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Violet's summer was passing quietly. Enough so that it was something that was making her just a little suspicious, if she was being honest. The Matron wasn't saying much to her or making her do much, and even the other children in the orphanage seemed to be avoiding her for the most part. She was even allowed to go out if she wanted to, and she didn't even have to ask, the Matron only demanding that she be back by six in the evening so that she could begin preparing dinner.

This was the best Violet had ever been treated here since she'd been left at Starlight almost thirteen years ago. Yeah, she honestly had no idea if she was supposed to be happy about this or worried. No one had even said anything about why they were treating her any different all of a sudden, but it wasn't long before she found out anyway.

She felt different. That was what she heard. When she was cooking one night, just a few days before her birthday, she heard two of the older children (around the same age as her), who hadn't seemed to have noticed she was in the kitchen, speaking just outside.

They were saying that something about her had changed since last summer. That same something had always made her seem kind of off to them, but now they thought it was worse. Stronger, almost, though they didn't really understand it. All they knew was that they could feel it whenever they were around her, and most everyone here could too, including the Matron. They said the Matron told them to keep away from her because of it.

Violet listened intently as she chopped vegetables, a frown on her face. She'd changed? She was stronger? Something about her had always been off? Were they talking about her magic? She expected her magic was why no one had or did like her, but were they saying that her magic had somehow gotten stronger since last summer, and they could feel it more? And that was why she was being left alone now? Because it scared them?

Violet supposed that made sense, but how could her magic have gotten any stronger? Sure she'd learned a fair bit at Hogwarts last school year and sure, her magic needed to be at least somewhat powerful for her to have been able to summon her patronus at such a young age, but even then, they were making it sound much stronger than she thought it was.

"Your magic is indeed stronger though," said Sauron. It was later that same night, and Violet had just finished telling him what she'd overheard earlier. "The change happened some months ago. Did you not notice?"

Slowly, Violet shook her head. "Not really," she admitted. She sat down on the edge of her cot and folded her arms. "Other than finally being able to conjure a patronus, I didn't really notice anything different about it." She cocked her head slightly. "I mean, well, I noticed it felt more...free, but I didn't really think about it very much."

"Sss, pay more attention when you can cast magic again. I guarantee you'll feel it. It is very... It is much stronger now. It is not surprising that even the Muggles can feel it. I would not be at the side of a weak human." And that seemed to be all Sauron was willing to say on the matter, because he fell silent and didn't speak again that night.

Violet went to bed a few minutes later, but lay awake in thought for a long time afterwards, thinking on everything she heard that day. She really hadn't noticed anything different about her magic at all other than the freeness, and not even Theodore or Hermione had said anything. So how was it that everyone else, even Muggles and Sauron, had noticed?

Violet's birthday was a quiet day. Because everyone mostly ignored her now, she was able to spend the day reading and playing a little with Sauron, who was liking the attention she was giving him, that was for sure. But even though her day was quiet, Violet's mind was anything but.

While it didn't bother her quite as much anymore, it was really...frustrating that she still had to stay in the orphanage, and all because the wizarding world had such stupid and horrible laws against werewolves. If it weren't for those laws, then she probably wouldn't have ever had to stay here, and she could have lived with her godfather. How different would she be if that had happened?

Then again, even without the laws, it was still possible Remus wouldn't have wanted her living with him. It was all too clear that he sort of hated being a werewolf, and his fear of thinking she would be afraid of him if she knew the truth was one of the things that prevented him from even reaching out to her.

Maybe it was shame too. Shame of being a werewolf. He hadn't said that exactly, but she was getting the feeling that it was a part of the reason as well, just going by some of his reactions and some of the things he'd said.

It made her feel kind of sad that he thought she would hate him and push him away just because of something that was completely out of his control. Maybe she wasn't the most normal person out there, especially if her thoughts on the Dark Lord had anything to say about it, but she wasn't so heartless that she would hate Remus just for being a werewolf-for something that wasn't his fault at all.

