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This were just a few words for blue. However none of them could describe, his blue. They were deep rich shades, flicks of green moss, and strips of gold. Maybe it was her poetic nature, her emotions going awry but she could speak volumes to try to describe his blue, but never quite get it right.

Raven eyes glanced at Robin's direction as he scanned his newspaper. Maybe it was their bond, their friendship, or their early morning talks but somehow Robin became comfortable. The mask he always used to hide away from them, hide away the secrets he had thrown away for the couple of hours they were alone.

At first it was odd, sort of eerie, unable to register just how human Robin looked. The mask always brought this sense of mystery, a barrier between him and people. It was easy to forget just how human Robin was when his acrobatics and martial arts were always up to par with everyone's super powers. However human brought a different feeling then leader. The feeling of respect and admiration was not associated with the word human. That word brought another connotation, something more reachable.

And Raven hated it.

"Maybe you should put it back on." Raven said not daring to look up from her book.

Robin stopped in mid flip of his newspaper. Even without Raven looking at him, she knew he was looking at her. His eyes were on her. They were analyzing, pulling at every muscle fiber. She hated that even more.

"Does it disturb you?" Robin asked and she could feel a sense of panic.

"Yes." Raven said casually flipping a page of her book.

"Raven look at me."



Raven snapped her head in his direction and she wished she didn't. He was so darn close. She could smell irish spring soap, the slight musk that was richly him.

"I thought it be okay." Robin lowered his eyes, rubbing his neck sheepishly. "The mask is kind of itchy in the morning and-"

Raven raised her hand to stop him, while rolling her eyes. Oh god what was she doing? Her words had sounded harsh, asking less to put on a mask and more to place a burlap sack over his head. Raven sighed, trying to figure out damage control.

"Your eyes areā€¦" Raven tilted her head contemplating the best words to use. "Compelling."

Robin looked up and Raven bit her tongue. The rich golds taunted her with promises. The green moss made her envy his beauty. Yet it was the deep rich blues, an icy stare so cold it ran hot, that captivated her. There were the hues of blue that reminded her of a river. A river that ran so deep, so ferociously, it swallowed her, consuming her into its clear waters.

"It's my eyes that bother you?" Robin raised an eyebrow.

"Yes." Raven said with one shaky breath. She slightly shifted away, yet the tidal waves pulled her attention.

Robin looked away, unable to register the information. Raven held in her gasp, feeling air back into her lungs. It was silly, she felt like a fish on a hook.

Robin looked back, capturing her gaze. The violet rays, stared into ocean blues.

"I think your eyes are more compelling." Robin smiled.

Raven blinked unsure on what to say. Her eyes? They were nothing but gates to the underworld. They were an eerie violet, sleek, cold, and murky. Like a dirty oil spill seen from above. Nothing was appealing about them.

Raven rolled her eyes. "Yeah sure they are."

Robin leaned closer, his hand bracing the back of the couch. His hands casually touched her neck, his eyes following the small pathway to her shoulder. His thumb slightly dug into her collarbone as his fingers twirled her hair. The act seemed so innocent, something playful and sweet. Yet the way he seemed focus on the nape of her neck, made him seem hungry.

Robin hands moved to the base of her neck, leaving cool hot traces. Raven shivered, feeling something very dark glance over her body. She shrugged, trying to fight the swirl of emotions that reached the surface of her skin. She slightly lifted her head, staring into those blue eyes.

"They are." He locked his stare.

Raven closed her eyes not bearing to be swallowed again. The second she did, she felt the plush soft lips pressed against each eyelid. And there it was again, the tidal wave of emotion, the feeling of his humanity. The electricity hummed on her skin, begging to be touch, to be spread by the ocean blue. It reminded her just how precious he was, how very kind, too very kind. Yet whatever feeling was roaring in her chest was dangerous. The more she felt the more power she released.

Raven opened her eyes staring back at the precious blues.

"Raven" He said in a low whisper.

It was pleading, edges dark with need.

Raven leaned forward, wishing to be drowned.

Author Note: This is going to be a roller coaster of drama. It just ended up that way. The next few chapters will be posted tomorrow.