point she'd have to go in and take a look at her new throne. For now she just walked past it, following Lexa through the building and into the street.

Outside, it seemed as though everyone was moving. Skaikru and Trikru packed, checking and re-checking to make sure they had everything they needed, saddling horses and gathering supplies. Azgeda helped however they could, offering little bags of food or pieces of advice to those preparing around them. Even with all the commotion, they didn't walk far before Jojesh appeared behind them, silently following them as they moved towards the edge of the village where the most movement took place. To anyone else, his addition didn't effect them at all, but Clarke noticed the nearly indecipherable tilt of Lexa's chin, the only clue towards her dislike of him. Many days had passed, but the Commander still made it clear, to Clarke if not to anyone else, that she didn't trust nor like the Azgeda warrior.

They reached the edge of the village, and stopped to look out and take in everything happening in front of them. Mass amounts of Trikru warriors either stood next to their horses or were already in their saddle, trying to calm their impatient beasts. Skaikru milled around them, weapons simply slung over their shoulder as they heaved packs over their backs or up to hand to one of the mounted riders. The two peoples spoke amicably, many even friendly, and looking at them, it was hard to tell that only weeks ago war had nearly broken out between them.

At the front of the large army, Clarke found Octavia hugging her brother, both Blakes clearly doing their best not to show just how emotional they were. The usual group stood around them, their friends all giving them space to say their good-byes. Lincoln stood just to Octavia's side, nodding to Monty, Miller and Raven, saying his good-byes to them, and then even Jasper stepped up to say good-bye to the Grounder. Taigon stood beside Raven, and when Lincoln nodded to him, he stuck his arm out, the warrior quickly grabbing it, and she could see they way their fingers tightened around each other's forearms. Reese and Thom stood beside Lincoln, and while Reese was biting her lip to keep herself from crying, tears freely fell down Thom's cheeks. When Lincoln and Taigon released their grips, the healer knelt down, and Clarke watched as the little boy bolted into the man's arms, wrapping his arms tightly around Taigon's neck.

"I don't want you to go," she heard Thom say quietly as she and Lexa approached, and met Taigon's eyes over the little boy's shoulder. The healer grinned at her, and then turned back to the boy, pulling away just slightly so he could make eye contact.

"I will see you again soon," Taigon reminded him. "You both will come to Polis with Clarke for Coalition Day, and then I will be able to show you my home. Until they, it is up to you two to keep her out of trouble: you know how difficult that is for her."

"Yeah, our Clarke seems to just be drawn to trouble," Raven scoffed, glancing up and meeting the blonde's eyes. She grinned, one corner of her mouth pulling up, before she told the kids, "You've got your work cut out for you. Good luck."

"I'm not drawn to trouble, I think it's drawn to me," Clarke replied, lifting an eyebrow as she closed the space between them. Looking down, she smiled softly at Reese and Thom, a hand falling to their shoulders, before she peered back up at the other girl. "Besides," she added, giving Raven a look, "You get into just as much trouble as I do."

"Nah, I'm the one who gets your butt out of trouble," Raven insisted, shaking her head and crossing her arms over her chest. She gestured towards Octavia, still standing close to her brother, and said, "Her too. You're both gonna be screwed without me." Clarke's grin softened, and then she stepped forward, her arms wrapping around the mechanic's shoulders.

"We probably are," she agreed quietly, tightening her hold on the other girl, and then she felt arms wrap around her to return the hold. "Just don't get into too much trouble without me," Raven told her, her voice just as soft. "I'd hate to have to come back so soon to save you again."

"Yeah, cause you did all the saving," Miller said, rolling his eyes, and again Clarke just grinned. Stepping away from Raven as they both let go, she turned to Miller, giving him a smile before telling him, "You did a decent amount of saving yourself." He just shrugged with one shoulder, giving her a half nod before he returned the smile with a grin. "We've got each other's backs," he just said, meeting her eyes. "Always have, always will." She returned the nod, feeling the same way, before she turned to Monty. The younger boy stepped forward and flung his arms around her shoulders, his eyes closing tightly as he held onto her, and she quickly returned the hold.

"I'm gonna miss you, Clarke," he mumbled against her shoulder, and she just held him tighter. "I'm going to miss you too, Monty," she told him, before she pulled back a little. Meeting his eyes, she added, "Take care of yourself." She grinned then, and said, "And next time you make your moonshine, have a drink for me." He returned the grin with a laugh, nodding his head, and then stepped back, falling into place beside Miller. As he stepped back, Jasper stepped forward, and Clarke turned to him, her grin faltering for only a second. In the two weeks they'd been there, she and Jasper had barely spoken, so she didn't know what to expect. When he took another step forward and awkwardly pulled her into a hug, her eyes widened, but she returned it. The move was stiff, almost uncomfortable but not quite, and after just a second Jasper stepped back, putting distance between them again.