And Sirius being stuck on the run really wasn't helping matters either, though Violet figured being on the run was better than being locked up in prison or having his soul sucked out. All of the options were bad, but at least that one was less bad than the other two, even though it also sucked.

It would be much better if he could be cleared of his supposed crimes though. Would Dumbledore do anything about that? He knew the truth now too, and didn't he have the type of position in the Ministry or Wizengamot or something to help with that? Couldn't he do something to help?

Violet frowned even as she thought this. Why hadn't he tried to help Sirius before? Was he doing something now? She hadn't heard anything from Sirius at all, so it was hard to tell, but it was probably possible, wasn't it? ...Was Sirius in contact with Rose?

It was one night maybe three weeks later that Violet woke up abruptly, gasping for air, one of her hands clamped over her rune, which was hurting terribly. She felt like she'd had a nightmare, which was strange because the thing she'd been dreaming about right before waking up hadn't been scary at all. And even if it had been a nightmare, why did her rune hurt? She'd had plenty of nightmares before and it hadn't ever hurt because of them before.

As she calmed and her breathing eased, Violet slowly laid back down, her hand moving up under her shirt and smoothing over her rune over and over again until the pain finally faded away. She wasn't sure why, but she couldn't help but wonder if Rose's scar was hurting right now too. There probably wasn't any reason for it to be, but the thought wouldn't leave her mind.

But thinking about Rose and her scar led Violet into thinking about something else. It led her into thinking about Voldemort. She still wasn't scared of him, and she still remembered the promise he'd made her in her first year. He'd told her that they would meet again.

But when she considered how much time had passed since then, she ended up wondering if he still felt the same way, or if he'd forgotten about it or changed his mind and decided he wanted to kill her now instead like he did Rose.

She...didn't want him to change his mind. She didn't want him to forget either, although she still couldn't really say why.

The next day, just after Violet finished feeding Sauron, there was a knock on her door. She paused, putting Sauron back in his enchanted habitat that would keep him and itself hidden from the sight of Muggles. It was extremely rare for people to knock around here.

It was the Matron who came in, which probably should have been less surprising than it was, seeing as she'd been the one to knock last time too. Still, that didn't really make Violet feel any better about it.

"Someone here to see you, Potter."

Violet blinked, getting a sudden feeling of deja vu. Hadn't this same thing happened when Quirrellmort had come to tell her she was a witch? Weird. Well, it wasn't like it could be him again, seeing as he was a bit dead. So who was it then?

Sirius and Remus were probably the only ones who would visit her here, but Sirius was on the run, so him coming here would be supremely stupid, and Remus couldn't even step foot onto the property thanks to the wards around it. Her friends had no idea where Starlight was, so it couldn't be any of them either. And Snape had no reason to visit her in general.

Violet's confusion only grew when the person who entered her room ended up being a tall, red haired, ponytailed man who looked to be at least a decade older than her. She was pretty confident that she hadn't ever seen him before (he was kinda cute, so it'd be hard to forget him), but she could see certain similarities in him that had her feeling fairly certain that she was currently looking at a Weasley. The red hair, the blue eyes that the twins and Ron had, the pale skin, the freckles...yeah, definitely a Weasley.

"Hey there," he greeted with a kind smile. "Sorry if I surprised you. My name's Bill, Bill Weasley."

Yep, she'd been right, then. This was the Curse Breaker brother. The twins once mentioned in passing that their oldest brother was one, and that his name was Bill. The next brother, Charlie, they'd said was working with dragons.

She wouldn't have pegged this one as being Bill though. The long hair tied back into a ponytail, the earring with the dangling fang, the casual clothing, the dragonhide boots. The guy was cool, and cool wasn't how she'd ever thought to describe an old Prefect or Head Boy. ...Probably because when she thought of a Weasley in that position, she thought of Percy. Besides, curse breaking sounding pretty wicked.

"I'm Violet. Nice to meet you," she said quickly when she realized she'd been silent for just a second too long.

Bill didn't seem to mind though, and only smiled again. "Nice to meet you too. The twins and Ginny have told me a lot about you. They're pretty fond of you, you know."

