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Ah! My Goddess- Insecurity and Innocence (Chapter One: First Date)

By Gredival


Skuld laid back against the grass content to watch the clouds drift by as she idled in the shade of a tree. Her long black hair spread out behind her as she gazed up. The breeze blew across, tickling her skin. It was a perfect afternoon.

Sentaro Kawanishi lay beside the young Goddess his head rested in his in palms as he looked at clouds. He glanced over at Skuld, her brown eyes lazily following the clouds. He averted his gaze before the young lady's eyes had seen him though. "Hey Skuld," Sentaro asked getting into a sitting position, "have you gotten better at that trick I taught you?" He got up and walked into the warm sun in the path.

"A little," Skuld replied as she stood up, "I'll show you!" She walked over to her bike, taking off the jacket she had tied around her waist and dropping it to the grass. She got on the seat and gripped the handles. Her left sneaker touched against the pedal and she kicked off. She approached Sentaro and leaned back in her seat and pulled up with her hands. The bicycle got on its rear wheel as it moved, but Skuld pulled too hard and the bike began to fall backwards. "Ahh!" Skuld cried out as she began to tip. She closed her eyes expecting to hit the ground.

"Oof," came the sound out of Sentaro as Skuld and her bike fell on him. Skuld opened her eyes when she noticed she didn't fall hard- to see Sentaro sprawled beneath her.

"Sentaro!" Skuld exclaimed as she quickly got up and lifted the bike off of the boy. He opened his eyes and grinned at Skuld. "Anything hurt?" she asked softly noticing some blood on the ground next to Sentaro.

"I don't know I can't see the bike," Sentaro replied as he sat up.

"Dummy!" Skuld exclaimed. She poked a finger in Sentaro's chest, "I meant you! Go have Belldandy clean up those scrapes, they look awful!"

Sentaro smiled at Skuld as he replied sarcastically "Yes Mommy!"

He found himself flat on the ground again, Skuld on top of him, as soon as the words left his mouth.


Belldandy gently cleaned the scrapes on Sentaro's elbows. Sentaro kept still even though the solution hurt a bit. She wrapped up the scrapes in bandages and gently began to accelerate the healing as she touched the bandage.

"Umm Belldandy?" Sentaro asked nervously.

"Hmm, yes Sentaro?"

"Uh, it's about Skuld," Sentaro started blushing a bit, Belldandy smiled as she tilted her head to listen, "do you think, do you think she would want to come to the school fair with me?"

Belldandy smiled as she looked over at Sentaro, who was scratching the back of his head. "I don't know," she said, "you'll have to ask her." She noted he was very uncomfortable, and she laid a hand on his back giving him a reassuring smile. "Don't worry Sentaro, I don't think Skuld would ever want to hurt you," she said.

"Thanks Belldandy," Sentaro said as he looked at Belldandy and smiled back.


Sentaro walked up behind Skuld who seemed concentrated on something. "Hey what are you doing?" he asked as he laid a hand on her shoulder. Skuld jumped up in fright.

"Oh um nothing," Skuld answered hastily, hoping he didn't see her practicing her powers on the rocks. "Do you feel any better?" Skuld asked taking Sentaro's arm and inspecting the bandage.

"Yeah," Sentaro answered. He couldn't help but notice changes in Skuld since he day he met her. She was a lot more concerned with his wellbeing now. And he couldn't help notice his growing feelings for her. The days seemed to be so full of fun when he was around her, yet so short. He bit his lip nervously, "Hey um, Skuld?"

"Yes Sentaro?"

"Uh the fair is um in town," he started blushing as he looked down at the ground, "Do you think you uh might want to come?"

Skuld smiled as she looked into Sentaro's eyes, "Of course," she said as she looked into his brown eyes, "what time should I be ready?"

Sentaro smiled, "I'll pick you up at six,"

"Then it's a date," Skuld said. She pecked him on the cheek softly and got on her bike and pedaled off. Sentaro stood watching her ride away, he could feel a big goofy grin on his face.

But he had no desire to take it off.


"So my little sister has her first date tonight," Urd said nonchalantly as Skuld walked through the temple doors.

"WHAT?! You were spying on us?!" Skuld yelled at her big sister.

"Oh relax," Urd said trying to calm the angry little Goddess, "I was just checking in to see if my little sister was all right."

"STILL!! You're invading my privacy! Grr!" Skuld shot back as Urd patted her on the head and walked off. Skuld stood there a while and just let it sink in however. She couldn't help the feelings welling up inside of her.


Skuld looked through the clothes in her closet pushing the hangers to the right as she went, taking out the clothes she might wear. By the pile on the bed, one could tell she was quite unsure of herself. Belldandy slowly slid the door open and walked in.

"Skuld?" Belldandy called. The younger Goddess was looking through the clothes on her bed, biting the bottom of her lip. "Skuld, you don't need to worry. I'm sure whatever you decide to wear will be fine," Belldandy said, "Sentaro doesn't care about what you wear, he cares about who you are."

Skuld turned and hugged Belldandy. "Thanks sis," she said, "But could you help me pick out something still?"

Belldandy smiled and nodded.


Skuld sat on a rock outside the temple looking at the sunset. She wore a black tank top and long blue jeans. She curled up, hugging her knees close. It was getting cold. Suddenly she felt something very warm wrap around her. She turned to look at Sentaro, without a jacket on.

"I thought you looked cold," Sentaro explained.

Skuld smiled and nodded as she put on the jacket Sentaro had draped over her. They walked off into the fair.

Urd sat on her broom smiling. Skuld would certainly be more powerful tomorrow.