"Bye Clarke," he just said, before he gave her a stiff nod. "I'm glad you're okay. And... Good luck."

"Thanks Jasper," the blonde told him quietly, giving him a slight smile. "You too. Have a safe trip back." He nodded again, and then moved back next to Monty, and Clarke turned to find Octavia next to Lincoln and Bellamy watching her interaction with Jasper. When she met his eyes, he just grinned.

"Guess it's my turn," he said, and then he and Clarke moved to each other, and his arms circled around her while hers fell around his shoulders. "Take care, Clarke," he nearly whispered, holding her tighter. "Be careful. And good luck."

"You too, Bellamy," Clarke murmured, wrapping her arms around him tighter. Pulling back a little, she glanced over to their friends around them, before she looked back at him. "Take care of them," she told him, "I know it's not fair of me to ask you again, but I'm counting on you to take care of them."

"You took on a crazy queen to keep everyone else safe; I think it's okay to ask me to take care of them," he just replied, shrugging his shoulders before giving her a crooked smile. "Besides, if I don't do it, who will? You know, now that you're a queen and all." Clarke just returned his smile, before he stepped back, falling into place between Raven and Miller.

"But Heda, do you have to go?" she heard, and Clarke turned around to see Lexa kneeling behind her, Thom all but attached to her neck and Reese giving her the most pitiful look the blonde had ever seen. Lexa shifted, managing to keep her balance as the boy's grip around her neck only tightened, and she curled one arm around his back while her other reached out to gently take Reese's hand.

"I do," she simply informed them, keeping her tone soft. "My people in Polis need me, and Clarke needs you here."

"But we need you here too," Thom managed to mumble out, the words nearly muffled against Lexa's neck, and Clarke had to fight to keep her lips from curling up at the same time she fought to keep those same words from escaping her lips. Lexa looked up, meeting her eyes over Reese's shoulder, and Clarke knew her words were directed at her as much as the two children. "I cannot stay here, but we will be together again soon. Coalition Day will be here before you know it, and all will be well."

Reese let out a big sigh, clearly unhappy with the answer but aware she had to accept it, and reached out and grabbed Thom's shoulder.

"C'mon Thom, let go, we gotta let Heda get ready," she told him, giving his shoulder a small tug, and though he refused it for a moment, eventually he let go, tears still running down his cheeks. He rubbed them away with the back of his sleeve, and then nodded, holding his head up higher. When Reese stepped away, he followed, both of them moving to stand with Lincoln and Octavia.

For a brief second, Clarke's attention got caught on Lexa, a fresh lump forming in her throat, but then movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention and she turned. As she did, she managed to hear Bellamy mumble, "Come on guys, let's give them some space," but she'd stopped paying attention to her friends as a bigger lump lodged itself in the back of her throat. Her friends turned around and disappeared into the crowd behind them, Taigon the only one staying behind, but Clarke couldn't even spare them a glance as she focused on the people walking towards her.

Callie and Nygel walked towards them, Indra, Shet and Ryder with them, but Clarke barely glanced at any of them. All she could focus on was her mother, walking beside Callie, and the tears that glistened in her mother's eyes as she met Clarke's gaze.

"Heda," Nygel called out when they closed most of the distance between them. Lexa nodded to the woman, and Nygel stuck her arm out, not breaking eye contact with the Commander. "It was an honor traveling with you and fighting for you."

"It was an honor to travel and work with you as well, Nygel," Lexa replied, even as she reached out and clasped the other woman's forearm. "You are a great warrior, and a loyal follower; Clarke is lucky to have you at her side." The woman nodded to Lexa, her chest sticking out a little further in pride at the words, and then she released the Commander's arm.

"Thank you, Commander," Callie simply said to Lexa, meeting her eyes. She smiled, her lips easily pulling up, as she added, "For everything. Just thank you. It really was an honor."

"I need no thanks, and the honor was mine," Lexa answered, returning the woman's smile with a nod. "I am glad to have been able to meet you both, and to have been able to work with you, and look forward to working with you again in the future." Callie's smile only grew, her smile widening, even as she nodded.

Clarke could barely look away from her mother, but when Shet stepped up, grinning down at her, she forced herself to turn to him. His grin grew, his eyes bright, as he told her, "Stay safe, Wanheda, and if any of these Ice Nation fools try to give you trouble, make them regret it." She let out a little laugh, even as she shook her head, but met his eyes as she promised him, "I will, Shet. You stay out of trouble."