"O-oh." Why did hearing that embarrass her? "I-is there...something I can do for you?"

"I'm here on behalf of Fred, George, and Ginny. Our dad has extra tickets to the Quidditch World Cup from work, and they'd like you to come with us, if you're willing. Fair warning though, your sister will be coming too. Heard you two aren't the closest."

Ah, so this was what the twins meant when they'd said they'd see her soon. Still, Violet hesitated. She wasn't sure how welcoming the other Weasleys would be to her. Her friends obviously wanted her there, but what about the rest of them? Ron certainly wouldn't care for her being there. And if Rose was going too, then that would only make things worse, wouldn't it?

Bill watched her and, seeming to pick up on her hesitation, said, "It'll be really nice if you come. The twins and Ginny will be sad if you don't, and I'd like you to come too. Charlie's also looking forward to meeting you. Besides, you'll probably spend all your time with Ginny and the twins, and Rose will be with Ron, so you'll barely even have to interact. And I can guarantee that you'll enjoy yourself so much that you won't even notice who you're around. Dad's said you can stay with us for the rest of the break as well, if you don't want to have to come back here."

Violet laughed. Someone was a smooth talker, wasn't he? She actually really did want to go. She liked watching Quidditch, and the World Cup was a pretty big deal from what she'd heard. It would be kind of cool to see it in person, wouldn't it? And she'd even get to leave Starlight early. There was less than two weeks until September first, but still...

"Would I be able to bring Sauron with me?"

Bill blinked. "Sauron? Oh, is that your snake?" Instead of looking frightened like most did, Bill just looked intrigued, and he even approached Sauron's habitat so he could get a closer look at him. "He's a pretty big snake. Is he dangerous?"

"...Technically yes," said Violet, deciding not to lie. "But he's well behaved. He's never attacked anyone, and won't unless someone provokes him."

"I don't see any reason why you can't bring him with you, then. He can't come to the World Cup, but if he stays in here, mum shouldn't have any problem with him."

Violet nodded, starting to grow a little eager. "I can tell him to stay inside and not escape or wander."

"And he'll-oh, that's right, you're a Parselmouth." Bill laughed. "That makes it all the easier!" He smiled again. "So you'll come?"

Violet nodded again, finally agreeing. "Yeah."

Bill grinned. "Good choice."

If there was one thing Violet's first trip via apparation taught her, it was that she didn't like apparating. At all. It was uncomfortable, kind of hurt, and made her feel like she was going to be sick. Bill told her it wasn't that bad when apparating alone, but she didn't really believe him. Instead, she turned her attention to the Weasley family home, the Burrow. It was...interesting, to say the least.

It was a multi-story house, but was very...crooked. It was like it started off with a single level or two, and had more levels added later on. Considering how many children the Weasleys had, Violet had the feeling that was exactly it. The more kids they'd had, the more bedrooms they'd needed, and so the house had gotten taller and crookeder with every child and bedroom added.

But it wasn't like that was a bad thing. It didn't look the most structurally sound, but with magic, that probably wasn't an issue in the first place. The inside seemed to be just as cluttered as the outside, but it wasn't exactly messy. The house looked very lived-in, and that was something Violet liked to see. The orphanage wasn't anything like this at all. And there were obvious signs of magic everywhere! From the floating needles knitting something on their own, to the dishes washing themselves in the sink, Violet was almost as curious about this house as she'd been Diagon Alley and Hogwarts. She'd never been inside a magical household before.

Still, Violet barely even made it through the doorway when she was tackled by two identical blurs. She stumbled back into Bill who was entering the house behind her.


"You actually came!" said Fred excitedly.

"We honestly didn't think you would," said George sounding just as excited.

"She can't answer you if you don't let her breathe," said Bill, watching with amusement.

Looking sheepish, the twins released Violet with quick apologies, though she didn't have the time to catch her breath before she got tackled again, this time by Ginny. Violet groaned. Bill just laughed.

