Author's Notes: The song is "Winter Wish" by Yonekura Chihiro; it's from Love Hina's Christmas Special.

And it is an epilogue, a short and sweet (hopefully) wrap up to the main story. So it's not much, I don't have many more ideas for the story and I liked where the story ended, however I will be doing updates to the old chapters, so check back often. Thanks to all the readers, where would I be without you eh?


Ah! My Goddess- Insecurity and Innocence (Epilogue: Three simple words)

By Gredival


"Wow the year's come and gone so fast," Skuld remarked as they walked through the plaza. The first winter snow had fallen over Nekomi last night bathing it in a white blanket of beauty. The Christmas shoppers were everywhere as the couple walked around in the cold brisk night. Skuld pulled her brown jacket closer to ward off the icy air and nervously wrapped her arm around Sentaro's. Sentaro glanced at Skuld, who had looked away avoiding the boy's eyes. In response he nervously moved closer to Skuld, pulling her close. Accompanying their shy smiles was a rush of blood in their faces that turned their cheeks rosy pink and warm.

(I've been carefully warming this oh so small scrap of happiness. When I think about it, it hurts so much deep down inside...)

Sentaro looked at Skuld's delighted face as she looked at the Christmas tree in the middle of the plaza. Her brown eyes reflected a small mirror image of the sparkling Christmas lights as their glow illuminated the darkness. But to the boy, her smile seemed to do so much more. Watching her beautiful smile, he felt a warm euphoria in his heart; an admiring smile crept onto his face.

(Your eyes, your voice, I hold these things oh so dear...)

It began snowing again covering the scurrying shoppers in the cold white powder.

"It's pretty isn't it?" Skuld asked as she held out a hand, a flake falling softly onto her brown leather glove. She glanced skywards the flakes drifting down lazily from the starlit sky. The flakes landed on her long black hair covering it with frosty white speckles, and on her face, melting upon contact with her warm skin. She twirled around a little while the snow fell around her. She giggled a bit before turning back to Sentaro favoring him with a bright smile.

"Yeah it is," Sentaro answered after a moment, smiling back at Skuld. He wasn't paying the least bit attention to the falling snow however. Skuld laid her head on Sentaro's shoulder as they walked along. She grasped Sentaro's hands, intertwining her fingers with his, a slight pink blush appearing on her face again. Sentaro silently pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

(As the powdery snow touches my cheeks, it turned to tears. Please be with me forever, and never let go of my hand...)

The snow ceased for a minute. Sentaro looked up at the clear black sky, dotted with bright sparkling stars and the full moon, which bathed the cold sidewalk, the frosty grass and the snow covered trees with its quiet soft light. He looked at Skuld and any doubts of whether there was a more beautiful scene in the entire world flew from his mind.

(In the winter sky sparkling stars envelop the two of us. Our white shoulders, our white breath... I feel it with you. This winter wish.)

Sentaro stopped in his tracks, his hand relinquishing grasp of the Goddess'. Skuld turned around to regard Sentaro curiously. Sentaro extend his hand to Skuld's cheek brushing away some snow and stray hair. As he looked deep into Skuld's brown orbs, he could feel the beat of his heart speed up. Those brown eyes seemed to draw him to their endless depths. He closed his eyes and slowly leaned in pressing his lips against Skuld's.

(Walking close together in an ocean side park, watching from afar on the train that we rode let's watch the lights of the city far away from the ocean with the scent of a kiss honestly given...)

Skuld accepted the kiss wrapping her arms around Sentaro's neck as he held her close. She felt her heart skipping a beat or two during the kiss, as a familiar feeling made her body tingle. As they broke the kiss, Sentaro hugged Skuld softly drawing her into the circle of his arms. He could feel her warm body within his arms, and even in the cold night of winter she smelled like spring wildflowers.

"Skuld..." Sentaro whispered.

(The beginning of a little story, on the eve's falling snow... I see the true self I've fallen in love with. Don't let go of these hands as we walk towards our future together in each other's footsteps. I feel it with you, my winter wish.)

"Mm?" Skuld raised her head a little from its place on Sentaro's shoulder, her arms still encircling Sentaro's neck. His warm body so close and his arms wrapped around her made her feel like everything was right.

"I love you Skuld," Sentaro said, running a hand through her hair as he leaned in for another kiss.

"And I love you my dear Sentaro," Skuld answered as she pulled away to look into the boy's eyes. After a second she moved her arms from Sentaro's neck to the sides of his face; pulling Sentaro's face to hers Skuld kissed him again.

( As the powdery snow touches my cheeks, it turned to tears. Please be with me forever, and never let go of my hand. In the winter sky sparkling stars envelop the two of us. Our white shoulders, our white breath... I feel it with you. This winter wish.)