"Never," he said, a twinkle in his eye, and when Nygel let out a scoff behind her, Clarke saw him look to her and his grin widened. Rather than say anything, he just winked, and then shifted slightly, and Clarke's focus turned to Ryder. He watched her quietly, his face as solemn as ever, but when she looked at him, she watched his lips curl up in the smallest of smiles. He nodded to her, never breaking eye contact, and just murmured, "Wanheda; be well."

"Mochof, Raider," she replied quietly. "You too."

Indra seemed to study the blonde for a moment when Clarke turned to her, the next in line, and then she held out her arm, and the young leader just managed to keep the surprise from her face. She clasped the woman's forearm, feeling fingers with a grip of steel close around her own, before the chief simply said, "You did well. Now lead well."

"I will," Clarke promised, increasing the pressure of her fingers on Indra's arm slightly, and the older woman just nodded before she dropped her arm. Her eyes skimmed past the blonde, falling on Octavia standing not far away, and she informed Clarke, "You have great warriors behind you who will help you." From the corners of her eyes, the blonde could practically see Octavia swell with pride, clearly having heard her mentor's words.

Indra stepped away from Clarke, and then the blonde was turning to her mother, once again fighting with the burning that tore at the back of her throat. She saw the way one of her mother's fists pressed against her chest, as though she were trying to forcefully keep a hold on all of her emotions, but she also knew she was failing. As Abby stepped forward, Clarke mirrored the movement, and she knew she wasn't doing any better at controlling the flurry of emotions tumbling inside her gut. Suddenly her mother's arms were around her and Clarke felt herself sink into them, unable to stop the single tear from slipping out of the corner of her eye.

"Stay safe, Clarke," she heard her mother murmur against the side of her face. Abby's arms wrapped around her tighter, and she buried her face in her mother's shoulder. "I love you."

"I love you too, Mom," the blonde managed to get out, barely able to contain the little catch in her voice. Her heart squeezed in her chest, not wanting to let her mother go, and for a second she only held on harder. Abby must have felt the pressure, because she just returned it for a brief moment before she pulled back just slightly, her hands still gripping her daughter's arms tightly as she met blue eyes she'd spent eighteen years loving more than anything.

"I'm so proud of you," she informed her daughter, everything she felt racing through her and coloring her voice as her eyes shone. One hand moved up to wipe away the second tear that slipped down Clarke's cheek, and then she leaned forward, leaving a simple kiss against her daughter's forehead. "More than you'll ever know."

"Thanks Mom," Clarke whispered, and then she took a deep breath, steeling herself and trying to get a grip on the emotions coursing through her. Her grip on her mother's arms tightened, and she met deep brown eyes that had always been there, always made her feel calm when everything else was anything but. "May we meet again."

"May we meet again," Abby whispered back, and then for a moment they simply stood there, looking at each other, until the Chancellor forced herself to let go of her daughter and step away. She looked at her for another long moment, as though memorizing every detail, and then she turned to the Commander standing just behind the blonde and nodded. The next moment she turned, disappearing back into the ground, and Clarke watched her go, not allowing anymore of her tears to fall.

"Indra," Lexa called out quietly, and the chief turned immediately to her, "Begin leading our people home." The older woman nodded and then turned around sharply, Ryder and Shet moving along with her. Lexa saw Callie nudge Reese and Thom, catching their attention, before she gestured back towards the village, and then they, Nygel, Lincoln, Octavia and even Jojesh slipped back between the buildings behind them. The next moment, she and Clarke and Taigon were the only ones still standing there.

Taigon moved over to Clarke, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Your mother will be fine," he promised, "And you will see her soon." She let out a small sigh, but nodded, before looking up to meet his eyes.

"I know," she replied, "She will be, and I will." She smiled then, lifting her eyebrows, before she added, "And I'll be seeing you again soon too." She pushed into him, and he just laughed, easily wrapping his arms around her and squeezing her into a tight hug. "Take care of yourself, Taigon," she told him, "And take care of your sister. You know she does crazy things when she thinks no one's watching her."

"I do not," Lexa insisted, lifting her head higher, but her brother just laughed again as he nodded, completely ignoring her.

"I will," he promised. "I will do my best to keep her out of trouble, though she too seems to be drawn to it." His eyes twinkled, shining bright, as he added, "Just another thing you two seem to have in common." Clarke just grinned and he held her tighter, letting out a little sigh. "Be careful," he murmured, his tone much more serious now. "Stay safe."

"I will, Taigon," she promised, closing her eyes as she held him closer. "You stay safe too." She paused for a second and then grinned again, eyes opening as she pulled back a little before adding, "And see if you can think of anymore embarrassing stories about your sister; you know how much I love those." He just grinned, eyes flickering over to his sister and seeing the glare she leveled at him, but he just nodded.