Things at the Burrow were a little...awkward, to say the least. The Weasleys themselves were mostly alright though.

Fred, George, and Ginny were obviously pleased to have her, and Bill was too. Charlie seemed fine with it as well, introducing himself to her cheerfully and appearing very interested in Sauron. Percy seemed mostly indifferent to her. Mr and Mrs Weasley greeted her kindly, but Violet could sense a forcefulness in their words. She wasn't surprised. She was even less surprised by Ron not being very happy, and Rose...

Rose's reaction was odd.

She didn't seem happy at first which was, of course, expected. But then she just started ignoring Violet, which was a little strange, seeing as she pretty much always tried to antagonize Violet whenever their paths crossed.

Violet just decided that Rose didn't want to ruin the mood for the world cup and was choosing to play nice because of that. Or maybe she didn't want to say anything and cause Mr and Mrs Weasley to get upset. Either way, Violet figured she'd do the same.

Dinner that night was an...interesting affair, to say the least. Violet and Rose were seated at opposite ends of the table, clearly trying to stay as far apart as possible. Rose mostly just talked to Ron, Mr and Mrs Weasley tried to talk to everyone, Percy just seemed to be trying to eat as quickly as possible so he could return to his room and write some boring report, and the rest of the Weasleys and Violet kept themselves occupied with various conversations.

Yes, interesting was probably the best way to describe dinner that evening.

Things were made somewhat worse when they all retired to bed a few hours later. Due to lack of space, Violet found herself in a camp bed in Ginny's room. In most cases, that wouldn't have been much of an issue. That problem was that Rose was there too, and their camp beds were awfully close together.

Poor Ginny was stuck having to deal with the awkwardness all on her own, because Violet and Rose were still ignoring each other.

Rose and Ginny seemed to fall asleep fairly quickly, but Violet lay awake for a while, thinking back to earlier that day. It was kind of petty that Mr and Mrs Weasley didn't like her just because she was in Slytherin. They'd warmed up to her just a little bit, probably since they knew she'd played a part in saving their daughter's life. Well, technically, she'd done all of the saving, but they didn't need to know that yet.

But still, why was being in Slytherin the only thing that turned people away from her? In the Muggle world it was because she was an orphan, and here it was because she was in Slytherin. Both of those were things she had no real control over, and both of them caused her to be judged unfairly by the people around her.

Where was the logic in it, she wondered? Why did so many people think it was acceptable? Why did they think it was okay to treat people like that? Why did they think it was okay to treat her like that?

They left early the next morning. It was still dark out, dawn just barely visible off to the east. No one seemed to be very happy about having to be up and out this early, everyone looking tired. It seemed like Violet wasn't the only one who hadn't gotten much sleep.

Mr Weasley led both sets of twins, Ron, and Ginny out of the house, the rest staying behind. Bill, Charlie, and Percy would apparate to the grounds later on, and Mrs Weasley was going to stay home, because she didn't really have much interest in going. Sauron ended up staying in Charlie's room, deciding to spend the day sleeping since he couldn't really explore.

Yawning, Violet followed the others as they headed for the portkey that would take them to wherever they were going. They ran into Cedric Diggory and his father a few minutes later, and the way Rose started blushing was pretty damn funny. Looked like her crush on Diggory was only growing.

Well, whatever. It wasn't like Violet really cared.

Travelling by portkey was uncomfortable, but not quite as much as apparating was. Violet preferred sticking to walking. Or trains. Or even flying, really. The camp grounds were interesting though.

It was weird to see so many wizards around at once. It was also weird to see just how bad they were at pretending like they weren't wizards. The people who ran or owned these grounds were Muggles, and it seemed like they had to be obliviated every few minutes because they kept seeing magical things (through no fault of their own).

Why were they leaving the Muggles to be in charge? Even if they owned the place, wouldn't it make more sense to put them to sleep or something and then have some Ministry dude take care of all of the registrations and payments and stuff? Being obliviated that many times couldn't possibly be good for their brains.

