"Hello Masa! Ready for your bedtime stretches?" The nurse asked enthusiastically as she came into the pristine white hospital room.

"I-i-i guess." Masamune said jumping a little at the voice of the nurse.

"Okay! Sit up!" the nurse said happily as she sat on the bed, motioning for him to sit up. "alright, one arm across your chest, the other holding it."

Masamune sighed as he sat up his shoulder still in pain from the incident at freddy's a few day's back.

"Ah, perhaps it's best i do this." Kojuro said, coming into the room with a tray of two plates of food.

"Kojy!" Masamune said happily. Kojuro smiled back, still looking a bit pale and walking a bit dizzily from having given Masamune his blood earlier that day.

Masamune smiled back at Kojuro happy to see him. The nurse looked at him concerned.

"You're sure Mr. Kagetsuna? You've done a lot today." she said worriedly.

"I'll be fine. Go back to your duties. I'll handle this." Kojuro said, smiling as he walked over, pulling up a seat next to Masamune's bed. The nurse looked like she wanted to argue, but sighed and nodded, bowing before leaving the room. Masamune looked at Kojuro happily holding back his normal hug as it still hurt to move his arm that had been bitten into. Kojuro set the plate on Masamune's nightstand, taking his own plate and setting it in his lap. Masamune gulped a little as he hesitantly took the plate of food whimpering at the pain in his shoulder as he moved the plate closer to himself. Kojuro noticed his pain and sighed, taking a plastic baggie out and filling it with ice from his cup, handing it to Masamune. Masamune was startled a little obviously still not all there but smiled happily. "Thanks Kojy." Masamune said taking the baggie of ice.

Kojuro was slow to respond, looking like he wanted to do nothing more than sleep. "You're welcome kiddo." Kojuro mumbled. Masamune sighed as he carefully placed the ice on his shoulder shuttering a tad from the cold and slight pain of pressure on the shoulder and held it there a little.

"How's the… dog bite… doing?" Kojuro asked, noticing Masamune's pain.

"It still hurts a lot. But at least it's not bleeding like it was." Masamune said.

"Just try not to lay on it. I was told today is hopefully the last of the blood i have to give. Apparently seven days of giving away my blood is pushing my health." Kojuro sighed. "The nurse told me you've been having nightmares. Do you want me in here with you? I'll stay right here, in this chair."

"I don't think there nightmares kojy." Masamune said sounding scared.

"They're just nightmares Masa. We're far away from where any of the animatronics can wander without being seen by someone." Kojuro reassured him. "This is a hospital. You're perfectly safe."

"I swear Kojy they're in here. And they look even worse than normal kojy." Masamune complained

"Masa. I've been sleeping in the lobby for the past week. It's been dead silent. Nobody except the nurses." Kojuro said. "How do they look worse?"

"I know they are in here why don't you believe me? There fur and such is all falling off and you can see all sorts of metal things it's just scary kojy." Masamune whimpered.

"They can't be in here. There's me, patients, and nurses everywhere. There's no way they could get past everyone unseen. The nurses and me are right outside your door, protecting you. None of us have seen anything." Kojuro said gently. "It's just a nightmare. Maybe in your nightmare you're imagining waking up in the hospital with those things."

"But they are Kojy i can feel them in here!" Masamune whinned "It's more than a nightmare i know that for a fact." Masamune huffed crossing his arms with a slight hiss at moving his shoulder.

"Masa. Nobody's going to hurt you. Not so long as i'm here. And to prove that, i'm going to stay by your side tonight. Right in this chair. And if anything comes in here, i'll be here to protect you." Kojuro said.

"Promise Kojy. You'll stay here all night." Masamune said sound a little scared.

"I'll stay right here all night." Kojuro nodded.

Masamune smiled happily. Kojuro looked up at the clock.

"ten o'clock. Looks like it's your bedtime." Kojuro said, standing up. "I'm going to take the plates back and go to the bathroom. I'll be right back to tuck you in."

"You promise right back. No lying to me Kojy." Masamune said worriedly.

"Masa. When have i ever lied to you." Kojuro chuckled, taking the plates and walking to the door.

"I'm going to stay awake till you get back." Masamune said still sounding worried.

"We'll see." Kojuro chuckled, opening the door and walking out, the door closing gently behind him. Masamune sighed shakily as the door closed and looked around the room already feeling scared to be alone. "Ten right that's what kojy said it was. He promised to be with me all night he'll be back. just stay calm." Masamune muttered to himself as he laid down in the bed. There was the rattling of a cart outside his door, presumably a nurse or someone. Masamune shuttered a little at the sound of the cart and looked at the ceiling worriedly.

"Just the nurse. Nobody else" Masamune mumbled to himself, gulping as he could hear the cart squeaking and making metal noises. The beeping of his heart moniter increased as he grew more nervous the longer Kojuro was away, as the hall outside went silent and left his ears with ringing silence. Masamune looked over at the clock in hopes of it not reading the time it normally did when he would suddenly wake up in the hospital. 'Ten thirty' it read Masamune still worried as he looked over towards the door hoping Kojuro would walk in that moment. Worried, his eyes flickered to the bathroom, already imagining Foxy's eyes glaring out at him. Shuttering as he shook his head. "Please not now it's not twelve yet please Kojy where are you." Masamune whimpered fearfully. He started to hear scuffling and sniffing from all around the room, making him even more fearful. Masamune curled up in the bed and covered his ears with a pillow in fear. "Go away please. Kojy help me." Masamune muttered almost in tears. The scuffling got closer to his bed, sniffing getting closer to his head.

Masamune started to cry softly out of fear. "Please go away what did I do wrong? Kojy please i need you." Masamune cried softly. There was a wet lick on his cheek and the panting of a dog. Masamune whimpered closing his eye tightly breathing heavily. There was creaking as a heavyweight got onto the bed, coming face to face with him and letting out a gentle bark. Masamune jumped a little at the bark and cautiously and slowly opening his eye scared to see what was now face to face with him. There was the scruffy face of one of the therapy dogs, sniffing his face and licking him, trying to do it's job of calming him. Masamune sighed and shakily held a hand out to pet the dog. The dog sniffed his hand and let him pet it, calmly accepting the petting. The dog's wiry but soft fur reminded him of Foxy in a way, and even it's face was foxlike. Masamune smiled a little happily as he petted the dog calmly. The dog sniffed him, burrowing under his covers and lying comfortably next to him under the sheets. Masamune felt better having the dog next to him and laid down with the pillow now under his head instead of over it. "You'll protect me or at least alert me won't you I mean that's a dog's normal response right." Masamune said hopefully. The dog didn't respond, but nuzzled his legs as it's warmth started to spread into the covers. Masamune yawned a little and patted the dog again before getting comfortable. "Good doggy." Masamune said softly. The door creaked open as apparently Kojuro or someone had returned to check on him.

"Kojy?" Masamune said hoping that it was Kojuro. There was no response as there were soft footsteps across the room. Masamune gulped a little worried. There was the sound of the tv turning on and soft talking as the program on tv played, and soft music started up in the room.

"Good night Masamune." a soft female voice said quietly before leaving.

"Night." Masamune said softly. The program and music helped slightly with the silence, and the dog had apparently fallen asleep. Masamune yawned before closing his eye. 'Kojy said he'd be here all night plus it's still like an hour so i'm sure he'll be in here' Masamune thought as he started to doze off into sleep.