"I will definitely think of more for you," he swore, and then released his hold on her, stepping back. His eyes moved to his sister and back once again, and then he simply said, "Good-bye, Clarke."

"Good-bye, Taigon," she replied, and then he turned around, jogging to catch up with the army that had started to leave without them.

With that, Clarke and Lexa were alone once again, standing in open space between Clarke's village and Lexa's disappearing army. They looked at each other, and for a moment no words were spoken, each just fighting to grapple with the emotions tearing through their chests. Neither wanted Lexa to go, but both knew she had to, and both just had to accept that. Finally Lexa just nodded, meeting blue eyes.

"Good-bye, Clarke," she murmured, unsure how to make this moment any less painful for them both. The blonde seemed to have one idea, and she just reached forward, grabbing Lexa's arm and pulling her closer.

"Not good-bye," the younger girl told her quietly, her face hovering only inches away from the brunette's. "This is just an 'I'll see you again soon,' moment. Not a good-bye." Her eyes darted up, meeting bright green, and she leaned forward a little further before whispering, "I'm never saying good-bye to you again, Lexa. Never."

Lexa would have argued, would have told Clarke that good-bye is simply the appropriate response to give when two people are parting ways, but Clarke didn't give her a chance. The younger girl pulled her forward another step, and then their lips connected and Lexa's words died away at the touch. The kiss was short, sweet, a simple reminder of what one meant to the other, but it was all that was needed. They had spent the previous night and much of the morning showing how much they cared and how much they would miss each other, and the words simply weren't needed now. This one kiss, this little reminder of a promise and of their love, was all they needed. When they parted, the corners of Lexa's lips were pulled up, and she simply pressed her forehead against the blonde's.

"You are right," she agreed, "No more good-byes. We will be together again soon." The corners of her lips twitched, and Clarke thought she saw Lexa's eyebrows raise almost imperceptibly before the Commander added, "After all, I will need my queen by my side for Coalition Day, and that is only a couple of months away."

Clarke's lips mirrored the brunette's, her smile just a hair bigger, before she promised, "Your queen will be there." She pressed harder against Lexa's forehead, sinking into the feeling of being so close and hoping she'd be able to remember every detail, before she added, "You promised to show me around Polis a long time ago, and I look forward to you keeping that promise." Lexa's smile grew, her eyes bright, before she nodded. With a barely contained sigh, she pulled away, dropping her hands from where they'd fallen to Clarke's shoulders, but didn't yet turn.

"Until we meet again, ai hodnes," Lexa murmured, gazing into the blue eyes she knew she'd never stop loving. She watched as Clarke's smile first began to slip away and then grew back, her eyes never leaving Lexa's.

"Until we meet again, Lexa," Clarke replied softly. "I love you too." With a final look, Lexa turned and began walking after her people, leaving Clarke behind to watch her go.

This time as she walked away, Clarke's heart squeezed in her chest, already missing Lexa even as she watched her go, but continued beating steadily, remaining whole.

This time the tear that slid down her cheek came from a heart too full to contain all of her love, all of the care she felt for this other girl.

This time as Clarke watched Lexa leave her, she knew that even with distance between them they weren't actually apart, knew that they'd never be completely apart again.

This time Clarke knew that she loved Lexa, knew that Lexa loved her back, and that nothing could ever change that.

This time Clarke watched Lexa until the Commander disappeared between the trees, until all that remained of the other girl were the footprints she'd left in the snow, but this time her heart didn't break the moment she lost sight of braided hair. This time instead her heart soared in her chest, because this time her plan had actually worked and she and Lexa had rescued their people together, and nothing was ever going to stand in their way again.

Clarke waited until she lost sight of Lexa completely, and then she turned, lifting her head as she made her way back into her village.

This time it had all gone right, and she knew that nothing could ever go terribly wrong again, because from here on out, whether she was beside her or not, she had Lexa, and that was all she really needed. Whatever came next, they would face it: ogeda.

I'm shocked I'm managing to get this out tonight, but here it is: the end of "Unbroken." I have absolutely no words, this all feels a little surreal to me; I just can't believe it's done. It's done.

But a quick thank you to everyone who has reached out with ideas for the sequel! They have all been absolutely amazing, and so far I've been able to work a good number of them into my planning, so thank you thank you thank you! You all are beautiful, amazing, truly wonderful people, and I really appreciate both your ideas for the sequel and the fact that you stuck with me all the way to this point. I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again; "Unbroken" wouldn't be written now if it weren't for all of you, so thank you for that! I hope you enjoyed the final installment of the story, and I'll see you all at the sequel (or maybe before at "Continuum," if any of you read that)! Thanks again!

Trigedasleng Translations:

"Ai hodnes" - "My love"

"Ogeda" - "Together"