The tents were neat though, surprising Violet with how much bigger they were on the inside. She wasn't sure why she was surprised by that, but she still was. Magic was probably never going to stop surprising her. Maybe that was a good thing though.

Rose and Ron were sent to collect some water, because they were supposed to do things the 'Muggle' way, and while Violet tried to chat with the twins about that joke shop they wanted to open when they were done with school, she quickly found herself getting annoyed by watching Mr Weasley try to light a match to start the campfire. She ended up intervening and showing him how to do it herself, because she had a feeling he'd be at it all day otherwise. Rose and Ron came back just a few minutes later, and Bill, Charlie, and Percy appeared a moment after.

They all sat around and chatted while they waited for the fire to heat enough to cook something, watching the various wizards come and go around them. Violet spent more time...admiring their terrible mismatched Muggle outfits. They really were terrible.

They met Ludo Bagman a little while later, and Violet wasn't very impressed by him. The fact that he was trying to get them to gamble on who'd be winning the match when half of them were underage was already bad enough as it was, but Violet wondered whether Rose noticed the subtle double take he did when he heard her name. He was clearly planning something, although Violet couldn't say what. All she knew was that it couldn't be good for Rose.

Crouch was far less interesting, but came across as more respectable than Bagman, at least. He seemed like he was busy, only stopping to talk out of politeness. Violet wondered why he bothered, since it looked like he rushing through the motions so he could leave as quickly as he could. It just made him seem very rude.

But as he did start to leave, and he walked past Violet briskly, she felt something kind of strange. There was a sudden waft of what suspiciously felt like dark magic. Violet wasn't sure how she knew it was dark magic, but she knew she was right. It was there so briefly though that it was already long gone by the time she was able to pinpoint what it even was. All it did was make her day all the more interesting.

After a pleasant twenty minute walk through the woods where their fellow spectators sang, danced, littered, and disrupted the local wildlife, they emerged onto the massive stadium where the match was to be held. Their seats were way up at the very top, which was great for the eyes, but less great for their legs.

Oof, her poor, poor legs.

The box they were in was empty except for their group and a house-elf. She was seated in the corner of the back row, hiding her face in her hands, peeking through her fingers occasionally, only to shudder and close her eyes again. Violet took that to mean she didn't really like heights very much. Why was she here then? Poor thing looked terrified!

Nobody paid her much attention though, especially when the Minister showed up a moment later along with the Bulgarian Minister. There was quite a lot of fawning over Rose, and Violet thought it was a little funny that she actually looked a little uncomfortable about it for once. That was rare.

And then the Malfoys showed up and things got kind of awkward.

Mr Malfoy and Mr Weasley greeted each other stiffly, neither of them really able to say much since the two Ministers were standing nearby and watching. Draco just sort of sneered, although said sneer vanished the instant he noticed Violet. He looked like he was going to say something, but didn't get the chance because he father stepped forward towards her first.

"Miss Potter, what a pleasant surprise. It's a pleasure to see you again," he said, taking her hand and kissing the back of it just like the first time they met. "I don't believe you've met my wife Narcissa yet?"

"I haven't no," said Violet, looking at the blonde woman who stood next to the man. "It's nice to meet you, Mrs Malfoy." She held out her hand.

"And you as well," said Mrs Malfoy, accepting her hand and shaking firmly. "Draco speaks of you often."

Violet avoided looking at Draco there-avoided looking at the Weasleys too, and they all settled into their seats as Bagman arrived to kick things off.

"What are you doing here with them?" The whispered question came from Draco, who was sitting somewhere behind her.

Violet turned her head only slightly, and quietly but firmly said, "I consider at least some of them as friends, Draco, and they were kind enough to invite me." And that was all she said on the matter, not wanting to draw too much attention to herself, and feeling a bit relieved when Mrs Malfoy pulled Draco back into his seat properly.

Bagman amplified his voice magically and started announcing things. The team mascots came out first, and boy were they unexpected. Violet was expecting one or two people in creepy animal costumes or something, not veela and leprechauns. The crowd seemed to love them though-a little too much maybe. Violet had never heard so much noise before in her life. It was fun, of course, but she was also probably going to get a headache.

It was definitely going to be worth it though.

Krum, the Bulgarian Seeker, was the first player to really catch her eye, and she found herself mostly watching him, intrigued. His flying style sort of reminded her of Rose's, only his was more...practiced. Damn, he was good. Like, really good.

It was a fun game, way more intense than the ones played at Hogwarts, but though Violet was trying to focus on it, she kept getting distracted by a very annoying feeling. She was being watched. Intently. It kept pulling her out of the match she was trying to enjoy, leaving her checking over her shoulder to see who it was, but she never saw anyone. Everyone else in the box was watching the game, except for the house-elf who was still covering her eyes.

Was it just her imagination? It usually wasn't. But if not, then who was watching her? And why...?

The game came to an end just a few minutes later with Ireland picking up the win, though Krum was the one to find the Snitch.

"Why would he catch it now!?" Draco exclaimed. "Bulgaria was way too behind!"

"My guess is he wanted to end the game on his own terms," said Violet. "They weren't going to catch up any time soon-Ireland's team was playing too well for that."

Draco huffed, clearly not satisfied by her answer, but Violet turned her attention back to the Weasleys who were clearly very ecstatic if all their cheering had anything to say about it.

The spectators started filing out of the stadium then, some pleased, others distraught, almost everyone chattering loudly about the crazy, unexpected results of the match. It was dark out now. Violet hadn't noticed how late it had gotten, but was glad for the lanterns that were lighting the way back through the woods towards the tents.

They all gathered in the bigger of the two tents to talk and have a cup of cocoa, but found themselves heading to bed barely twenty minutes later when Ginny fell asleep at the table. She, Violet, and Rose headed into the smaller tent and settled down, and all three of them were out cold just minutes later.

Only to be woken up after what felt like mere seconds.

Mr Weasley was yelling at them to wake up. Something was happening and he wanted them to hurry into the woods to escape. Groggy and still more than half asleep, the girls stumbled outside and into what could only be described as a riot.

People were running and screaming from a group of robed, hooded, and masked people. They stared as Bill, Charlie, and Percy rushed past them, their wands in hand, intending on helping some others.

"Get into the forest and stay in there until things calm down," said Mr Weasley. "Go, hurry! Run!"

Too confused to really understand what was happening, Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, Violet and Rose all headed towards the forest. It wasn't easy going. There were thousands of people trying to do the same thing, everyone pushing and shoving as they went, none of them caring if they knocked someone over, trampling over them instead.

The girls quickly realized that they'd been separated from the boys, and Violet grabbed Ginny's hand, not wanting them to be split up too. She reached out for her sister, but when she looked over-

"Rose? Rose!" Her twin sister was nowhere to be seen. "Dammit!" Violet tightened her grip on Ginny's hand, pulling her along with her. "C'mon, stick close."


There were still too many people lingering around the forest entrance, so Violet and Ginny went deeper in, relieved when the crowd started thinning, though most of the people they spotted still seemed very panicked. They slowed to a walk, looking around, trying to see if they could find any of Ginny's brothers or Rose.

"I-I don't see any of them," said Ginny quietly, her hand still firmly in Violet's grasp.

"I don't either," said Violet, squinting in an effort to see further. But she was being watched again, she realized suddenly. That was more disconcerting now considering what was happening. "I think we should-"


Violet whipped around. That voice came from behind them. She squinted again, sure she was seeing a shadowy figure in the trees.

"Violet, look!"

She looked up. There was something in the sky. A wispy, greenish image of a skull and snake and- She knew what this was. She'd spent three years in Slytherin House. How could she not know?


"The Dark Mark," said Violet softly, eyes locked on the floating image. "It's Voldemort's mark."


Around twenty voices yelled out the spell, and Violet reacted instinctively, yanking Ginny down to the ground with her just in time for them to not get hit by twenty stunning spells. When the spells kept shooting over their heads, Violet wondered who these people were and why they had wands when they were all very clearly blind.

"Stop! STOP!" Mr Weasley bolted forward, dropping down beside them. "Ginny!" He pulled his daughter into his arms. "Are you two alright?"

"We're fine," said Violet, rising to her feet now that spells were no longer being thrown out recklessly. "We got separated from the others."

Mr Weasley nodded as he checked Ginny over. "Did you see any of them?"

"Not for a while, no."

"Which one of you did it!?" Mr Crouch came stomping over along with Mr Diggory. They still had their wands trained on them and they looked furious. "Which one of you cast that thing in the sky!?"

"They're just children," said Mr Weasley. "Neither of them could possibly have-"

"Someone did it! Someone here!" Diggory yelled, practically frothing at the mouth.

"I saw someone over there," said Violet, pointing. "Back in the trees over there when the Dark Mark was sent up."

When Mr Diggory went to check, Mr Weasley looked to Violet. "Did you see who it was?"

Violet didn't have the chance to answer because Mr Diggory came back dragging a-a house elf with him? Violet recognized her. It was the same house-elf who'd been sitting in the box with them in the stadium during the match, covering her eyes. What was she doing here?

But Violet wasn't the only one to recognize her. Mr Crouch did too. He recognized her because she was his house-elf, Winky. And Winky had a wand, which was strange enough even without taking into account that Violet knew who it belonged to.

"That's Rose's wand," she said.

Mr Diggory's eyes lit up. "Then she was the one to-"

"Are you daft?" said Violet sharply. "Do you know who Rose Potter is?" What was wrong with these people that they were so eager to blame anyone and everyone, regardless of whether or not they had the ability or motive to do this? Why were the people in charge always so crap? "The person who conjured the Dark Mark was a man. Not a teenage girl or a female house-elf."

The adults didn't seem inclined to believe her though. Since Rose was unlikely to be the one to cast the spell, they decided Winky stole Rose's wand and did it herself, which resulted in Crouch giving her clothes and firing her. Violet snatched Rose's wand from Mr Diggory, and then the Ministry morons trudged off, leaving poor Winky sobbing on the ground.

One Ministry worker actually had a heart and stayed back to deal with Winky, and Mr Weasley decided it was time to take Violet and Ginny away, hoping they would find the rest of his children and Rose along the way.

When they got out of the forest, Violet saw that a lot of the tents were still smoking, though none of them looked like they were on fire anymore. Theirs seemed to be unscathed, which was good, and even better, they found everyone else already inside.

Bill was in a chair, holding a very bloody sheet to his almost equally as bloody arm. Percy was holding a handkerchief under his bloody and possibly broken nose. Charlie had a few scrapes but seemed to be unharmed besides that. Fred, George, Ron, and Rose all looked pale but alright.

While the Weasleys all checked on each other, Violet approached her sister and tossed over her wand. "Stop being so careless with your wand. Someone just used it to conjure the Dark Mark. When the hell did you lose it anyway?"

Cradling her wand to her chest, Rose paled. "I-I don't know. I didn't know it was gone until we got into the forest." Then she realized who she was talking to and stood up a little straighter, expression hardened. "It's not like it's my fault someone decided to steal my wand. Stop being such a bitch and leave me alone."

Violet rolled her eyes as Rose turned away, but she was actually kind of pleased that Rose was acting normal again. She'd been far too meek for a few minutes there. If being angry meant she would be more careful, then that was fine. Violet could live with it.

But the riot and the Dark Mark... They were connected, no doubt, the people under those masks probably Death Eaters. But why do any of this in the first place? Killing people didn't seem to be their motive. Going by what she was hearing Mr Weasley say to his three older sons, no one was dead, and while many were injured, none of them were severely hurt.

So what was the point then? Why did they do this? What was their plan? Did Voldemort make them? Or were they acting on their own, thinking he'd appreciate their brash, idiotic actions? Because while Violet couldn't say how, she knew Voldemort wasn't going to be happy about any of this. Not one bit.

And she was right.

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